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Day 357 How is a lesson taught in a school?

How is a lesson taught in a school?

The teacher introduces the subject, the aspect to be learned and integrated into the student. There is some discussion and then the new material is practiced as a group with the teacher. The teacher then “ hands this over “ to the children, they practice implementing this on their own. Here the teacher will individually help those with questions, sometimes moving from explaining to the group and working through something again, and/or continue to work individually as the new material is practiced in the classroom. So, the lesson moves from introduction into analysis, to group practice to individual practice. Usually there is then homework given to practice this at home, as this continued practice then allows the material to be integrated.

Thus, the practice of learning takes time and practice. It is the schools and the parents working together that ensures success with what is taught in the school. And the teacher does not have the time for all the remediation needed, as some students need more than others, and at times, within certain areas, some students need more remediation with one subject or aspect within a given subject that others. This careful involvement of the education of the child, needs the attentions of the parents in order for the form of public education to be successful. The schools cannot possibly monitor every action and understanding within a child, they do no have the staff. The cost of such would increase the tax payer’s dollars. But the public schools were a way to ensure an education for all children. It works when the parents are involved, and the parents have a responsibility to be aware of their children and where their children need some support. In many ways this system, is a support, but it is not meant to be the only support.

I have encountered parents who have said to me, asked me, “ why can’t the schools do this?” which surprises me. This means that this parent has no concept of the system and how it functions as a whole. These parents become emotional and combative, and I can’t help but thinking that this is the reason why their children are lacking in ability in and as self direction, because they are not getting any self direction at home, and the parents are of the same. The parents are abdicating their responsibility and expecting the public school to cover every aspect of the child’s development not realizing that the system cannot, as it was not meant to do this, and the money necessary to do this would cost the taxpayer much more. In many ways one cannot blame the system here, it is the parent who is responsible as the adult and creator of the child and the system, that must take the effort to be aware of the development of the child.

I used to say to myself as my children grew, that with the schools I had to be watchful of the “ holes” to see where something was not understood on an individual level with my child, and to, as much as I was able, to take what was limited as in the subject matter , and add to it to build understanding with my children within their education. I even had to say a thousand times that math was another language and that there was no reason to not do well, at least, with the levels of math taught in grade school, the basic levels. The idea of one subject, as math and/or English being something one can or cannot do, was unacceptable. The basics in the schools should be understood. If one needed more practice to grasp then this was what was needed. I had to do this myself with chemistry, I simply had allowed myself in high school to feel that I could not do this. So, one day I sat and had to look at it again and again and again and again, until finally the concepts of it started to stick. It really took some time, but it did begin to move, meaning I did begin to grasp it. And I knew that I was probably not going to become a chemist. I learned that I had allowed a misperception. Did I continue this in all areas of my life? No, I still fell sometimes. In actuality, this should be the first lesson learned by a child. Instead we have many things touted in schools by teachers and parents about how gifted a child is, or how talented a child is, which directs within superstition, as though there is something magical happening. The magic really come within the doing, within the walking through the steps. The magic is in understanding that within walking through the steps, in building an understanding, a common sense of the thing being learned is developed, and that this is a process. Some will grasp something faster than others. Had I grown up in a family that talked about chemistry all the time, then I might have had an easier time, but this does not make me talented in chemistry in some special way, this just means i was exposed to the concepts and began the process of learning the language within a different time frame than someone who starts from scratch in high school.

Within all this, it is easy to realize the importance of parental involvement with the work and lessons given by the public schools, to realize that when a child is resisting something taught it is because they have an idea about themselves that they can’t or they have somehow missed a step, or they lack in having the language of the basics enough to grasp the forms being taught. Something is missed, something is overwhelming them, something is not moving, there is a lack of self direction in some way. And it is impossible for the public schools to catch this and clear this up in every child, the public schools are meant to address a group and cannot possible monitor every degree of development and lack of development in the child. No wishing, wanting , hoping is going to change this, no praying is going to change the responsibility of people, of humans to ensure that our children are going to be taken care of completely by this system. This system in its totality must be understood, and this is the responsibility of the parent.

