Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Structure and Pressure Day 813

One of the things I notice within moving into restoring a natural ability to be present in this reality, is the idea of pressure. Meaning, if I can walk into a room and read the people in the room to engage with those I deem “ interesting,” then what I am reading is varying degrees of pressure as holding beliefs and opinions and ideas; which overall is a construct of perception about reality in relation to survival, as what is a “ more “ in terms of defining myself in this one life. 

I am looking at pressure, with my physical body, as being a form of resistance, and as being what I allow as I stand as something, be it a word or an idea. The idea of myself being made larger than the life around me, as I allow this to define who and what I am and forgetting to realize that everything around me is the same as me. Within this I am living in a creation that is a geometry of form, to which I miss if I allow what I define myself as, as being more than this reality.

I can be so self in-volved in my mind, as beliefs, opinions and ideas that I spend my life weaving that in front of me instead of standing equal and one within it as a pressure of values I am in the presence of that is somewhat “ in front of me” as though I am juggling imagery, or I can be self honest and respect this reality, realize the value of it as life, and realize my own resonant belief system that I built, that I allowed according to the culture, the human social environment into which I was born that was of the same. And yet, because of a focus on a practiced as embraced and self built resonant construct, this lead to that limited construct being the motivation of who and what I am. I mean, I PRACTICED THIS with consistency, as what I hold within myself is what comes to motivate my actions, just as a musician practices moving within a certain form to master that movement, creating easy cross reference of that form to the extent a continual cross reference with all aspects of the discipline has motivated effective performance!

In this, the opposite in and of and as self nullification as self derogation can build a personality that motivates resistances to reality, and become reactive every time the outer world does not meet that inner world which is living a protection and defense instead of real present living! The amazing thing about this is that this shows great creative capacity, and the ability to live a full life as one can reflect this reality, and move with and as it, which I believe to be what it means to not only create heaven on earth, but also form a more harmonious life experience - one that in some ways, would have more of an eternal quality. Ego is the distraction from realizing this. It is the dis-ease of not realizing being present in reality. 

If someone were to be more present, within a society of limited moralities as resonant structures that are of a pressure, a weight, as what one carries and stands within and as, then those with greater presence, would be shunned by those caught in a resonant morality that is a construct in separation from that reality which makes that person’s life possible! As has been referenced by Christ, it has been said that to step outside of that social/cultural collective morality, father would be in conflict with the son, and daughter would be in conflict with the mother, the family would be in conflict with those who step outside of a false inner construct of morality, one that is built from environmental practices turned into rituals. That morality a creation of the human, and not a creation that respects all things, taking the good as what does no harm, because one must give as one would receive . It is to forgive this, and refocus and rebuild a relationship to this living reality. It is a physical reality, it is bringing one’s heaven down to earth, to birth self as life, equal and one.

Self honesty blows up the inner morality and sees its detriment to the life that one is.  Self forgiveness of a false and limited morality, that is of a weight, or pressure on the organ as the human body, releases that and aligns it with reality. It corrects its imbalances. 

The problem is that one’s inner resonant construct comes to motivate because it compounds as what one has practiced, even when the consequences are resistances to what would build greater and deeper relationships with this reality. If one’s social network is caught in the borders of a resonant and limited-because-it-lacks-connection-to all-things-mind consciousness system,  it will cause isolation and an inability to connect with anything other than that resonant ego construct. It creates a marker of NOT even being able to transpose what another says and does that may be intrinsically the same! One loses all ability to transfer the tasks, which is real creative and critical thinking skills development. 

One marker of this is getting lost in assumptions, which is forgetting how one came to compose a resonant structure that is causing conflict with the greater world. I remember within playing the violin, that one cross references one’s movements, and remembers the small things practiced, in which one can move with super speeds, and remembering how all of that ability to be present developed as a series of steps. It was more a dynamic interaction than a linear development. It moved within personal, mind, brain, social and physical relationships working in tandem, sensing the pressures the tensions, where something was not moving with ease, and where something was “ correct” because of a sense of balance or of being in tune. It is the same within respecting all things as this physical reality, where this reality is created and where if one is in respect of this reality, what is eternal is more visible, and one realizes that one cannot accept what causes harm or what suppresses opportunity in what develops the potential of each as life to realize being equal and one to all things, as the physical. 

