Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 411 Children love structure

We are not taught to see what is here, as the very life that we are. We are taught to stew in emotions and feelings, energetic insecure imaginations that are in separation from life. A crime that creates porn, starvation, abuse, destruction because it ignores the life that is here, the gift to become equal to creation, to life.
This we all accept and allow because we have lost ourselves of life, this which is structurally right in front of us as the physical world. Instead we built a ladder to the sky, a ladder that leads nowhere, only falling back down to what was real all the time, the physical world. Life. One could call this banging our heads against the wall, because it really is not different.

The state of this system we perpetuate in our ignorance shows us the outcome, just read the news, it is everywhere. Greed, corruption, destruction, abuse. In all common sense, how can climbing a ladder be life? It is such a silly structure, compared to, say, a tree. I mean think about it, a tree at least creates/produces oxygen. A ladder, is not good or bad, but when used incorrectly and made an idol, as a system, is not supportive, it will fall over because it cannot stand on its own. Funny, a ladder looks something like a DNA spiral, perhaps I should have described a spiraling ladder. A tree can bear so much more, and can allow one to rest and enjoy the view. A tree reaches into the earth, and out into the sky, produces and holds steady.  Trees also spiral, tree cutters can read the tree and sense which way they will fall when they no longer are able to live, especially on an earth that is slowly being polluted by a system that competes for profit before life, disregarding the very substance as the earth on which this game is played. A game against life. Which must come to an end because it fears looking at what is real, fears the very thing it seeks which is life.
I had a long talk with a Montessori teacher who had just retired after 33 years of teaching. She had been trained as a dancer at Julliard in her youth, the words she kept repeating again and again were that children love structure. She realized that the present day youth have a very limited structure, in every hand there is a small black box where the words no longer carry the vowels, every word is rendered with the consonants, harsh, no softness that the vowels bring. A reflection of this world? The structure of our words lacking the breath of the vowels? And the words used limited. I remember in teaching in a school, the teachers were of the mind that  teaching vocabulary was very difficult. These words a structure to enable us to speak and be literate, able to have structure in our ability to speak and understand. but in a ladder society, how better to eliminate the competition than to limit structure and thus structural awareness? Might we discover the abusive form as the present system were we able to read the structures i our world, coming from understanding structure instead of imagination? Can’t have slaves reading now can we. Literate; lite i rate, can’t have the slaves being able to rate the light, they might just climb up that ladder or climb that tree and realize themselves as life. There is no greater crime than suppression of life. We can no longer allow the ignorance allowed in placing profit before life. It is unacceptable. That we do not learn to feel the physical world, and that we build an imagination through suppression of physical awareness within and without for ideas in and as mind, as consciousness, being made greater than life, to the point where we have a separate heaven, and men on earth leaders of countries shouting about kissing the hand ( singular) that feeds us, if we cannot see the delusion and sickness of this it is time to stop everything that we are doing and look at this, because it really makes no sense and thus needs to be called out and looked at, without mercy. And realize it is only imagination that is being called out, thus nothing is dying, only an illusion.
I speak with people and when I begin to talk about physical reality, they begin to repeat themselves, like a deja vue, like they do not know where to go. They get very agitated, so much in separation from reality are they, and even as I say this I realize that i am in separation, just because I may have realized my own separation and, by degree, have begun to see the limited patterns as consciousness - a mind made greater than physical reality, does not mean I am out of the darkness we call light, as the imaginings of the mind lit up by energy. I am no different than anyone who has been taught to believe the mind is more than physical reality and it does not matter at this point why this is here, what must be done first is to bring ourselves back to what is real, earth, the physical. Heaven is an illusion of the mind, it is not real. Those with the most money, are laughing every day all the way to the bank. So much labor building citadels to an imaginary existence, that when it existed was of lesser substance. It was not real and could not sustain itself, it needed the earth. The earth did not need it.
Thus it is time to teach our children to become their full potential as life. It is time to teach our children to speak, to have structure, to have clear meanings to words that match the physical world, that do not have layers of emotional values to words, that do not have unclear meanings to words or lack in their vocabulary, it is time to have our children become living words.
This is the responsibility of the parent because this begins at home. our educational system, the same one in America now being bought by a federal government directed by the singular objects as banks and corporation that claim on a piece of paper ownership and make this real, cannot be trusted to educate our children. Not that all that does on is bad, it just is done in a manner that suppresses competition. And, here, the fault is not with these forms that are not understood, it is that we as humanity have abdicated ourselves as life, and must learn to understand what we have systemically accepted and allowed, and stand and change this system to realize the value is life, and thus that life comes before profit.

Support a Living Income Guarantee so that we can clean up the profit before life system and get this earth into a structural order that is equal to life.

Walk the Desteni I Process Lite to begin to understand the delusion of your emotions and feelings and thoughts made bigger than life, to bring yourself back to physical reality so that you can begin to equalize yourself to life.

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