Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 427 Fairy tales: The Commerce of Division for Control

Why do we as parents, tell our children fairy tales? Why do we  allow a limited perspective of reality, a value placed on parts of life to be blown out of proportion? Why do we turn interaction with physical reality into ideas instead of realizing that what is real is a practical touch with physical reality? Why do we believe that being physically aware is so amazing when we go to the ballet an watch a dancer perform with precision, or a violinist perform  with this same precision, or we admire the mechanics of a automobile, or the movement of the stars? Why do we in the face of practical physical reality awareness, that we so admire when it moves with ease and or creates a mechanical form that shows understanding of basic physics within form and function and yet we tell our children, and thus teach our children, fairy tales that really are based on turning practical reality into an idea that has nothing to do with enjoying and admiring the physical world and the ability of humans to organize and move with precision with and as physical beings?  Can we not see that teaching an idea about relationships is a process of separating the child from reality that we in so many ways really admire when the body interacting with the physical in understanding is admired? And then, when we watch people singing on television, we call them “idols” such a twist gives the answer to the problem, and it is placed right in front of us. What we as humans seek is to be physical beings, to be here moving in precision with the physical, as what we are and with what this earth is. This is what we seek. Within this, the whole set up of our schools does not actually teach us to move with physical reality in practical ways. what schools teach, as education is a HUGE business, is stories about how the past moved to suit the same system of ideas before practical physical reality as the very fairy tales we teach. If we are not equal to physical reality, we cannot really support ourselves because in order to really live practically, with precision, we must be equal to the leg, or that string , of that function of a piston in an engine, meaning we must understand in detail how the physical functions, and since we have physical bodies that have mastered some understanding, this means that this is the very nature of all of us. And this is why a lack of education is a crime against life, and also, why the collective is responsible for this lack of education that exists because it takes the self and the support of the collective. Education must be done absolutely.
Reading fairy tales to children is actually teaching the children a separation because there is no detail taught about reality. Economically placing televisions into all our homes that recite fairy tales is a camouflage of reality, done with precision and purpose as though this is understood, because an separated physical being from reality allows what is real to be owned by a few, as what is taught is idea before reality. And then, we all admire physical capability - just look at the number of people idolizing the show American Idol.
What is real and what is more, is physical interaction.
It would be natural for a child to admire the parent, because a parent can walk, and talk and move, and a small child cannot. This simple fact has the child watching the parent being in physical reality and imitating that ability. But then the separation begins as the fairy tales are told, as ideas are told with reverence and excitement, and the child takes this excitement on, this parent that has lived long enough to realize that the fairy tale is only a small part of reality, and really bears no witness to life, and the parent is really wanting that moment of excitement again, because the reality of the parent is,  as the majority,  a tedious and monotonous existence that is so limited because financially most cannot do more than survive, and have no time to develop themselves to become equal to the abilities of the actual physical body, which they end up watching on television as this has been granted to a few only, and then hidden within the idea of talent, despite the common sense that physical development is a series of practical steps.
 I mean, in Cuba, dance was supported and so there are many dancers which means all it takes is development, a process. Most of us can dance, except the few who bear the physical detriment from the accumulation of what is touted as “ no significant difference” in accepted and allowed practices that did not consider what is best for all as profit came before life. And I would also like to add here, that the agencies supposedly regulating industry, as our present government, change the ratios behind our backs of what signifies acceptable levels to suit the status quo despite consequence, a situation that is no longer acceptable, as the choice against absolute support of life is not a choice, it is a crime. 
The viable sperm count of men is way down, but this was hidden from sight, as the numbers placed as the accepted ratios, were changed so that a doctor could say to a man, “ your sperm counts are normal” without the patient understanding in detail what this meant -  as an example that if 50 sperm were viable, the man was healthy, whereas just ten years ago it was a ratio of say, 70 to 100. This all begs the question : “ what other numbers are changed without universal awareness being made, and then statements of “ it is normal” given without explanation? “ I mean this is a unacceptable deception, and it cannot be allowed to continue. Would you want to be born with deformities? NO, no one wants this, and the hiding of what is really going on is a crime because of this, absolutely unacceptable. No pay check is worth this. Especially in a world where pensions are suddenly disappearing. We have all allowed a system where we have a huge military, and  a government supporting a commercial code of profit as king,  and all liability placed on the masses, the many, those who are ignorant having been raised on fairy tale instead of self development within innate capacity as physical beings, where being physical is the value. Thus, the only choice is to change the system to one that allows all to become equal to what is real, the actual physical world.

