Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 363 Education is the Responsibility of us All together.

I remember working with this girl in a fourth grade classroom where this girl had a hard time with her school work. SO, I sat with her and tried to bring some understanding within the work. I would try and get her to see a pattern in the work, through outlining the structure inherent in the form of what was being studied.
This child would often just stare at me, her pupils huge. At the time I looked at her and had the thought, because it seemed so frustrating to me, that there seemed to be nothing there, like she was not grasping anything I was saying, as though she was looking but unable to take anything in. I “ stood back” so to speak and just looked at her. And this is when I thought that it was as though there was nothing there, absolutely no movement, like she was trying to look within herself but could find nothing. I did not really understand what this was, yet I did not look at my own evaluations as the answer was there in my words to myself.
There was no structure there, there was no development within understanding what was going on, like the basics had not been developed within being able to even see a form, to grasp a form, it needed to be walked, and I had expectations that these simple things must already be developed.
Some days later, there was a parent-teacher conference. The mother of this girl came and talked with the teacher with whom I was working. He was a male.
There was never any talk of the girl. this woman only talked about herself and her life, and she then tried to pick up the teacher. I was astounded. I did not put it all together, as I was too busy being astounded that this mother had not talked about her daughter, but herself, and that she was trying to pick up a member of the community who was married. I got lost in the absurdity, which is to be lost in judgement, meaning seeing what existed and then not looking at the details, putting them together at the point it is within a continuum of development and doing the same that I was trying to do with this child, place this into a structure of movement as to what is here and from that point forming a structure to move beyond into more awareness. Instead we all remain within judgement, and run around telling stories of it, gossiping about it instead of looking at the limitation, realizing it is unacceptable and directing it forward into what would move such state of being, into awareness and within this removing the limitation and the stagnation into a more fulfilling directive state of being, and this also means forgiving that limited state, realizing it is due to a lack and nothing else, it is not something to judge and denigrate.

