Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 345 Drug Culture is Profit. Organized Profit?

I realized after I went to this meeting about guns in my local town where the mental health expert naturally decided that what was needed was more money for mental health services, and the person defending guns stated that what was needed was more education leading to more self responsibility, that what is being said is that more support is needed to allow a person to be self responsible.
system of economic inequality does not breed self responsibility, and lack of self responsibility does not breed happiness. Usury naturally leads to economic inequality because the debt will grow bigger than the principle, as is the form of usury or interest lending. The very nature and form of this allows some to eventually own everything which means that a few decide for everyone else how things work, which is a few being responsible for the many, which is taking self responsibility away from the individual, which is in itself a lack of self responsibility and an ignorance of how the human , with education, sustaining food, shelter and clean water can become self responsible, as humans are like organic robots, in that they can be taught, and they can direct themselves as what they are composed of, which is the substance of life, which is equal and the same in all life on earth. It is only ideas that are taught that separate each of us from remembering that we are all the same and this is how the mind functions, as consciousness, as the manifestation of our accepted and allowed separation, and it is fear of survival that separates us from ourselves as life that we as mind are in and as fearing ourselves as life, fearing to stand upas ourselves as life, thus, we are not stable and equal within what we are, instead we become inferior to here as what we are, we become inferior to life.
Children that are raised in unstable environments take on the resonance of that environment as they learn the words that are used within that environment, thus if they are born into an environment of fear, economic fear, because there is not enough money as the parents are lacking in having a living wage and sustaining food, an education as to how here functions as the physical world to allow self responsibility, then this child is exposed the the state of being of those parents, and learns the same. The instability as being fear and all the behaviors as fear become what they are. This self development into fear is the product of an inability to express this as the tools as the language as the words are not enough to be able to be self responsible. If we do not have the words to express ourselves how can we understand here? I think of words as being like paint, if we do not have them how can we define what is here? On top of this, if we are born into economic inferiority within having the ability to purchase what sustains us, and or we are in constant worry about having what sustains us, we learn that state of being. So, and this varies by degree, the children that are born into economic and educational lack are the products of what we collectively have accepted and allowed, thus we are all to blame for the instability of others and the behavioral outcomes of others. And/or it is to ask the question that perhaps we are all within this same conflict, yet we exist within comparison within relatives in separation from seeing the whole. The behavior of competition is the consequence of this. Competition is a state of constant comparison to survive in a systemically allowed state of instability as a system of debt from usury as interest lending which was made clear to all of us many years ago. Usury is a crime against life. Period.
This allows some to profit more than others, as the values of what is here on earth, that was here before mankind, is bought by those who have held the principle while creating an ever growing debt as is the consequence of usury, they buy the space in the media, they buy the land , they buy the science, they buy what is here and they warp it in order to maintain their principle, as they are as separate from what they are as what is equal in all that is here, which is life, a respect for life, this that is the value. If what is the value is not what is supported , then that is lost. Given what is happening on earth, the value, the real value is clearly lost.
So this system functions as a profit for a fear, without consideration and development of the whole, thus the outcome is a whole, as the parts, that cannot function, as there is not the means and the way to be self responsible, and the environment of this creates more of the same as a reflection of this.
Some learn about and are stable enough and healthy enough to understand parts of what is necessary. Such as our gun control people and our mental health experts, but they are in separation from understanding the system in totality as well. And economically, if their positions change then they will lose what sustains them, so they are as lost within an accepted and allowed state of economic instability and inferiority in comparison to others, thus the competition to survive as how money is being used for profit for the few is the nature and form of the system. This form does not work and our state of fear for survival is a behavior made bigger that ourselves as life, this that is equal and thus this has the capacity to understand what is here as it is the substance of what is here.
So back to this meeting. A man stands up and complains about the ubiquitous drug culture permeating all of American society. Obviously, drugs bring in a profit and diminish the capacity of the human to become self responsible as many choose to escape the worry and fear of survival, which we all do to varying degree or alcohol and sugar would not be on every shelf and in what is local in all towns.
Which brings me to an article about Afghanistan, where the American military is present. This machine built by those who have the profit, the principle in a system of debt known as usury, which we all accept and allow.

