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Day 301 Children: breath, vocabulary, conceptual directiveness; the physical

In the two articles above there are two different elements within child development that tell us what we as humans are lacking. Both point to a lack of awareness of the very depth of ourselves as an ability to be here, aware of here, as breath and as conception of here.
We tell ourselves we lack a common sense of here, within our vocabulary as a means to describe here, and within physically being in awareness at all times of our bodies within each breath we take, this breath allowing a grounding within and as ourselves physically.
Where are we that this should be noted and discussed in articles?
How have our children lost what enabled them to learn to walk and talk? What happened? How could such a separation happen? What is taking the place of what was obviously an initial awareness?
Think of adults who have had devastating accidents and must learn to walk and talk from the beginning? It takes them months, years, and may never return to full faculty of movement they once had. Had they become automatic in their movements, and this being the same that happens with children, to the extent that there are articles suggesting that returning to breath must become a practice?
A greater vocabulary enables communication, without which a child remains confused, as they cannot clarify what they sense, they have not the means to measure the forms and structures of what is here. And, imagine, if they must learn to re-member themselves to breath, what else must be re-membered to even be able to describe it even if they did have the vocabulary? In this we can see that many adults are locked into knowledge and information memorized with no connective physical awareness, and thus, how do different memorized blocks of communication, as in different professions, even have a capacity to translate and communicate a form and function of what is happening here? If one becomes knowledge and information only, this would create a limitation, like a recitation of words no longer contextually physically aware of how we are life here, with faculties able to see and understand what is physically here, as the very substance of the physical here.
Would these limited auto-mization of con-sequences of data be more mechanistic, like a computer than a means of description of what is here? This is like life in reverse, like the knowledge and information has become an “idol” instead of the tool to view the world, to interact conceptually with what is here. Hence, the need for children to re-member themselves as breath, to bring them back, from having been taken away from, a common sense of being aware of what is the conception of them as the physical. This is seriously messed up, and makes it very very obvious, that the separation is the cause of any behavioral action of frustration, reacting, spiting, blaming, dissing, rebelling, suicide, protest, the list is endless. Is this separation the root of all dis-ease? It would make sense that it is, because being aware here, and within understanding here, creates awareness of the whole, this allowing stability. This article on breath, makes this clear, that these children that practice returning to an awareness in breath, can calm reactive behaviors and regain control of themselves.
Here, we see, that we humans can know what we are doing, what we have allowed, and we have the means to correct this separation in children.
There really is no excuse to not have this become the direction with all children, as it is a way of realigning the children back to here, through physical awareness, so that the children can self direct. This would remove a lot of money being spent on managing what is now known as behaviors that are simply a child lacking self awareness with the physical world. It is a win-win situation for all of us.
We must also ask ourselves what is distracting the children from themselves, what mechanisms are within out society that are great separations? Where are our children becoming passive instead of active participants with themselves physically?