One references this world around one and not only a resonance of memorized ideas about things as that is not real experience. That is a mis-use of the mind, or that imagination, visible in the resistances to reality, where one can sense this because of pressures in the body. One is not moving with ease. One is not silent and respecting what is here, as this reality. One is projecting.

I can stand in my own resonance and blow it up, to correct it, to forgive and realign, through knowing myself as my acceptances and allowances within beliefs, opinions and ideas that I never lived, that are more based on knowledge and information rather than experience. 

I must synch what is within with what is here, as the physical, to realize a presence of all things and rebuild the words I have accepted to be aligned with the practical reality, to practice a focus of and as a relationship of respect of my words to what is here. This, in itself is practicing being grounded here, self honest with what is here, knowing each step, to place my attention towards the physical. This is more of a pressure that is of no pressure within in a way. It removes assumptions, made visible in that one can remember the sequences of development or building as alignment to this reality. Here, one would remember what happened yesterday, today and tomorrow. I can only fathom it would mean the end of time.

I cannot fear a false morality, or the cry of “ not wanting to die” of such a resonant entity. It is simply a state of non-focus on this reality, and as such, it is a cry for life. That resonant shadow as what has been accepted and allowed as practiced that has come to motivate one’s actions, as one’s spells, will resist change. It is like a dog needing real training. In the beginning, it will take more time to correct a lack of correct action because it is harder to correct a mistake than it is to have learned something correctly from the get go. Yet, this is a gift, to ensure that one realizes the only solution has no short cuts, as the real solution is to always investigate, as cross reference until one senses what is in tune, what has a more eternal quality to it. 

This reminds me of the novel “ Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” as I found upon reading that novel that there are no short cuts, as one must realize each part, care for it, and place it in a way that one knows it, has awareness of it, and can therefor piece it back together after taking it apart. Putting all the parts back and finding a remaining piece, will extend the time it takes in the practice of caring for what one constructs, as one does not have the ability to motivate the machine without all the parts working in tandem. Taking things apart and putting them back together would lend a sense of each part and the interlocking whole. That would be amazing! 

The way I see this at the moment, is that each word must be placed and learned with a living relationship to reality, a living experience of the words, to the extent one remembers how one became more present towards life, which manifests as a capacity to realize the path of least resistance in others, which is, a state of realizing there is no such thing as criticism! Which is awesome. It also lends a joy of silence, of being still to listen and to hear separation and what is real, as the physical. The moment we are in assumptions, and cannot remember the joy of becoming more present, is the moment we rushed the construction of who and what we are.  And, to note, that we will make mistakes in this process, because that is how we learn, how we become more present in creation, which is earth, which is physical and works in expansive abundance when we realize that this here, is life. There is no such thing as an after-life. This here, is it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Summing up counter-intuitive Assumptions Day 812

In the order of aligning presence with this reality, the sounds one makes must in all ways consider all things, as the order of mis-alignment is the absence of the whole story, of which one can recognize a mis-alignment through the leverage of inflammatory language and label, when an object is created that has a value placed onto it. This is a form of distortion, that is recognizable in the polarizing values that make a label of something like an entity that separates from looking at all consequence. It is as though it ignores outcomes in the physical reality.

Two examples on the world stage is the fracking industry. Here, there are anecdotal stories seeping through from the participants of this reality, as the people living on the ground, experiencing their water becoming less than pure water, as they ignite that water to show the impurities of gas having seeped into the water. The workers in this industry knowing this is happening, and saying to the people on the ground to sue, when those same people are so economically suppressed they do not have the means, a form of a preemptive strike in the favor of the industry at the detriment of the indigenous wildlife and the future generations, as the fault can then in itself be made into a profit. It is an inversive way of resource use, one that can only lead to less and less resource to be used. It is the very design of destruction.

Also the vaccine industry. Since the onset of vaccines parents have screamed that the children are being harmed. The parents screaming harm are like the wicked witch outside the castle, they are those living on the ground, like the farmers whose land is being poisoned. The voice of those seeing the outcomes of the laws dictated from that centralized self interested broadcast casting a spell, as a math, of limited design, that could be called ignorance, as an absence of recognizing all things that is what that castle is and does. Our so-called representatives that are not living by the made-public-notice-in-every-elementary-school, of and as the principle of choosing only that which is best for all, this demanding a constant balancing out of actions to realize what respects the total fabric of this living, breathing, physical reality called life manifest as this earth, this heart, this heart of beingness. 

