Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 366 What is a prophett, the prophet of a system of inequality known as profit?

Day 366

What is a prophet? Someone who uses some common sense within looking at patterns of behavior, the limitations as a collection of ideas , opinions and beliefs, creating a limited form directed by its selected dictates? A collection of values made huge, warping the substance of here as it takes only parts and builds a construct as a road map of directives and in the process separates from the physical world here? Creating an alternate reality? Much like the present use of technology in tandem with the form and function of usury? Usury being a form that funnels money into the hands of a few, who also have road maps built of values, an inner quantum map made bigger than life? The memories, as stories that are the imagery built of play out of the limited values selected? The machine as the form of usury via the hard-drive as the banking system? Driving that money hard to a few for control?
So a prophet is simply someone that begins to read the map, this map as mind as consciousness, its own separation projecting a halo/bubble/around each of us, that upon death the edges of which pop like the surface of soda pop in a cup? The energy release of the “ gases” of built up energy as the vapid life lived feeding off the physical, and upon death evaporates as it has no equality with the substance of life as the physical?  The outflow of this pattern here is that if you have a halo, you are standing on hollow ground and you have wasted your life as a lesser being, thus heaven is hell and earth, well many live in hell, is the only point where heaven can exist. And we were all told this by Christ, that we had to bring what we called heaven to earth. So, we cannot blame anyone, as we have been told, we simply did not listen. We made our memories of more import than physical reality. I mean, how can a picture in the mind be more than what is physically real here? In all common sense!
It really is all backwards, and it has to stop. Prophets simply stand back and look at the patterns of our accepted and allowed behaviors, and thus then read the pattern. Rarely, if ever, has there been a solution. The solution is to look at the pattern here as the systemic form is the dictate of how here is moving, and to realize that this form is not being supportive and then, in all common sense to change it. If one cannot see this, then the road map of memory has become very big, thus one has to slow way the fuck down, give up the memories, and look at what is here, right in front of us and how it is moving, without any fear of loss, and realize what is here must change how here moves what is here, the very structure of our system is not supporting here, not working with here, in some ways yes, not all is bad, there is good here, but this must be reformed. Those who are benefitting from what has been accepted are only benefitting on limited levels, as they are not life either, they are limited, stuck behind their desks, monitoring their “ more than” and also in separation from being equal and one with this physical world. Yes, they can go and get in an airplane/jet when ever they want, and fly off to their islands whenever they want, they have food, comfort, shelter whenever they want where ever they go, but have they developed themselves, used all of themselves as their human physical bodies, or do they spend all their time maintaining their wealth and having all the toys, which I would think would become boring after a while, because in a way it is limiting? Is there any real substance in their lives or just toys, big ones?
The point is that what is here can be used to equalize us with and as the physical to develop ourselves into a full potential as in moving with and as the physical here, but in order for this to happen, we must all be equal to the physical, which means we need a system that supports life absolutely. It is like the REAL “ toy” is earth in all her physical aspects, and we are ignoring the BEST “ toy” around! It is so ridiculous when one realizes what will be said is WTF was I thinking! And, lol, as usual the answer is in the words, “ You idiot! it was that you made thinking HUGE! More than life itself!”
I think, therefor I am an idiot. Our history is made of incomplete sentences. If there is room for ambiguity there are questions to be asked. If a person reacts when the walk is through the ambiguity, then you know that person is lost in memory, and the quest through the incomplete just is not on their map, so the answer might be ( which I have gotten A LOT) , “ we don;t go there”, or - and this is a good one, “ we don’t like people like you.”  Here the demon in me wants to start laughing. This is self abdication in placing an idea onto an object and then blaming the object for a movement in common sense, it is hating life because life is an expression, a movement, from nothing to something, in each moment, the map holders don’t want to let go of the map, and throw a tantrum when anyone suggests looking up from the map. So, laughing at someone who says something like, “ we don’t like people like you here” triggers the behavior of self interested salvation, and then naturally the response to laughter is “ You hurt my feelings” and yes, I am looking at more than what is on your map, and that will hurt that energy focused on that limited value map, yes it will, but this “ hurt” is really to stop the ‘hurt” of self in separation from being equal and one to and as life, to bring one back in common sense of what is real, the physical, where hurt does not exist.
The yoke is on YOU!
Let's come back to life, Equal Money.
Bring your yoke back to equality with life.  Forgive yourself, walk the Desteni Lite course. It is Free.
Listen to the consequence of separation and how we did this to ourselves. Eqafe. Some interviews are FREE

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