Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 421 What will Miley Cyrus and Washington in Syria gain with the Disappearing Male?

A structure that creates order through limitation, as what we now have , obviously does not work. It has created starvation, pollution, and behaviors of survival in men, where life is not regarded as what comes before life is money as how we have allowed that which signifies the values created from freely gwen earth resources. What has been created  allows a central control, to manage in detail what we think, what we eat, as we have all abdicated ourselves as the very form and function of capacity as what we are in common sense. So, we never really live, and in this lack of living, because our imaginations are that which is being controlled into limited ideas, is not equal to physical reality, in other words, our within is not equal to the without as the physical, we are no longer in direct contact with physical existence, and thus we ignore this existence and abuse it, and this abuse is diminishing this earth very rapidly. 

So, the expression of life as the human in full capacity is diminished, and in this lack does not see physical reality, and does not regard the pain and suffering of physical beings that are just like us, and we do not even realize the pain and suffering of our physical bodies because all our attention is on our imagination that is a limited understanding of here, that is composed of the same substance that is what here, as the physical is a composition of and as! Our “ heaven’s” as mind are in separation from equal and one understanding of physical reality. This is very obvious in how, especially those of us in the west, do nothing to really look at why there is poverty and starvation in this world, a world where one could put all humans in a piece of land the size of Texas and the human would live in a concentration that is about the same as New York City. Such spatial awarenesses are not taught, because were this ability to spatially register here, as the physical, would reveal that the existent abuse makes no sense. 

Thus, we are not taught to read here, we are taught to follow limited ideas that become our idols, our value system, and in this process we separate from physical reality for a picture mind show. A very limited existence. This, leading to no understanding with that that we are in fact, and so there is no normal interaction going on, even within our personal relationships, because we are like a limited framework trying to push frameworks that vary by a slight degree onto one another because we believe that that framework is real, is the only way it is, and this is because we are so in separation from reality, following an idea as a picture in and as our minds that we do not see anything else! This is the  definition of insanity, and many are suffering because of our insanity, and we say, well this is collateral damage?  This is thus, really saying that, that thing, is not apart of my imagination made bigger than life, this allowance of limited idea, and self abdication of common sense as what I am as the very substance of what supports this idol rich imagination as mind, as consciousness.

 What equalizes the physical world, is direct interaction with physical existential form and function, that is able to be understood right in front of us, where we normalize with physical existence because it is what is real, and within this process, real communication exists, and real understanding, because the design of nature is to allow each part to interact fully, with one another, a perfect design of life. This would naturally create heaven on earth.  The solution is to equalize the mind with here, with the physical being the image and likeness of life, as this is the real god - so to speak, this is the gift of life and that which balances all movement of this physical expression of life to help self be able to really express with what works and this would then cause no harm and naturally would equalize all men and allow men to develop to full capacity. What else is there?

Thus how money has been allowed to determine life, this dimension of values made from physical life sustaining substance that is a non direct interaction with substance, has been allowed to determine life, and a few have control of this value, and they are the same as us in their delusion, thus we all are to blame, which is to be aflame as mind of limited awareness, as belief that an idea is more than reality.  And this false idol as mind, the acceptance of this accumulates in the physical body, consuming it, diminishing it, riding on  the physical because it is less than life - just as the practices within this is reflected as  the without as our present system, thus the earth is diminishing, being consumed without any real understanding. prevalent in the amount of pollution and war and starvation, and disease in the physical, that so many humans are consumed as into a death that is a diminishment of life, instead of an equal and one understanding of life. This state of being, that is not a state of life, causing destruction as this is what this is. The present system must change to one that supports all life, as life being the value, through realizing the right to life, before a profit-for-the-few based system that touts itself as orgnazing the resources of earth, that is really only a pyramid that allows a few to live in excess without ever realizing themselves as life, because if they did, if they understood then there would be no war. War is the consequence of idol worship as a belief that one thing is more than another. The control of men must be developed to full capacity, to full potential, as this is how physical existence as nature is stood equal to and as, and with as this gives the gift of understanding physical existence to all, as what the form and function of our physical forms are the perfect mechanism for and as. The human and all life, is able to see direct here, as the physical and work together to support and enjoy and be life. An expression of men, here , as this, creates a human that is so much more than a ignorant follower of pictures as values made huge, out of whack with physical reality, the very substance of which we are. here.

The war in the middle east is a picture show. I mean, the poisonous gases that were released can only be produced if one has money, and only a few have the amount of money to create such things, the operation to make such things must involve very specific and carefully designed and built machinery, of which it must be known where such practices occur, so naturally a story of where this is coming from and who dispersed it is what is touted, because the ones wanting to control the resources to turn into money in self interest don’t want the real story to be told. They are the ones who have released the gases, it is an end game for control by men lost in their imaginations believing one thing to be more than another. They are us as life, though indirectl involved we are involved through allowance.
On top of this, the physical abuse to life, as the soldiers who were taught nothing else but to shoot a gun,  and believe that being a man was being a soldier as ideas of what makes a man are touted all over the media, and in the stories told to children, in the toys built with petro-chemicals to create a limited personification of values where, as money has been determined to represent life, these limited - and not all bad - values were the directional foundation of development for each human, a idol of limitation, built to serve a lesser form as a structure of regulation on earth, that some are more than others, when we are all the same. I mean in the womb, the sexuality of the human comes about after the human is pretty much formed, meaning having legs and arms, and such. Thus at the moment of conception and construction there is no difference in the human, that comes after.

