Monday, June 26, 2017

Looking at Stories ; Continuing Obstructions Day 782

I am looking at stories. I am looking at meter, at measure, at time. 

There is something called a mini-day schedule. It is where one has a form of measure of time, where during a certain space in time, each day, one takes care of certain actions in relation to one’s enterprise. 
Meaning, for example, from 10 am to 12 pm, one takes care of all correspondence. One writes letters, or makes phone call. Then, from 12 pm. to 1 pm, one does all tasks for another part of one’s business. Perhaps checking necessary paper work etc. Within that space, that measure, one does all that one can do for the day within that framework. If something is not finished, one follows through the next day in the same frame of time. Ofcourse, this is flexible, yet the overall frame, is the structural basis.  In this, one does the ordinary necessary things each day, that then, within the law of compounding, or accumulation, builds the whole, or the extra-ordinary.  Quite simple. And, what one could call, as an outcome, a story. it becomes the course of events, having rises and falls, within our present way of looking at things, into the steps that build a picture, or build any number of things, of outcomes. Some may consider such a story uninspiring. Yet, what is a story other than a series of events? 

This begs the question as to how humans listen to stories about a series of events, from another’s life? Mostly, the ‘ he said, she said “ stories.  In this, often such stories have both details and emotional value judgements, even happy moments. The overall feelings and emotions, of the good and the bad, being a colored part of the story.  That additional color of emotions, of and as value judgements,  creating a filler in the space of and as the story, where we need those colors, because we have become those colors, and are therefor, used to the math, the tempo to such an extent we acclimate to that ‘ beat.’  It is a separation from the practical, and from real creation, from real respect of the practical that builds real things, that enables real presence and equal respect of creation, as the physical. This physical world a real sense of creation. The colored, value judgement world,  like a hot air balloon surrounding and separating one from what is stable, as this physical creation.  Can this, that we accumulate and acclimate to, make what differs from such, as the practical where we are not actually doing and moving, appear, by comparison, boring and slow? Which story line would actually be more stable? 

I look at teenagers, who are mostly repelled by the history in text books put together by a federal entity, as the storied line of events by a victor who has accepted and allowed, as us too, a word to be placed to define a private bank, called the unclear and deceptive name as ‘ The Federal Reserve” ?  Is it possible, that because of our own practice as stories, or sequences of events as larger than life, filled with ideological ‘ good and evil’  as value judgements, superimposed on the practical reality of doing the ordinary to create the extraordinary,  as a state within, create a cursory perception that does assumes the general statement of the name of this entity as the “ federal reserve’ to have a relationship to the government as being the government, when it is not? Do we look behind the measure as the words, as the math of what this name inscribed in stone on the head stone of a building? Do we see behind the veil of this series of words, and define the terms projecting out towards us, in practical action, as what those words mean as the sequence of events they compose in action behind the pillars in our world?  The deception, the ‘ lack’ of ception, the lack of real seeing, is so right in our face, that through acceptance, because of not realizing the very meter, measure, math, spatial division of events, we miss, as we are so defined by ‘ good and evil’ as polarized superimposed value judgements, that we are so elevated from what is ordinary and the means to getting things done that that storied smoke and mirrors, or resonant shadows emanating from our flesh as our accepted and allowed practices, defining ourselves, automated through that practice of projecting ‘ good and bad’ that a conception of deception is allowed, instead of using a natural spatial ability, or real critical and creative thinking skills, or sensation of reality as what our physical bodies are so capable as their natural function? 

Do I allow that deception to become real when I in any moment, believe it is impossible to change? This, especially, when what is real remains and what is not of real substance, as what sustains the practical, as the physical, is that which is constant, under all the storied information creating religion, and a history that is of the same polarized value judgements, blaming and spiting one person, one event, one nation, in our history books of the same form of deception? Have a look, in the order of growing a tree, one places a seed in the ground, ensures it has the basics, as water, nutrients, sunlight, etc. and the tree will grow. It is what it is, no projected survival games of good and bad, change the physical properties of that sequence of ordinary events/math/measure  that build that tree, that tree that does practical actions during its day, to move from the ordinary into the extraordinary.  That building, that sequence, that is the means of real conception, of real presence.  

To focus ourselves back into that, means slowing down and breathing. It means writing out of deceptions, to place our superimposed math, as series of events resonant within, to realize our own separation from who and what we are, and as that how things are done to become equal to what is constant and real, as that stone on which deceptive and unclear words are etched.  The stone is more real than those unclear words, and those words cannot exist without that stone, which is why the corps that are hidden under the guise of ‘ governance’ for the people that is moving as a reflection of the accumulated series of events within each as that projected value judgements  as the game of good and evil, that is a separation from the practical, as the living of ordinary events that effectively create the means of what we are, as physical beingness, as that which is always here, always right in plain sight.  What is religion but a distraction from what is real? 

There is reason within the reason that men are happy when they know something, when they know how to complete a series of events that create a real and sustainable living form. There is a reason why value judgements separate one from practical action, and leave a residual sense of anxiety and uncertainty.  If one has practiced value judgements over the practical, as one’s  mini- series of events,  one accumulates that math, that we can call, beliefs, opinions and ideas,  creating a mini - day schedule of spinning in value judgements eating up ones life, and missing what is in plain sight. one becomes a walking bubble of swirling colors, revealing what one has focused upon, determining one’s eventual lack of spatial ability, as one ages and turns into having difficulty walking on the ground, or up a flight of steps, because one has separated one’s self and followed the words on a stone, without any real defining of what those words mean in practical movement, as the series of events they create in real time, here.  It is, in all, a crime against life, a ception rhyme, against the measure of creation.    After all, what is a rhyme, but a series of words, as a series of events, as written down ‘ orders’ to follow, accepted and allowed, building a construct what? Is that construct sustaining and caring for this physical reality in ways that do no harm? As that principle, of and as ‘ doing no harm’  that demands real defining of practical actions as the cause and effect of a series of directives/events in the practical order of respecting all things? 