Would you grow wheat at .43 cents a kilogram or poppy at 203$ a kilogram if you were a farmer with a family?
And what makes this difference in price? Why is what sustains not monetarily supportive and what destroys and separates from reality so profitable? Why have American children been sent to kill and be killed for this outcome? Why are Afghanistan children living in cities of rubble for this outcome? If a few own the principle, as the value given to money, a piece of paper, where did the guns come from? The debtors are in debt, they are in the negative and thus don’t have the money to produce the guns, and if anything will take a job building guns even if guns are against their principles as beliefs, because what is the bottom line, as the lowest rung on this pyramid scheme, is survival.
Self responsibility does not work in a system of inequality, as profit , where money has been accepted and allowed to determine who lives and who dies, a behavior of no respect for life, and thus a system that does not support life because it has made money a god instead of life being the value.
There is a ubiquitous drug culture in America because we accept and allow it, each of us. Our so called “ policy makers” as what our politicians are, are not creating a structure that respects life, supports life, gives the right to life, gives the response of and as life as what we are.
In abdicating our self responsibility we have formed a system that takes our self responsibility from us, showing us to ourselves what we have accepted and allowed, and also showing us that we as a collective have created this, and thus we as a collective must change this to put an end to our states that are a lack of self responsibility.

Imagine trying to play in an orchestra where the flute player has lost a finger in a drone strike? Or imagine a Bass player who’s instrument is cracked because the worker that transported it had a hangover because he did not have enough of a living wage to give his son lessons in a discipline that child loved and his anxiety and sense of hopelessnesswas so great he did not pay attention when he was at work - I mean wouldn’t something like this upset you? What each and every one of us accepts and allows hasconsequences that effect each and every one of us. Within this accepted and allowed systemic inequality via self interested profit using the tool of money as the divider, taking the ownership of what is here to support life and allowing a few control of this, and thereby taking our self responsibility, which we have accepted and allowed because at this point we are afraid of change, is self destructive, and this is not a choice. What is needed is the removal of such a system, and the placement of a system that supports all life, realizing that life is the value. The way and the means are here, we know how to grow food, we know how to keep water clean, we know how to build sustainable housing, we know that education and a stable environment produce capable children. To not stand and support a system that respects and cares for life, that gives the right of life, as what life is, what is needed to sustain itself and become self responsible, is a crime against life. Thus there is one choice, and that choice is what is best for all, which is what is best for self.
Mankind has orchestrated abuse on earth through blame and spite through self abdication as life within self. Self forgiveness is about bringing self back to and as life as what self is, fearing not to stand as self as life. This is the way to birth life, to stand as life in support of life, realizing this is what is equal in all that is here. Taking time, as the past and bringing it here, stopping projections in to the future and bringing this here, equal and one with the physical, as the physical is living here. the physical changes and through aprocess lives and does so symbiotically. This is the gift of life, this is the experience that is self realizing life, to withhold this gift through fear of change is to deny life.
Support a system of Equal Life, Support Equal Money. There is no real life until all the instruments of the orchestra of life that is here as earth as the physical are performing with ease and self awareness in self responsibility. This is why the only choice is equality. With one dictating what is created is a monoculture, and monocultures do not work because they lack dimension. Just look at the state of our waters, and our animals.
Remove the resonance of the past imbedded within as this system of inequality that is each of us in a state of irresponsibility chasing and looking for something else to stand and be responsible for us (of which is manifest as consciousness as mind), which cannot be done as it does not work, the interest of you is to be yourself as life, this is the principle - you as life is the value. Gift yourself your birth right, the right to life as what you are, and this means the right to an education, the right to sustaining food, the right to clean water, the right to proper shelter so that you are a member performing with the orchestra of life as earth, as one as all as equal. The few who have managed to be the most brutal in taking more, are as afraid of each of us as they are of themselves as they are as separate from life as each of us by our own acceptances and allowances.

It is time for Equal Money and self forgiveness to clean up the self interested resonance of a morality in separation from life, and to create a system that develops and educates all equally to become self responsible. Direct Democracy where all vote as a human right to understand what is best for all, to give to you would like to receive, a life of equal measure realizing life is the value.

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