Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 408 Is that turn into looking too difficult? Or is the change only a different feeling?

I have been very emotional lately, loopy. So I look to my past and the words that I have heard that linger, these words have been here many times before. The words are “ what you are trying to do is too difficult.”  But it is not difficult, it simply needs to be walked. That turn into looking is probably the most difficult part, moving out of the para-noise of the unknown - a construct of limited values where the very substance of the physical is bypassed for our accepted imprint of limited looking, our ORDER of survival, - into knowing where, ironically, the known is here as the physical showing the way, the gift of life, here. The steps only need be walked. Just stop and breath, here.

I have allowed myself to become reactive to this statement instead of looking here in practical common sense and standing up, speaking up. Going into detail as to how the mind works, into thoughts emotions and feelings being what separates us from here, this mechanism that creates a lesser ephemeral existence that ignores the physical. Just open a newspaper, look around at the obesity, the disease, the state of our waters, the air we breath, the nuclear accidents, the number of children dying of cancer - of which there were three recently in my area alone, and where I live is not densely populated. This is all a red flag, not something to dismiss.  The news of what is going on is all around us, there are gatherings here, where locals stand and talk about a ubiquitous drug culture, there are politicians who are figuring out that the law system is a system of smoke and mirrors, there are oyster men who see that suddenly the reports of horse crab populations are “ confidential” even though it has been pointed out that the Pharmaceutical industryi s taking them for their blue blood and that the state is not monitoring this, and getting angry when someone calls and asks, the state person on that point in our accepted hierarchy lying with ridiculous statements  such as “ the state horseshoe crab monitor  goes at might”, I mean really absurd things are being said in self abdication of being responsible and within common sense about what is happening and no one is speaking up because everyone is fearful of losing their job.  We, each of us are the cause of what is happening and we are allowing ourselves to stand behind the words “ it is too difficult to change.” Well that change that is going to happen at the end is going to be much more difficult than standing up here and realizing this system must change. That death due to the lack of care for earth and all that is of the earth is going to be much more painful than stepping out of ideas such as “ it is too difficult” so I would suggest standing up and changing what we have accepted and allowed within and without. What we are on earth exist as because of what we have allowed within.

When I hear these words I allow myself to feel that I am being too pushy, too aggressive, that I might upset the other. But what I have to realize is that, yes, actually taking the time to look here, will require to make a change and to let go of beliefs, opinions and ideas, and yet there is a structure to walk into, to take into our hands and use to self correct what is here to create an earth that is self sustaining, that supports all life, where life is the value. It really is about taking the limitation and bringing it back to fit with this physical earth in common sense. It is letting go of skimming our way through life and actually reading what is here. This is allowing self to become alive, a living being, HERE. Very simple, no voodoo, what we are existing as is the voodoo! Ironic. This voodoo is what is making our lives difficult. Remove the lack of insight, gain some integrity with the physical ( physical integration ) and the state of “ difficult” will end.

How can we seriously think that destroying the earth is inevitable as supposedly “human nature” will not change? The same issues are going to be here, there is no place to go, they must be faced. Destruction means starting all over again and this is not going to be what will bring us any closer to life, it will be what will take us farther away from life. Thus it is not a solution, the only solution is to stop and stand as life, as life being the value. Thus to say that something is too difficult is to just simply be ignorance, and of course ignorance is going to think that something is complicated, because that is what ignorance is and does. We are walking oxymorons.