This would not end the values that are within fairy tales, as there are, for example, still men and women, and having a partner in life is fun. This would also end that limited occupation with sex that is becoming huge in this world, as obviously, sex is a small part of being physical it is actually about physical touch/interaction, turning it into some idea separated from physical awareness  then creates an addiction because the promise is never reached and cannot be reached because being lead by pictures in our minds is not being equal to physical reality, it is being equal to a picture and a picture has no depth of perception, this depth can only be lived within equal common sense of form and function awareness and respect of physical reality. A picture is intimacy with idea, with promise, not with reality. Promise is like a hope, and hope is a form of prayer, and prayer is dreaming, and dreaming is not being practically, physically here, interacting with physical reality. And interaction with physical reality, respectfully understanding it, is self discovering awareness of understanding the physical. But really being this would end the present situation that humans have allowed some to have more than others, and that this is happening because ideas, that are limitations, have become more than life. What we fear is the death of an idea, and this is placed before common sense, physical common sense. 
But this is the point, we admire stability with the physical, and yet we do not see that this is the solution and the responsibility of us all, to become stable in physical reality, to value physical reality, every moment of it which is what we as life are able to naturally see! The commerce we allow, as fairy tales, as pornography, as becoming leaders of this casino business game, as becoming a hero soldier are the illusions that are the separation from what is longed for, self standing absolutely stable and equal to practical physical reality. Realize that we have accepted and allowed ambiguous ideas to be taught that are the teaching of separation though making some parts huge being the mechanism of separation, which has become the commerce allowed on earth by each of us, with  a few playing out the fantasy of being a leader, when what is real is physical equality and oneness, the expression of life.

So, what is needed is a system change, and the responsibility of each of us to birth ourselves as life, here. Meaning to become equal in common sense of practical reality. we have to clean up the picture show in the mind that is the story of our separation into limited ideologies and realize that physical is practical and understandable and that this is the gift of life. To do this, the value of resource and labor must be used efficiently to create products of longevity to minimize resource use. And,  the transfer of this value onto money, is to then divide this money in ways that allow all to have a living wage, to enable the stress of separation and fear of survival to end, so that each can slow down, relax some and have the time to stop and to look here, to become equal to the physical, to move into what is a natural ability, the ability to sense the physical, our innate common sense. 
A child could not have earned to walk, to talk, to be without it. Unfortunately, we have allowed this common sense to follow limited ideologies, that are parts of the whole warped out of context creating a fuzzy logic,  erroneous and  as ephemeral as we all know fairy tales to be. It would be better to teach our children from day one, how usury works, how cows are meant to eat grass, and how the the water of earth cycles all over the earth, and thus what we allow within processing resources must be done in ways where no toxic waste exists, because such will eventually end up everywhere. And, that if we do not take care of this, we will end up living in isolation tanks to avoid toxic waste, and this is not life, thus the only solution is to change the present system to one that supports all life equally, valuing this physical world. I mean, cleaning up this world can be turned into an opportunity to understand and equalize to what is real, the physical. Our neighbors would become our brothers and our sisters. It is only a belief as mind that limits this obvious truth. In all common sense.
Not being equal to the physical leads to ambiguity, which leads to inferiority, which leads to judgements within same limited means that lead to the ambiguity, to become a polarity of one thing being more than another, a movement of uncertainty, all done in the mind.  A mind filled /programmed with stories of limited awareness, this made in total bigger than life, than the physical. Thus we become puppets to a picture show as the mind, instead of actually living life for real. So, an idea that one thing is to blame, any action of spite, any judgement is self in separation from self as life, from self as a physical being here.

Our media maintains this separation, and our governments pass laws to maintain this separation, because what has been allowed on earth, as systems is the order of our separation, and it is there to control our separation, because if we were here as common sense, such systems would not be necessary. It has been said many times in history, that laws are the signature of protection and defense, they are not meant to direct self, they are meant to control a loss of common sense. The greater our separation the more laws are required. This means that every move we make will become micromanaged to control our reactions as emotions and feelings and thought that are our accepted and allowed separation. Thus the only choice is to self realize, to clean up the mind of separation, done with images of limited awareness, a promise of a more, and to come back to our common sense. We have manifested good and bad, right and wrong, instead of practical common sense which is life.
Thus, each must walk the process of self forgiveness, writing and corrective application, offered for free through the Desteni I Process Lite, and each of us must stand and support the Equal life Foundation, to create a system that brings us all back into practical physical reality, where we can become our innate common sense as life, and be the self directive being composed of life that we are, where, in the end, there need be no laws because we are all equal to life. The very substance of life, is the substance of creation, and creation would life, thus would only choose what is best for all. It must be this way or else life would not exist. As we can see with what is happening on earth, life will no longer exist, as we are abusing the physical resources of earth creating a more toxic environment every day, indicated in the number of animals dying, and plants weakening, we cannot continue living in the fantasy of the mind, we must become equal to practical physical reality. So, it is to clean up the thoughts of one thing being more than another, thoughts of self pity, thoughts of comparison, and to learn to look, to see directly here, equal and one, in common sense of physical reality, as this is the gift of life, where there is no death, there is only transformation of expression as life.
Listen to interviews on Eqafe for perspective. Support those of us taking the time to explain the within and the without of what we as humans have become. Until this profit based system representing our inner separation is changed, those standing for the creation of heaven on earth need support. Join Us.

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