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Day 424 Syria, Time for humanity to stand as what is best for all.

In investigating Syria’s past I discovered that Syria was agriculturally able to meet its own needs. What happened over time, starting in the fifties, was a decline: 

“… the country supplies all of its own food needs. The proportion of the population working in agriculture has decreased significantly from 50 percent in 1970, to 30 percent in the 1980s, to 23 percent today.”

As well, because there has been severe drought in the agricultural areas of Syria there as been a displacement of people into the city of Damascus, which has a closed water system.

“The recent influx of hundreds of thousands of people from drought-affected regions into towns and cities is placing a huge strain on urban water supplies.

In our profit based system,  risk management directed through the lens of profit, what is a changing situation can be turned into a profit making venture, consequential changes for whatever reason causing instability not being looked at and balanced out, but used to grab resources in self interest, and to make money via conflict/staged-war in the process. Instead of working with this earth, really looking at what is happening and why, the consequences of change are not addressed in such a way to support the life that is here. War within this common sense is simply abusive self interested ignorance, and has become a money making scheme to allow more money to be made for a few, and completely disregards common sense life.

Having said this, the combination of advances in less labor intensive practices and a changing - or not worked into the scenario - periods of drought that cause displacement of work force, does not take into consideration humanity. What happens then is that these people, that are the same as you and me, really have no where to go, and thus flood into the cities. Then these people are blamed for being there! This really makes no sense.

Then what is used as the reaction that is a starting point of no sense, is the pointing out of cultural differences. A cultural difference is often based on traditions developed over many generations on earth. These traditions were based on effective practices that functioned at one time or another, and thus have some validity. But when the reason for the tradition is ignored, and that tradition is given a value as a positive reinforcement to define a group what ensues is a division, a separation from reality in how we see one another and what we really are individually. This division is then used to conquer through fired up conflict based on a judgement within comparison as what has become an idea more than its original intent.  Our physical selves can learn how the physical works, but to take that learning and not in every changing situation, see directly with the physical reality, wanting what worked at one time to remain the same, is really a fear of loss as a belief only, because how that belief developed was dependent on physical reality, and physical reality changes as changes in practice towards efficiency require different behaviors. So, in essence cultural differences are a collection of beliefs, developed over time, that had a practical application, but this tradition must be realized as this, and that changing a tradition does not change the human, that tradition, that practice turned belief, does not necessarily remain the same, and thus cannot define.

So, in allowing traditions to define us, we end up chasing a carrot on a string, and leave the common sense that created that belief, behind. And because we have left common sense behind, and consequences as separations into belief accumulates, we end up with differences in groups of people, and then we end up with a non changing human, who ends up pushing away those who do not match traditions - that have come to define each group as a lack of equality to practical physical reality. 

So, what ensues is conflict, each group holding onto definition instead of common sense. One cannot expect to find solutions in becoming angry as the influx of workers, they are simply trying to survive in a system that allows money to determine life, and also allows money to flow into the hands of a few, and then allows those few to arm men. This form allows a few to become dominant. This few them dominate what is impulsed into a human that can be impulsed. Which means we are not seeing that what we allow to go in, is what comes out. We end up clinging to the erroneous and make the ephemeral as belief more than physical common sense. Thus, in order to change, what must be policy is what structures absolute support for this physical world and not an idea of one thing being more than another. War is really an act that decides one thing is more than another, it uses negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement instead of practical common sense as a policy that the only choice is to do no harm, and for that physical reality is the perfect indicator of what it means to support life absolutely. The separation is the belief that the choice is of good or bad, when this in total was the loss of common sense of ourselves as life. It is that simple.

In Syria, this ignorance of common sense that has been the choice of man for a long time is all coming to a head. I suppose that this is what the Mayans saw as the very form and function of a pyramid scheme that is the being of ourselves as ideas that are judgements of more than and less than, right and wrong, good and evil, as what judgement would end up as.This state is not self seeing directly here. This is separation. War is consequence of a separation from physical reality. 

The many create the value from resources, the many allow this value to be placed into money, the many must stand and say no to war, because it is us who support it with every action we take. Our self definition must be to do no harm before any other belief about who we are, if harm exists it is really a lack of understanding the value is life.

Supposedly, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France,the United States and Qatar are spending money supporting the supposed rebels in Syria, this is use of the dispossessed ( of money ) to serve ideas of more than that direct the minds of a few:

The tiny gas-rich state of Qatar has spent as much as $3bn over the past two years supporting the rebellion in Syria, for exceeding any other government, but is now  being nudged aside by Saudi Arabia as the prime source of arms to rebels.”

Turkey appears to recruit fighters, offering money which is really offering survival because we have allowed money to determine life. What would you do?