That centralized regime, a living construction that hears only what is supportive of it, calling the woman, that "wicked" witch that attempts to stop the princess from entering the castle, as that woman was within the castle and realizes its limitations, its ignorance of all things, that woman caught in playing the savior, caught in caring too much, at the detriment of focusing on all things. It is a form of polarization calling the voice of greater reason with a color of " bad" and the double negative the " good" as the good fairy who supports the castle fearing to lose comforts that in reality cannot withstand the test of time.  The polarized-closer-to-the-ground-anecdotal-experience as the " wicked" witch becomes a rage of calling the castle bad, so a dialogue exists between the two that is in itself a problem, because in that storm the earth is ignored, that capacity of each man-kind, is funneled into participating in defense instead of practical and respectful action of all that we are here on this earth as physical states of being. That “ heaven, heaving-entity” must be brought down to earth, to synch with all things, to end the divide into a heaven and an earth. And or, to recognize each portal into and of focus on the workings of life, which is of a physical component to realize creation as a process never ending, as it should be. 

The conflict, between the whole and the parts, is of a storm of imbalance imposed on top of reality, separate from being grounded in creation. It is a misalignment. When Dr. Zach Bush mentioned that in the Vietnam war the industrial-military-drug-cartel-complex used smaller bullets to cause harm, more than kill, to create sick people, dis-eased humans, to build a occupation of taking care of the sick, as a means of distraction and/or a means of creating occupations for the people, the bodies, to distract people from seeing the ground around them from which resources could be grabbed and made into the image and likeness of and as an idea from those castle walls, he made a salient point. After all, many out-of-synch, or lack-of-proper functioning children can build a system of people being busy taking care of those whose bodies are not functioning with ease, to distract and create occupations that remove the human from seeing what is in plain sight as the physical reality, that place where farmers experience the poisoning of their water, and the harm being done/allowed towards the animals and plants living on the ground. 

This rage towards this an addiction to power that is really of no real power because it is destruction. This is a mis-use of a natural ability to deconstruct. It is the illusion of believing the very soil from which all of this is built as the nutritional logic that composed our physical bodies as that soil, is deemed dirty. lol, that is like calling out what we are, and de-manning it, believing that the soil is dirty, which in itself is creating that same distracting entity through hyperbole and label. That which we are is through legerdemain as sound as words, polarized into a bad. Ironic that what we are, is colored with  a value judgement said/repeated through newsfeed, again and again until the construct is believed to be a truth. It is simply defining one element with an added color, a energetic attachment of color, as defining soil within bad in separation from reality. It is like being angry at what one is, and then resisting it, where what is in plain sight is resisted, yet persists because what is real cannot be denied but from a pedestal in a closed system, an isolated system known as a court, where a DIAlogue of borders that do-not-allow the whole story to be presented, creating a ring of fire, as limited information of and as a emotional-swimming-colors-firewall, as the allowed information colored with polarities, of and as a supposed good, that reacts through creating an entity of labels with hyperbole should any questions or information come forward that eliminates the borders of information that continue what is making that centralized castle more. 

The castle is ego manifest. And it is done through war and drugs. The war a mis-use of resources and the drugs that which renders the natural ability too see all things directly, into seeing only a mirage, which is the techno-colored DREAM coat of and as the mind consciousness, a resonant construct. Can we remember when as children, the numbers and letters started to swim in front of us? Try standing in front of a classroom and seeing this very thing happening with the children. Either by the third grade they embrace the resonant order, or they reject it. Or, they have not the opportunity to realize the construct, and yet have little to no experience in speaking up for the practical. It is as though there are degrees of presence in this, of many variations, where in these many variations, should the potential of each come forward, each would benefit, as in mastering this, each could share with one another a developed insight into the whole, thereby creating a real master mind, where each part is synchronized and as this, a real joy in living would manifest. In some ways, it is simple. It means giving everything up to have everything. If one is caught in the storm of separation, or is caught up in the dialogue of strife between the castle and the ground, one is a part of the destruction and not the solution, one must breath and always refer to all things. The seeming positive of monetary profit, is an illusion. The shadow world composed of felt-but-invisible-energetic-shadows. The castle is held in place through illusion. Our public schools have become the secular religions that uphold that very limited construct as they are focusing a child into and onto a construct that is of limitation through the mis-use of the imagination, through an overuse of the imagination. 