Overall, our words, must be related to the real, to the practical, to reality. Each word we speak must be in tune with this physical reality, as that tree and how it is built. It is to stop eating the fruit of that tree to sustain the illusion of ‘ good and evil’ and to instead remain steady in the practical action of respecting the physical reality as creation. This one law, is really the only law we need, it is that law of ‘ giving as one would receive’, it is the law of being equal and one, to the series of actions as events, that built this living creation all around us as the physical. If we realized the physical as creation, as us, would this world stop contracting like an aging human, getting smaller and smaller, with greater and greater extremes of weather, just as age ( a series of events as what one accumulated within one’s actions, be that a sum of value judgements within one’s self, becoming the resonant seed of ego, that is separation from reality manifest? )  brings forth greater and greater dis-ease manifest as a loss of spatial ability? 

What we are doing, as what we are allowing, is so right in front of us. The illusion, is that this is impossible to change. One need only stand, and sound the ordinary all around us, that is real so much more than that limited and tiny resonance of separation composed of value judgements within and as our words, creating our thoughts, leading our habits into actions that cause con-sequences that are not what is best and that are not in alignment with the principle of equality, as the one law, as taking that which is good and does no harm. That choice is always right here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the measure of me, within and as my thoughts of and as opinions and ideas filled with value judgements, of right and wrong, more than and less than, comparison within limited frameworks of values, separated from the practical measure/math/rhyme/sequence/ series/stories of the practical and actual real physical reality where nothing/no thing was ever done within and as thinking, as the focus of and as me, gets things done within focusing on the practical, as the ordinary on a physical reality where no one does all of what is actually physically here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I move into a belief, as an opinion, as an idea, as something being impossible, I am actually not present here, in this reality, equal and one with the practical as being the ordinary real sequence of events, as actions that create in a physical reality, here, as this is what, in all simplicity what common sense is and does.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I am not present, I am not seeing the practical ordinary steps that create.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize, and stand within and as, equal and one, with what is here, as the practical as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the words on the side of a building, as ‘ federal reserve’ say nothing about what that entity as a series of steps, which can be a frame - lacking considering of being and doing as what life is in expression, as allowing no harm, as realizing what takes that which is good and does no harm, as allowing no collateral damage, in any way shape and form, is the means to aligning all, equal and one to this creation that is physical as life would be, in all common sense, as the principle of oneness and equality being in respect of all things, realizing we are all the same, that we are not born with religion, or language, or culture as this is imposed upon us, accepted by us, where what is real, is the practical application as what and who we are, as physical life, as life would be, in all practical common sense, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and underatsnd that any thoughts within and as me, are thinking, based on a past, of and as not being in alignment with the practical as the physical, as nothing was ever done within and as thinking about it, as doing involves focus here, with all of me, as what common sense is and does, this but a slight shift, out of a resonance built within, as accepted series of value judgements separating myself from here, composed of hyper-sensationalizing, creating a roller coaster of movement within me, of a sinking and a falling, of a false positive as a high, unsustainable and thus not being of and as life, grounded and present here as presence is calm, just as when one is truly focused here, where one has a sense of knowing, as a sense that is calm and stable, consistent and steady, as I, as life, am the most perfect of forms to be and live the practical, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that all that is here, is me in another life, as life information, and that any movement within and as me, as a ‘ pull’ into an inner picture show, is a hyper institutionalized ideological limited and singular state of measure that cannot withstand the text of time, because it cannot fit, as a math, into life, here, and thus is an indication of and as myself being in a state of separation from the practical living reality that is life information that is me and all around me, as the physical here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the depths of my separation, as a mis-use of the imagination, as a singular entity creating a bubble of values, as a superimposition of and as resonance, as a form of inversion, within me, as value judgements, as the story of good and bad, right and wrong, more than and less than, when I already am the ‘ more’ as the value being all around me as the physical, thus am I already here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I accept a schooling system of and as sitting in a room, with only children of the same age, following and following and following written knowledge and information, without practical application, I am in effect programming myself as a resonant bubble of limited information, creating an attention dis-order from realizing who and what I am, by design, within and as being the very nature of common sense, which is why the design of schools and media, constantly projected and limited, is always present here that is only a reflection of my own acceptance and allowances of and as separation into a hyper-sensationalized reality of and as value judgements, , as the resources freely given, of this earth are then owned by words on a page and thus only real through acceptance and allowance,  is the false story of information that is imposed, and not in alignment with common sense, as who and what I am am, as  physicality that is life information  here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I go to a ‘ climate change’ meeting, that the person/personificaiton of and as data collection being shared, and yet said to be a projection, is ideological, where if I ONLY follow such, and abdicate my own common sense, as what I live around me, as it not being warmer overall, but more of and as extremes in weather, as colder temperature dips in winter, and hotter temperature swings in summer, with stronger winds overall, that what I physically notice does not fit into that data model.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that within and as the game of fear, as the game of survival, as the game of separation from reality, as the inversion of myself as beliefs, opinions and ideas, of good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil, more than and less than, I am being shown within myself an imbalance towards what is practical and real, and if I look, a state that is lacking in calm and presence, as focus, as attention onto what is actual and real, as the practical actions on/in a physical life, as life would be, in expression, physical and always here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that there is one way forward, and that is to become equal and one with what is here, which means standing through the storm of nyperrealized value judgements as actions, as a lack of focus, as a lack of presence , as a lack of calm, as that hyperinflation state of being, as value judgements accepted through comparison, competition instead of acceptance of and as who and what is here, as what is real, as what is the real story of and as life, as the building blocks of the physical reality, here, in plain sight,  as real creation information in expression, that is the same as me, where no one, has ever done any one thing as things are composed of many things in union, in balance, as the very composition of life, here, which is physical, in all common sense, and to exist expresses the principle of oneness and equality, of and as to take that which is good and does no harm here. 

When and as I find myself standing anywhere here, as myself here, as a physical form, in relationship to all things that are the same as me, I breath, I remain here, I focus here, I attend to here, I lis-ten to the practical, physical reality, and I realize the tiny movement, of and as a mind consciousness system of and as all being reaction, as defense in view of threat, as that threat is a separation from being in a state of knowing, as realizing a series of events, as a story, of and as taking that which is good and does no harm, as being present in the practical reality as the physical. 

