Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 428 Self forgiveness on the changing forms of colony: settlement, form, cultivation

I have been reading Nicholas Shaxson's Treasure Island, so I wanted to walk some self forgiveness within the context of this book.  The system is a manifestation of what each of us has accepted and allowed. So, each of us has a responsibility to understand how we are divided through belief within and how our system is designed without, to begin to correct our separation from a common sense that is innate within us to put and end to destructive practices on earth so that life on earth can begin, There is really not other choice.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when I get angry it is because I have an expectation, wanting agreement within an agenda of wanting to win, without walking the necessary steps towards understanding, these steps simply in looking here, with what moves in practical measurable ways, that are what supports all life as what is best for all, an outcome that gives what is here as the form of what is here a visible measurable equality within to the without as the physical, within equal standing, this a confidence that is a state of ease, here, where behaviors of lack are the separation, as only parts have been impulsed to serve a lesser god of greed where a few believe themselves to be an elusive “ more worthy” than another, knowing full well that this is illusion, one that must use the resources of earth to voice its separation, where this separation does as it is, destroys the nature of life to impose what can only be idea as one thing being more than another on the face of creation as earth, where only that which creates, which is that which supports absolutely can exist, all other actions of disregard and thus of destruction, thus, a system of inequality, where lack is actively imposed on men, cannot and will not work as creation, which is what is happening on earth, thus the only solution is to do no harm, to take that which is good, and support life absolutely, to support creation, to become equal within to the without as the physical as this is creation.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to  see realize and understand that offshoring is a crime against life as it becomes an isolated entity, hiding from any and all nations, through dividing administrative parts of a whole functioning group, lends money from one section to another, to perpetually ensure that the principle remains within the corps, slowly, drip by drop, taking all principle  of value created from freely given resources and the labor of men, and giving itself ownership thereby eliminating any and all competition, as those on the top are the same as us, lost in fear, inferior to life, existing within bubbles not looking , seeing, understanding the interconnectedness of all life, thus the corp. of commodity creation, a form of dis-creation, discretion the means of hiding the abuse - the movements of greed behind happy face ambiguous, disingenuous through abstract platitudes of no real revelation, disclosure that generate happy feelings the affixation of man in a chemically controlled stew of “ happiness” where each does not have to face the abuse within that each has accepted and allowed that is the source of the separation from life that exists on earth.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become disgusted, and/or angry/ and or righteous about this, as this is an act of blame and spite, instead of follow through into solution, within the realization that the physical world is the gift of life, the signature of creation this that is what is best for all, this that allows the expression of life, this that would manifest as movement in ease, here,
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that the very way and means that money has been allowed to flow as our present system is a crime against life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that I am in separation of life in and as the ideas that i have allowed to become how I define myself, this being a construct of isolation from actual physical reality, and thus from creation.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand the ridiculous nature as the idea of a heaven, as creation would have all dimension seeable, and would not divide life, as it takes all life moving as one to see, realize and understand that it is the balance of all life, all expression that enables realization as what is best for all, as what is best for all would be creation, it is that simple, thus the order on earth is one of creating disorder of creation to serve an idea that one thing is more than another, which in the end is destruction, as the bible reveals, that division into more than and less than leads to annihilation,  thus the bible is a confusion of order and dis-order as religion is the commodification of, the code of hierarchy and division, from what is real, the starting point of this separation told in the beginning, as the code of separation was the belief in the choice of a good and a bad, where this offer used the apple of the tree of life, thus this choice was not the choice, as the only choice was that which supported the tree of life, and that choice is what is best for all, where the patience of impulse, is the offering of an illusionary “ sweetness” of good when this idea of good is creating an idea of a bad, and thus the need to push away the bad, creating a game of polarity, that exists as it can only exist, within knowledge and information that is not only limited but also separate from practical application, but oh so caught up in the conflict of the good vs. the bad that nothing else can be seen, that tree, right there that is the real creation, that is that which produces the fruit of life, that which reproduces life, that which is composed of the substance of life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that memory  created in a system of separation from life, from creation as what destruction is, creates a membrane of pictures in the measure of separation from life into limited ideas, and the membrane becomes the dictate of the human, a membrane fed with limited knowledge and information without, or with limited opportunity as both collection of knowledge and information and with limited opportunity for practical application, maintaining a grid of separation as the parts that are in separation compose the image and likeness of separation into what is now the present system of abuse and separation from practice that supports all life, as life being the value is second to the profit of destruction and separation from life, as what this present system is and does.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the irony of statistics, where statistics collects anecdotal evidence, actions and movements of men on the ground and creates a mean that does not tell of the extremes, and touts this as a truth, and meanwhile when a practice is wanted to be passed what is used to validate such practice is a study done in isolation of the common ground, and this is considered the “ truth” a contradiction that is a lie, because where this is one justification used on one scenario and not in another, this allows division and conflict as it creates a disorder, as it is distorting reality in self interest instead of looking at what really exists as the physical world, creation, the gift of life, that is so obviously being abused and destroyed thus the NSA uses statistics based from the common ground of anecdote to justify political action and the corporations use a controlled environment to justify through manipulation of time and space, a crime against life using manipulated perspective in self interest, this so clearly showing that that which is real, as the physical, is presented in parts to feed the disease of greed that is ideas made bigger than reality.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand the double standard being accepted by the act of complacency in men, where corporations give one another loans to hold onto principle, and meanwhile the masses are  given interest loans that cannot possibly be repaid, and thus the debt falls on the people, and as well within the pharmaceutical industry and the processed food industry, the principle gathered by a few, buys the policy makers, who protect the principle as money in self interest before doing what is best for all life, which means the whole political system of protecting the principle as the real values, allowed to be assigned to money, which each one as a part of the masses is tied to because money determines life, and this we are caught in protecting the principle as being a piece of paper, which must be realized must change to where money is given to all men, as we have allowed this to hold the value of life, the value created from resources and labor, the masses must stand and change the way this values flows, as it is not money, it is how this money moves that must change, thus a system that allows the life blood of support from earth, as money, to move in a design that gives a living income guarantee to all on earth, as this would be the common sense of men, standing and being that which is life, that which is the support of the right to life, because in essence what each of us is allowing is that which does not support life, which must end if we as men want to equalize ourselves to life, to no longer be lost in a belief that there is a choice of good and bad, but that the choice is life, to support the physical world as being the creation of life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the drama of decolonization was what was presented, all the while economic structures were set up in the form of offshoreing that enslaved economically all men, which must come to an end if life on earth is to continue, this  means that we as humans stand up and accept creation as the physical being life and do only that which causes no harm, an absolute, or life on earth will no longer exist.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the mind as consciousness if  the very form as the membrane ( memory brain)of fairy tale values as stories told in childhood that did not reveal the TOTAL story of how the physical world functions in fact,   of ourselves in a bubble of isolation from the physical within of memory as limited values then made more than the outside, as the physical,  the separation on earth that has manifested systemically in image and likeness of what each has accepted and allowed within, a separation from the value being life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that that which upsets the membrane of men, as projected characters and personifications visible as class, nationality, gender, race, are all a limited insight into what is beneath, that each of us are men, all the same, and as a collective men are the caretakers of earth, each and every one, which can only be done on the ground where each of us stand and thus, to limit the awareness of men through partial story, the ability of each to understand what is right here as the physical is removed, and thus the principle of the physical can be taken and divided in the illusion of idea as the membrane of limited values played out as characters dressed in pinstripe that are the same as us, warp the substance of life into limited values based on ideas of a more than, that has become boys playing with destructive toys which is not life, where the skill in building the toys is applied to destruction instead of creation, this an acknowledgement of the capability of men directed towards destruction instead of creation, abusing that which allowed this expression of destruction to even exist, thus it is time for a systemic change into what supports all life to allow the value being life to become what is expressed on earth which means becoming equal and one to and as the value being life, working with physical reality in practical application as that which is good and does no harm.
I commit myself to becoming equal and one in consideration of physical reality.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that that which I fear, as in standing outside the present system, where that system is not rejected, but that which is good used, and within this I stand and support a structure that can be stepped into that supports all life.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that grass root voices are where the voice of life exists, as the voice of the system is limited, and protective of the principle of creation being placed onto a piece of paper determining how life should be, when this choice is not a choice as we need only open a newspaper and read the news and we realize that what is the present system is not in fact taking care of this earth.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that corporate ideologies are limited and propose limitation and thus are a false god representing the separation from life, thus a system change must be built and walked into, beginning with moving money flow to reach all humans, to receive a living income wage because what we all want is food on the table, time to enjoy our families with ease, and opportunity for self development, which is self expression as life.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that Syria, for example, at one time produced its own food, which begs the question as to why this became a disorder that presently exists, where factions of men that are from offshore, as offborder are running around in Syria in the first place, and why do they have guns that could only have been built by those colonizers of warped economic gain that now hide in offshore entities of anonymous, ambiguous entities of no one name, a slippery slope of deception and abuse to life, a crime we all accept and allow unless we stand and as a group change into what is best for all, which means realizing what we have become as consciousness.

