Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 367 Patenting is profit in self interest ONLY. A denial of life.

Why are genes being patented within this profit based system? According to  this article, this means that the patent holders have complete control over the gene, and thus any research done outside of the patent holding company is illegal.
What this means is that the information about the gene can only pass through the owner of the gene, because it is not allowed to do research on the gene, as the gene is owned.
Such control of information within a profit based system, will be lead by the consideration of profit before common sense. Thus this is control of awareness of how this world in fact functions, this is withholding understanding of how here works. This is creating ignorance and thus taking away self responsibility. Which means that how something behaves and a solution for that behavior cannot be understood, which means that those with the problem, or lack of understanding, and thus existing as behaviors of destruction, have no opportunity in self direction. So, that behavior, as an object cannot be blamed for how it is functioning. Thus, which is also noted in this article, that there are actually high level people who label those on the bottom of the scale as “ bad breeds” of people that need to be removed!

So, we are allowing discovery to be realized through hiding as this admits to possible discovery that ends systemic structures of profit, and yet we then are allowing blame towards those who lack self awareness for their acts when we hide self discovery through control! How does this make any sense? It is like this circular logic of stupidity.

There is a lot of research out there to suggest that nutrient dense foods and an education allow a person to be healthy and self responsible. Lack of this causes disruptive behaviors, thus those that are supposedly genetically determined to become of bad behavior, are a result of improper care.
So, why does there exist products that are known to be unhealthy, such as sugar and refined carbs - and subsidized ? And why are there educational systems that then try and teach these children who are not eating properly? And then why are these children punished as adults for a past of non-supportive development by a system that subsidizes unhealthy foods in a system that does not pay a living wage, thereby making it almost impossible for the less financially advantaged to be able to support their health and thus their behavior, and then to pass patent laws that do not even allow non-profit related research? Which is what this is really all about, the protection of profit, the fear of the masses, a fear of losing some high economic stature. This is all about greed and wanting to have more than one needs, and more than another, and having such at the expense of other human beings and thus at the expense of life. This is indeed a sickness, a complete separation from life, a complete obvious construct of a system that denies life, and all in fear of life, as there can be no other explanation.

Our leaders, as the ones judging and the ones owning such patents and benefitting through a system of profit in excess, have completely lost their minds to a fear of the masses, to such an extent that they would deny life and then blame that life for its lack of ability to express itself as life, as life as this planet gives without judgement, this earth provides. It is denial of what supports that causes behaviors that are less than an expression of life.
So, the elite are like snakes eating their own tale/tail,  creating a warped circular logic that is in complete separation from life. A logic of fear, a logic of ambiguity. A logic of not looking at how what they do reveals intent through a smoke screen of logic that makes no sense. Thus the elite have become what they sow, a behavior in separation from life, a behavior of protection and defense in self interest. They are as guilty as those they accuse of  destructive behavior. 

All these eddies of fear, bear no witness to life, just as the laws being passed indicate, they disallow life to discover itself, and all because of some ambiguous fear that is not real. There is enough food on this earth, there are enough hands of men to build a world where all that is here is taken care of and allowed to flourish as life. It is only an illusion of fear that inhibits this understanding, an imagination in separation from life. And this imagination in separation from life is suppressing life. All disease is an inflammation of fear, as fear is separation, fear warps life, it does not look, it is being caught in a tornado of separation, thus its behavior is circular within judging the cause of separation outside of itself instead of itself realizing its own  misstep with life, as the physical. The physical shows consequences of non support , so we have a gift to realize what is of support of life, as the physical, a gift to realize how to be in balance with life, with all the expression of life as the physical.

We have separated ourselves from the physical world so much, and imposed our behaviors of resisting this physical world, that we have created the very behaviors we accepted when we allowed fear to become more than life.
This charade of believing we can patent life, within a profit based system, is really about controlling profits for a few, who obviously fear something or that control would not be needed. Profit is an action of a fear of loss. Taking more than one needs to live on this earth in dignity, is existing within a delusion of fear, as the existence of patenting a gene and not allowing anyone to carry out any research on that gene is an act of paranoia that something might be discovered that would put an end to profits. So this is profit before life. This is denying what is for the common good. This is denying the hands of many many men who built what is here, as one hand could not have done this, the right to a dignified self responsible life.
And we are all to blame unless we stand and become self responsible in relation to this unacceptable behavior by the judges and the corporations that are bulling this system to place this profit into law. This is no way to run this earth and it must stop.
We, the many hands of men, we have the power to stand up and place structures of support through putting an end to a profit based system, to creating a system that support all equally, realizing with the research now available that each person, each plant, each animal with proper food, shelter, education and water can become healthy and self responsible. Allowing our present leaders to behave as they are is not each of us being responsible. it must stop. This means a system change, this means removing a profit based system to one that gives equally, as the only choice is to realize we are all the substance of life, and as such become the expression of life that we are when we take care of this physical world, showing we understand finally that this earth is the gift to understand life by becoming responsible for the greatest gift a real parent would give, this physical world.
Lets stand and realize this gift, and give thanks by taking care of it, every inch of it.
Remove the fear of accepting this gift of life, through self forgiving a system of limited values that allow only parts of life, and thereby separation from the expression of life that exists in this planet. Monopolies do not work, this is because they do not consider all life, do not consider the total form of this earth. The greed of the elite is simply our own accepted and allowed resistance to life. Thus the only solution is to stand and support the physical, to no longer resist the common sense of the actual real physical world. Equal Money.
The reward is life. And life does not fear, it is life.

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