When and as I am here, in every moment, I breath, I forgive that which is not of and as a focus here, as an attention to here, I see, realize and understand, as practice, this reality, as the practical actions of and as life as physical expression,  as no thing can define me,  as all threats are of and as fear, as a state of being focused is more a state of knowing, as no thing was ever done within thinking, as all things are done with focus, on the practical, as the physical world that is life in creaiton, in expression here. 

When and as I find myself in a state of fear, as a belief in threat, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, to realize the thread, as the series of events, with hyper sensationalized values, to stop and be practical in listening, in stringing the use of associations, as a series of relationships , to realize the composure as a resonance as a belief system, always lacking real calm, real direction, real insight, as what presence in the physical is and does, here. 

Interesting. I am going to look at the word “ thread’ as I noticed a movement within and as my upper chest and neck and throat area! Thank you for reading! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A sense of falling Day 781

What is a sense of falling?

Why have I come to a point where I sense a movement of falling? I remember this sensation when I had to do an audition, or perform in a lesson at times. I remember saying no, and focusing instead. Somehow that focus lent a steadiness, the sense of falling ‘ not a place I wanted to go.”

It took my will to not move into falling. In time, with practice, this was always there, it was determined by me and how I focused. 

A master of a skill told me in my twenties that how I focused determined the time it took for me to learn something. It took a while but I did realize that point. From that point on, it became apparent that doing that skill, was pointless unless I focused. If I did not, how I paid attention, would follow with me. I see this, in using a tool, it shows me where I was and what was following me that I allowed.  Doing things that show one where one is, focusing on things, can reveal one to one’s self.  When we are speaking or listening, the nature of and as what we allow, can be so prevalent. It is the difference between being focused or being in that mode where what one allowed that distracted from that kind of focus remains, carried with one, because it is not sorted out.  A fear of speaking towards that, of seeing it - as I see it from my perspective - is a fear of facing that in another. Children often, remain silent amongst themselves, because they realize this,  to some degree and have probably given up in clearing it up, or realize that the person allowing this is the only place this can be cleared up.  In other words, we all know when we have not been here, it leaves a residue. Such a residue, builds a personality, and then one builds likes and dislikes, as reaction. 

This begs the question as to how we are using sound, as our words. Are our words clear of any of this, did we move with real focus and respect to and towards what is here as the actual physical world around us? Or, do our words carry a weight, as that supposed morality that we are not supposed to question as ideas of being polite, for example? 

Yet, as in my experience, those loaded with so much reaction are so due to an absence of real structure , or clarity, as we live in a world where things get done in practical ways and means. One need only look all around, at every house, at every road, as every man made thing and realize that no ONE ever did all of what was practically necessary to make that thing. No ONE. Everything around us is composed of many things, and what is composed by men has never been done so by one. Just because some one, was at some point of organization, does not make them more than another, they simply had more experience in working with how here, as the physical, is ordered, and can direct. Which begs the question as to why such ‘ living’ direction is not the awareness of all, focused here, without having a measure, as a morality, as that lack of real attention onto and as what is here, in common sense of and as how here works.  Are we as individuals caught in obstructions of our own allowances? 

There are people, who master things and realize that any one can do what they have done. This is why they come forward and teach, and share. There are those who self aggrandize and cannot see the simple and practical nature of learning. There are those who study something without ever living the practice of something, and then believe that they “ know” something. I noticed this difference within going back to school to get a teaching degree, after having actually applied something. When I was finally in the class room, I realize I learned more there, and faster than being in a room talking about teaching, reading these huge books about special moments that went on and on and on. These ‘ special’ moments where some movement in learning for a child, were made HUGE, within and as the belief that if one helps one child, one has done a good job - very limited thinking and unacceptable overall.  it is, conceptually, all a math. 

It has been said that people are uncomfortable around presence. Why would this be? Is presence that supposed ‘ light’ that ‘ cuts through all separation from real presence? Is presence, as how I am speaking about this, here, that  seeming invisible ‘ light’ that burns away all imbalances as an inner morality that has a resonance heavy with not being focused on the practical reality? It probably is that simple. It means that that which causes separation is the complication, or compilation of a lack of real focus on the practical. Since all things are sound, it can be heard. There is no escape. 

Overall, to realize that with every action, with every move, there is only one rule, one law; that is to do no harm. This means looking at what is effectively good, what is that which supports all those men, here, to do what men can do that is so visible all around us, because when we are focused, within this one law, we are happy, and we are so able to within this focus, come up with amazing new ways of doing things when we meet the unexpected.  This means we need no leaders, we need no gods, as the real expression of life, all around us, is being focused here, one and equal to what is here, in common sense of how here works that is so visible. 

One has to walk the mis-take, resonant within, to correct one’s focus, and purify one’s resonant information, pulled into shadows of and as value judgements of and as reacting to a sense of falling as one not being focused and using one’s will, as the difference between being infearfall and instead, as a steadiness stand up within this, which we are so capable of doing. One needs only to realize what does no harm. Life is a beautiful design. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Variations on a theme can open up possibility Day 780

Yesterday I was in my local farmer’s market. I was talking with a man who is also, in the winter, a doctor. We were talking about making pesto. Pesto is basically a mixture of greens and nuts and an oil made into a paste. 

A woman comes up, who I know to be a teacher, and says, that she can’t see pesto being made with anything other than basil and pine nuts, she said that the flavors would not be the same.  The doctor and I look at one another and move to explain that pesto can be made with many different greens and nuts. For example, one can make a paste with nettle and cashews.  I then went to say that in any area in the world, using local plants and nuts, people have made pastes and salsa like mixtures using local indigenous things for as long as human record and memory has brought forward.  Even a stew is made from local things. It is all mixtures in varying forms.  I mean what is a ‘ mole’ but a paste made from chocolate beans, or seeds etc. What is tahini but a paste made from sesame seeds. 

The woman blinked her eyes and became quiet. She was processing all this practical perspective.  

