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Day 344 The deception of one dimension presentation within consciousness

I have a degree in Reading, meaning I spent time within looking at the reading process with children. I was also trained to be a violinist, meaning I was trained to read music. I could read music very fast. For example, if I was distracted within reading music during a performance, I knew exactly where on the sheet of music I was, where I was within the music performed, and could find the point I was at within the whole page of notes very quickly, using the within as the notes on the page and my ability to see the whole and the sound being produced as a form.
When I went into looking at the reading process in children I knew something was unclear, but I did not know what. I knew that it was spatial in some way, as I saw it at the time.
So, if I relate this to reading, I realize that if children and adults cannot see the whole as the words on the page, if they cannot move (fast enough) to see the whole, to conceptually see the whole as the form that the words imply in such a way that they can move within the framework of the presented words and what is said and then relate this within a principle, there is no ability to see the holes in the whole, and or, to see the actual form that the words imply in relation to what is created as the words. In other words, the living of the words as the form that the words create and the relation of this form to physical reality and what this form produces cannot be conceptually seen and/or understood. Without relationship to physical reality, and lacking in an ability to “ read” the forms - as the words create- and lacking a principle that is a directive that is a directive of consideration of what is here as us, a state of ignorance of here can be maintained, kept busy within divisions of values on a personal, local, regional, national, global scale.
I was looking at the Massachusetts Educational Frameworks, at how the parts where there, but how the focus was more on the forms of discourse with comments on vocabulary development. For example, it was suggested at the beginning that children be exposed socially to language, thus creating an image of social interaction being beneficial, which is obviously a benefit. But what is not explicitly said is the reason for this, to develop a wide range of vocabulary. The focus was on the need for social interaction, as a directive given, without the explicit reason or value for and within this. This is like presenting a shade of grey instead of a clear understanding as the basis of what develops, it is a smoke screen of subtle separation from clear understanding. So subtle, and the emotional movement is to defend the presentation, as naturally social interaction is a good to not discard. Perceptually, this is a subtle manipulation in its denial as making one aspect huge thus this is a giving of one dimension only.

And yet, this suggests that exposure to the building blocks of language as vocabulary is what is very important within the readiness of the child for school, as the child being able to place these building blocks into the forms of discourse taught through school and the ability to take these building blocks and move with them with certainty and ease and having a broad range as these tools of expression as they are used to see the forms of defining here that are used. If the development of our children and ourselves does not move with seeing the parts and the whole, as the words/notes and the structures the words/notes create to the point where the form is held within as the whole and the parts in the moment, then the ability to stand back and place this within the context of the physical world and the consequences of the forms that exist, our ability to understand here as what men have used as words on paper to direct us, cannot be read to the point where we know where we are within what is here because we see the structure of here as what has been accepted and allowed in totality.
And all liability can be placed on each of us, as the truth was presented, it was our fault that we did not see that the directive was given to develop what was needed and that we did not notice the inference towards multiple dimensions of such directives, the indirect method of operation that did not explicitly state the detail within development that was the point. And this being the importance of the notes/words being used with ease and abroad range within that.
If the importance of vocabulary was directly understood and stated clearly, this would lead, I would think, to more than running after social scenarios and such would be suggested and developed.
What is also realized within the promotion of social interaction is that it is not necessary to have a picture within learning words. Could it be that the addition of a picture within learning words is an imposition lacking dimension because it is a simplified imagery? And that this is not necessary within learning the notes/letters as the words themselves when in separation from physical reality as this is misleading as partial intake? Which is not to deny pictures as they have a good as well. And that just as a diminished seventh in a chord produces a certain effect, the words we use are the same, they have effects in the physical world? Here our use of vocabulary can be learned within a social scenario.
This is playing with the “ toys” of words collecting the lego blocks of words that enable us to build self expression and read what is here as the forms of our system and the behaviors within each of us, where we are in lack within understanding, and the consequences of the forms accepted structures create. Words and vocabulary also allow us the “ hold” an image of what is here, to steady us here and express here as what we are at the moment.
If we do not know the notes, how can we play the music? If we cannot here/hear the notes how can we explain as the form that we have created as what is here as us? If we cannot speak the notes, generate the notes how can we sense what is here and explain what is here? How can we direct ourselves here? If we are inferior to what is used how can we apply ourselves within our applications that have been accepted and allowed.

If we become walking knowledge and information without practical physical application and we only deal with words on paper and disallow physical consequence to be fully disclosed as we have allowed representation as policy of statement as limited dimension without our direct understanding and participation because we have not learned to read the notes as the words to see the whole and the parts, to move within this with ease, and thus ask another to do this for us because we fear doing this ourselves and our fear is simply a non-development, a lack, and thus an accepted and developed separation, there is no one to blame but each of us, as we have not used our time here in the physical to realize and understand and work with the physical as what is real, in practical common sense, and development of this as what we are capable of and as here.
Thus we have accepted a state of lack despite the way and the means being given to us, even though this is given within a directive that is not good or bad, but limited in a detailed reasoning giving a dimension only.
The answers are right here, right in front of us, it is only for us to stand up and realize this, as this is the gift of life, here right in front of us. All it takes is some common sense of which we are abundant in and as being life, the very substance of life.
Understand that the mind as consciousness and then human body as water will take in the words given, and the statements made in lack of reason behind the statement, where this statement will be what is lived without an understanding of the way and the means within the limited dimensional directive. Thus the mind becomes the directive, and when this directive does not produce the outcome of success we become bitter because we believed we did what was right, yet we did not understand the indirect message given thus we did not understand the point, and we are to blame because we did not apply common sense as we followed a directive without fully taking the time to understand the directive’s inferred dimensions.
On top of this, and that which is the cause of this behavior, is an accepted and allowed system of profit that economically controls through debt, and as I said, this is an consequence of ignorance of this actual physical world, this is the acceptance of one thing being more than another, instead of realizing that all that is here is equal and one to and as us, and then being this within realizing the value is life, here.
We, as humans, really have to get this world in order, because what we are allowing is a less than scenario, where the structure is not good or bad, simply limited in how it moves within supporting and developing all life here, giving where lack is present, sharing where need exists, developing self determination and self responsibility so that each of us here can be and become what is best for all and support us, as they are us individually and we are them.
Equal Money to change the consequences of inequality.
Desteni lite and Desteni Pro, to see the limited, but not bad or good, dictates imbedded within and then “ open them up” within understanding the chain of them, to let in the “ reason” of and as a full dimensional awareness of here and how here functions.
I would also investigate the Parenting series at Eqafe; the link is on this page above.

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