Turkey also relies on these forms to specify the individuals that it could take to military training camps in Turkey, as well as those who could form military and security cells inside Syria.
He added that “all the supervisors of this center are from the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and they personally lead Al-Nusra Front.”
The injured Syrian further tells us that one person could fill more than one form, as he could fill forms for people he knows, or he could work on finding people that would fill their personal forms.
Moreover, Turkey presents for each individual, who could find 60 people to fill forms in Syria, a large sum of money.
The injured Syrian said that this form was put by the Turks and they are the ones who supervise the training program, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia fund the civil society center, in addition to cash money that come from France, America, and Germany.”
Foreign-backed militants fighting the Syrian government have killed 450 civilians, including 120 children, in a Kurdish-majority in northern Syria.” and
“According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed and a total of 7.8 million displaced due to the violence
So much money spent to fight, where other jobs are not available or have been automated or do not provide a living wage for men to take care of their families and enjoy this earth, to build new understanding of here, to change with what supports, and to realize that traditions are based on things that have worked in the past, and thus, not to be judged as good or bad, but simply to take that which is good and move it into understanding the changes that the physical world is always moving as. What is constant is change, but this need not be used for the advantage of a few risk takers, who’s belief is profit before life, seeing self interested gain with change within the environment of earth. We cannot blame them when we have not realized that tradition is based on practice, and thus cannot remain the same and does not define who and what we are. We are humans, caretakers of this earth, why not enjoy being this? 
On top of all this, we have a banking cartel, - -  that uses war to gain in self interest. Wanting the form in Syria as to how money is controlled to change , naturally in their favor, because we in the west believe that usury works when it does not, It cannot, it is a form that moves the principle to a few and these few do not realize that the power of life is in giving all parts the education needed to see directly here, equal and one to physical reality, as this is what is real. (My understanding in the middle east’s banking practice is that there are fees involved, which is really another form of interest - so, it is not that I support what has been practiced in the middle east, as there has been a hierarchy there as well.) Instead a straw horse of singular and limited values  is built, made huge, which really started with each human within, as this is no different than the tribe clinging to traditions to define itself instead of realizing how that tradition functioned as that which was good. What was that tradition as a practice with the physical in direct action? We have all become idol worshippers instead of being life, moving with and as the physical world, so there is no one to blame or beg/rely-on for help, as each of us have allowed this, and the consequence of this separation is accumulating in Syria, ironically the supposed beginning point of civilization. We can  stop and realize what we are in fact, or we can continue this game of separation where limited ideas define us instead of the actual physical world being what defines as. We know the physical defines us, try stopping your breath, without it, you die and no longer exist. A basic income was proposed in the forties and even as far back as the early 1900s, it was suggested that there be a basic income guarantee to support humanity with the growing automation science developed. Had this practice been used, there is no knowing what man could have developed on earth. Instead of working for profit, being paid slave wages, each would have had time to give to what supported the community and self individually as each one of us is a unique expression of life AND also a human, thus we are all equal and a “ oneness” as self. Tribal traditions are really based on a past, and do not always fit into what is a changing physical world here in common sense and many traditions force expression away from a natural tendency, suppressing the life within. Thus a judgement of differences is an ignorance of development in time, and thus a lack of spatial awareness. Realizing why there was a influx of people into the city and investigating why this was happening would be a process of finding a solution. A " super power" that uses this in self interest is criminal, especially when there are people in their own country suffering. 
This game of divide and conquer, using cultures defining by tradition instead of  investigation into  movement  as physical reality, is the fault of each of us, and this fault is being used by a few who believe they are a more than, which is simply a reflection of what each of us has accepted and allowed, because we choose limited values to define us, instead of remaining in common sense that it is the physical world that is creation. The war in Syria, is merely the consequence of our separation. The money being spent on war, needs to stop and be used to support life. Money is really a structural tool that circulates what supports have been created from resources to develop life. This is done by the many.
Americans are supporting this war through allowing our supposed representatives to believe they know what is best for us, when this is what is said, but this is not what is practiced in physical fact because war,  is not what is best for life. Destruction is not life, there simply is no way around this fact. Our leaders, were they real leaders, would give themselves the same practices they organize for the people. No matter the point of contact, be it the seed placed on the earth or the digit placed on a piece of paper, no one man can be doing more than one simple task at a time, and  no one task is more than another, it is all interaction with physical reality. It is only an idea that one is more than another, and this is the separation into the false worship of idea before what is real, the actual factual, physical world that is the manifestation of the substance of life into structure and form with which to express life.
Time to end the abuse of belief that one thing is more than another. Time to take that which is good and give as we would like to receive. Time to realize our separation from common sense and stand and support life on earth. War is not life. Living Income Guarantee and the Equal Life Foundation. Let’s get this done.
We are life, so we are capable of creating a world that is what is best for all, it is only our minds of limited impulse that stops us when we allow idea over what we are as life that initially was what moved us to walk, to talk, to think, thus our ideas are built as the image and likeness of a societal structure that is in separation, built from our own innate common sense that eventually carried the belief as idea. If we choose to develop common sense as directive, and realize the mind as the idea of here only, we can being ourselves back down to earth and create a world that supports all of us, as common sense sees directly here as how physical reality is practical and structural and able to be understood. This is the gift of life. What do you want for the children to come?

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