Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 358 " Only corporations " is the warship of a false god.

“as one USAID representative says “There are things that only companies can do, like building silos for storage and developing seeds and fertilizers.””

This statement “ only companies” is an idol made into a god. This is a separation from physical reality, from the detail and specifics of physical reality. A corporation is a collection of men, and organization of men. But this collection of men have been formed into a corporation and given a label and then made the means to an end both revealing how here works and how this is turned into a singular group acting in self interest.

Thus there are truths and lies by omission within this.

Yes, it is the hands of many men that develop what is here.

Since what is here is what supports, it is to form a system that supports and respects all life, as this is the value.

A corporation as it now exists is a structure where it is believed that one level of organization and transformation and development is more than another, when it is all needed to develop and organize here, thus one level of organizing and transforming what is here as the resources of this earth is not more than another unless we accept and allow it as we are not looking at physical reality.

If the ones organizing a few at the top have become so separate from physical reality and believe themselves to be more than another, and continue a system that gives them more than another, they not only take more than they need to exist, they also have no connection to the actual physical world. They are separate from the effects their “ organizing ideas” create, and they believe that what is there on the ground is less than them because they see themselves as more-than when they are the same. This is a dis-ease of separation from life, and this lack in ease with the physical is lead by judgement absent of common sense of physical reality. The outcome is pollution, genocide, war, abuse, destruction. And we are all to blame and will suffer the consequences unless we realize our equality as life, and that this is the value. Also, that no one group or man created what was here, it was all that has been here and is here that created what is here.

We have been told that making false idols into gods was a crime against life, we have been told that usury leads to enslavement. We have been told to love our neighbors as ourselves, as we are one and equal to all that is here as we are the substance of what is here, equal and one.

The only way to stop this false worship, that is now a military industrial war-ship is to stand together and move ourselves as what we are in common sense of the physical gift of life to guide us, living what is best for all of this physical reality as being what is best for all, the animals, the plants , the soils, the water, the children, the human. We must put an end to the existent divisions placed by limited beliefs, opinions and ideas that are not all “ bad” but simply not aligned within and as what manifests an earth that is cared for and functioning without abuse, pollution, war, poverty, sexual exploitation, drugging. All things of lack as division and diversion from physical reality.

The solution is to realize our value as being life, and to place into practical living a system that supports all life. This is Equal Money. To take a tool that represents the resources of this earth and to distribute this to allow the human to have what supports them as the physical form of a human being that they are because it is the many hands of men that have and do what is needed to develop, work with, what is freely given as the gift of life as the physical, here.

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