Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 350 It is many hands that care for earth.

How can we work with what is here, as the physical if we cannot move within completely understanding what is here, to come together with what is here, to become pregnant with what is here, meaning to form a concept of what is here and develop this to a greater and greater degree, where we build on the smallest parts and see/look at how these move as a whole as the physical and not idea only?
If we are in fear, in uncertainty, in anxiety, we are seeing only a potential for loss, and the being within a potential for loss as our behavior means that we are not in awareness of what is actually physically here, as what is here is a form, which means that it is a conception. Who would create such a conception and deny understanding of it? Why create something and not want understanding of it? It is just a form. There would be no point in not allowing/sharing the forms of what is here, to allow them to be seen, understood and enjoyed, and the whole process of seeing, enjoying and moving with the forms of what is here would be the value. We all, well most of us, love to play with the form of water, many of us go on holidays just to play, swim, be on, move on, immerse ourselves in water. It is a substance as a form, made of the same elements as ourselves. It is a from of life, here.
Words are the same, a means of using sound to place into forms to communicate, kind of like playing with water if we stop and look at this in a certain way. So denying the development of each of us within this, is like denying the development of self and denying the chance to be and become equal and one with and as words, as the “ substance “ of communication, using words to describe the forms of what is here as this physical world of which is composed of forms for us to enjoy and work with.
But what if this earth that is composed of the forms of things , this that sustains us, is believed to be owned by a few, who then obviously do not understand the forms or they would not in any way what-so-ever allow any amount or kind of abuse to come to what is here, especially as the men on earth as they have chosen to be, cannot create what is here. The awareness of what created what is here, is awareness and respect for the forms that are here. It is the use of what is here that disrupts a movement with here as an experience is in a state of communication and ease.
So, we have accepted and allowed a system that is not equal in understanding, to the forms that are here, and this inequality is fear, as fear is being in separation from being able to direct self, here. Fear is a belief of loss, a lie by omission of here, a skimming of the surface of here, a rejecting of what self is as life here. A state that does not move in development of being conception of here and thus respect for what is here.

