Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 319 Distorted Capital is not Democracy

How can trade be free when what is traded is not at the true cost of production? How can a country with a greater population sell something to a smaller country at a cost that is subsidized by the greater populace of that larger country? Would this also not be an action of bullying life in another country? Would this not be a way to take control of that land, that other space on this earth where people that are the same as the people in the country of greater land mass? And why take control? If true costs were measured would there be any difference? 
Would such an act be by design?

Would the people of this smaller country then have to search for work somewhere else, their abilities no longer needed because what they did was negated by the flooding of their land with a product that was not real, that was a false value? And then these people, with families were forced to travel to another land to work, without citizenship and thus without support, and thus abused into a labor for which they were not paid a living wage? Is this “free” trade? This is the free trade of life as a lack of consideration for life, planned, touted as innovation ( for a few) . This is abuse of life.
Power within heiarchy is a disease. It is a disease because it is so obsessed with itself that it no longer can see the life that is here, it can only see a judgement of more than, veiled behind an idea of democracy but the taking of capital in an obsessive desire for more, and this is the disease that separates,  this state of being in separation from a consideration for all life. Such a beingness is diseased because it is not in ease with life, in respect of life. If it does not see the life that is here it is in a state of lack and cannot make decisions that are best for all because it no longer sees life.
This is what America has done with numerous countries around the world in a desire to have more, and the American people have supported this, through a presented belief that this is progress, that this is the development of democracy, and all the while what has really happened is that those who live in countries where products are sold at true cost lose their value and markets because a bully has cheated with pricing, and lying by omission behind a pretty curtain as words, known as free trade.
If children were told the truth about how the present system works what would they think? Would they react with shock and be incredulous? What would an American child do if they realized the corn they ate had created a scenario in another country that allowed a child, the same as them, to have a father working in an American meat producing plant where the meat was so toxic it caused finger nails to disintegrate, and then, that father was not even paid a decent wage?
This is the disease of power given to a few through control of money. A disconnect, a cognitive dissonance from realizing life is the value, thus there is obvious lack of ease on earth, and what exists on earth is a disease that just as the debt, grows bigger with every passing day.
This is democracy shrouded in capitalism, where the capital of earth is played with to serve self interest only, without regard for life. Within this, life has not evolved, what was once a feudal society kept in place with physical force is now kept in place with financial war. America has actually starved people to gain power over the capital of earth. This is an absolute ignorance of life, a suppression of life, a depressing of life. And the consequences are everywhere. The pollution, the poverty, the disease, the child sex slavery. The whole world is as much a participant, as not standing up is allowing and accepting as well. This system cannot continue. There is enough here to take care of all life, there is enough here to develop all life, there is enough here to realize that the value is life, and to support this.
I recently read that one could place every human on a piece of land the size of Texas and there would be enough land for everyone to have a plot of that land. 
What if we actually looked at the numbers. Taking 7billion people and realizing the number of square feet of Texas and dividing that by 7 million, would this be true?
Texas area = 267339 X (5280)^2
= 7,452,732,672,000 sq.ft.
Population of world = 6,600,000,000.
Dividing area with population
1129.2 0192 s.ft./person. 
There is enough earth here to support all of us in dignity

And in this, would it be realized how insane it is to actually have a system of capitalism where this freely given capital of earth was enough to ensure that all on earth lived in dignity?

I remember an article where a computer was given to some slum children who had no education, and they, within a matter of days found and solved answers to complex  questions. The human is capable and able and willing to learn given the opportunity, thus it is lack of opportunity that causes ignorance, and obviously this is, within this system, managed by design. And this design that is in the shape of a pyramid must come to an end. 
We know how to grow food working with this earth.
We know how to build products that last, thereby limiting the use of resource, and providing all with tools that allow an existence of dignity.
The only thing stopping this are the pictures presented on the TV screen and media that are in essence distortions of reality. The values inherent in what is presented misaligned with a practical life. What is practical and what is healthy does not allow a monetary profit. It really is that we are all accepting a grand illusion in separation from what is real in common sense of life and this earth. Our perceptive ability is more than capable of realizing what makes sense, yet the fury of fear of loss is advertised everywhere, and this state of fear distorts reality and in that distortion a belief is presented of another and better world that has only ever been presented with pictures, the pictures more enlightened with electricity running through pixels on a screen. And this is highly entertaining. A drug as much as alcohol and/or any other drug that brings a relief from fear of loss - such as sex. Are any of these things truly fulfilling? No.
Time to wake up and use common sense. We all have this sense, it is there behind the fear. Breath, slow down, investigate, stand as a collective and  change the world to be what considers all life, what is best for all. There is enough space here. Do this for the children. Do this so our children can actually live healthy lives, and we can enjoy the expression that they are as life. Remove the disease as a lack of understanding self as life, as how the mind functions, learn to be the director of yourself as your gift as the physical body. Instead of existing as a stressed out frenzy in survival, learn to breath and actually slow down and become equal and one with and as the physical world to enjoy yourself as life, here. Equal Money. Equal Life, time to organize this world to support all life, as life is the value.

This land as earth belongs to life.

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