Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 368 Distraction, Comparison, Competition, Judgement.

So, I am having to memorize a presentation and I notice how so many things come up as distraction, and so many judgement, comparisons and competitions. I know they go no where and are not in any way directive, so I have to stop and focus myself on the information, the whole, the parts. 

I was woking with this child, and they would do this, “ go off” become restless, but they could be talked into slowing down and looking at what they had seen. It took a lot of patience. And then they got faster and faster at it.  It is like I am having to do this for myself, to keep coming back in common sense and not let anything move me. So to speak.
I also notice that when others speak, hesitate, I become this myself, in a way, and this is even harder than doing this for myself, I will have to practice this, a lot.  It is like I am a sponge. Which is what someone said to me one time, I am a sponge. ugh
I suppose it has its benefits, one learns to listen, and this kind of listening is needed when playing music with others, which can be a very intimate experience. One opens up to another when playing, one has to, to play together. Which explains why the abuse on this earth is as it is, we are not listening to what is here, we must be listening to something that is not here, because if we listened we would not be able to take what we have accepted and allowed that exists in earth. There is no way around this. I would think that were we really listening, we would probably start screaming as much as that child crying from the pain of starvation, or that cow locked in a small cage not being able to move for months. If we don’t want such to happen to us as life, why are we allowing this for others? Money is not worth this, Thus money as how we are using it, must stop, and this must change. What we are accepting and allowing from our supposed representatives is not actions of responsibility for life, they are not listening to life. This much is very obvious. This is a problem that has a solution, and if one really listens, the common sense of it can be heard, and realized, that if there is resistance in any way, then common sense has not been heard, you are not listening. The only solution is to realize that life is the value, and that to live this value, a structure must be placed on this earth that absolutely cares for all life, within the realization that life is the value.

Equal Money The solution to bring our separation from life back to life. 
Self forgiveness process, Desteni I Process Lite. TIme to begin the journey to life. It must be done, so might as well get started. You will never look back! I dare you to find out!

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