Our consciousness is a mirror of our separation, a mirror of a fantasy that we fear losing, as it is only parts of here, selected, or allowed, where others have been rejected. An ignorance of the forms and how they move here.
This was taught as this is what has been here, as this is the state of generations of people on this planet, generations of people who have worked with what is here in not looking at what is here. THough in some instances people have looked here, so what is needed to support here is already discovered it is only at this point to realize this, accept what is here and work with it, to accept here, absolutely.
So, if a separation from here was the state of man on earth, and this is what is given to each child, then this continues. It is the continuance of selected values that become the means to survive within systemic consequence of separation that has been going on for a long time, and this is something that needs to be realized and realigned and “ cleaned up”, or, placed back into the order as the forms of what is here function as, to remove the separation that is the cause of the abuse on earth. All the abuse on earth is the cause of not respecting the forms of life here, not allowing here to exist as life and instead forcing what is here into fulfilling the limited values that hold no real substance and thus as limited ideas hold no real full potential development.
The tool of the mind to image the forms here are imagining limited states of being, and thus building personalities of abuse, of ignorance, an e-go of limitation. And we wonder why our relationships do not work, are so difficult?
We even have a president that supposedly said to “ get down on your knees and kiss the hand that feeds you.” That is a statement of a real separation from life, and he believes this, and those behind him who prompted such a statement is the manifestation of insanity, of complete lack in conceptual form taking in ability, with how this earth works. It is this earth that provides the substance of what sustains us, and it is the hands, the many many many hands of men that have for generations developed and made a value of what is here that sustains us. To have skimmed this actual form of earth into a limited idea of “ a hand” that is what sustains us, is a complete disconnect from life. It is the personification of illusion, ignorance and separation from reality.
That is a person omitting physical reality as form and function, and projecting a fantasy as a limited belief that “A hand feeds” is, an organizing and/or an administering hand ONLY, as himself, as the government, forgetting that the government was formed by the people for the people to organize this world, this physical world into what supports life. Somehow instead of remembering this, a lesser idea as self aggrandizement has become the singular personification of our president and the men around the president, as the men who sit in offices moving pieces of paper around completely disconnected from the earth, no longer able to conceive of the form of earth as the physical in any capacity. Had they, then this world would not have a hollywood like picture show of a military story played out in Boston with a subsequent announcement of cities needing drones while many Americans lack jobs and food and housing. And the ability to organize such a show, in and as being able to organize, says loud and clear that organizing exists, it is what is being organized and the directives of this organization by men who are completely disconnected from a conceptual ability of what is real as the physical form of earth, earth being what provides for men to be able to use their many hands to conceive with and become pregnant with what is here as that which is equal in all life, as the very substance of life here.
The images in the minds of out supposed representatives are of self idolization, of self aggrandizement where this idol of self has been made bigger that reality, where a organizing movement has been considered “ god-like” and thus justifiable as in being the hand that feeds, ignoring all the cogs and wheels and HANDS and generations and earth resources that enable the existence and viability of being life here. This is serious ego illness/separation from life, from reality, and the abusive effects of this lack of awareness of physical reality in common sense and practical application of indeed taking care of this earth are lost in self interested survival. And yet, this is the cause of all men on earth, having abdicated self responsibility as life. This state of separation lacking a state of being here, is simply one and the same in all of us that have the ability to investigate and realize this present system known as capitalism that uses usury and has made money what determines life is a separation from physical reality.
And all because our chosen organizers fear what fear, losing the elevated position of being more-than on a scheme of inequality that has created many more “ less thans” of which no one wants to exist as.Being confined within limited development is a separation from life. Who wants to be separate from life, who does not want the opportunity to swim in water, to work with words with ease, to be here and able to interact and communicate with others? This is the natural inclination of life, this is communication with life, this is acceptance of life. Our politicians are standing limitations speaking delusions of grandeur. And they believe this to such an extent that they believe that drones should be here to protect, but what is really being said, as the limited conception, is that we need to control and maintain our personification of grandeur. They are no different that the loonies doing the same thing in other institutions, the ones that we also separate from life.
If a life is not developed , then is has no self direction, it is in a state of lack. What would be the behaviors of such? If what is taught is of limited insight then what would the actions of that form of life be and become? If what is needed for life is not given what happens? Behaviors of survival, behaviors of lack? The from of our present system of organizing this world is not working, it has not organized a system that respects the form of life that is here. Just open the newspaper and read, the behaviors of lack are becoming bigger and bigger, closing in. Thus it is time to remove the system of lack, as this is what it is and in it’s inability to see its own self aggrandizement and thus to give up its delusional state of believing itself to be more than, the collective that allowed and accepted this must stand together, conceive together and form a system that supports all life. There is enough here, and naturally, what is presented within limited descriptions of here by those who cannot see here, as the news and media and education, are not of practical common sense of the actual physical reality; the capacity of us to grow and transport enough food, the ability of us to work together, the capacity of a child to develop when in a stable environment.
If we look at what is happening in Detroit where there are no longer supermarkets, and thus, where the people are using the land to grow food to sustain themselves, we see that we as men, with two hands are capable of working with this earth as the form of this earth and taking care of ourselves, creating stable environments. What is best for America is a stable world where all children are raised in stable environments, having education, food, shelter and clean water. This would make a stable world where what is here as the form of earth here, providing our needs and using the many hands of men that are the hands that use what gives as this earth, thus it is to respect this earth, as it is this earth that gives, it is the MANY hands of men that develop a value from it. The action of organization is also needed but it is not to make this of greater value than any other action in the process of existing on this earth, as all are needed to sustain life. Every movement, every action is to be respected as equal and one as what is needed to create stability on earth, And stability on earth is what is best for America. period. This is an action of sharing and working with. Thus actions of bombing and war are in direct opposition to life.
It is like we are taking away self responsibility, or not allowing its development and then getting mad at the thing not developed when it did not have the opportunity to do so!
And we have accepted and allowed a system of money, where the principle of money is owned and printed by a few, and the non existent interest is indebted to the many, this which does not exist and therefor can never be repaid. Our present system is the delusion of one thing being more than another, and thinking, conceptualizing that one form is more than another is a separation from the functioning and needs of life, here. This is so simple.
Time to change our accepted and allowed limited conception and come back to earth, come back to what is real as life, which is this physical earth, this that feeds us, this that allows the many hands of men to exist.

President Obama did not place in the policies alone, what has been developed was done by generations of men, and is done by many hands. It can be done because it has been done. It only takes standing up and organizing and collectively coming together to form a party to stand in politics and vote in what ensures a care and respect for life, understanding what builds stable environments to produce stable children that can communicate and be all that they are as life, to remove behaviors of lack, to remove reactions of frustration and inability to communicate and interact, to remove behaviors of survival on an earth that gives without judgement, without making one thing more than another as can be seen in the very symbiotic nature of earth where there does not exist a from of monopoly. What exits in earth is an interaction of a variety of forms which is what creates and orchestra of life, a heaven on earth, a variety of life, here.

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