How to rebuild from the ground, to refocus each individual into revitalizing a so-sought-after presence that is more natural, that is a respect of all things? How to get a human to realize that one is as a child, in a process of learning to read, to read to learn? How to accelerate the ability to process the information, as how sound as words are used, to synch each one, to open their hearts to being in respect of this living breathing entity of and as the physical where respect and joy and sharing and breathing and real feeling, as those tiny moments of knowing exist? How to connect outside of energetic entity superimposed on this horizon, this horror of “isms”, of extremes believed to be of more import than the fabric of this creation that is life? That heaving imagery of unnecessary conflict and friction that is of an ignorance of information, that is a lack of information causing a storm of separation known as a shadow world, a simple slight of hand that leads to nowhere, as one is in a now-here  illusion instead of simply being here, equal and one with this means of expression of and as life that must of course be physical!

The mirage is of a projection of a mis-use through forcing a division through lack as limitation moved to be made larger than life. We have all done this, visible through having HELD onto beliefs (instead of being-the-leaf) that we discover are a lie-by-omission of all things. One can realize this through an inner movement of resistance, that state of being resistance of such great distraction and occupation that one is lost in supporting that state of an entity in the space around one, that one renders the solution as practical action of what is immediate invisible, as one’s resonant imagery is cluttered with a book of self definitions that are not all bad, yet separate from a natural and normal ability to be present as self as life. The shadows like the layers of a chapter book, which must be deconstructed and reconstructed, the process of which improves processing and lends more effective self expression of self as life, as process of discovery as one embraces what is more natural that is of a quality of being more fluid. It is to say that in becoming more fluid, one opens one’s self up to the beauty of the harmony of a more symbiotic and synergistic living breathing movement.  This would be a community of life expression. It would transpose focus back onto the living ground, far away from the cry of the internet of limitation held in place through algorithms that only delineate borders in accord with a centralized castle of many religions both sacred and secular that are a techno-colored-dream/illusion-coat of polarized pulling-on-strings/values composed of information in-absence of the living movements on the ground.  

A seeming contradiction happens in the music world. It is said that one masters an instrument when one cannot hear the performer thinking. This appears to be a dichotomy. How can it be, that a master is understood when one no longer hears “ thinking”? This would mean that thinking means that one is not yet in synch with the mechanism. It means that what one practices is what one becomes. If one is in a state of being, and thinking is a part of that person, then it indicates something as of yet unprocessed and distracting focus. The stages of alignment visible for the one who mastered the means to an end. It means that the body either automates a resonant structure or masters a structure to the extent a focus is the outcome, without thinking. Amazing how in what exists are the answers. 

It is also amazing ignorance, to have articles that show that there is neurological decay in children with autism and yet have studies moving to determine what is intelligence!? Why can we not see what is in plain sight? Why is it that the anecdotal screams of outcomes, showing imbalances, are considered quackery, when that is what is manifest on the ground! The rage of profit before life, has the voice of the media, hence the media shows us the means of thinking that is an ignorance of the living outcomes on the ground. It is just like our fairy tales, the voice of living experience on the ground is considered quackery, and the voice of the castle of profit, is supposed to be a truth! Astounding! Thinking has become an occupation in itself and thus there is no real mastery. In this, no one human being will enter heaven until each one realizes equality and oneness with all things, to take the good, as that which does no harm, and is of a focus of and as a consideration of all things, where that focus has no thought and by extension the very sound of creation will come through which would be the sound of life and the absence of the static of thinking. 

In thinking, I am so focused on an inner construction of lesser dimension ( showing our great and natural sensitivity!) that to turn the tide and focus out of that habit, onto here, appears counter intuitive. It is counter to my own inner “ tudes” or my own inner constructions, yet, giving that up, would mean giving up a limitation to remember myself to all things, which would mean to give up everything for everything! That in itself appears counter intuitive to our present reliance on systems, which could be called secular religions, that basically are our own acceptance of a mis-use as an over-use of the imagination. A more proper use of the imagination would mean both focusing within and without, above and below, to cross reference all things, taking the good, allowing no harm, to synch with creation and thereby bringing that believed-to-be-heaven back down to earth. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Fear clashing with assumption A perfect storm Day 811

Fear clashing with assumption, a perfect storm.