I looked at her and said, “ can you see how we lose our own creative and critical thinking when we believe that one thing is how things should be, despite what is right in front of us? Silence. I did not expect anything less, it was a moment where I realized I would get no answer. It was to only open up perspective in as gentle a way as possible.  I sometimes do that, and have had that done to me. At the moment, I can say something like,  “ I never looked at it that way, duh!” I can even laugh at my own limitation, and enjoy the exposure of my own ignorance because it opens things up. It is a moment of realization or seeing, and obvious self capacity to understand which is actually very cool. It means that I can see.  It also opens up possibility. And, it also begs the question; “ where else in my world have I done this!?” 

It was one of those moments, a tiny anecdotal movement comes forward that can expose how stuck we can become, and the endless possibilities that are all around us in every moment if we only step out of belief and realize the many forms of creation available to us that are always here. 

Cultural icons are cool things, they can teach us about the world if we look at them in common sense of how they fit into this reality and the natural environment from which they came. They define and yet are not fixed at the same time. They tell a story about a place and a time, which can be used, as a form, to understand the greater whole. This, in effect, can teach us about the greater whole. How cool is that? 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The distraction of the #obstructionist Day 779

Usually, in the morning I wake up and something comes forward within me. This morning, subsequent to talking to someone the day before about learning, what came up is how what we inform ourselves, as what we allow to be placed within ourselves and comes to automate the body. Much like a vaccine is supposed to automatically protect us from a potential pathogen. 

We supposed a future event, and we supposed how something works, and we rush to prevent that event, or look for another way to inform us. Schools as they are now formed, are meant to prepare us for the ‘ real’ world ( of adults).  We go to memorize a form, as a scaffold, of information to ‘ ready’ us for the ‘ real world.’ How can integrating a set body of information, without real experience, lend real knowing? 

Juxtapose this to ‘ forms’ that have come to me in conversations as “ I can’t meditate,” or “ I tried to learn a musical instrument, but I just could not get it.”  Both of these responses show a lack of real self discipline, or, a loss of an ability to FOCUS. How is what is natural come to be believed as something impossible? 

What is it that distracts one from focusing? What is it that distracts one from what we do every day, as focus on something? Why is it that we cannot focus on something that is right here, right in front of us? Could it have to do with forcing something into us, as information without real living practical application? 

We understand that when we practice something, it begins to move with more ease, as automate, meaning, we do not have to “think” about it as much, meaning we do not have to focus on the movement as much because our ability in focusing on it, allows it to be so well known that we can move through it much faster. Our ability to process the form increases in tandem with our ability to place our presence within something. This would mean that we direct what we focus on, and that what we focus on integrates and expedites with recognition within and as our ability to move through it. 

This begs the question as to what we are informing our children as, as memorizing information in a box, in a school? Considering the compounding out of synch behaviors in so many children, can we not realize that a lack of real focus ability is and can only be a consequence of misinforming ourselves? Have you ever really slowed down to LOOK at an autistic child.

Would someone who was mis-informed, become increasingly frustrated to the degree that their lack of effective in - formation causes a reaction of violence/ resistance/ lack of ease, as what frustration is, because what has become to be automated does not allow real self direction in reality? And would a child by the time they are in their late twenties realize that a quarter of their life has passed - because they do have awareness - and that they have no real self control because the information they absorbed is not effective in tandem with their physical dysfunction that in itself is a mis-use of self as life as a starting point absorbed by body in reflecting this same state from one’s environment, that they become so angry, so frustrated there is nothing else but to express complete and udder con- fusion of their lack, because they are a CON- fusion of information that is not lending effective focus and self directive capacity leading to a real effective self creation?  If one really LOOKS is this not what one would see, or realize on some level? We are the most effective machines that can sense this, which reveals great capacity. By and as our real natures, we do want to sort this out, just as, as children, we move to sort, to understand, to absorb and frame, to desire to participate. These drives are natural. We know them. We can forgive what hinders this real nature. 

As well, why are we not using the function of the physical body, as that very thing informed, the way the body was meant to be, as processing viruses and bacteria through the lens of itself, as the layers of the body that “ read” and process what is physically here? Why are we forcing such, directly into the body, like a short cut, without realizing and respecting the functioning of the “ real world” as the physical world that we are supposedly “ preparing” out bodies for? 

Supposedly, the system makes of each a commodity, based on potential growth and “ creation” as a being on earth, via trading one’s projected potential and worth as a sum of money, as being one’s “ account” from which one borrows. Overall, this means that a financial system does the same, a future projection, as an entity, as a structure, assuming the life of one, for gain, of which one has no control, as one borrows on potential and pays back more than what one borrowed, causing a game of musical chairs where inevitably one does not find a seat as one has no control over one’s potential having abdicated it to some authority as a belief that one is not enough, yet that ‘ not enough’ is the false morality accepted and allowed, only seen through a rejection of reality, as the physical and real landscape called life in what it must be, which is creation, as what the physical world is. 

All of the above are scaffolds as forms, working to suppress and control each and every one. This can only have the authority we give it. If comes back to each not realizing effective use of what self as within and as how the physical world works and is the means to learn to express the life that is one. If one cannot master one’s focus, and one’s body is trying to move backwards in a way, against it own natural ability to process, and one is in a construct where the monetary digits of one’s “ creative worth’ are all forms of con-fusing who and what one is, and one does not realize this, as one is so distracted from a lack of real and equal structural awareness to the physical as mis-informed theory ONLY without practical application, where is the beingness of ourselves going to end up?  What is cognitive dissonance? 

Human beings are happy when they really know something. There is a calm sense of expression, and within that, a more clear way forward to the next step. When we really know something, we are no longer thinking, as nothing was ever done through thinking about it, it is, when effective, done with really KNOWING something, that ability to be the master of one’s self, and place one’s presence in something within an effective self direction of one’s presence into the real and living thing as the physical form. 

Thus, when we tell ourselves that “ we cannot do something,” as understand and KNOW something, within effective self direction, we are revealing ourselves to ourselves, as having lost an ability to focus effectively.  And, since we inform as automate what we practice, the lack of focus would mean that there are resonant forms within us, we follow, that are distracting us from real and effective and natural focus on reality. 

Within all of this, what would the proverbial “ eye of the needle’ really mean?  What would it mean when someone says “ we should be able to hear the grass grow” ? It would mean that who and what we really are, is the capacity to KNOW, to really sense, to really see what is that “ reality’ we are supposedly prepared for as adults! 

