Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 308 Do we conceive from a song or from what is real as the physical world?

At one point or another each of us have had a song stuck in our heads, tthe words of the song spinning around and around and we cannot seem to get this out of our heads. Whatis this repetitive “sound” a reflection of, a longing for? And is what this is clear in the evident truths and the surrounding “parts” that are seemingly so difficult to make clear? The repetition not only shows us that we can be programmed because we are repeating an imitated song, it also is telling of an inability to have any control over , or awareness of, what comes up, why it is coming up, and how to clear it up. This means we are not in control of ourselves as life, which would beg the question, how and what has allowed this, why is this here, how can I become aware of this and then learn to direct this.
Obviously what is resonant without becomes resonant within us. This would mean, when we must have that rock music playing, or a standard whine about the non-function of the present system ( which I get a lot of from local people in my community) we become resonantly what we express and what is expressed AT us. When we accept it, and whining about it ONLY is acceptance, what might seem like a moment of self direction is really not, one has become resonant with what is not working as this system, and the expression of how this system is closed, or lacking in common sense, appears as though one is self directing, but what is happening is a whine and description of the system, which then becomes the topic of conversation, a whine about and discussions about the system and how dysfunctional it is in fact, with each party in the conversation making huge one facet of the dis-function, believing this to the the cause, when it is just one aspect made huge.
If I go down to my small local supermarket in this small town I am living in, in the morning, there is the inevitable group of men and some women standing around ( the old wood stove..lol) talking about the woes of the world. But this is just it, they are talking about the dis-function of the world, and this has become a habit, a resonant woe, a repetitive song, a signature of self, where every morning a righteous fix is what is the solution to what is wrong. But what is happening is a resonant song - of woe- spinning endlessly around and around.
So much blame towards objects, as people within systems, without looking at the movement of what is here, to CLARIFY what is the source of what creates the movement of what is here and how what is here on earth is being directed in detail. FOr this one must go and look in detail how resource is moved around, because resource cannot be moved around by some invisible hand. If someone suggests this then they are an ignorant superstitious fool. Period. And if some supposedly educated person starts talking about a meta-analysis know they are going into the realm of superstition, of fantasy, where their supposed educated world realizes some secret, when in reality that “secret” is really just an imposed fantasy which is believed to be special and elevates them and their understanding. In all irony, this is what it does, it elevates them from common sense of this world, it does do exactly what it says it does! We focus on parts and disconnect them from all substance as all consequence as how everything is effected by how life sustaining resource moves on this earth. We construct justifications as to how something is where it is based on assessment within limited means lacking conception of the whole structure, realizing that everything as this present system effects everything, as it is what is driving resource that supports and sustains this life, here. The divisions are made huge and further divided to the point where the limited strings of consequence are what becomes huge and the resonance within each of us, as this limitation is repeated to become the repeating that it is, a resonance of limited insight, of partial insight, of separation from conception of all consequence. This is why the physical world, is so supportive, because it is consequence “in your face” and the details of how here, as this system moves resource around, is not some ‘meta” magical event, it can be physically seen and understood. This is obvious in the amount of denial of data and physical actual detail, within the paper work walls of distant committees and “ groups” that selectively allow only what maintains the status quo. This present status quo is not working, and the present structure is so limited in conceptual ability of the whole, and any suggestion within this that threatens this structure is shut out, on paper, through voice, etc. For this reason, is takes a group, a collective voice to stand up within this system to realign what is actually moving resource around this globe, although in a manner that is unsustainable, destructive, inconsiderate of a respect for life, into what sustains, what supports, what values that resource and those entities on this planet that require this to simply be.

This accepted and allowed resonant design must be realized as a resonance design and brought back to be one and equal in resonance to life, to what works that is best for all, valuing being here, equal and one with the physical. Our own system of inequality is showing us our separation from life. Looking around at the amount of pollution, starvation, failed relationships, sick children, abusive behaviors, this is all a resonance of separation from life, as this resonance is energetic, lacking “sound” stability with and as the very substance of what is the source composing the physical manifestation.
Humanity has created a system of separation from life. And this meta-reality is an image-nation of inequality, which is the outplay of a story and consequence of inequality, as inequality is a separation of equality to and as life, here. Period
So, personally, when I become confusion, when I become complaint, I am allowing a resonance of inequality allowed within this being accepted as what is real, rejecting this as something outside of myself when it is myself that has accepted and allowed this resonance, was trained to be this resonance, did not question this enough to see, realize and understand what this was. Which is what mankind must realize and realign, through self forgiveness of a limited design, where the parts are not necessarily bad, as the very substance of self in conceptual separation from what is being life, of which this physical world is the guide and gift of and for. Once this is understood, aligning this is not difficult, especially in relation to what presently exists as war and drug abuse and sex abuse and food/nutrition abuse, and water abuse, and animals abuse. The present chaos is so much greater than mankind standing up and realizing equality of basic needs as life, to allow life to exist, and that life will not be what is here until all life here is taken care of as the value of what it is.
The problem is that we are not investigating and looking at what the systems on earth created by men as this system of inequality, of more than and less than, where the nature of “more thans” resonantly remain an energetic drive as “more than” because the starting point of a “more than” is a resonance of separation, the starting point is/was one of limited insight, of loss of self as life, of inequality to and as life. And this has become so entrenched, such a repetition in and as our minds, we can no longer see the forest through the trees. Clean up self, and the consequences of what has been accepted and allowed through simple investigation become very apparent. Here can one become a real parent, a parent of life, realizing that all life is equal, that the value is life.
The solution then is to realize the only choice is equality and oneness in practice, where all life is supported and valued, where all life is allowed to express its individual natural expression as life, here, to be and become the unique “cell” of life as a part of this planet that it is, as this organism as earth as life, would not manifest what was not needed to sustain itself, and yet, as is the nature of life, would create a world where life could self realize, where separations from life manifest consequence of separation, to show how to re- direct within remaining equal and one in and as life, here. Thus the only solution is to realize equality and oneness of all here as life, unique, individual and yet equal and one to and as life here.
The solution is a system of equality in actual physical fact, a system that gives what is here in ways that equally sustain what is here absolutely, as this is the real value. The structures of support are here, they must realign within the principle of “giving as one would like to receive” as in being and doing what is best for all, as in what supports absolutely without detriment to life in any way shape or form. Here, if one has voices and resistances it is a resonant design as the vestige of this present system of inequality, this system that voices only desires and judgements that serve an addiction to “more than”, an illusion with a starting point of separation from equality and oneness to and as life, here.
The rewards are the end of war, the end of starvation, the end of sexual abuse to children which includes teen age girls/children, the end of animal cruelty, the end of soil erosion, and forest devastation, the end of water dirty from pollution and dirty/heavy from a resonance of woe, of judgement, of fear of loss, of fear of death.

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