Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 423 Understanding equality within direct movement of myself here.

In learning to walk here, in equality I have to not allow myself to become stuck in programmed opinions and always, in all ways, look in common sense as to what is here, as all men being equal, limited only through belief as the divisive element.
I was talking with a man who was the head of a men’s club, and of the course of the belief, being a men’s club means that men interact with men only. I did not catch myself, I realized as the moment passed that, yes, this is a men’s club, but these men are not only men, they are fathers, grandfathers, brothers, nephews, sons, uncles. What is an extended part of them as their world is all that is around them. Thus, this club that is for men, that also hosts family events,  can present what is happening in the community to the extended family members as men as a development of their role as men. Especially since this group of men are involved in a system of discipline to work towards understanding here, as this is the basis of this club.
I got stuck in thinking of this group within a limited context as a belief, that this was only for men, which it is, but as this group, directing within support of the community, that which they joined the group for in self development, to share this with all extensions of themselves as the roles they are as what they are as men, this venue of an exclusive club can do and be all the while maintaining their group as men. ( just said the same thing again in a different way!)
Here I can see how much we are caught in judgement, where divisions are defined within limitation, not realizing the form can stay the same and yet also involve the dimensions of what we are in totality. The form need not limit, it can remain what it is and yet reach out, view out into the world not only interacting as its starting point but also bringing development as what it stands for to the extensions of itself.

This is the practice of opportunity for the offer of unity, which is the point of this group, to understand and become more in union with how the world functions. Communion does not change what we are here, it adds to our own self directive capacity within the existent structures.
The problem with our present system is that it touts this democratic action, yet builds beliefs as programs against this through the automation of limited viewpoint as an “ only”. These automated beliefs within, for example, role play relationships then maintain the divisions of actions of inequality, as rejection of what does not fit into an idea that is in itself a limitation - yet held fast as a rule of thumb  instead of taking the golden rule, which is to give as one would like to receive within one’s point of formation. This is to remember that we are a machine of collectively working parts, which is what democracy is the point of, yet under this is a automation of division instead of the awareness that we are all one and the same at a physical direct seeing relationship, and are able to understand one another and then voice what is best for all.  Our minds are programs of limited beliefs, opinion and ideas, as what has gone in with a judgement of a right and a wrong/ fixed intent as form in limitation losing all mutability, with money being the thing lost if one does not remain within the limitation, and thus to step outside, yet remain where we are, as in understanding here, of which we are capable because we are the same substance, and we are born with the natural ability to sense here, the programs as mind are made huge, taking us away from here, the without, leading to an automation of limited insight/ideas,  in separation from being equal within to the without. And then our output becomes limited and rejects the movement of here with insight to allow input from all forms. Another way to say this is to realize how much we see only a limited aspect of object, instead of realizing the essence of all that is here is a subject of life.  The object of form is to become a subject of the substance of life. The present systems teaches only subject of hierarchy, an imposition on earth, a placement on earth, an earth that is proving to not work within monoculture as life is not a monoculture, it is a multidimensional system. Problems are created due to a lack of perspective, and thus the solution, is always right there in front of us, because the problem screams its limitation as mind made huge is the being of self in limitation, an idea within  as mind in separation from the ability of self as life to be equality to the without/ physical, a state of “ reading” that is common sense use as self life substance that is not of the mind, our inherent capacity to learn/earn life equality. The limited information has nothing else to speak because this limitation is all that is seen, this limitation has become a more than as a belief, warping common sense. And we wonder why there are problems in this world. Knowledge and information is useless without practical application. The problem is what we each have accepted and allowed within as being the only insight to here, which is why being equal to the without from within is so necessary, as this would end separation and limitation as what we are allowing on earth as how we are, here.

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