Therefor, hope without action is meaningless, faith without command is pointless, and knowledge and information without the experience of practical application is useless. Each without living awareness in practical application, is the outcome of a mis-informed set body of information, and a informed inner resonant scaffold that is mis-using the presence that is the means of focusing on the small, the large, and the relationships between physical things as expressions as life that are who and what we are, that are all of the same substance, that are all here in plain sight. 

The way to real happiness, is to focus on the physical, to the degree that one would understand that one could with steady and consistent practice, build a stable ability to place one’s presence into the form and function of that instrument, to effectively build the ability to be in union with that instrument, just as one did with one’s body before all the information of and as the dogma of religion and politics were absorbed as the limited forms of belief, from an environment where the human beings were already a construct of mis-information! ( which reveals to us the great sensibility that is inherent our capacity! ) 

We have to ask ourselves what we see when we have someone standing in front of us that we realize has a huge emotional firewall around them. We have to ask ourselves why there exists any form of conflict within all of this? As the resistance to becoming one with an instrument is a reflection of one’s natural ability not being in effective movement and focus. And, this means that one has lost control of one’s natural ability to be and do so. It means that one is not focused HERE. It means that what one ‘ thinks’ one knows, is distracting one from real presence in reality.  One’s within, is not equal to the without. One’s resonant information, is followed ABOVE what is real, as that instrument, as the grass growing. When one finds one’s self shaking, as a reaction to something - perhaps another form of resonant information- it means that one is reacting in the same expression as flight and fight mode within not realizing that one’s resonant information is being questioned or believed to be in threat where one is stuck in one’s resonant idol of information. That reaction, as resistance, is but a smaller form of that autistic child who has by the time they are in their late twenties, the same form of violence as frustration in not being able to move effectively in this “ reality” that we are supposed to be “ prepared for” within our present educational system. 

It is a math of inequality. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself  to abdicate my own and natural self responsibility as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand this life, this reality, this physical expression of life, here, in plain sight.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to do the real math of and as the physical.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I react, as shake within and as my body, I am revealing myself to myself, within and as not being in synch with who and what  I am as a physical being, as realizing all things in expression are relationships of and as values, composing life, as all that is, that is here, and would by design be physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand within and as me, as resistance to here, being a separation of and as limited values, as a picture, as sound components as words, allowed and accepted by me,in myself not realizing that all is me, here, of and as the same substance of and as what becomes expression in formation, here, as the physical.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and stand equal and one to and with what is here all around me, as a living relationship in and of and as expressing life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and stand with to correct what friction and conflict I allow within me, that has a nature of a subtle to greater movement of shaking, as behaviors of wanting to run away, or wanting to push against, or wanting to deny, or wanting to gain something, based on my own inner ideological idol of information , resonant and separate, moving more slowly, though appearing to move fast, as the story of information I accepted in separation from being in practical application with what is real and what is all around me, is a limited story line that I can move through as a construct with seeming speed, just as I am able once I really know an instrument, for example, as I gain mastery I can move with more ease within that form, so does my imagination of limited information as a construct of values of and as limited relationships charged with values and of and as a state of not really knowing something, and thus causing and living a dis-ease manifest in the very movements of and as my body, of which is now in extreme behaviors of separation existent in increasing degrees as the children with autism, that reflect lesser extremes of the same behaviors, in the world around me, and thus I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand my own separation from being present and equal to here, that which I am able to be, as the capacity towards separation can also be the capacity towards equality and oneness with what is real, as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that when and as I find myself complaining, I am not being present and in relation to what is real as the physical world here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that movements within and as me as muscle tensions are myself living the information I accepted and allowed to define me, that does not automate my presence, into being at ease and in communication with and as what is here, that is the same as me, as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and stand with, inequality and oneness, what is here, and resisting this within and as ignoring what is right in front of me, here, as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that  within and as my separation I am quite literally watching a shadow world in and as my mind, where the knowledge and information I accepted and allowed is within my physical body, in the very muscles as these muscles are what tense up, as restrict as the information I accepted and allowed as me, does not fit, is not equal to, what is real, as the physical, and when and as I focus on this limited resonant construct I lose all real focus on this reality, and move to force my resonant belief system onto this reality, to survive, in self interest, and in some place within myself, I realize what it is that I am doing, and the real shame within and as me, is this realization that I see, realize and understand what it is that I am allowing, and for this I forgive myself.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that all my resistance in and as my behaviors of in effect self hate, as they are myself in resistance to life as the physical as the practical here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that, for example, when I do not recognize a person I have known more from a distance, and upon meeting them up close without recognition, I am revealing myself to myself as living within set planes of time, as value judgements indicating a separation from being in awareness as being present, in this physical and practical reality here, as this is life, as this is creation here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to trust myself, within and as realizing to some extent what I was seeing within my autistic nephew, before Desteni, where I asked the question through describing what I was seeing within him, that he looked like he was completely out of synch in some way, like a mix up of all the anxieties within my family, thus, I can see, realize and understand what is here as the separation from who and what we really are as life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I resist something, within and as seeing here, sensing something is out of tune, to stop and NOT ONLY define, and realize separation within and as my secret self, but to bring this forward and speak up, to speak out, beyond reactions as all reactions are the process of sorting things out, and are but a slow processing as a dimension of a sequence of belief, as a timed event, in a world of and as no time, as the physical as being present, and to see realize and understand by degree as the small ignored as the practical, to bring things back down into focus here, to rebuild presence in equality and oneness with and as what is real here, as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that my nephew, in his teens when visiting walks around in his own world, having conversations with himself, as so many of us do, within and as not being present here, within and as not realizing that nothing was ever solved within thinking, but in practical application here, in respect of what is real as this ‘ reality’ we are ostensibly taught to function within and as as the ‘ good’ promoted by the present school design, which is a format that though touting a good, is acting in building a separation from this reality, and the means to cause separation as manipulation of information which if accepted is the responsibility of and as being in self abdication of and as self as life here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to abdicate myself as life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to investigate all forms as all actions from an authority as a system of men, that is a consequence of myself not being in self responsibility of and as who and what I am as life here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that consequence of my own lack of real presence in this reality, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to be present here, in this reality.