It is a useless practice remaining in limitation, as gossip and denigration, to hide what self realizes exists within self as well, that self simply does not want to face and direct in ways that are supportive and developmental, to form a state of being that is supportive, sustaining, considerate and productive within the whole of society.
The name calling and the limitation naming within and as back chat and gossip and peer group forming around such character assassination/assignment - nations is the use of an own ability to structure sound as we do with speaking words, that we are allowing instead to form and retain limitations of what others are within our communities. These reflections of how we are the same limitation and thus, are really acts of hiding from what we realize we are doing within ourselves as well. It is easier to create an attention on something outside of ourselves than it is to face how within the character assigning we do about others, we are really describing what we are doing to ourselves - the degrees of development not really as wide as our focus makes them as they are all within the same limited spectrum in totality. We are describing what others do because it is what we are doing ourselves, and we are using our ability to see and describe in hiding this from ourselves instead of standing up and looking at the whole and directing ourselves as being this ability to organize and direct and form and consider and help each other within our recognitions of lack within and without. It is that it is all here right in front of us and we use what we are to support limitation and maintain stagnation instead of seeing behavior as limitation indicators or directives within what is needed to develop and sustain in ways that are supportive of all of us together as one.
The thing about living in a small town is that the circles are small and when they interact news of what is going on is heard, so it is easier to see the relationships within because the connections are more visible because the circle is smaller.
There are many single moms here, and some single dads.
There are single moms that change men every so often and there are single moms who don’t. There are single moms who lay low, so to speak, they go to work and maintain themselves and their children. There are some single moms who live varying degrees of chaos and order. One cannot say that one size within behavior fits all single moms. And the idea that single women are fucking more than others is really a sever fallacy.
In a small town everyone knows what every one else is doing. I mean it gets to the point where I know who was at the local watering hole until late, especially if they have a muffler problem, because i can hear the car driving through town late at night. And there is pretty much only one place open that late. lol.
The number of women and men who swap husbands and wives is as great as or equal to the number of single women who change men. And this is not just marriages changingtowards single women, it is marriages that change because of relationships with other married people. The pool is the total pool of relationships, single and married, it has nothing to do with single women. That husband and or that wife are just as likely to fool around as that single women. Just live in a small town and this becomes obvious.
So, this mother, was an upstanding community member, she had a job and maintained an existence, as it seemed financially from the outside. Yet she did not have a man. Her care was about getting a man, and she worked it. Perhaps she did not want a man to marry and just wanted sex. From the parent/teacher conference this was more important than talking about her daughter. Obviously, she was not only this, because she did have a modicum of responsibility because she was maintaining a home. Her daughter was physically taken care of somewhat, but there was a lack in care within development in her school work, and the mother was not paying attention as her attentions were on an idea as to how she should be, meaning needing a man, and as there are women and single men who when they have the financial means or ability to structure themselves because of opportunity, they can as one parent household tale care of their children. Somewhere they were developed and able to organize themselves to some extent here.
I have also seen families where the men expect the women to take care of this, which is also unacceptable as it is the responsibility of each parent. I have seen families where the men are the ones paying attention, so men are as capable. I have seen families where both are not paying attention. All manner of care and lack exists, and I cannot really say if one is more than another, all degrees exist, thus to label one scenario as prominent is the act of wanting to make an easy scape goat or abdication idol/story to whine about to hide from self responsibility. It really boils down to this, as what labeling is and does as the state of being as labeling is not an action and consideration of having pointed out a lack and directing within what sustains and develops beyond lack into awareness. Gossip is name calling and self loathing/hiding, it is an abdication of life. It is self justification in not looking at the whole. It is self giving self’s power away into limitation and thus stagnation. This is what is allowing the existence of abuse in this world, it is how we have created the state of non-development on earth. It is what is being taken advantage of by those who have managed to control money, and they are labeling each of us as we are labeling each of us, it is just that they have taken the means to live in comfort. THey have more structure and direction, but even this is limited, as is cares for itself only which means the whole has not been realized.
The fact that what is here is not shared to support all life, to develop and care for all life, is due to being in a state of judgement that one thing is more and or less than another, one thing is a state of limitation and thus stupid, when it is being this labeling only that is the cause of the inequality and lack of an earth developed in full potential as life. Thus we are all to blame and we are all in lack as we are all not directing ourselves here within and as what is best for all, we are not taking the ability of ourselves to see and using it to support and direct everything that is here towards full awareness of what we are.
If this mother was not so obsessed with her own needs, perhaps her daughter would be further along in her development. If i had understood more readily that the daughter had had little structure in her life in terms of school work help and guidance, and had not suddenly been sitting in front of a fourth grade student with my own expectations as to what this child should be able to do already in the fourth grade then I might have been of more help. Had I, as a public school teacher at the time had more time to help this child I might have done this, but unfortunately, a public school teacher, as the present system exists cannot possibly sit and cover the missing/lost ground with each child. The public schools move within a group addressing structure and there is not time to address severe lack in one child that comes from a house hold where, for whatever reasons, the parents or parent did not, or do not, have the time to catch what was missed by a child.
So many parents are caught up in ideas of what is supposed to exist and or their own personal desires that they become a complaint instead of common sense, evaluating what is here and working with it, not blaming anything, but simply looking at what exists as the present system, all the way from the monetary to the educational and the environmental, we are all responsible for what is here and it is our responsibility to look within finding solutions instead of just blaming and spiting and name calling and labeling, as these acts of delineation only are not directive and problem solving. And since this has been going on for so long, there is a lot to realign and clean up. To begin with, it is within ourselves and the ideas we have allowed to direct us, that must be looked at and realized as not good or bad per say, but not chased after as the end all be all, as it is our self direction within what is here that is living and not an idea as a picture of what should be, and that the cause of our lack is due to something outside of ourselves, as what is here we have all accepted and allowed unless we slow down and really look at what needs to be done, within the awareness that our state of self abdication and blame has been going on for a long time and developed a system of lack, and that it will take many standing together to get this in order within and as what would be best for all as the only choice available for life on earth.
The solution to removing a lot of the financial stress that causes behaviors of fear of loss that consume and take attention away from developing our children, expecially for those who came from households where the financial lack lead to non-development because the monetary means were so limited, is a system of equal basic needs support. We as humans have basic needs that allow a development of ourselves to become self responsible and healthy enough to be able to stand and direct ourselves. Thus, equal distribution of what is needed to support what we are as human bodies, must be implemented, The structure of the present system does not support life, and as such through denial causes expressions of life that are in denial as the means is not given to give developmental opportunity. And, those of us that have had the opportunity and exposure to some level of development, and are reasonably stable, have the responsibility to realize a system that gives this, which is to be as this earth, to give as we would like to receive, as this earth gives freely, it has no one’s persons name, or no corporate logo on any resource, that logo is placed by a hand of a man, or a few men, it is only real if we accept and allow it.
Equal Money is the living manifestation within the present tools of organization on earth, of giving as one would like to receive, of realizing the basic needs of physical existence, and that it is only lack of development and the ability to develop that is being ignored as what we are as physical beings capable of becoming and living. What we are is inherent in the design of what we are as humans. The starting point of our lack of insight begins within each and every one of us. We are the cause of our own demise as how we allowed ourselves to be within, in allowing ourselves to ignore how we are all the same, and how self direction within this sameness realization is how we develop life in totality to exist within self directive equal consideration of all life.
Our consciousness , as our minds, is the voice of what we have accepted and allowed within ignoring our own common sense as life. Consciousness is the reflection of the behaviors that are the self not taking a direction into awareness, consciousness is the signifier of our state of being focus resisting life, resisting self direction as life. The behaviors of this resistance to life are in every newspaper, are in our refusal to work with nature, are in the eyes of our children, are in the pollution in our waters, our resistances show up in the malfunctions of our societies as we try and force limited ideas as labels about why what is here exists as it does.
Our minds take in forms and structures, this is not a linear only “ flat” story line, it is a from of many dimensions, which would explain why we have a media that is attempting to place screens all over the earth to distract us away from the physical natural earth, because if the forms taken in are of singular design than we are diminished and unaware of ourselves as life, and within this diminishment we lose solid substantial ground and then in our ambiguous standing we become fear, and yet this that is being done without, we have done ourselves within, so the cause is from a starting point within each of us. We are to blame.
We are lost within mono-poles, one sided one size fits all, that do not consider the multidimensional fabric of expression that is all of same substance as what is here. We have separated ourselves from this, and consciousness and our limited value system is what we accept that is a mono insight of life and this separation hides in lesser state as energyplaying out justifications for the resistance to life in judgement of trying to substantiate the fear that is the behavior of separation into what separation would create - a lesser awareness. So, the positive thought is the desireswithin the limitation, which is singular and thus the promise of which is never realized or never lasting because it is not equal and one with what is substantial, as being substantial mens being equal and one with this life supporting actual physical world, as this is what is real.
Thus the separation as mind, as consciousness must stop, and the limited ideas as mind must be realigned with the physical, as the substance of what we are as life, and then from here we begin to direct ourselves realizing that there is no real life until every physical expression on earth is in full expression as life, equal and one with and as the physical.
Bring yourself back to earth, walk out of your mind. Support a system that realizes that life is the value, that the physical world is what is real. Support the physical solution of equality, Equal Money

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