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Day 352 Methods of Division

One time I talked about Methodism. It was decided at the time that the name fit the crime. And crime it is.
The workers in England were drinking too much gin. The cause was that with the advent of gin, cheap alcohol was now available for the working/laboring classes. So, there needed to be a way to get this under control. Hence “ methodism”. It was a religious denomination to bring the inebriated laborers “ in line” and producing the goods for society.
Now this religious denomination is moving their way up in American culture. Or so they think. And I have had it said to me based on my cultural upbringing denomination, that they, the methodists “ work for their money”. I always wanted to laugh, but in this group, women are not supposed to laugh at men.
I also went to a few embassy parties in Switzerland. And I noticed that it did not matter so much the race, but the class, as within each race, the women more towards the “ top” of the pyramid were educated. They managed their weight better, moved with seemingly more ease, were more open and conversational. They could be Indian, or Spanish, or French or Turkish. It did not matter.
So the common thread was that the upper classes tended to educate their women and the lower did not.
Now an educated mother would tend to create a more stable environment, also because she would probably connect with a more educated man. Thus, financially the wholefamily life would be more stable, and thus the children would be more stable and exposed to a broader vocabulary. I have read, or heard that the intellectual capacity of the child is based on the education of the mother, generally, as the first seven years the child would normally spend time with the mother, as the father is usually out working. So, in general ( as there is also data within educational studies that if one takes the time to look, a non-educated parent can work with a child and learn with the child, and achieve the same results as those, that more than likely will do well in school because they came, from a background of higher level educated parents)
So, back to Methodism. The gender roles are very clearly defined and regulated. The woman serves the man, she cooks, she cleans, she keeps her mouth shut and defers to the man. This would not happen within a stable environment where the girl children were expected to get an education, to marry a man who was educated and thus raise children, as that girl child would need to be able to practice communication and conversation and also be treated more as an equal to feel secure and participate in discussion, as the very treatment of the girl and her own self esteem would need to be developed and made secure so that she could then raise children within a secure environment, and thus maintain the continued development of educated children.
If a women is raised within a “ lower ecelon” within a system of inequality, how would that suppression of her self esteem and intellectual development be maintained to ensure that she was not educated, not verbal, subservient and therefor undeveloped so that her children would become of the same caliber as herself, lacking in what she lacked?
One way is to create leveled religious denominations with specific gender and authority role play. This, becoming automatic with each succeeding generation, with each generating of children within the lack of development and thus the same or similar emotional and feeling natures, these a separation from self as life, unknown , unseen, consuming, to the point where these “ lacks” as separation, as parts made huge because they are not resolved, these would seek like “ state of separation as energy” as whine of separation, thereby as an individual action being expressions of woe, unrest and as a collective of like minded , “ conscious” methodic development within defined limitations , such would come together, gravitate towards one another and therefor perpetuating the same picture - emotional/feeling show again and again.
Therefor, it would make sense that despite race, one could meet a woman from another race and be able to converse with them at relative ease, immediately because the construct is the same.
This can vary by degree, and this can then be made huge, the slight variations by degree, and this difference made really big, a slight of hand by degree, and thus class exists,division within development based on ideas of role and gender, and within each level the status quo of the whole maintained. The separation that are so slight, and that reveal that the nature of man, the living expression of man, can be controlled by what is given and allowed and by what is not given, not allowed. And this means that there is something beyond the totality of all this withheldness varying by degree. This means that all of this must stop. It is a game of division that is the cause of all the abuse existent on earth. And what has been the part given, either a little or more than, is, all of it, not reality, it is so caught up in itself that it can no longer see what is real , here under our feet.
Yes, there are exceptions to these general rules I have outlined above. The point is that the rules are the limitations to the ability shown by the exception! The laws, as the ideas and beliefs within class are the limitations that are the cog in the wheel, that diminish awareness as the role as idea is made a self definition and touted to validate self within feeling like they are within a place but this is illusion as it is not self as life in being self in full potential. And the byproduct of this limitation of self as life absolutely are the existential excesses of abuse to the physical, as self, as actions of brutality to women, men and children, as sexual abuse, as substance/drug abuse, as alcohol addiction, as mental disease, as psychotic behaviors. One can never suppress, as what is suppressed will inevitable find a release, a reckless release, as there has been given no directive that takes the total life of each of us as humans into our full potential. The means are here, but this must be given as self by self to all, as anything that does not develop a human being fully is a crime against life, because this is life not being allowed to be.
This is why the prevention of abuse is the best cure of abuse, the end of the suppression of life as the human away from and as accepted and allowed limited self definitions within gender, class, race, nationality, education, color etc. as one being more than another, the parts being of a inter-dimensional system as consciousness as mind that accumulates within as expressions as energy, a lesser expression of self as life from being in equality and oneness with self as life realizing this same “ force: as life in all, being connected and one with it. A living proof of this would be the end of abuse, as what is equal in all would be realized as this substance as the sound of life, is the value. Thus to not see this is to be separate, as to see this would mean the end of dis-ease in life. Since there is so much dis-ease in life at present, here on earth, what we are, as what we believe, as what we speak, as what we create, as what we accept and allow on earth, as war, and rape and pollution, as poverty as neglect of children and animals and plants are indicators of our separation.
And this consciousness is a collection of relationships made huge without directive principle as awareness as self as life, manifest as the actual living of the words, give as you would life to receive, love your neighbor as yourself, respect life and it will respect you back. But first the mind as consciousness as the voices of comparison and fear of loss, of anxiety, of past events and playouts of superhero dreams as the power of suggestion via our movies and our fairy tales and our beliefs, opinions and ideas, brought forth and placed all around us by those who have managed to accumulate money, as in holding the principle and the resources, believing these can be owned and selling this idea to each of us, gathering up the space here in their self interested name and branding this everywhere using the fire of electricity in a glass tube, building “ test tube” babies as our minds with which we then dream our lives away never really living. We have accepted and allowed a matrix as consciousness as mind without and within. This a separation from life. The only way to see this is to stop the mind. And the mind can be stopped.
We are not living with life, with earth, with the physical world here. We are as a consequence rejecting life. The amount of abuse and pollution and destruction is a testament to our separation from life. And we are failing the test as this to prove ourselves worthy of life as we are not becoming equal to and as it.
Become yourself as life, listen to the eqafe interviews, inner views. The voices of those who consumed the dictates of the mind, as limited values constructed of past events and as inequalities and un-acceptances of life as self trying to resolve and justify separation and living as hope only, a dream of something better, when it is that life is here, right here, as it should be.
Stand up and support a system of equality to and as life as what we are, with Equal Money. Build an Equal Life foundation for earth. Realize the right to life and all the needs of the physical for all of this physical world must be met into and as the order of supporting life of which every person, and thing on this planet is as its nature and form in full expression the sound as self as the muse of life. it only means letting self be self here.
I would listen to the Eqafe interviews on Parenting, to see, understand and realize how we become what we become from day one. Listen to the After death interview of the person who died from being struck by lightning. Learn to see the shadow of your lesser self you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become, this which occupies your life experience as how you believe you will survive. In the end, what will be realized within accepting this half measure of self, is that you have not survived life, as you have never accepted and allowed the gift of life to be you as what you are.

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