Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 429 Making Sense of the World.

I realize that fairy tales turn humans into commodities. They warp one aspect of life into a metaphysical carrot on a string, and then build all this excitement towards this one aspect, distracting the human from normal interaction and thus, development within being able to understand how the physical world practically works. On top of this different lingos are developed around different dimensions of physical reality, making it appear that something cannot be understood. These practices are forms of limitation, by design.
Disney Films - is this what you want impulsed into your child? Is this " all" that you as a human was meant to be?
Not bad, but made huge as what we chase, creates a commodity as our only behavioral focus. 

In the end, it is the responsibility of each of us to realize this and to change the system to one that allows understanding of physical reality. This is also balancing out our focus of distortion back into common sense of physical reality. The divisions into one thing being more than another, instead of allowing a normal direct understanding of practical physical function would change this world into a world that made sense of physical reality.

In essence, all “ trade secrets” and anonymous presentations are simply hiding something being done, or a consequence of something having been done that is unacceptable, so obviously so that if it were understood, and known by people, they would stand and say no more.
Every person in every hierarchy who does not disclose what is unacceptable perpetuates the abuse existent on earth.  If we really fear losing our jobs, what must be done is to support a system that gives every person the ability to take care of themselves. This means giving every person on earth a Living Income Guarantee, because this would allow those who fear losing their income a chance to stand up and speak up. This is the only way we are going to stop the abuse of inequality justified in beliefs that one of us humans - that are all the same- is more than another, when we know that proper food, housing and education creates a functioning human being. It is only lack that creates limitation, and behaviors of survival are behaviors of limitation created from lack.
If we can fit all humans into the state of Texas, and this would be like living in New York City, it becomes obvious that there is enough room on this earth for the animals, and the humans, and that there is enough space to feed the world. 

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