Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 426 Hierarchy, a nipple/welfare for the few.

Misinformation is everywhere,  even within WIKI is a personification that private ownership and sometimes even collective ownership are responsible for efficiency. This makes no sense, as efficiency, that action on the ground that is what functions using what is available with maximum benefit and output has nothing to do with private ownership or collective enterprise. What is efficient, as the system now moves, costs money, whether that money flows through a signature head of one, or a group, has nothing to do with that physical act. So, this use of one form of division in opposition to another is simply an equation used for justification of self interested gain, manipulated according to a sequence of ideology to divide to conquer for profit. 
Layers of currency exchange, layers of food pricing, layers of forced agricultural practice, all bound to profit before life, as profit is allowed to determine any move made, sidestepping what is known to be efficient. It is almost like best practices are not allowed because this creates too much autonomy, and autonomy is an enemy of a profit based system. A chain of dependency must always be attached, a tube that sucks up the value in self interest, this tube leading up to the nipple at the top of this hierarchy where a few suck extravagantly off the welfare of earth. Earth is life given to support all life, as it is only a signature of a few that we all accept and allow to believe that what is here can be owned, when what is here is to “ own” understanding of physical reality in form and function, to enjoy life, to enjoy physical existence, to be life, as this is the real value.

What we are creating within a consumerist market ethos, wastes resources, as ideas of self, a personifications determining advancement, are what drives us, as this is what we have allowed as a false god, this signature of survival, not realizing that the physical is actually what is real. Limitation of expression within this, wastes efficient use of resource to be used directly within best practice. Instead cheap products to play dress up change with the seasons to keep followers of survivalism inline with a grid of limited values that compose hierarchy of deception as belief of more than and less than. Thus, instead of creating products that are efficient - that last- products that consume attention away from common sense are developed, creating a perpetual need that serves facade and not a self in totality being equal to here. A huge scam of attention deficit disorder, that does not even see the nipple of hierarchy sucking away at our accepted and allowed ignorance. It really is delusional, and easy to understand if one simply takes the time to look, and time is running out, as this earth is beginning to become so toxic, as the water that circulates eventually brings all that is placed within it to every part of the earth. So, all those “ insignificant differences” or “ no significant difference”  touted as a smoke screen to justify profit based practices hiding behind limited research that is a “ trade secret” have an accumulative effect. I mean “ water torture” is very effective. We deny  one reality in one situation and allow it in another, depending on where it serves our self interest. Ironic, that we can see form and function and yet we allow limitation within our innate common sense, The problem is that if we allow ourselves to continue this ignorance of what is best for all, that which is the value, which is life, will eventually extinguish, as limited practice consumes physical existence until there is nothing left, as what maintains a balance that sustains the substance of life in equilibrium is not the choice made, this that is the only choice.
Each human, every single one one earth, must become the living word, as being equal in understanding with physical reality. Thus, each human must be educated with understanding here, as how what is here is not some magical thing happening that cannot be understood but is clear and direct in how it supports life as it is life. Anything other than this is criminal, and anything other than this will simply not work. The physical world is demanding acknowledgement. And this is easy to see with the disease prevalent today, our practices are not what is best for all. Nothing else is going to work. Get over it and get on with it. If one begins to understand this then becomes the only choice. I am sure that many soldiers, those on the front of direct abuse being done in self interest, see this fact. Fortunately, many of these soldiers are standing up. And what do those sucking on the nipple do, they withhold promised benefits, because money has been allowed to determine life, and so, withholding benefits withholds life, and the voice of realization cannot stand. So, incredibly criminal and so not cool.

The solution is to realize that in history, one standing up will lead to that one being crucified. Christ was the voice of equality, and he was lynched, just as southern blacks have been lynched because they pose a threat to local whites within survival. Christ was a threat to the status quo of a program of usurious practice in temples of supposed worship. Thus, a group must stand absolutely within and as what is best for all, create a systemic form of equality to move into, and stand. Blaming the existing form will only cause a reaction of protection and defense with the nipple worshippers as they fear  to lose what they believe to be their life blood.  And, the toxic piss of this is reigning down on all of us. Pun intended.
Support a system that supports life, realizing the only choice is what is best for all, realizing that efficiency  is efficiency, a cup is a cup, and is not determined by private or collective ownership. The hands of men move what is here, in this we are all equal, secondary to this is how we dress, what colors we prefer, what hairstyle we prefer, what tastes we prefer, all these qualities are here, available to experience, thus it is to allow the variety, so that where ever we walk we can experience this in full expression, enjoying our differences. What must be realized is that we are all men capable of so much. Our traditions are not good or bad, only so when we cling to them as an only way, when what we are doing is fearing for our own survival instead of enjoying life. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And it can only be enjoyed when all men are educated and properly supported as what they are as physical beings, the physical being what is real.
Living Income Guarantee/ Basic Income Guarantee The tools to clean up a state of unnecessary greed. Become the creed of life, equality and oneness. Respect earth.

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