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Day 318 The Innate sensibility of the human physical body and the image holder as the mind

There is a boy in this small town where I live that is aware of the animal life around him. One day he was at my home and a bat was flying around in my yard. I spoke up about the bat being out in the middle of the day, because it was not something I had seen, and he looked at me and said that it was a baby bat, and was out because it was just playing with itself in flying, in testing its wings. I was surprised that this boy had the awareness to even make such a remark, if the remark was correct or not. This boy was already introuble with the law, was already failing school, and was already taking someone’s credit card and buying lingerie on line for “girl friends” as the consumerist, sex maniac warp of reality embedded itself as the only directive that would become this boy as an adult. So, here was a boy with an awareness that had no value within a consumerist society, an awareness, a “noticing” of the world around him, that was being redirected into a limited view point, a limited obsession, a warped reality where somethings, some aspects of life were turned into huge things to run after, to obsess over, to become possessed with, deny other qualities that noticed values that were parts of this existence, that were expressions within this existence.
I watched a movie last night about family life. The concerns within the family were not in and of themselves something to be denied, but the focus on the interactions as therelationships and the wants, needs and desires of each individual in relation to what our consumerist market directs the human into and as. Emotional values become synonymous as self as entertainment lived as what we are, and each person within this further warping these already limited values believed to be real as all self is. Is this what develops friction in the family removing an ability to communicate. The validation sought within each person within this already warped scenario is simply a desire to have one’s warped obsessions and possession validated, fed, justified. Thus our movies, popular movies, are about relationships between humans in a bubble, an energetic one at that, so unstable because there is no real relationship to here. Our consumerist society promotes this, because what is created that can be sold, not only consumes how we focus ourselves, it also limits awareness, shuts it down. Meanwhile a few then control the very focus/expression of each person on this earth and do this control through fear as what they themselves exist as.. This really is messed up, and once realized so simplistic. When and if humanity woke up, the shock of accepted and allowed ignorance will be astounding. And who am I to speak in such a way, because I was/am the same. Some tiny thing happened that sensed, without an ability to express this ( which probably still needs work), that just stood back and had this “overview” thought that something was very messed up about existence. And really, it does not take much to realize this, we all know it.
What all this means is that mankind is able to sense the environment. It also means that man can be programmed. So, if we know man is capable of sensing the physical world in tandem with being able to be programmed, then we can begin to step back and really look at what we have accepted and allowed. To look at what is being programmed in, and what is happening to the physical world we are able to sense as what we are physically as a “tool” to sense this physical world. And this “tool” also has the capacity to hold pictures/movies that are pictographs of ideologies placed in image memorized, and the image can be a part made huge, a distortion, where limited aspects are what is fixated upon.
The question then is how to balance this, how do we equalize the sensing self, with this understanding - that is being used- that images - as memories are held within- that can compound to the extent they actually start directing us? How do we move from this separation into life alignment as the actual physical world around us? How is it that we function in directly sensing the physical in equal consideration because this is what we are and what is the real support of us? Any action or development of shutting down, creating ignorance as conditioned blindness/non-development beingness/focus, of men that does not place /include the tool of the human physical body as individual “sensor” of the actual physical earth into full “sensing ability” is a crime against life absolutely. The blame is ourselves as we are the ones as what we are -allowing pollution, habitat destruction, ecological destruction, this that is needed to support the physical world.
The answers are here right in front of us, even within our constitutions. We have placed the principle of “ for the common good” within many variations, and coupled with this the illusion of profit, of a more than and a less than, this concept in and as itself an illusion blind to life as the value, there can be no one thing that is a greater value than another. The ideology of profit is illusion placed onto this physical manifestation. Inequality creates the behaviors as what is here, as the physical world, as nature trying to compensate for the imbalance. We are the creators of here, thus we, the human, are the creators of the existent abuse on earth. The bodies, as the humans in power, who benefit within comfortable lives are merely the extreme of this ideology onto creation, and each of us are caught up in the illusion of our own demise because we have removed ourselves from ourselves as a physical tool that is of the same substance as the physical world. This tool is the gift of sensing the form as life in expression that is earth here. This is what is real, this is the “cutting edge” of life. There for, heaven and any “invisible” hand are the illusion, all imaginations that in essence manifest as a lack of communication.. Memories are memories, imagery, not real. No one has seen “god” because there is no god.
Our behaviors show us our ignorance. Blaming an object for the action an object on this earth moves as, will do nothing within realizing why what is here is moving as how here expresses itself, because everything that is here, as how here is in expression, is due to what systemic confines are placed that create how here as earth is within movement. It is like trying to turn the electricity on in a house from a broken switch, or a malfunctioning switch and then blaming that switch and asking the one singular switch to “fix” itself. Can’t be done. Impossible. That switch needs the awareness within the sensibility of the environment, to reform it and connect is to the whole. It is to understand our extreme individuality promoting consumerist profit based ethos limits life insight and we do not see our own habit as this. A misdirected focus into a limited awareness, and all the while, the human, as a physical expression, as a tool can become aware of so much more, to the point where this awareness can be itself and allow the parts of this physical world to be themselves as well. How can one immediately grasp this if illusion is a taught reality? I mean , why are we filing into steepled buildings to beg to a vapid form unseen, in denial of a “part” of existence as the physical? The real question is why does equality not exist, in all common sense? The lack of communication shows us our resistance, our separation our loss of sensibility. Blame shows us our separation, spite shows us our separation. Conditional giving shows us our separations. Equality does not deny order, but it does reveal a present order that is based on division into limitation as a control as more than and less than which is judgement, as forcing into one size fits all within brackets of class, race, culture, that become obsessive within how a woman should be, how a house should look, how resource should move, resource serving only parts of existence.

TIme to stop, time to bring ourselves back into realizing the physical world and aligning ourselves equal and one with the physical, to remove the projections, to realize the mindas image maker, emotions thoughts and feelings as the compound of incessant thought that are ideologies describing a part and not an actual physical sensibility of life, because only physical and self interaction can determine what is real. A thought is just a picture and profit for a few is an ideological picture as mind in separation from life. The illusory third, an imagi-nation dividing life from itself.
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