What does the word assumption mean. If I immediately look at the word, I see the words a-ssump-tion. It has the sound “ a sum.” Thus, I liken this word to a sum of parts, or a sum of experiences or skills and/or beliefs. Fear on the other hand, is a lack of purity, or a state of insecurity, an inability to HOLD something and sort it out. It is like waking up in a foreign country where customs and language are very different from one’s own sum of experiences, or measure within, to find one’s self unable to communicate, to interact, to move as one’s habituated self, or unable to process what one is/was and interact with the new SUM of the world one suddenly finds one’s self within.  It is also similar to having to learn something under pressure where a fear of failure is ever present as a belief . Either scenario potentially leading to an unsettling or unnerving sensation that can also be likened to an imbalance much like vertigo. One can become lost in the storm of doing the sums of self and transferring that into the sums of the new environment or processing and integrating new forms. A feeling of vertigo can happen as one moves into deconstruction of a habit into the new. An entrenched self directive means can appear to be losing something as what one has defined one’s self as, into the new.  That space can appear to be a loss. The same can happen in learning a new piece of music. The smallest formations of notes appearing to be difficult to grasp. It is a loss of fluidity, telling of a degree of automation. 

When fear meets assumption, can the two effectively communicate? It would take time and patience for this to move into clarity. If one moves into resistance and reaction, it will take even longer. One can become pro=active in defending one’s self definition, habituated and entrenched.  If one moves from the problem into reaction and then attempts to address the reaction only instead of realizing the overall problem, a sorting out of the two is going to take even longer. One is in protection of a resonant template of experience and belief superseding the reality, the practical physical world surrounding one’s resonant self. A practice of resolving reactions as one’s self definition, without addressing the immediate root disquiet or imbalance, can also limit through and as a stagnant action, that habit automating, then change will demand a greater effort. 

The mirage of information is usually presented from one side, as our form of media, of sharing information comes from a panel on a screen, where we cannot answer, and where so-called authorities are placed in a central point, at a table, where they are asked questions, and as such, the frame of information is controlled to never leave a given narration. A catch 22, because those in a stage of discovery can cause conversations to ver off from the conversation but also ask important questions that can derail what is accepted as truth. Controls can help focus, yet controls can also reject relative and important information. It is another one of those instances where it can go both ways. One can focus on only one side, intensify and magnify one aspect to the point it becomes hypnotic, which is using one extreme to justify a mean. This is also a mis-use of the imagination, which is one’s mind template of experience or memorized templates about things in this reality without living practical application. 

Imagine being in a certain state and suddenly hearing a piece of music that takes one out of that state and places one into another. In some ways, when we have not mastered how all of this happens, we can become like a feather being tossed about by giant waves. We lose sight of the ground and spin around, having no awareness of where we are, and how to ground ourselves back into where we are. A great use of creating a veil to distract and use to be lost in self interest that is a state of denial and also to accumulate profit. And yet, that accumulation is really an illusion in itself, because ultimately it cannot work. The problems it creates ends up occupying the attention of the one creating the form, so both become that same feather being tossed in the waves. It becomes a reality divorced from reality, which is what has happened. Extinction rather than transformation is a testament to that. 

Outside of this, one must really know the code, as words, used by humans, to realize the code so well, one can see the manipulations, as a sum, and at the same time, what is here. In such a scenario, uncertainty would become of shorter duration in this reality, and a sense that one could sort things out would become bigger, as recognition of “ not having enough information” would be realized as a point of growth instead of something to cause embarrassment. Hence, transformation, or regrouping would be embraced as the joy of discovery. It is as though the music that exits as the dialogues of men at this point is so caught in a magnified state of uncertainty, as fear not realizing itself as that, and a set body of information believed to be more real than reality. Here limited made-to-be-real assumption ( because it is a series of and as a measure of what is “ right”) clashes and uses uncertainty and fear to justify itself as it magnifies a set body of information from a one sided platform. In this hypnotic state composed of limited information, one can no longer hear the grass growing, as the expression of this physical reality. Remember, it is, as the golden rule made public notice in every school, to take that which is good and does no harm, which is the same equation of and as to give as one would receive, which is the same equation as becoming a master of self as life. The simplicity of this, is astounding, the chaos is a resonant belief system, which is a mis-use of the imagination, as an over use of the imagination, to the degree one loses one’s ability to be grounded in the physical, respecting all things, reflected in our bodies losing touch with this reality as we age. It has been made public notice to also bring heaven down to earth, no matter what surrounds that statement. 

