Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 298 "Please feed the models' EMC

“Please feed the models”

The Problem
The models in the fashion industry are too thin, their body mass index is that of a starving person, a sign that they are not healthy. So, in Israel models are now required to have a doctor’s note saying they are healthy.
The problem here is that this knowledge of what creates a healthy person, is not realized for ALL people on this earth, and even the animals. Yes, these models are too skinny and thankfully something is being done about this, but this realization should include more than just some skinny models.
What about the more than 20,000 children starving every day? What about the malnourished all over the world? That we know what creates health, and that this is denied everything in this existence is a crime. If I were life, I would not allow a single human access to eternal life until all were ready, because leaving a lack-of-understanding-life behind is not being life. Which means humanity is in trouble, unless they collectively start realizing that there is no chance at life, until all that is of this earth is taken care of, absolutely. Any “buts” are relatives and justifications, self abdications as life, they have no substance, they are not life. No way around this one.

The Solution
The solution is to realize that life is the value. To use what is good, which in this case is using the knowledge we have that works, that creates a healthy human in fact, and ensuring that all humans, and also, all animals and soils are in a healthy condition, which in essence is showing life, that we realize life is the value and act accordingly by creating a system that supports and cares for this planet absolutely, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Such a system is a system of equality, to end an illusion that one form of life is more than another, to equalize ourselves to what is here on this planet: life. It is to say, that the leaves on one tree are all different, but each leaf on that tree is moving with an absolute purpose, working in tandem to provide air for you to breath. Not one leaf is more than another, not one leaf is less than another, and the collective is not more than the trunk, or the soil, or the air, everything is working as an expression of life. If one of those leaves were in some “life” somewhere what could it do? nothing, it is nothing without all the others, nothing without all the things that make up the very fabric needed for that tree to exist. Humans are no different. And it is time we realized this and stopped considering abuse existing in a limited scenario. An Equal Money Capitalism is living the use of the capital of earth, as freely given resources from a symbiotic system, to support life, to work with this earth in respect for life, indicating that humanity is equal to life as this is the only way to being life.

The Rewards
The rewards are life on earth. Where all children are healthy, where all humans can enjoy decorating their bodies, expressing themselves as life. This is life, in expression absolutely, all of it, one and equal to and as life. What else is there?
Give as you would life to receive, an environment where life can be lived, absolutely. Stand up and live.

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