When and as I find myself resisting, within and as being tense, as opposed to being in focus, where I know and feel more stable, as a state we all know, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down and I realize a living relationship as who and what I am to this reality here, as the physical.

When and as I find myself believing that being here means a loss of something, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I ground myself here, equal and one to who and what I am, as a living relationship, as relating to what is here, in practical applicative terms to practice rebuilding the substance in and as who and what I am as life, to see directly here, to create equality and oneness in presence of this reality here.

When and as I find myself moving into anxiety, I stop and I breath and I assess and investigate the emotional pulls as the polarities within and as me as beliefs, opinions and ideas, and I forgive what is a hyper inflated value judgement to ground myself here, equal and one within and as breath, to here, to creation that is life in formation.

When and as I find myself acting in self interest, as not considering all things I stop and I breath and I ground myself here, in the physical to respect life.

When and as I find myself moving into self pity, I slow down, I stop and I breath, and I assess myself as the focus of what I am allowing within and as projections, resistances and self imaginations to realize consequential protections and defenses as reactions of and as fear, moving into judgement, as disempowerment, as hate, a actions of blame and spite towards others and against self, into my own constructed sense of and as feeling overwhelmed and a belief in the impossible when I am possible as the ability to transform and change in a moment to not act  in self interest, as an act of separation from this living reality that is physical, to instead realize practical applications in thought word and deed in accord with this reality as creation as the physical here.

When and as I find myself reacting within and as believing something to be impossible, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand how my own separations are a busyness in a narrow value judgement, as words moving nowhere, to see, realize and understand that patterns of value judgements of and as protection and defense, as a shadow world of a personification of limited values, here, I stop and I breath, and I realize the pulling of the strings of value judgements as a means of manipulation with few words, probably at a sixth grade level - so to speak- as separation is composed of limitation, thus to speak to the limited construct and lend real structure to and towards bringing hyperinflation as ideas, beliefs and opinions, back down to earth, as this is the ‘ zone of proximal development “ of and as separation from self as life, here, thus to speak to that, which means to manipulate, and yet in the order of what is best for all, here, to begin to journey to reverse life, into equality and oneness here. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Reading the patterns within me with hindsight Day 778

I remember patterns being recognized in my life, in terms of my behavior, over time, like a current moving through me.

One was that every month, the day or so before my period, I would lose my temper, and react to the slightest of movements in my world,  with a tempest of anger. I started to recognize this in my thirties. Once this happened, I could refine the movement of the pattern, meaning I slowly became more adept at recognizing it. I did get to the point where as it came up, I would stop it before it expressed itself in a harmful way, meaning before the tirade was leased onto someone in my world. This took time. Had I recognized such things earlier, they probably could have been addressed, and investigations into other areas where I was being the same, would have been more readily recognized. Interesting choice of words, ‘ readily’ as this means reading the patterns of my own expressions as how I move in this world, this physical world.

Another pattern is when I became sick. Meaning, it would most likely start with congested sinus and move down into my throat and into my chest, as though it had a sequence within how it moved through my body. I started to recognize this pattern too. I knew, roughly how long something would last, as I started to realize the ‘ stages’ of being of key, as being sick, in my body. 

This beings me to a realization I have had in walking the writing out of patterns of my own behavior, via the dialogues - the dia/god logues , or sequences, or patterns, of thought, as the constructs of belief, as words and pictures moving through my imagination. My imagination showing me the storied information, I composed within myself, to define myself, as direct myself, within and as me, as myself believing that I am separate from what is all around me, as the physical world, as including all that is here, as me. In walking the patterns of my story, or persona, as imaginations projected, I found a past movement that realized that same as that of which I speak. Meaning, I realized at some point in my childhood, that what I did, as how I behaved, could leave a residual ‘ resonance’ that followed me, that stayed with me, that ‘ staid’ me.  In one of the memories I brought up in writing myself out, I ran outside to sit under a tree, being aware that something was ‘ following me’ that was of ‘ shadow’ and that had a presence. I sat there under the tree, and was in frustration, and/or fear, and/or self realization, that I had created a residual imprint of my past actions/choices/movements.  AND, that this that I had been, had to MOVE THROUGH ME. Meaning, what i had chosen would move through my body. I understood in this moment, for a moment, that the information that I had stood as, as expressed, was going to move through my body. it is like a precursor, that I buried, of what would later become that reaction that was a pattern that was my own distemper within the cycle of my monthly periods. 

In process at the moment, patterns remain, some named, and yet residual, and though recognized to greater extent, as I begin to realize, as write out my patterns, some of these patterns I allow to determine what state of being I am accepting. Though smaller, and though more recognized, never less intense, yet more able to be defined with increasing clarity, just as I did with the pattern of behavior around having my period. Within this, just as memories of the past come forward, memories come forward where I realize that I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING! This means, as the very nature of myself, that the capacity to understand the forms of things and how they express and move, is right there, as me, which means that anyone can do this. 

When I want to resist, moving through this, as recognizing this, I am that which does not want to realize this, I am being that which hides the recognition of this, I am that which denies that nature than can realize the patterns as SEE FORM AND FUNCTION AND MOVEMENT AND EXPRESSION.  I am that self, within this, as my capacity, that is the stuff of and as the sensibility of myself as life, as the infamous “ eye of the needle.” That is a really cool realization. That is what and who we are, in our capacity. Everyone has this, and is this. No matter how deep or huge the wall of separation, as beliefs, ideas, opinions, in a false morality construct that ignores who and what we are as physical expressions of life, as what life would be. 

We all learn the same way, we place our presence into forms, as our bodies when we learned to walk and to talk and we sense that expression in all its dimensions, unless we construct a resonant set of value judgements, as a shield of separation from who and what we really are as life. This ‘ set of values, that I accept as embrace, is a false construct that is a math and that has no real longevity, and that ‘ moves through me’ is not myself in synch with being present and equal to the math of existence which is physical. I am not moving in synch with life. I have banked in on a false morality. And I/we know it. There is no excuse for my acceptance and allowance of and as this. None. Even within my memory, I could see that I understood that this was unacceptable. That presence as life, is in all of us, or we would not exist. 