This is why the golden rule is of great import. It is the rule to do no harm, and to take what is good. It is the rule to give as one would receive. It is the rule to investigate, to take the time to slow down and hear the muse/formation presented, to then assess that creation with regard to this ground called earth, and only move within that that is more of transformation than eliminating what does not fit into an idea within one’s self only. It is to say, if we all slowed down, we might find an unfolding that dis-covers our own centuries long movement in an alternate reality that is destructive of earth to the extent it is so slow moving we have not seen the destruction of this earth because each generation is so caught in this perfect storm it cannot realize what the earth looked like in previous generations. It is like one big orchestral piece, which is a series of measures moving in tandem with one another, and yet having forgotten one another or are in a state of assumption that this is the way it is, when it is not. The means is the same, but one is in separation from the whole. And the means cannot remember itself and how it was constructed, thus when it meets something outside of itself, it assumes immediate recognition because what one focuses on, attends to occupies all one’s presence, and ignores states of “ less information or more information” causing conflict or friction which is fear more than resolution. I mean, if we realized fear as confusion, then we are starting to realize the solution, because it only means that more information is needed to lend greater direction. A state of “ greater direction” need only remember how the sum of parts was formed that generated a state of assumption. The degree of separation of self expression probably has a correlation to how intense is one’s fear and or expression of assumptions- which must be brought out because that is how one has learned to express. The thing most resisted is the means through friction and conflict. And yet, a truth exits, it is as tough we are also at the same time, attempting to effectively voice our truth. Difficult in a resonant storm of beliefs, opinions and ideas. 

If one were caught in all of this, would the idea of discipline be considered difficult? Would learning something new appear to be impossible? The degree to which one cannot slow down and learn something new, is indicative of how much one is caught in a set resonant body of beliefs. In this context, saying something is outside of one’s comfort zone is an acknowledgement of an inability to change.  The fall back ideology of “ being in a comfort zone,” is simply a cry of lack that screams for a means to realize its own veiling mechanisms. 

Someone I knew said that they could not meditate, they could not get themselves to be quiet within. What does this suggest? Does it suggest that a resonant construct of stories of information had taken hold of the person, was accepted and allowed a BUILT by the individual? That a person can HOLD something, over many years, to the degree it blocks taking in new information, such as being a form of quiet within themselves, is telling in itself. And yet, that quality of long standing holding, indicates that we can hold “ things,”  that we are in deed the masters of in inner template of a resonant construct. Why not practice holding a presence within this reality, focusing on how this reality works, as a relationship to always relate to what is here as earth? 

It is known that disciplines can take 10,000 hours to master, which could be in 5 to 7 years. One could say the equation as a system of 4 years of college, is the living math of and as a potent period of intense focus allowing that 10,000 hours. Yet when done through memory, an outcome of tenuous hold os something easily forgotten because it had no real living practice, no real association to a more long-term development as direct interaction with what is real. 

Depending on one’s starting point, if one has a greater discipline in one area, one can more readily move through another discipline. This takes changing one’s focus, which means one must develop an awareness of one’s focus. This is the what, where, when, why and how scenario which is a good template to use to ground one’s self through questions and answers in a given moment. Anything that would build a greater presence of self and self as existing because and as a physical being on a physical earth, would unfold a more expansive awareness that had a greater recognition of uncertainty, and the means of closing the gap of uncertainty, into realizing the means to the end as gathering an awareness of information. This would be information that allows one to hold something that can withstand change, or meet change with joy. In one way, one need not “ hold” anything because one is more in synch with what is the body of one, as the physical. Is this not what it means to move synergistically, or symBIOtically? The living earth is our bio. 

Sometimes, I have noticed what I would call a soft approach to discipline. Again, as all things are of a balance, a soft approach to discipline makes excuses, as the truth in a “ soft approach” does not realize the soft approach is more in the application as small action. Meaning one focuses without back chat in the mind, or one practices with full attention onto the smallest and most simple of movements, as the small we understood allows the construction of more complex parts with greater ease. The soft approach tends to not want to point out that a mastery of the focus on the small has not been done, and the lack thereof does not want to hear that it has not focused on the small. Classic story of what many master’s say, when they ask initiates to repeat a small seemingly monotonous task. The initiate cannot understand the reasoning behind this, and believes they should have recognition for their somewhat developed capacity. The master sees the flaws in the starting point that are inhibiting greater ability to work effectively with more complex sums, the initiate has assumptions that have forgotten of such. In such a situation, the master must stick to their steps which is not considered being soft, as they at the same time, are using the small to soften, or unleash, or unknot, an urgency of assumptions.  The innate self defining template, or construct of information can have a sense of losing something, which can generate fear - or that sense of vertigo as one’s focus point-, as that very deconstruction process, when not formally understood. Then a resistance happens, one that is either overcome or not as resistance comes at a point of change. 