The point is that the public schools cannot possibly cover the remediation needed for the students, nor were they designed to do so. This, and the added limiting beliefs that some are more able than others and that somehow this is magical when it is not, is another aspect os ignorance taught. So, teachers that speak in hallways and in classrooms before the ears of children and discuss a talent of one child, are actually teaching a superstition and revealing that they have no understanding of how a child learns, of the process of learning and how exposure will place some ahead of others, which is not a limitation unless this is accepted and allowed through labeling without clear directives of how things work here. It would be better for a teacher to say something like, Gee, x, has had a lot of exposure to this subject and grasps the concepts and is able to use the tools faster than, p, so p needs the opportunity to catch up and walk through the understanding of the thing, that is all” Such points out that learning is a process and that no one student is more than another. This also reveals how much is learned at home, and how important it is for the parent to be involved in the child’s education, to fill in the holes; be they a developed fear, a background that has not had exposure and development within a certain subject because this was not something learned or a part of the subjects discussed at home. This can only be brought into what is taught in the schools by the parents. Thus it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their children and to work with the public schools. It is not a perfect system, and many of the beliefs people have to justify their own lack must stop, as learning is a process and the levels in ability of children aredependent on what process of learning has been available to them, This, unfortunately is caused by an economic system that gives more than is needed to some and takes from others the means to an opportunity. This is also the responsibility of each of us, as we have accepted and allowed this. Realizing how children learn, really looking at it, makes it very clear that the lack in development of our children is the fault of a system of that does not meet the basic needs of the human physical body, thus we all are the cause of the lack in our children. The children are too small and too vulnerable, yet they are able to be taught, able to learn, it is only us who have allowed a systemic form that withholds this development.

There should be no drugs in every city and town and school, private and public, in America. The existence of them, and what is happening in Afghanistan, shows us very clearly that money comes before life. Drugs are making money, and this has become more important than the education of our children which needs the stability of people, of parents, of society. The presence of a drug culture indicates an undermining of this, and that there is a huge military presence in Afghanistan where most of the opium and heroin is produced, it is clear that American taxpayer dollars are not being spent on education, and that the drugs in our local municipalities are given more support than the schools, and parents and a child’s development. Such a form as what exists as this, is allowing the undermining of the individual and the flow of money to go to a few, and our tax payer dollars are supporting this. So, we as parents really need to wake up and come together and change this system to stop the inequality, a belief that one person is more than another, when all it is, is that we have allowed a lack in the development of each and every human being on this earth.

The process of development is simply a series of steps, these steps can be withheld or given, and/or controlled within a system of inequality which means what exists is due to what we , humans have allowed. What has been developed from freely given resources on earth have been developed by the hands of generations of men, thus no one can own what is here as no singular “ one” can claim development, and the idea that one is more than another because of development is a crime against life and an ignorance of life and thus simply unacceptable. That there are families and people who are not paid a living wage is unacceptable, and the understanding of development of a human, makes this very clear. Thus, each and every one of us are to blame, and a belief that the schools are responsible for the development of our children alone is an ignorance that must be revealed and made clear. Also, the allowance of wages that are not supportive will cause children with many “ holes” in opportunity and exposure, thus these children are the responsibility of each of us as we have accepted and allowed an idea of a more than and a less than that is a state of ignorance in and as understanding the system in totality and is unacceptable.

Our economic system must change, and the ideas of more than as a belief that one’s education makes them more than another and as something “ magical” is superstitious thinking completely separate from physical reality and thus a crime, as ignorance of reality, this which gives life, this physical world, this which moves to allow life and development. It is us, each of us that has placed the stops, as money, that limits development. None of us wish this upon ourselves, and if we stop and look, we do not wish this upon others either. Therefor, it is for us to realize that what we have allowed on earth must stop. We must see that the voices in our heads are simply justifications for not looking and that our fears are simply not having walked the process of really understanding how here, the physical works. Yet , we as parents have the ability, we are now parents, we are now adults, we can stand together and change this world, walking through our limited beliefs and seeing then for what they are, a superstition that is an illusion, as this system was created by us, and can be changed by us. This must be done, there is no other choice. It is time to allow life.

Check out the Eqafe Products on Parenting to see, realize and understand how a child develops. There is a link to this on this blog above. It is a win/win for you and your child and society as a whole. When this is really looked at, it will make so much common sense. I dare you!

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