Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 430 Food stamps and minimum wage.

Why is it that at the same time there is a lot of protest about the minimum wage not being enough to support and allow a person to be self responsible that suddenly the American government decides to cut back on food stamps?
It is as though our politicians are so disconnected from physical reality and what is happening on the ground that they do the exact opposite of what enables men to be productive.
It really makes no sense. 
Are our politicians simply acting as we are? Are they ignoring reality, as each of us are? I mean, there is growing poverty in America, and a government that is now, by some accounts, using more than half of American GDP to build a war machine, disregarding the people on other continents, picking and choosing where to fight, justifying why some atrocities are ignored and others faced, despite the number of dead, and yet touting the number of dead to gain support. None of this makes any sense, But what this is, is making is a lot of money for a few, That is really the bottom line. But this action is simply a reflection of what each of us is within as consciousness. Ideas of one thing being more than another. And all we act as is objects of comparison as mind, in complete separation from accepting a physical design that is simply functional to be life, this physical having certain basic needs to function.
As long as we each continue to accept and allow  the present structure allowing such formations, we are all to blame, and thus we cannot blame anyone for not having a living wage and not being able to be responsible, because none of us are using our common sense and realizing that this present system does not in fact create a functioning world. War is not a world functioning, it is a world in chaos. if we believe that chaos is a natural order then we have not looked in practical common sense.
Taking away food stamps when the minimum wage does not allow stability is a recipe for disaster.  If we cannot take care of this earth, and we believe that someone else should take care of this, then we have abdicated ourselves of life and proved out unworthiness for life, because we have not realized that for life to exist it must be respected absolutely.
This means the collective of men, standing together accepting ourselves as men before any other label.  If we want heaven we have to create it. We have to prove ourselves worthy of this. Part of that is realizing that the value is life, and thus, that everything that is here on earth is valuable and that we cannot exist without it. 
Support life, support a Living Income Guarantee. This is essentially yourself supporting yourself and the children to come. This is you saying, “ I support life as the value.”

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