Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 431 Heaven is Waiting

In watching this video on the consequence of economic practice dome by governments and  transnational corporations I see what is happening within the local industry where I live. All the burden is placed on the people that are simply trying to live a decent life on the ground: enjoying their families, having food on the table, developing themselves , maintaining their homes, having pets around, basically simply enjoying life, the physical world. 
And yet there seems to be this chess game of war going on around us. We are really just the pawns in the way. And yet, how does this come to pass, where does this originate? Does this beg the question of what cam first the chicken or the egg? Is the way of this world a manifestation of what each of us accept and allow? And do we only look when the consequences of what has been allowed that is not right in front of us, suddenly show up in our lives?

Just because someone is starving on another part of the world does not mean that it has nothing to do with us. Life would life, as this is how live can be. So, life would become what supports life absolutely, thus, is earth really a place where what has become separate from life, be given the opportunity to become life? And would an entity that is separate from life, create an imagination that is as what is that is in separation from life? Would not the idea of a better life be the manipulation of  life?

We have spiritual systems that tell us that we have to stop the mind to realize life, and we have religions that tell us to not judge. Is there a connection between the two? And we have the idea of the devil and the angel, polarities that are of a good and a bad, arguing with one another. So, is it so far of a stretch to believe what desteni is saying, that the mind must be equalized back into practical physical existence, as the physical being real? And would it not make sense that the meaning of the words “ bring heaven to earth” means that the idea of a separate reality is false, and the imagination that is this, must realize that the physical is what is real, and as life, as what we are, must take care of this earth, and that this standing equal with the physical, taking care of this earth no matter how distant, is the opportunity to create heaven on earth?
I mean all of this makes sense. 
So, the people on the ground, acting like they are being picked on by corporations are not seeing realizing and understanding that life, no matter what, is the value, and that what happens on this earth happens to each of us, because this earth is life and it is when the collective realizes this, that mankind has generated enough awareness of the value being life, to allow life to begin. The real savior of men, is for men to realize themselves as life. It cannot be done by one or a few, it will physically take many men to come back down to earth, show that they will accept nothing but what is best for all, as this is the way to heaven. We all know that simplicity is usually the best answer. And this one is real simple.
Support a Living Income Guarantee. Lets equalize ourselves to life. Heaven is waiting.
Heaven is here, we need only accept it.

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