Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 433 How can " trade secrets" be used in a democracy that requires an educated collective?

In a democracy the education of the people in order to govern themselves is paramount in successful interaction. And yet, within our present system we have ideas of “ trade secrets” and “confidential” stances that we often accept without question.  But, in all common sense, the existence of such constructs is in opposition to the required education of the demos, the people. Thus, by design, the present system works against itself because hiding practices does not allow an understanding to be built, a foundation to be developed, of how this world  works and what we as humans are doing on earth. Again, the words and structures of what we are, are contrary to what we actually practice in deed. Our words are not in alignment with our deeds, and thus the consequence is other than what we believe that we are as our starting point in word. And so, our words become layered with divisions of justifications as we try to fit what is our practice into what is a beginning idea. So, the idea is sold and the practice is hidden. This makes no sense.
Our politicians are not allowing the people to be educated when practices that create values from earth’s resources and labor, are not revealed. With all liability trickling down to the ground, the physical, the people,  who have not been educated as to what is the consequence  cannot wholly be blamed  because the details of the methods used are not shared, because  the existence of “ trade secrets “ and “ confidential” acts did not allow those carrying the liability to have any clear directive as understanding!
I have read that the oil industry in Africa would come in with so much money flowing around that the hierarchies would cater to this money flow, to the extent that the people on the land would run to answer to the oil industry at the expense of, for example, agricultural practice. Within the hierarchy, the governmental system, each layer gets caught up in a policy/political action to ensure that money is flowing to their level. As this seeking of money to maintain the bureaucratic level is the reactive directive within the act of where money is moving happens, this level naturally pushes blame, real responsibility away from itself, this happens all the way through the layers/levels of a bureaucratic hierarchy, then the blame ends up on the ground where so little money has trickled down giving no chance at defense, at the physical level. This is the system answering to money instead of what does no harm absolutely within the totality of physical existence. One messed up situation.
I see this happening locally within the shellfish industry. It is like the state bureaucracies create situations to justify their existence without any common sense of “ on the ground” practices. In the recent year’s announcement of shellfish sales, which usually include a noted level of horseshoe crabs, the information about the horseshoe crab has become “ confidential.” Now, locally it has been noted that there is a decline in horseshoe crabs. To fill in the details; horseshoe crabs are harvested for their “ blue blood” by the pharmaceutical industry. Supposedly, the labs that drain the blood only take some of the blood so that the horseshoe crab can be returned unharmed to the environment. So, the lab technicians drain the blood and give the crabs back to the person who collected them to ostensibly be returned to the wild. Evidently, so many of the crabs are dead, as the draining process was not carefully monitored, and in this series of exchanges, it would be easy to say that one did not do this or do that and that the cause of  what did not follow through as the stated outcome is on the next in line of the transfer. Is anyone really watching, or is this lack of respect/care/maintenance simply not provided because it is too expensive in paying for the time spent being careful and the loss of that collective margin of profit from taking just a little too much blood from a few?
The body collecting the crabs and supposedly returning them sells the dead one for bait, and even begins to sell the ones that were not drained to death for bait because his wage from the one job is simply not enough to survive, just as the lab technicians need to obtain a certain volume of blood to maintain the existence of their job, because money has been allowed to come before life. In the end, what has happened, is that no one wants to look at what is really going on for fear of losing their job. And the effects of this are on the actual physical world.
This year, the consequences of this practice are “ confidential” the people are simply not being told about what has happened. It is a confidential document, the data on the numbers of horseshoe crabs within the environment. So if people do not know, or do not have the proof to use, nothing can be done, and what happens is that the environment suffers. We must remember, in common sense that the ecology is the economy.
There are probably many forms of this going on around the world. We also see this in the production of Coke, where the water is used and polluted, and then the same company that created the problem comes in and burdens the people with an additional payment for cleaning the water that was polluted by the company that did not disclose its practices because it was a “ trade secret” thereby not educating the people enough to be able to speak up. In the end, “ trade secrets” and “ confidentialare really just the breeding of ignorance in self interest and the wall of separation as the hierarchy are layers of maintenance moving in self interest for money pushing the blame of outcome onto the ground. This is the circulation of this system. Tied to money before life. Ignoring the physical world, suppressing the education of what is here within the purpose of monetary gain in unequal measure. Obviously, this is not working, this is not taking care of this earth. This is abusive and negligent of how life on earth as a visible able-to-be-understood object  is hidden. Thus purposly hiding something means that it can be seen, and can be understood, thus we know men can understand and are capable! 
Projecting the blame of outcome, and the burden of malpractice onto the uneducated, the non-disclosed is by the design of the system in opposition to democracy. And, democracy is the only way that this world can function, as this is the realization as the truth touted, that it is the awareness of the collective, the education of the collective that will create a self responsible human that is aware of how the earth functions and thus has the ability to be the voice for all people on every individual point, understanding that the only practice is what supports the physical world absolutely, realizing that the physical world is symbiotic and interconnected, that what happens on one point on earth happens eventually in space-time to all. So, is the consequences of Fukashima, the earth trying to tell the human that what we do on one point and the practices that we use, effect all of earth? Do we have to suffer an extreme before we wake up? Do we have to suffer the malformation of our children before we wake up? Do we have to have our oceans become empty of life before we wake up? What is our choice going to be?
There are solutions. What is here cannot be owned by a few, what is here is to support life. Each of us are here care-taking for the earth for those that come to be an experience of life, an expression of life. Changing a system does not mean that someone will come and take your house suddenly, as there does need to be order. It does mean that if one has a home, they are there to take care of it without causing harm and respecting that shelter because of what it does. it really is an opportunity to understand physical existence.
This formation as this system must change. What we do, in every move we make as humans, must be understood and shared with all men, so all men understand how to exist in equality with physical existence. Limiting education within hiding resource use and practice and consequence will not allow the inherent responsibility of the human as life to be a response as life. Suppression is never a solution, and using the consequence of suppression for gain without addressing the cause effects all life and thus the very fabric of earth on which we as life all depend. 
Time to change the system to one that is equal to life in expression of give as you would like to receive; Living Income Guarantee. Stand for a system that educates all people to become responsible humans beings , stand up for a democracy that will withstand the test of time as being what moves in respect for life, causing no harm.

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