The stories being presented in the media about who dispersed the nerve gas are in confusion because this is an entertainment away from practical physical reality within this system where only a few could have made this gas, especially in a world where the government is imprisoning those who reveal that the government is watching everything. How can a government that is watching everything not know where that gas comes from? Especially since the brunt of money is owned by a few, thus only a few could create this gas? The truth about the gas will not be revealed because it comes from those that want the war to make money off of war. The gas is war supporting itself. And then the leaders of this, grant impunity to themselves, basically. And this is just words on a piece of paper. thus this policy that holds this abusive systemic separation from life can be changed, because the policy of how here moves and is supported and developed, as a physical form can change, we are mutable able to understand physical existence human beings as we are of the substance of life, it is only the separation into a programmed mind of limited values made huge that causes the separation, and this can be brought back into equality with the physical allowing all of us to have the life of interaction with our children and the animals and the earth, that which we all do when we go on vacation, this that should be the norm, is made very small.

The war in Syria cannot be allowed, as it is a crime against life, which words on a page granting impunity from, later on down the road, as this game has been spinning for a long time, cannot change as the action against life creates consequences that are suffered by physical existence for generations. We need only investigate depleted uranium to understand this. We need only look at Iraq and see that the destruction has set back these people for generations, as their hospitals and schools, their infrastructure has been destroyed to diminish them, to weaken them so that the resource can be grabbed, a resource that is then privately owned so that the profits flow to a few, as money. Alternative forma of energy create more autonomy with the human, and thus, don’t have easy opportunity for a few to grab a greater value of as money. This is why this game over oil continues, it is self interest without regard for life, as the state of being as this, is a separation from life, caused by a consciousness, a mind, of pictures, of limited values made huge and out of proportion with life, a separation from a direct seeing of reality. And the frenzy for this game, is motivated by a desperation to maintain that mind of limitation in and as an idea made more than reality, because the possession of self as idea, is a demon of separation, and it as lesser substance as life, as energy needs constant validation, this state of being that never satisfies and is in constant need and thus manifests as resource extraction of a form of energy that allows ownership of the values created from it to determine survival. A form allowed that is abusive on all levels. Thus, the war in Syria must end, it destroys life in so many ways. It is a crime against life.
Another dimension of destruction the petro-chemical war industrial energy complex for control, has created is pollution that is now in all of us, our own accepted and allowed practices of abuse, which we are all guilty of, as we have all used plastic bags and plastic materials. Our boys are not developing as males, the testicles of males are not dropping, and more boys are dying in conception because the pollution from petro-chemicals are disrupting the development of boys, this playing out as the boy develops in the womb and onwards into life. Thus the very substance of the physical is weakening due to a separation from understanding it as being the real value as what allows life to exist.

Last fall as I walked in the woods I noticed a lot of pine cones on the paths. This is easy to notice because pine cones are easy, when there are many, to lose one’s balance on. This winter, many many of the pine trees simply snapped off. in the Spring. While driving around, all through the woods there are snapped trees. I do not remember seeing this, The only other time was after a hurricane, and then the trees snapped were the Locust Trees and this tree has shallow roots, thus strong winds easily pull the trees down. Again, these pine trees must be weak to have snapped so easily. Some might say it is a natural occurrence, as one species of tree ends and another takes over. The cape where I live lost all its top soil during the European invasion, and the old growth trees were cut down. What replaced this were scrub pine trees. These are now being replaced with scrub oak, and also American beech trees. It has taken this long for a level of top soil to replenish itself to the point where what was here before can begin to grow again.  What would we be if we had worked with the dense forests that were here, and the layers of top soil instead of recklessly taking all the trees and allowing the fecund soils to wash away? What would exist if the sun and the substance of what is here would have been used and practiced with to sustain us? Would our boys be healthy? Where are we allowing ourselves to go with this abusive system?

We, humans, are all so capable of directly interacting with this earth, we have hands and feet, fingers, all flexible and mutable, able to work with here. That finger being used to pull a trigger to destroys here is not life, the idea that leads to that finger pulling that trigger is not life. That finger could just as well be used to nurture rich cared for top soils filled with life sustaining microorganisms,  this done with children in tow. And all of this to have nutrient rich life sustaining foods where less is more because it is rich in life. Our petro-chemicals may make a plant look good, but the substance of that plant is filled with poisons that are disrupting the growth of our children. Thus the war in Syria cannot go on. The outcome of it as the continued use of petro-chemicals cannot go on. And yes, we have become dependent on this, so within this, it is to walk away from this practice in common sense using less and less as alternatives are segued into that are supportive of life and do no harm. Even the crops grown using these chemicals are proving to not be as productive as practices that work with the earth.
Thus, this poison, is everywhere, it is the manifestation of our separation from being equal and one to and as life, here. The Equal Life Foundation and a Living Income Grant is the building of ourselves  through  supportive policies without, to all the within to equalize  and direct with the physical world, this that is us, this that is so obviously interconnected. 

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