When I first taught in a school, I remember working with this one student and moving to have her realize a form, as what I was required to impart to her, as a form of information.  I explained it, formed that form with words, one on one, with her. I remember looking at here and thinking, “ it is like she cannot take it in, or it is like she has no response- ability. Visible, she was looking right at me, and visibly she was wide-eyed and silent.  For a moment, I was there in the space looking at what was, within realizing my expectations were not what was actually happening. The movement in this child, was so slow, as for her to take in what i was saying, and to make a connection with her own experience, as her own beliefs as that same shadow world was there, caused what  have come to realize is called an interference theory.  Meaning, that her processing was very very slow. She was actually processing, which means she was ‘ learning’ yet it was at the speed of her own point of development, one that was slowed down by that which I experienced as the information that I allowed myself to be, as I ran to sit outside, next to a tree, realizing that I am created a shadow of information, that I was going to have to process because  I allowed it, and that I understood to not be in synch with that towards which I ran, as that physical tree. I was not generating in synch with life, and as an adult I was with a child, who was the same.  What is interesting here, is that parents cannot expect the schools to sort this out, as the parents are the one’s creating this, accepting this.  And, it is not the responsibility of the schools to do such, as they are, as they are in their current form, that same thing, as form perpetuating the separation.  

I find myself, once again, and yet of a different ‘ math’, ‘ composition,’  the sides of my mouth sinking down, as though I expect resistance to what I am attempting to explain. I realize that sometimes I say what needs to be said, yet I have an expectation that is not in accord with the separation, as I am not realizing the extent of the separation, as I could see and realize with this student, and with which I became overwhelmed, as there were too many layers of an emotional onion that was a wall that divided from being what was more effective, as I call it in the moment, becoming a real tree of understanding as the ability to reciprocate reality, as this living breathing, life in expression, physical reality. 

I believe I have to pay homage to the resonant separation, yet this in itself as a belief, is a distraction. All there is is to call this out by name, and it is a form, though seemingly invisible, it is here, right in front of me as the behaviors of the separation.  The power in calling things out by name, frames them into the physical living reality, which is a process of making them small and bringing forward the life that is here that is all around us. It is the process of bring life here, and managing a inflamed value system small, as down sizing a projection, or moving in a valley of smoke and mirrors, realizing the entities of separation are there, and yet do not define reality, and they only have the power we give to them, and that this reality is always right here, visible, breathing , moving, singing life. 

It is like experiences we have in watching sporting events. We realize a team is moving as a pattern, as the information practiced and hence programmed into them as a form of information.  The opposing team is getting the better of the patterned as informed team.  The informed team ( and I am using names to separate the too- because both are patterned) cannot get outside of its pattern. The viewer becomes more anymore agitated, as it recognizes that the ‘ patterned team ‘ is not seeing itself and moving into a new form, or mode.  Sometimes, a team will change up its pattern. They will change up the math of themselves and move forward in outwitting the opposing team. These moments we find exciting. Yet, this overall experience reveals ourselves to ourselves.   And, even allowing this entertainment, is revelatory of how much we live vicariously through others because we fear facing this same thing within ourselves. It is visible, in every move we make.  Thus, for parents, because we are so able to read the space of here, and we mirror that space of here, as our parents, any processing dis-orders in the child are YOU.  And yes, I see it in my own children. No reactions, as the same as I was being once a month , just before my period, are going to be what is the necessary change, to become like that sport team that manages to sense its own patterns, as reading the movements of the teams, the players, the space and design of the field as a platform, and collectively changing the very form of what is being the information driving the movements. Paying someone to help the child realize that, in a system that is a structure as a consequence of not being self responsible, is very very very expensive. Not realizing this, wanting it to go away, is also very very very expensive. Ignorance is not bliss. Hope without action is meaningless.  Faith without command is pointless. Respect for all things lends the grace of effective expression, like a mastery of a skill set.  Wanting it to magically happen is illusion, where the magic is always in the doing. And yet, this overall is very self empowering! 

One must rebuild. It means deconstruction and reconstruction. It means recognizing one’s accepted and allowed limited value system, as false morality. That one we protect, manifest as reacting to what one believes is a threat to one’s self definition, as my reactions are a protection of my false construct, towards which I imagine all manner of doom and gloom scenarios, in fear of being discovered for being less than who I really am. My reactions are the flight and fight mode, a form of resistance to myself, and as such self hate is one gets out of one's projection and makes the choice to stand here, in this living reality, that is physical. I react to threats of my limited value system as being a threat of death, so deep is my own accepted and allowed de-ception of reality. 

I am here. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understood my own deception against myself as life.

When and as I find myself becoming confused, anxious, tired, resistant, I see realize and understand that I am here, and that I am responsible for what I allow within and as myself, and as such, I slow myself down and I breath, and I forgive my separation from life, and I stand here, practicing realizing who and what I am as life here, to move equal and one with and as the physical that is me, here. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

A dream coat of a mind-consciousness projection Day 777

If I want presence of and as all things, I have to become that presence. This means I have to hear the life around me as the physical reality.  Facing the metaphysical bubbles of self interest, that move as a colored energetic emotional swirl, visible in the subtle and visible strings pulling the flesh this way and that, are but small, in comparison to this living practical and physical reality. Ever present, if what is unique - lol ‘uni-que’ is like one quest, self honesty. . If I fear that, I am fearing myself, because despite the mannered values that are monopolistic, there, is always something unique that cannot hide, in each individual. If that remains constant, despite the separation into persona, can I realize myself within and reacting to bringing that forward? 

I write here, to script things out, to see where I am, and to construct ‘ takes’ in my process of birthing life into the physical. I realize, in learning how to crawl, there will be mis-takes. they are always gifts towards balance. It is learning to play an instrument. 