A master of something, has the capacity to realize assumptions and work with them. From another dimension, in terms of power structures, I can understand why in some social revolutions, it was the educated in a society that were killed, because they more than likely were the ones close to this realization over all. Yet, those lead by assumption and desirous of power, understood that this point of change had to end, or their movement onto the next level of control would be eliminated. This becomes the feathers being tossed in the waves, unaware of the waves as the real medium of their existence!  This is why administrators are usually, as the word sounds, the biggest traitors. In all, life will. The real disease is a state of stagnation, and yet seeing through that state of stagnation, or rejection of opportunity, or the avoidance of answers in regards to questions asked,  is the means of perpetuating the building of castles, as power structures on that centralized hill, that is in itself an illusion because real life is symbiotic, meaning of parts working in tandem.

After all, our bodies are working organisms, where most of the bacteria in our bodies are separate entities, of which the absence of we cannot exist. It is as though the physical allows us to see what we have allowed within, as the test of manifesting what we create ourselves as. We have in deed,  become what we were warned against, which is to be living value judgements instead of real living. We humans have allowed a personality to become larger than life. Our personalities are basically assumptions, and we allow an administration of assumptions ignoring the consequences of our assumptions on the reality that enables us to see our assumptions. Astounding! 

We can have moments of a sense of knowing that is not of the language used in the every day. It is more a sense of presence seeing or sensing an order of this reality. Yet, one must define that living reality, of which the sum of parts, are the means to the end. One must become a master of one’s focus ability. Would it not make sense that we must know ourselves in detail before we can really know what is around us? And does not what is around show us to ourselves? 

I remember having moments where my perspective of reality changed, yet only for a fleeting moment. In that moment of perhaps being a gap, it was that sense of knowing on some levels, mixed with judgements about what that was that was coming up, at which point I jumped out of that sense, and even forgot it. With hindsight I asked the question as to whether such could be real, because I had no control over it. How could a “ sense of knowing,” a surprise at such a different perspective suddenly appearing, and at the same time, an awareness of and as suddenly asking a question as to why I did not have control over such a thing? It was a moment that lead to a question of and as “ what is going on!” Such a moment happened where I realized every word had to be rebuilt. 

There is this “ sense of knowing” that also means developing greater awareness of the parts, and that does not move as coded/scripted language as humans use, and the contrast of the change from  one perspective to another, of which I had no control. It would mean that I was running on assumptions, resonant within and projected without. One’s assumptions end up directing in automated ways, because they are a reflection of a lack of presence being used effectively - as to  be in the practice of considering all things, taking the good and ensuring no harm. The formula has been given, it is made public notice, because earth can be heaven on earth. The way and the means are really the acceptance of the gift of this. So many times we ask, but our own morality gets in the way of accepting the answer when it comes. The absence of accepting this life that is who one really is, is the absence of to “ know thyself.” I mean, evidently, on some Greek structures, “ know thyself”  was carved on the entry head stone which is public notice! Therefor, we can blame no one but ourselves.  

Assumptions can become one’s intuition, that when meeting “ incomplete information” as what happens when someone is in fear, as in lacking real presence - which is given and lost and forgotten - can cause the perfect storm. This storm can become all that one sees, which is what is meant to see through the veil. And it is what is meant when a Christ said to forgive them for they know not what they do. They are in a now of resonant assumptions that can easily move into fear, made evident in friction and conflict. This is a manifesto of living problem-reaction-solution instead of problem solution. Answering to reaction is a mis-use of control, answering to the problem is more of a correct use of control.  The other side, is that one can ONLY speak what one has allowed, thus one will speak what one has used to protect one’s inner resonant template of ideas, beliefs and opinions, because this is what one has focused on, what one has practiced. Vocal and focal are similar in sound. It is the gift that shows one’s self to one’s self. We are the words we effectively know. We are that of which we speak. When we lack a recognition of the grass growing, when we cannot HEAR/HERE the grass growing, we are in effect in separation from the golden rule, that which has been made public notice, thus we can blame no one but ourselves.