Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 309 Disgust Character Back Chat Dimension

In the last days, catching myself going into disgust, which is labeling , which is spite, which is like a collection of values developed according to class, and race, and nationality, and gender, like I have a new astrological ordering system, as this is really no different than any systemic order of value into more than and less than - an “astro” value/logic ; relating to stars, stars being a consumer based entertainment, of watching what is a-maze-ZING, a zap of excitement and feel good, of emotional accolade connection, of making something “positive” within worshipping our own inability and turning it into feeling good because someone else has this. This next best thing to not being self responsible and looking at ourselves and this present system, because we can prove through our lack that we are still good because we can point out good - as in following a star quality. Notquestioning why the exception to the “norm” exists, where the exception reveals the ability, allowed development in ONLY a few.
So, we have two things here;
An accepted norm that indicates and accepted lack of development.
And, a state of being that perpetuates this lack through ogling the development, turning it into a more than, and ourselves a less than, and making this okay because we are worshipping the more than. Singular, limited, ignorant of life, of the substance of what we are as life, here.

And all the strings of belief that we are not good enough, we lack, which is what we are taught, which is what we accept and allow, not knowing ourselves as life, as we are consciousness in separation from moving one and equal with and as what is physically real. Our “astro” logic, our star chasing actions in admiration of a “more than” hide us from facing our own self discovery, of becoming ourselves as life, we are watching the stars instead of listening to ourselves as life, that sense that we know we are not standing up within what is supportive of life, as we move in self interest only, our star gazing admitting to self accepted lack. The consequences of this are compounding, so resplendent in what is happening on earth, so, the effects of profit in self interest, will soon be at your door.

We admire “star” quality instead of being that which is the source of the “star” ourselves. And this action is diminishing the fabric of life, as this earth. Allowing one point to be more than another is denying the existence of what is what creates, as being the value.

So, within myself as consciousness, as a system of value qualification, I am walking a projection of what is more than and less than, my own data book of what I reject as being less, based on beliefs accepted and taught, and voicing what I believe is more, to appear “good” and to hide my own lack of directing myself as life, in common sense of how I function within and as a physical being on this physical world. I am in essence rejecting myself as life, rejecting self responsibility in equality and oneness with and as the substance of life. And were I to to this within this embedded system of separation from life as it now exists, I would be cast out in spite, by those who walk a consciousness only, so great would the denial be, as the habit of self denial as life is now manifest as the accepted system of money determining life, which is why what brings this world back to reality is a system of equality, where money that has taken on the value developed from earth’s freely given resources, and divided this value into some getting more than others, despite the abuse this is and has created to this physical world, must become what exists on this earth to realign ourselves within and as the value being life where money is used to take the value of the resources made to support life, to be distributed to in fact support all life, realizing that life is the value.

So, the back chat in and as my mind of what is a “star” value and what is not, in and as disgust, is where I reject that which I fear will give me a lesser “star” value within and as my own survival, my disgust is really my fear of survival, my separation from what I have judged as less, what I have not accepted as being within myself as I believe it will take away from my life, when this is not of a lesser value,it is simply made to seem less than, and its existence is not fixed, it can be clarified into being directed within and as what is best for all, meaning there is nothing that can be lost, what is lost is only self direction in and as life, here. Thus, the value system of more than and less than is the illusion. It is like rejecting the very “food” of what allows self direction. Star chasing is the act of self denial as life. This, an act of stagnation only.
It means that all limitations are simply accepted “end games” and nothing else, and these end games warp reality.

It means we can no longer sit and watch TV. I means we can not longer remain stagnant, it means we can no longer accept the unacceptable.

It means that when I begin to feel a hole within my chest, and hear the voices in and as my mind of judging the being of another as stupid and ignorant, the only choice is to look at that state of being and to speak in such a way that directs from that state of being, fixed in an idea of an end game, as what is believed, just as we do with children, if we tell them they are “this or that” instead of formatting the question to suggest that the being of what they are can be moved towards an awareness of change into and as what directs, and within this existing as the principle as what we teach in our schools, and what we state within our laws as being responsible within the common good before profit, because we know what we are doing, and then this world would realize itself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe in the back chat in and as my mind of what is less than, which I reject as not what I am in and as naming this and pushing this away in and through reacting in disgust, not seeing realizing and understanding that this is myself separating myself from here, within and as being directive within and as what is best for all here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to realize how I am clinging to knowledge and information, instead of being one and equal with what is here, wanting being here to be easy, where within my knowledge I find a “star” solution to justify ignoring how I am within what I allow myself to be as the very expression and direction of myself here, within not realizing that for myself to be and become life, what is best for me as life, is what is best for all, where the consciousness in and as what I am as mind exists as is limited values made huge in self validation as justification for not standing up equal and one to and as life here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to to not realize a movement within and as myself as emotions, thoughts and feelings as limited energetic imbalance as the very nature of separation from existing within and as life, in sound equality with the principle of what is best for all being a state of ease, where no conflict and friction exist within and as me here, as being within and as sound is voicing what is best for all, as what is best for all, is a state of equality and oneness with physical existence, where in contrast the mind, as consciousness is unstable as it lacks a physical perceptive ability of common sense.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting back chat in and as the voice of consciousness, the voice of limitation, the voice of more than and less than value judgements, based on a system manifest without that reflects the separation from life as the human within, of self abdication in and as life, that draws attention to details as descriptions of others, being locked into a state of stagnation as what is real, having lost touch with self as being self directive within and as self as life, this being what is best for self, and thus what is best for all.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become impatient with the voice as the expression of consciousness, not seeing realizing and understanding that such is myself as life, equal and one, and thus the only choice is to direct what expression exist on this earth to and towards what is the principle of what is best for all, as all that is here is capable of allowing life, within and without, where all life is allowed self responsibility in and as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that shame, as the sham, of consciousness as mind, as being self in separation from an equal and one physical and spirit connection realizing that the physical is a means of self being an expression of life, where the mind is an image as idea, opinion and belief, which are not what is life, as this is a projection onto life as idea only and not the actual physical world.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that there is nothing to fear, as fear is a separation into and as no longer being equal and one to and as what is real here, and thus an indicator of separation in and as a lack in understanding equal and one communication with and as what is physically real, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear energetic responses as being real.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear the storm of separation manifest as back chat as systemic accepted and allowed value judgements of what is more and what is less, this being parroted through words and deeds of pointing out what is accepted and allowed as a more than, which is obeying a system of inequality and thus survival in self interest instead of what supports all life, equal and one, where life is realized and the value, of which the physical world reveals a realization of practices that are what is best for all, as such would create a world of sustainability, stability, security, which is presently not what exists on earth if one chooses to go and investigate the behaviors of men, animals, soils, and plants.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become reactive to the ignorance of the nature of life, in and as a persona of disgust which is a reaction in and as fear, which is separation from and as life,to slow myself down and to breath, to become equal with the physical and from here to choose what is best for all within and as being what is best for self is best for all.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that as a sense of disgust comes tumbling down, I stop and I breath, and I do not allow a hole of fear within and as what i am be the response of myself, I stop I breath, I bring myself back here, and I direct this back chat judgement, as consciousness , into and as myself accepted and allowed beingness to realign this within the principle of what is best for all, to realize my disgust is myself in self abidication in and as life, here.


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