I commit myself to  seeing realizing and understanding that reaction as emotion and feelings are based on cumulative thoughts of partial story impulsed by the allowed voice that holds the accumulation of principle as money, thus what has been impulsed cannot be considered what is real only, which means realizing that our thoughts are not each of us in alignment with common sense as life, here, and our emotions and feelings are the program of service to limited ideas of good and bad, instead of equality and oneness with practical physical creation of life manifest.

I commit myself to realizing the mind as limited stories is the superstition and that the physical world, as what works that does not harm, is the reality, and thus I commit myself to breathing, to slowing myself down, to self forgiveness and corrective application as that which is best for all through investigating the design of the present system of division and conquest, as parts of a story, as a lack in equality with physical reality, where common sense is always right here in front of us. as this is the substance of life made manifest, thus abuse to this in any way, is a crime against life.

I  commit myself to facing the membrane of separation, a veil of isolation,  composed of limited values, as the fairy tales of childhood that disney has rigged with subliminal images of distorting physical intimacy away from the joy of simply being a physical being enjoying physical touch and expression with all the physical world, in every moment as all moments are the value being intimate with life, earth,  to with every breath, face this storm of separation, that is energy that has a high/intense point and then fades as this cannot be sustained, and to stand in the face of this, and bring this back into common sense as that which is best for all, as that what we each seek, ourselves as life here.

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