Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 347 Are our politicians a representation of our suppressions?

Are our politicians tested to be able to choose what is best for all?
We vote for men to represent us, to make decisions about how this world is organized to support the life that is here. Thus those that represent us are responsible to all life as us. But is this really what is happening? Are our politicians capable of being of sound mind in respect to taking into consideration all life as them, as being of the same substance as them and thus equal to them?

I read about a study done on fruit flies that ate organic foods being compared to fruit flies that ate the present system of organization as the industrial complex’s agricultural foods. The fruit flies that ate the organic foods were healthier and stronger. This study was done by a high school student who took the time to study this, which means it does not take too much to watch the actual physical world and see what is best. I mean this was a child that had not gotten some university degree. They simply looked at the physical world.

If we say that a fruit fly is not a human and thus comparisons cannot be made because the form is different we are not looking at the physical world and the components of the physical world.

That fruit fly is composed of the same basic parts: water, lipids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, cells, molecules, atoms. All these things are working in tandem in similar ways within all that is the physical world.

We also know that there is an electrical charge flowing through all things. Studies show that being in touch with the earth is beneficial as it allows electrical flow to move through us. This is the same for all life as the building blocks of life are the same in all of us, it is the degree of the amount that varies. Naturally, if these building blocks are stable and in working order then this contributes to the whole as these are transferred from one to another.

In this respect all disease, meaning a lack in moving at ease here, is the cause of not choosing what is best for all, which means looking at what is happening within the physical environment and doing only that which supports the physical absolutely. It is obvious when a river is clean and flowing, it is obvious when a child is healthy, it is obvious when a cow and/or a chicken can walk on its legs. We have systems that are not ensuring that this is the physical state of all things, a state of health, which means that those we have elected to be responsible for us are not doing their jobs.

And we are all to blame for this, as we have allowed money to represent life, so we are all stuck within trying to acquire money before what is best for all life, before what supports all life. We choose half measures to ensure money for survival without considering the physical world, this that is us. So we reject ourselves as life, as the physical. Do we accept half measures as ourselves , justifying our personifications of half, quarter, eighth measure as how aware we are of life, mimicking the lessoning value of our currency as more and more is printed devaluing the whole. What are the consequences of this? Who ends up with the principle value? The banks? And are we so busy, so consumed as the voice of justification that we have lost our way within our accepted and allowed act of separation from our principle selves? Is aging into disease the physical manifestation of our separation?

Our politicians are simply a representation of what we allow individually, they are the actions of each of us in the extreme, they are a mirror of what each of us has accepted, collectively. The only way to change this is to change within and then to stand together without to bring a change on earth that recognizes the physical world as functioning in specific ways that are visible. Polluted waters, weak animals full of tumors that we then eat, children that cannot focus here, these are the consequences of not working within practical common sense of how the physical world functions.

We allow the structure of the physical to be manipulated wanting to force this into an easy compliance, an idea of an easy maintenance but it is not working because it is simply an act of trying to fix consequences from having ignored the physical world in the first place, thereby simply compounding the problem, and in the process deciding we own the “problem fixer” as though we are gods using our ignorance to have money flow in our direction as our attention is on money as survival instead of the physical world as what supports us. This is simple common sense. So our choices are always based in self interest in terms of always chasing the money instead of realizing what is real as the physical and that without the physical we are dead, we are non existent, we are not here. Living what is best for all is visible and not allowing anything but this is to care about what comes after us, our children and all that is here as the animals and the plants and the soils, everything. What exists on this physical world reflects our state of being. The physical is the state of being, it is the manifestation of life. It is what is real. It is right here, right in front of us. I mean why would life hide in some fantastic projection? It simply would not, it would just be. The earth is life simply being, here. It would have nothing to hide because it is life. Being life is the value.

The illusion placed is that there is something more than this. Our consciousness is simply a representation of an idea that there is something more than simply being a physical expression of life. We are fearing to allow life to actually physically flow through us, and thus we are so busy projecting an idea to justify separation, that we suppress the life that we are. This suppression is an acceptance as a state of being as ignorance. What we are living is the consequence of this suppression.

The only way out is to accept the physical as the life that it is. This means changing money to what supports the physical world, for the moment, as it is organizing how the values we have created from the resources of the earth move, here. This means taking our shoes off and getting in touch with what is real, the physical world, as this is life, the manifestation of the expression of life.

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