Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 370 The grid of separation

It is interesting to build a map of a presentation within myself, I see so much of where I emotionally wander off, things distorting what I am trying to build, fears, paranoias that I have to look at and bring back to myself. This also brings ups memories of the past, those times when I asked questions, that also had judgments attached as I placed a morality of my culture onto them, not walking through the judgment, just remaining within blame and superiority. Sometimes I questioned.
I had gone back to university as an adult. I had to work with young adults in groups. One time, this one young adult worked on a project with myself and two others. She could not write an outline. What she did was place information on the computer and then reorganize it. She could not create a structure of the information in her head. She said that she had a learning disability and was officially dyslexic. I was astounded. We never really discussed anything, we simply took bits of information and reordered them on the computer. When this was done our group interaction, event, was done. It was like we clung to the words on the page, using ONLY this, no discussion or  physical real life application/consideration.
This is similar to not looking at what money has become, meaning what money represents and the system of money as being a piece of paper given a value that has no common sense of it being a secondary point to what is real, the physical world and how the physical world is the real support, and the money is a condition placed onto this world by men.

Gathering knowledge and information in and of itself is not bad, it is a starting point, but when it is all that is used within determinations, it is like using words on a page only, like the words are god, and the real world has nothing to do with it, which is so obviously a disconnect from reality.
And yet, a smoke screen system of division and conquest in self interest, such as our present system where much of this physical world is disregarded, and a few have again used a secondary condition of signing their names on paper, making a declaration of ownership real in opposition to reality, and thus to life, we can begin to realize that we have made a screen or piece of paper that voice of reality, a voice in complete ignorance of the physical world.
If all eyes are on what is on a piece of paper, then the real physical world can be taken from under our feet, and we will be so busy looking at that info on that secondary plane, that we do not notice reality. Such an existence really has no substance, nothing real to stand on, and all lack of ability within building a “ real” understanding and insight to what is real is removed. We have abdicated ourselves as our physical selves, and for this we will suffer our separation, thus one cannot blame anyone but oneself, as one in a human physical body has the gift of life as the physical with them in every moment, with every breath. The choice is to allways, look in totality with the physical at the physical world, not only at the knowledge and information on the paper, this is simple common sense. So, pointing out discrepancies within what is placed on paper, will upset the system people, the people within the administrative points on this grid of review of words on paper only, because it means that physical person must stand and look at the physical world, and turning from the smoke screen and mirrors of the limited knowledge and information placed on that paper means one might lose their job, because the system we have accepted and allowed in totality serves a few who believe themselves superior and deserving of more, and then have more pieces of paper than others, so thus they control through limitation. and we all accept and allow this, because we have been taught in a system built from who gives the most pieces of paper. And only a few, who have more, have the papers to peddle in their own self interest.

Within what is placed as knowledge and information on paper, one must take that which is good, and to do that one needs a cross reference with the actual physical world.
Here one need only study what is happening within the fracturing debacle or the GMO bullying going on by the few who has lead us to believe that a statement on a piece of paper has more value than actual physical reality. Statements on paper that are then hidden within more statement on paper a laws, such as trade secrets, a complete scam of self interest only. The same who support what is taught in our educational systems - which is another story/stories construct of smoke and mirrors! And yet, as within so without. We are to blame. We allowed it, we made it hallowed ground! Humanity is simply walking as one giant separation from life, and this young adult is the product of our accepted and allowed separation. A dis-located lexicon of limited knowledge and information, serving a god of greed, and the answer , the solution is to LOOK at the actual physical world. And this physical world is what our paper world is directing us from, is not allowing, has hidden in payers of bureaucracy - this a crime against life. And the people composing the bureau are in a craze of survival.
 This child of earth, I remind myself is me, and I am her. We are the same. We are formations of life, forms that believe we are the end all be all, when we are not. We are a part of the whole as earth as the physical, and this is what is real.
Anyway, the behavior of this girl has good and misdirection within expression. Yes, we look out at the world, not the screen/paper only, and we reflect in equality and oneness with the actual physical, as though the physical is the real map of life, we become equal within to the without as the actual real physical world. This way, this girl, this young adult , can see how the real physical world moves and is. So, perhaps her dyslexia is simply caused by this disconnect, and her inability to “ read” is that she really has not enough to create any understanding of real substance! There is nothing real to hold onto, thus she cannot create any structure within her mind and must cling to words on a page and the ensuing fears as thoughts emotional and feelings of limited design, insubstantial, judgmental. This is a mechanism of behavior that is of complete separation from life, complete instability. How can someone actually teach children with such limited development and physical connection? They cannot. And yet, this is what the system is presently teaching! This child does not have the ability to deal with words, she has no ability to play with these lego blocks of communication. She has no real integration with the parts, she has no real skill with working with the starting point of sound. She works with ambiguous statements only, and cannot order them because she does not have a direct connection with the actual physical substance of life.
Within the fracturing abuse to earth, I have heard farmers whose land is destroyed speak with the industry and the energy industry simply says, “ hire a lawyer and sue us” and the industry, that which allows a debt system, where the debt is on the people and the principle is with the banks, do not naturally have the money to sue. And meanwhile, the government has removed the offices of environmental agencies, and or diminished them to such an extent that there is not ability of the office worker to work through all the paper work - which in itself is vast and meant to never go anywhere, as another worker up the ladder ignores what it cannot solve, which might lead to losing a job if something is realized as not making any sense. Thus the whole system is layered in such a way to not allow the actual physical world to be the point of scrutiny, and we are all to blame, as we have voted in the present representatives, and we have allowed money to determine life, and we have allowed usury, so when we fall, we have no power to deal with this, and this is of our own making. The way to stop all of this, to allow those on the grid with some common sense left to be able to point out what makes no sense and/or connection with the actual physical world, the opportunity to stand, is to vote in a system, to place policies that give all the means, with what we have accepted, as money, to have basic living needs met. To be able to stop and breath, to  remove the consequence of survival, and realize that life is right here in front of us as the physical and that it functions in supportive ways if we allow it, work with it, read it, become one with it, as what we are for real. Hiding the effects of abusive fracturing practices is ourselves destroying ourselves, even for those materially benefitting, you are destroying yourself, as you are not equal and one to the physical world in common sense, you have allowed ideas and pieces of paper to become more real than what is real, the physical. STOP. As long as we all adhere to only the words on a page, the symbols on paper, we are actively choosing to ignore life, this which we are, with every step with every breath, because when our physical bodies end we end, So what we do determines the life after us, the life of the children to come. Thus we are responsible for this earth, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this home is in order before we leave, in consideration of those who come after us. We would not like the  suffering and survival existence we have lived to be what our children live, so it is time to stop the mind fed with limited knowledge and information, and to create a system that acknowledge the actual physical world, as this is what is real.
Lets create a world where our young people learn to align themselves within the substance of the actual real physical world, so that they may be able to stand in equality and oneness with and as life, as this is the gift of life. Our children, our young people as life deserve to stand as the living word, and not the cry of dyslexia, isn’t this what you would want for yourself and your children?
Equal Money. Remove inequality, place in Equality
Realign yourself to life, Desteni I Process  DIP Lite Free!
Interviews about the structure of the mind consciousness system and  how our separation/fear/paranoia functions

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