Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 433 Transnationals, catch them if you can. Living Income Guarantee: the solution.

It is an interesting thing to read about transnational corporations in a digital age because the development of digital communication allows rapid movement of words on a page, as a rapid creation of a new corporation. This can happen instantly, so to hide, the “ rabbit” as the corporation can move as fast as someone can type. Now, place this to the way bureaucracies move. Do I need to say more? One is, as we can no longer compare the turtle to the hare, like the very very slow current way down at the bottom of the ocean, and another is like a storm cloud racing across the sky impossible to catch, and very hard to read if what is being done has to, with each step, move through layers of bureaucracy, where every level demands an opportunity to process to remain viable in order to get money to live.  The trickle down effect being what stagnates.  In this situation, the “ hare: is never going to be caught. ( second half of interview from link " transnational corporations ")
Chasing those digits on a page, or should I say a screen, is really a waste of time. What must simply be done is to take the resources that support us, and nationalize them, creating a Living Income Guarantee, that supports all life, guaranteeing support to allow change in our understanding of the mechanisms of physical life. 

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