I was working with a computer program today, and the simplest  thing needed to be done, it was right there in front of me, and here I was getting all nervous, looking things up on line trying to figure out what I was missing, and what I was missing was right there in front of me. I had expected, based on some idea, that the color of the box would change, and it did not so I thought it was not working. It was me that was not working. The only thing stopping me, and us, is not looking here, and not helping one another to look, this is why blame and spite must end, because it is spending time not looking and pushing the fact that we are not doing the simplest thing in the world which is what are physical bodies are capable of doing, which is looking here instead of at ephemeral pictures in and as our minds of limited beliefs, ideas and opinions.  All baed on self judgements, as fear of losing something, fear of losing an idea that we have to be something, when the being of what we are is dependent on the physical, because without the physical I/we are simply not here! In all common sense, it really does not matter if there even is a heaven, because taking care of here, of this physical world should be done just because it is here and thus must be taken care of with respect for the life that it is. The idea of some alternate existence is really a scam because it makes no sense. The idea of going to heaven and having so called virgins to fuck is ridiculous. I mean who would want to do that all the time anyway? If you want to test out being repetitive, go work in a China i phone factory, you will learn what doing the same thing over and over again will mean. Actually, a iphone factory might be more fun that pumping and grinding away with a dick and a vagina all day. That is just common sense. What needs to be asked here is why the need for the idea of such a thing, and why this release is so believed to be a thing sought after? Stop and look at that image, what is that, I mean that is so one dimensional, thus it does not match physical reality, thus it is a limited construct/thing/state, and because it is limited/singular, it has taken parts of life warped them/inflated them and rerun them again and again, sucking the life as the physical to sustain, and we humans are addicted to that image and that sucking. We never really got past the thumb sucking stage. We just hid it in a picture show as the mind. lol

There are simple words here, that have been given to answer and solve the abuse on earth. They are to give as one would like to receive, they are to become the living word - to say what you mean in clarity, they are to cause no harm and take that which is good - meaning to do what one is capable of doing with those two eyes on your head - to support what is here as the physical, to give what sustains the physical absolutely, they are to realize that as above so below, meaning that it is our above as our minds as belief, opinion and idea being made into something larger than life to the point where a lesser existence in separation from life was thought to be more than life and that it was this that needed to be brought down to earth, to be realized as the illusion that it was, as ideas of one thing being more than another that needed to stop.
We are the system on earth, a system that is a false believing, a false be living as life, it is the allowance of what we are inside that is causing the separation from life.

This is taught to us by parents taught by parents, taught by others that over time created the separation from life, from being equal and one to life, as an idea was made more than simply being here. If you stop and look at your words you will notice images and pictures and back chat as memories coming up, all with judgements where you feel that you are not understood. Guess what everyone feels the same way, and this is because no one is being themselves, no one is being understood as what they are as life, because everyone is in the same pity patter, and is we look at our words we see that they are the living word of the dead, the belief that no one understands me, and this is because we are not standing up as life, thus we are not being under-stood as life, and thus we are not being life. We are not taking care of here, and if we cannot do this how can we expect to be that which we are not giving? We cannot be this until everything that is here is this because all that is here supports this as what it is. How is this difficult? What is really being said is that I am afraid to be myself and that I am so accustomed to fearing to be myself that all I want to do is whine about it instead of doing it, and all that needs to be done is to do it. Within this, it must be realized that there is this system of separation that has been allowed for so long it has to be cleaned up. So even those who believe that they are too old to do  something and the next generation can do this, must realize that it will take the ones who are older and the ones who are younger, it will take all of us, there is no more saying that someone else can do this, because it will take all of us.

What need to be done is to look here, to create a large standing in supporting a system that changes the system, which would be to support a Living Income Wage to get what is here out of survival mode and into having the space outside of a racing stressed existence that is us simply following limited ideas as the total of our awareness to look here. Thus we give up everything as being limited ideas only, and accept life as the physical, here, tangible, showing us, giving us life in common sense with it. So very simple. Not difficult at all. Life is right here. Right in front of us.

         Your Halo as your mind is the cart before the horse. It is mind unequal to physical common sense.

This means to also begin cleaning up the mind, realizing that our thoughts are judgements, and not absolutely supportive of here, of what is best for all and that the emotional storms are our judgements responding as what we have accumulated as belief, opinion and idea over time that we are powerless as life, that we have lost something when nothing has been lost, it is only a belief that something has been lost. Powerlessness is believing that something has been lost, when nothing has been lost because the physical is right here, the answer to being life is right here, the mechanism of the physical to be life as what we are is the manifestation of life, and this of much more sense that anything that is of the mind. You are physical, before mind, the mind was built after the physical, this must be realized and lived. - Interviews to understand how we got to where we are, and what we are as life. Many are FREE.
Equal Life Guarantee - to begin to get this life in order of equality and oneness with and as the physical as what is real.
Desteni I Process Lite - To begin to realize the emotional storm created through accepted and allowed separation from life into and as limited parts, as ideas, opinions and beliefs, serving a lesser god of profit in self interest only.

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