Is television something that allows for active quantum participation with the physical world? No, it is limited, is is taking in pictures, not reality, and it offers no physical interaction, thus it develops no physical awareness. Yet it does use a mechanism the child has within memory, but it is one sided and thus not something to allow beyond a small degree. it could be used to set an initial framework, but this is about it. It must be remembered that this is all that has been done, an initial framework set, so this has to be taken and applied physically for any real awareness and understanding to become equal in physical awareness as this is where communication and self direction exists, as this is what is real, a picture is just a picture, it needs, just as the children need, a breath to realize the movement of it, as an expression, as physical conception becoming equal and one.
Here I think of playing the violin; I can have an idea, an image of how to hold the instrument, but unless I physically apply this knowledge within total awareness, breathingmyself into being aware of myself physically, I will have behaviors of lack in my ability to play, I have to conceptually put it all together physically, or no sound of substance will be produced. I can have a sheet of notes in front of me, but if I do not know how to read them, I cannot produce, and if I do not have control of myself physically, I cannotchange between loud and soft sounds, and thus my expression lacks dimension, as I have not yet incorporated an ability to change within these dimension, to play with them, to express their nature, to be aware of them. I lack physical conception even if I have an idea, as a picture in my mind as a framework, I have not actually breathed life into the idea to see if it is valid, or of the construct as the idea, works with what is here physically, or, if i make this one idea greater than another, is distorts and creates an imbalance in my playing. So the knowledge is not bad or good, it simply has its place within the physical multidimensional manifestation.
Let’s look at another article, one that states that children who are spoken to as fixed within being a “state” of something and ones that are praised within being an action, understanding and action. One creates children that become insecure, as they see themselves as a label and not as an instrument moving into a state of awareness making what they are as lack needing to move into understanding, where the limiting labeling presents an idea that movement is impossible, you are here, and here you stay, there is not way out. A subtle psychological manipulation, which, when understood would no longer be so subtle, this just indicates how ignorant and non-aware we are, as knowledge and information, as ideas, opinions and beliefs, without physical integration and understanding of directive states of being, have no common sense, meaning have no balance conceptually actively physically, thus the physical is needed to validate, substantiate.
If we take this and go even further into the world system, we see that many things are practiced and stated as law, on paper only. There is removal from seeing what is physically created here. There are numerous situations where physical reality is denied voice, as this would reveal that ideas practiced are not considering the actual physical world. I think of fracturing practices in America. Here, government offices are shut down to dis-allow local, ground level , physical level voice of what is actually happening with imposed ideology. The fact that the government has shut down local environmental offices is a clear indication that the physical outcome is to be hidden, not allowed voice. This obviously is a crime against life, against the physical, the very thing that allow life, and shows us how to be life, here, as the physical as understanding is reached through a balance of all characteristic dimension.
Economically, this is also prevalent within usury. Usury does not support life, it sequesters the values derived from the resources as the physical, through placing this value into/onto paper - once again- and then rendering this value on paper into a system of inequality, which is to say creating an imbalance within spreading out what is here as freely given resources to support physical development into awareness of itself as life. An obvious crime against life.
So what is here is not good or bad, it is how what is here is used, that is causing the separation from ourselves existing and moving as life, using the framework of what is here to align ourselves with life, to utilize the instrument of the physical world to express ourselves as life. We have accepted a system to that is not breathing. And, as within, so without, as above, so below, our children are not breathing, just as this earth is gasping for air because it has been abused in separation from itself as the physical, as physical awareness is not allowed voice, and the physical is where equality in and as ideas are aligned to create a functioning directive expression, a common sense alignment. This is the gift of life.
Also, obviously, if children mirror corrective behaviors within using breath to calm themselves and direct themselves, this is the nature of the human, and when known, would become the will of the human. Breathing here, re-membering self with the physical, would be the will as the nature of using this gift of life as the physical, because it would place idea, opinion and belief, desire, want and need into perspective as what, in common sense, allow expression. So, the idea and belief, that human nature cannot change is a fallacy, this is simply a falsehood, as our children show us, this fallacy is simply an existence of lack of re-membrance of equality and oneness to and as the physical.
Everything in moderation, meaning all must be physically moderated with and as what is physically here, communicated into and as physical awareness. This means there is a lot of work to do to reorganize this world, into and as what is best for all, to use the structures created by men to align ourselves with the physical world, in common sense. Thus all use of systems, created by generations of men, including developed technology, in common sense, could not have been physically developed by one man, or a small group of men, even the ideas are not that of a few, thus, all of what is here, belongs to all men, as nothing here, was developed singularly, is is here because of all that is here, and thus all that is here belongs, is of, all that is here. The idea of ownership does not work in practice, as can be seen within the existent abuse on this planet. Real ownership means re-membrance as breath in equal awareness of the physical world as the gift of life. We are here, as life, in the physical which is also life, to take care of this instrument that allows us to become equal to and as life, in expression, and for that we need a healthy, functioning physical world, treated, cared for, with respect, as it is us and we are it, without it we lose our breath, and thus, are ability/chance, to be and become life, to re-member ourselves as life, here.
Equal Money Capitalism
Physical Alignment in Equality and Oneness = Life in Expression

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