I watched a video of someone this week. In the situation I had been half listening to a person speaking, as the focus in the interaction had  changed from one thing to another. While I was busy transitioning, I moved, in the room, towards a video. My presence was still in the previous moment. I saw the person in the video, in the whole context from another lens. The person appeared to me to be someone I know, who I have watched on videos many many times. Form that lens I thought, why does this person in the present video have a flattened nose! lol, that was the thought that came up, from a presence colored with immediate comparison of past forms imposing themselves on the moment. Not necessarily a ‘ bad’ , yet myself not immediately present. When I moved closer to the video, and the person came more into focus, as did I, what I could see is the movements of the person I had delegated to the image in my mind, and what was in the forefront as I picked up more details of the physical movements in the person in the video. It was like a morphing of many different things; my experiences, from many dimensions, at a distance of experiences to more self understood ticks in my own movements. The person in the video became their own person, and appeared like a kind of puppet, moved by many emotions. This hit me so hard, it appeared so extreme. I recognized some of my own patterns. All I can say is that when it is said we walk in a valley of smoke and mirrors, known as emotions and feelings, based on beliefs, opinions and ideas, as accumulated thoughts creating actions and deeds, we are doing this, and it is extreme. Yet, at the same time, it is so small, a tiny part of ourselves. Though this is as far as I got, because to say I sense what the wholeness might be, I cannot, too in focus on the techno colored swirling in the flesh, was I. It is like ‘ oh shit!” lol.

I have a tendency to move to the greater stage, as the world platform, perhaps to avoid seeing my own self.  I find bringing the movements of the larger scale, in relation to my immediate environment helpful. As though understanding something from a distance helps me to face myself.  And yes, this is the same game as the use of metaphor. The parables, as the symbols, the objects made subject, enable me to begin to realize what I adhere to as reaction, that can then be brought back to self. Like backwards analysis. Is this a form of hiding? 

The practical application, the solution is always right here. The power is too or more in my name, as what calling something out by name, bring the obvious here, and makes it re-cognizable in what it is. Calling things out by name, removes the control of them because it is through lack that things become confusing, and this, accepted by the self, because reality is always right here. This is how the whole public school, be design, is the means of the creation of cognitive dissonance, which because of its starting point to be such, has created, as accumulated into such, as we see all around us, in reality, in every town, as the growing cognitive disorders, known as ADHD, ADD, autism and dyslexia. It is a processing disorder, done by acceptance and allowance, done by design. Memorizing the stories of the victors, creates a interference of form, distracting from the practical, and causing a disconnect from real capacity, which is an acknowledgement of capacity. It is the maintenance of creating bubbles of information to direct the person, causing mis-takes in practical living. Cognitive dissonance is acknowledgment of separation. It is like being stuck in rudimentary learning, or RULE I MENTally have acclimated to and as that directs me, where what I was in the box, of sounded storied information, does not fit into the real math as the living and breathing world around me. After all, we all admit that we need to get back to nature, which is the admission that we need to INCLUDE all things, as the physical. Our segmented rulings, as our beliefs, that we have habituated to the extent they are more real than what is here, is a interference math, that does not fit into the sound of life, that is all things around us. We need to wake up all of who and what we are.  We need to play the instrument of and as who and what we are here.

Okay, so I am watching this video, of this person, and I am astounded by the moving and swirling self directing beliefs, within this person. I begin to sort, to find some grounding. It is from here, that I realized to look for what is eternal, and yet, realize, to some degree, I avoid because it means really looking at myself. Yet, as the same time, because I am of mankind,  I find myself somewhat overwhelmed. As a man, having information is calming. On a quantum level, things move in quantum ways, meaning one does not learn one part to then add, one must being many parts into balance; clarifying more, also clarifies what yet needs to become more focused. Meaning , I can focus on the lack ONLY, or I can realize, as well, the sense of being in calm the capacity to realize information lends. 

Reacting this to another event this week, brings forward how much in reaction I can allow myself to get lost within, was a meeting where a person constantly used endearments when speaking with others. Meaning, her frames of information - which were interesting and insightful- were always framed with ‘ honey’, or ‘ dear’ or ‘ sweetie.’ I find such annoying, because it is not real endearment, it is endearment used to soften a person before making a statement. Effective in some ways, distracting in others. It presupposes a deeper connection, it is like giving a present to place a person in ‘ giving mode,’ before one has any idea of what one agrees to and towards. Yet this is my take on it, despite it being an obvious tool of control of protection. It cannot determine who and what I am unless I allow it. Within this, I could feel the pull, the polarizing as the sound as the words of value judgments coming forward. I was both aware of the device, annoyed by it, and the movement within me, of and as the lending of pity for me, in a way. I responded within me as realizing the self pity I accepted and allowed.  It is being pulled into a personification, to change the narrative and never allow it to move beyond a certain framework. What is real, might just be uncovered. Since hate is always self hate, meaning we know we are not being responsible, self responsible,  wanting acknowledgement of my own self pity, is like being told , “ it is okay, yes it is sad.” and then not moving into introspection and self correction. Yet, this is the mode in which we are stuck! This is how limitation is used to suppress a state of being where there are no problems only solutions, in this physical and practical world. This is the story of a mind consciousness of separation, in plain sight. 

Dare I LOOK at what is eternal, and stand here? This means, DARE I LOOK at myself? DARE I process this reality, no longer being effected by a false morality composed of limitation, as the game of good and evil instead of respecting life that is physical, to realize what does no harm? There is no other choice. 

If I look at taxation, I can see everything we do in this reality with a construct of legal means is imposed as accepted, as the starting point is ourselves, creating the ending point/construct. We are living in ‘ going to the movies’ mode, where we pay to watch our own disassociation of ourselves. In order for that tax - to live- to end, each must accept this life. The gift is that sense one gets when enough information is realized to lend a sense of clear self direction, because we are happy, truly happy when we are effectively engaged, and unhappy when we are not. 

I can become present here, remain steady with here. My projections are okay, as I can recognize them and ground them. I can see the valley of good and evil, superimposed on the physical, like a swirling techno colored DREAM coat, using metaphor and parable to hide within itself, through distraction of a storied mis-information in separation and of fragmented knowledge and information made larger than reality as the physical. LOL, when will we realize that this was done by the supposed reptilians, and was a further intensifying of what we had allowed within ourselves, thus there is no one to blame and no reptilians doing anything to us, as it could only be done through acceptance. Time to respect the living, breathing, physical reality as who and what we really are here. As life, we are untouchable. As personality, we are walking death of life.