Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 436 What is a capitalist?

What is a capitalist but a man who takes money as the assumed value of the ecology to support life by the hands of many men, to organize that value to flow back into sustaining the ecology from which it came, this including taking care of the hands of men who created the value, thus a capitalist is simply a measure of helping an order that circulates and cares for the physical world interactions that allow expression of life. Thus, the idea of making this point in a circulatory system an idol, is a state of ignorance that is a state of making a false idol, and thus a separation from common sense of the a physical mechanistic world. The sequence of this being a con-job made glorious through the bling of lights and sound via media, religion, consumerism, a smoke and mirrors show that is manipulation. This is an act of self interest, this self interest being in separation from common sense as life, as being able to see the nature of the physical as needing circulation, where no one thing can be owned, because what is here must circulate to support, as it is the circulation that is the movement that is what cares and thus supports life. Giving one more and suppressing life through denial of what supports the physical to live its full potential and thus become the conduit to circulate the ecology into economy to rebuild  is a crime against life.

It is time for a Living Income Guarantee, to get life circulating on earth, this being life existing in full expression, creating a heaven on earth. This that we were told we must do, it we want to become equal and one to “ god.” This is the sound of life - so to speak.

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