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Day 346 Local Events in a System of Profit before Life.

I went down to the local market which is like a meeting place for locals. Today the oystermen where there. The state is imposing new rules on oystering. The rules have no real research behind them and no awareness of the oyster. They want “ certified ice” placed on the oysters immediately as they come out of the water. This is taking a live organism from one temperature to another, the ice being much colder that the water environment from which the oyster came. This colder “ certified ice” environment shortens the life of the oyster. So, the oysters will die sooner and restaurants will have to sell them sooner, and /or have dead oysters they sell which will lead to more disease. The opposite of what the proposals were made for.
The cause is a virus in the water, and this is based on a partial scientific paper used by the state, the paper read in its entirety shows that this virus is not in the waters around the Cape. Also what is not addressed is the effluence from the outfall pipe off of Boston. ALl of this is a state system that does not look at details, circumnavigates what it does not want to change because it would cost money, hiding reports that would question choices made and then making choices that have no common sense of the environment and how the environment works.
On top of this, when the men involved go and question the official, the official gets so mad he threatens. The last time, as I heard in the talk about this, was that the official said, “ We are no longer a democracy.”
All causes and outflows of a system of profit before life.
Cannot go and look at the cause of the virus showing up in warmer waters.

Instead create supposed band aid fixes as a drama to the public to place in some report of ‘ having done something” to keep the bureaucracy justified.
The bureaucracy so removed from the physical situation that when it is noted that placing ice on oysters has never been done because it kills them as it is not the temperature of the water and that the oysters are eaten alive, is not even dimensionally realized by these officials and when it is mentioned, in all common sense, they just bully and react because they don’t want to have to change their direction taken because they are not looking at the real cause because the real cause of probably going to cost a lot of money to change, which would mean cutting back or taking money from somewhere else, and no one wants to give up their money because it determines life. Also, when something of common practical sense is noted the automatic response is, “ there is not scientific proof of this” which is not allowed even if it were done by some independent source. In total a common sense denial of life because it questions the directives of ignorance that fear standing up to the mechanisms of profit for fear of losing their job, and thus choosing profit before life. So, just as that official is ignoring what is practical and of common sense, so are all of us, none of us are willing to give up our idea of money as life, because we fear no longer being able to take care of ourselves because money represents life. This being a relationship that can change into one of giving as one would like to receive. And it is us who have accepted and formed this system of profit. We are all to blame for the harm and atrocious abuse on this planet, and we are destroying ourselves as life because we are ignoring life. And the solution, the one solution to change this is the one point we all fear giving up. The irony here. We must face the one thing we fear the most to turn this world around. We must give as we would like to receive. We must respect life. We must create economic equality so that the value is life, and not one life considered more than another, because in fact this is what is real. Not one of us is more than another. The judgements of more than and less than is the psycho-path as consciousness as mind in separation from life, and in this separation life is not being what is lived here on earth.
Another problem in the waters of the Cape, is that the horseshoe crabs are basically gone. Thus the muddy bottom of the marches are not being “ rototilled” and thus the nutrients from this mud are not circulating up into the water to feed the sea life that then exist within a cycle that inhibits predatory worms and viruses. The clams here are evidently sick. There is some worm that drives a whole in the clam and the clams hate this worm so much they jump out of the water to die in order to avoid the worm.
Another thing that happened is the local oystermen were no longer allowed to sell the oysters directly to the sellers, they had to go through a state certified “ middle man”. What has happened here is that that middle man, who is a big fish in this town, decides to pay the oysterman less per oyster because his costs have gone up. What about the costs of the oysterman? have they not gone up too? ( well considering that that license to be a middle man is about 75000 $ the system actually forces the division of money, all liability being placed on the labor, to the point where the oysterman can no longer make a decent living, and then the frustration behaviors start and the confrontations with the state official who are not looking at the real causes because this costs too much within making best-for-all changes. And the circle of abuse goes round and round and round. Profit is a circle of abuse, not a circle of life.
Are we going to have Mexicans coming to work the oyster fields with an eventual corporate take over? A take over that hides under the auspices that they know how to take care of what they created as destruction in disregard of the environment to suit what made a profit for a moment before it was destroyed? This is just a series of divisions and conquests for profit. Anyway, that Mexican who lost his livelihood because his country was flooded with environmentally damaging non true cost corn that uses pesticides that the EU - for example has banned? Is that Mexican going to work on very cold water environments for too many hours a day? WHile some government official and some middle man sit in a restaurant eating raw oysters thinks that their shit is somehow better and different that someone else’s when all they did really is take from Peter to pay Paul? The only conversation left for such zombies is anodyne: blame, spite, sex, apology in the from of “ this is the way it is ( because I have accepted and allowed this)” , “ what else is there to do, the other is ignorant ( and so am I because accepting and allowing ignorance is ignorance)” , “ it is not my fault ( because I don’t have the decency to stand with what is equal to me as all men on this earth to realize what supports life absolutely , sone one else has to do this, when what it will take is ME AND SOME ONE ELSE AS ALL MEN!)” , or “ I am not a hero ( no , no one can be a hero, this is an idea to create a limitation propagated by a hollywood of the one’s with more who are inferior to life, and believe they must control those “under “ them who are the same as them)” And I was the same as this, I blamed everything for why I am what I am, because I was not willing to realize myself as life, as being equal and one to and as all life here, I was a product of a system of inequality. When I point this out, the spite and blame pour out in a bullish manner, as any moment of blame or spite is being a bully, is abdication of self as life. it is as simple as that.
Meanwhile the horseshoe crabs are basically gone, and the state officials are ignoring what really is the cause of the problems, while state reps. decide they need their salaries or the system will fall apart. The very same people who are not being responsible in taking care of the environment, thus what is being done is maintained pay in decreasing budgets for those who ignore how the physical world works.
Obviously within all this is that there are people working, there are people aware, there is interaction, yet it is the stops that disregard what is happening in the interest of profit that is the problem. Men will work and solve and stand up and communicate, but if all things are not allowed to be addressed and looked at and changed and this does not happen because of someone fearing to lose monetary profit, the system will not work. Thus the structures here can work, but if profit for the few who are not present, physically present within the environment, directly involved and are only interested in what makes a profit, life is not considered and cared for. Thus, profit for a few must be removed and a system of equality, economic equality and direct democracy, as this will remove the reactive bullying behaviors of survival and educate the people of what is best for all, as what sustains and works with the physical environment. The monoculture of monopoly does not work. And we all know it if we take the time to look.
iI is not that difficult, but all those emotional polarities consume self as focus as life, and one cannot see here. Just look at yourself, can you breath with ease? Can you not have reactions to others? Can you be directive within every moment here as a constant in joy? Or do you go up and down from one energetic polarity to the next, from one emotion to a feeling and so on and so on? Can you sit and focus enough to read? And is what you read confined to a limited genre? Can you take the time to understand the reactions of others, and look to the whole as the system and realize that we are all living within the effects of inequality where the support is what is needed as life is not given thereby inhibiting the development of self responsibility as life?
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