Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 343 What is friction and conflict?

What is friction and conflict?
Opposition, like common good and profit, well profit is the division into more than and less than. Common good is equality.
So to serve the common good is to ensure development for all, to ensure that all that is here as the commons of earth, are taken care of, are thriving within all what is here can be. If profit is placed on this, then an idea of more than, an idea of measure that some deserve more than others is governing, yet this is in opposition to a government that would accept what is here and ensure that what is here as earth is taken care of as the commons of life, the ground of life.
The cause of the problems on earth are the ignorance of the actual physical world into allowing an idea of profit as a state of being in judgement that there is a more than and a less than. This is separation from what is for the common good, as allowing some to have more in what is sustaining and others less, there is no movement within being what is for the common good. So, the existence of profit is in direct separation from reality, as the common good.

All existential problems stem from this separation. All laws are in support of maintaining this separation, and each of us is accepting and allowing this unless we stand and realize this separation within each of us, as we have all accepted and allowed ideas of one thing being more than another, and in the busyness of believing one thing is more than another, as mind, as consciousness, we ignore the physical, the common good, the earth, reality.
Thus consciousness is our being existing in separation from life, and since this is separation from life, it is lacking in substance, in awareness, because it is separate from what is real. Consciousness is the mark of our accepted and allowed separation. And in being separate from life, we exist in separation anxiety, in-fearior to life. And we are all allowing this and accepting this as ourselves, and the present system is simply a representation of this.
Our value judgements of what is more and what is less, based on our cult of profit, of judgement, of separation from physical common sense, from supporting the common good as earth that is here supporting us, these value judgements accumulate within our flesh, within our water as they are the residual of our inequality to life, our minds the voice of the limited values as to who we believe ourselves to be from the divisions we have allowed on earth and placed into factions of one being more than others, as we exist within limited perspectives that are divisions of qualities, thus consciousness is the accepted being of ourselves as less than life, and since this is not of life, it is of another state, and that state is as energy, equal and one to what profit creates, polarities as densities of energy, the weaker negative and the more intense the positive. Our emotions being the initial separation into a less than, and our feelings being the intense justification for the separation. Separation is separation, it lacks in substance and thus is not sustaining, constant within what is life. And this separation that is from life, feeds on the commons, as the physical, consuming itself as it ignores itself believing the ideas of more-than and less-than superior, being lost in its separation. In equality there is no need for a thought of one being more than another, there is only the realization that we are all the same, thus the only directive is what is best for all, as this is best for self because we are all the same substance that is what sustains us.
Is this not what money has become equal to and as, a separation from life, from life sustaining practices in consideration of respecting and taking care of the common good/ground of life as earth, as the physical?
When I am angry, I am in separation, I am in-ferior to life, I am inferencing a more than and a less than as this accepted separation as consciousness, instead of being equal to life, to an awareness, respect and self responsibility to and towards what is this earth as the commons of life, the actual physical ground and all that is of this as the physical.

In anger I am the emotion of blame lacking equality within forgiving respect and equal consideration of the physical world as me.
This is why emotions and feelings are so transient, they move from the negative to the positive, unresolved because they are the being of separation from physical reality.
Con-sciousness if the science of separation, believing what surrounds us as the commons of earth to not be the same as us, as we humans believe we are more. And we are not, we are all the same, we are life, and there is nothing more to be, as life is the value.
Let’s bring ourselves back to life, with a system of equality, as Equal Money.
Lets bring ourselves back to life physically through forgiving ourselves of consciousness, to stop the roller coaster of emotion and feeling body polarities and ground ourselves within ourselves as life, this being equalizing ourselves to the physical. Desteni Lite and Desteni Pro, the process of alignment into the physical.

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