Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 412 Missing the structure of here.

Last night i heard that this boy in town had been hit by a car. Then I heard about how wonderful this boy was, how special, how smart. Then the complaining about the speed limits on the highway and how people do not pay attention when driving, listening to cell phones, texting.

I had been on this same spot on the highway and almost hit a car going 45 miles an hour. The car had been this chartreuse color, the same as the new spring leaves at that time, I did not see it on the horizon, and then I was watching the oncoming traffic because there was a train of cars, behind a huge prefab house on the back of a truck, the house unit on the truck extending outwards more than the width of the lane, so the truck was driving slowly as it just barely fit on the lane with the pre-constructed house section. My eyes had missed the small car waiting to make a left  that meshed with the color of the trees, as I watched this oncoming very large truck. It must have been about ten feet before the car that I noticed, and so I turned my steering wheel and headed for the trees, luckily I managed to pull myself out of the swerving motion, me heart pounding violently. I in essence had not really looked carefully, there was no one to blame but myself. I had made a habitual cursory look at my world. I can’t blame the car, or the car companies for making a car the same color as the new foliage. I can’t blame the partial house moving down the highway, I can’t blame anything but myself, I am a body, a human, who has arms and legs and eyes and ears, I steer here as a movable physical object able to sense the world, that is if I have been developed to use this structure of myself.

So, in hearing about this boy, I realized, that yes this is tragic, that this child attempted to cross a busy secondary highway without a cross walk and ended up getting hit and is now supposedly brain dead. We cannot really blame the highway, or the speed limit, or the summer roadrage from increased traffic. We cannot look to one aspect and blame that, we have to look at the totality of this world and understand the total picture and why what is here is here, understand the forms and the functions of the structure of what is here, what we have done with this, on all levels and realize how it is out of balance. This is just common sense. 
So, one complaint was that we needed signs on the road. I was getting angry at this point, I was not being clear, the rant of blame about the lack of signs, the speed limit, the summer tourists and their behavior, the cell phones usage. There was blame placed on limited things, and all the while the boy was talked about as being so special, such a special hardworking child.
It is interesting  living in a small town, the ones that can read, the children that learn to read to some extent, if I look now, they tend to die accidental deaths, and or of cancer, the townies that never do too well at school, the fisherman, the tradesmen, they die in different ways; suicide, inebriation of drugs and alcohol over a period of time. I know one townie boy, he would notice all the animals, like he was aware of the movement of the animals, another man here could use a rod to find water, which must be possible because we know barometric pressure exists, so this must be a sense that can be developed, I mean animals must use this.
This boy, this supposedly book smart boy, obviously misjudged while crossing a street and was hit by a car. He had misread the physical movement around him. Does not matter how many words he had running around in his head, they served no sensibility at that moment. This is not to deny the development of word usage. Our words are too busy being used to describe limited values, as what we label as special, which when asked specifically how someone was special, the answer is often limited because it is not about looking at the structure here, it is about the energy, a unity through an energetic feeling to have a quick fix of pity and sorrow this being what we have allowed to validate us, when this is what separates us from living, from being able to sense the forms and structures around us.
If we are so busy being judgements of what is good and what is bad, even to the point where we gain a energetic sense of being good vicariously through being a judgement of good and this is self interested proof validating self “ goodness” what are we doing? Is this the same as that boy was being the moment he miss-crossed that road, is this what was taught to be within himself, that he no longer had the sense of the physical world, the structure of the physical world here, all the dimensions of it, all the movements of it, because he was being caught in consciousness of limited values, a process where a state of being exists in a warped reality diminishing the substance of the physical into energy, out of balance as a value of good and bad? His whole sense of himself lacking a sense of here, and being a distorted value in - stead. His “ stead” thus reading  ideological values instead of physical, real tangible structures here, the real value, the means to be, real, here, that which is what is of value?
One of the things being said, over and over again, was that more signs were needed on the road. Perhaps the signs on the road are the problem, the signs on the road are showing the separation as the need for directions from without, instead of the development of awareness of the physical world within? Division and separation from physical awareness through limited values made huge through becoming a judgement of what is good and what is bad. We made the wrong choice, we choose the tree of good and evil, instead of becoming equal and one, in sense of the tree of life, the physical, we choose ideas and thus separated into a more than and less than world, and we use signs to keep us here because we as mind are in separation from here.
Thus, the solution is to not blame that there are not enough signs on the road, that the people in the cars are not paying attention because we are, none of us paying attention, an act of blame is a sign that we are not paying attention! We cannot look at and tout that this boy was special, because all boys ( and girls and animals and plants) are special because they are a physical form functioning as life. The sensibility development of this boy is the fault of all of us, and storms in teacups about parts of what is here, are the being in separation, screaming what is wrong and what is special is not looking at here.
If we teach our children to move as emotions and feelings accumulated through directives that are of judgement of what is good and what is bad only, then this is what becomes the focus of the child, and thus the separation of the child from reading the physical structure of here, using the physical body to even be able to sense barometric changes of which the physical is capable of doing, thus the gift of life is taken from us as we allow a system of more than and less than held up by money distribution,  as the manifestation without of our own capacity, like we are throwing away the gift of life. Our self abdication of life is really us throwing away life. The solution is to come back down to earth, and to equalize ourselves to life here, to forgive the acts of emotion and feeling built from thoughts of what is good and what is bad, to accept responsibility as life, through equalizing ourselves to physical reality. Instead of running around looking at energetic emotional/feeling values it is to move in understanding the structure of here as the physical world.

TIme to get out of our mind consciousness separation from equality with physical, real supportive reality, to use the gift of life to read here. The values of more than and less than must be brought back to the physical, the gift to become life here. Walk your projections of self definition as limited values back to self as life - DIP LIte - it is free.

Listen to the interviews about the separation of the human into a mind matrix of imagination of limited ideas causing abuse on earth in ignorance of physical reality, respect for life at Eqafe.

Support a economic structure that supports all life and respects the physical world, a Living Income Guarantee. It is the physical that supports life, and thus belongs to all of us as us, as it is many hands that have created here, as this is how it is done. The words of a delusional president that one hand feeds are are simply the indication of our separation from life as the image of such a statement bears no witness to life in common sense. A real leader gives self responsibility, they do not beLIEve inequality, values of more than and less than into idols of compounded self interest gone delusional.

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