Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The supposed crack in the glass ceiling is an illusion of Hope. Day 712

This morning I am in a small supermarket. There are a lot of people because of the summer vacationers. The radio is blaring away. A voice comes through of Hilary Clinton, her words are. “ We have a crack in the glass ceiling.’ I stopped.  Meanwhile the cashier was asking me how I was going to pay. 

IN that moment, in relation to those words, and all the buzz of people and actions I realized that manipulation, is what we do to ourselves, constantly.  Not sure what Hilary was specifically referencing, I assume it is the Glass-Stegal Act. What ever it was, or is, the idea of putting a crack in it, if it is about the banks, and their practices, it is such a forgetfulness, as it suggests that there is this busyness of words on paper, created by men that is of such great strength that one can only move as creating cracks in it. This is the political mechanism of creating , an idea of progress ONLY,  within this paper castle of words that are only a code and never the real thing. IN this, change is likened to a battle, that takes time, as it spins in polarities of tiny actions filled with  hope when that very manipulative creation is the game, it is the avoidance tactic , it is a leader saying she is creating change and doing things, when she is not. It is more of the same that will not lead to any measurable change. 

The problem is that we are all in such a narrow focus, having spend our formative years in boxes of information, written by the same that spins the words ‘ placed a crack’    in something about something. Our parents are of the same, and since we are such absorbent beingnesses, we absorb all the emotions, values judgements, that in essence are a consequence of lack of presence in reality, the physical world - that are a separation from being present in common sense. We are riding the train of mis-information created from limited story - an imagination larger than life,  a business of  ideas that changing what we have created because of this, has greater value than what is real- the physical.

the ME-MORE- y of a tree is that physical mechanism of the tree, it needs to imagination, it is what it is, and that is composed of the very substance of life- the potential to be in-inform. The tree needs to be nothing more, and yet it is everything. 

Why can’t we remember what we did yesterday? Why do we lose our depth perception as we age? Why can we not see through the words that spin ideas about things, never really solving problems, just telling lies about playing cracks in things? Ironically, the words placing a crack’ are doing just that, this separation from reality, is placing a crack in existence because it is sucking the life force out, as life rejects what does not support life. We either make the decision to accept all life, as the physical, work with it, respecting it, and expanding our awareness in relationship with it, as it is us, as it is life, or we move to greater and greater degrees of separation, just like the behaviors of autistic children, who are the genetic, the generated consequence of our separation from being present and aware, self honest and self forgiving to what is real. Autistic children are a resonance of limited story, causing a static within, so busy with a false imagination that they it takes their while life to sort out, or at least for those who parent’s become responsible and take the time to give the child some structure to ground themselves. 

Our government is a trust, and our so-called Federal Reserve is owned by bankers who believe that they are more than another, when they are the same as us.  We are educated just enough to believe that we are more, based on the education, yet it is not an education because we are more blind than when we were born, because when we were born, we have enough presence, before the limited information accumulated, that we managed to learn to somewhat self direct our bodies as we began to crawl and to walk and to talk. From then on, forgetfulness set in and we no longer could remember what we did yesterday or the day before. Then we started to trip and fall in our separation into bias as value judgements, a false morality that bears no witness to life. 

Ask yourself, can you carry on a conversation without becoming emotional in some way? Do you at some point want to escape? Do you start to become tense and want to press a point? Do you walk away with voices in your head about the other person being an idiot, or, if the conversation was agreeable  with voices about how nice that other person is? This is really only substantiating your morality, a false morality that is only in self interest.

When you run into someone with whom you have  past of being productive in some way, are you suddenly happy to see them- a huge change from your general state of being?  Is this recognition of life for a moment, a moment of awe? Why is not every moment like that? Or, is this revelatory of looking only for that which was a moment of connection, of someone who substantiated you, such moments coming so seldom and so far in between, when such recognition should be every moment, as state of awe, a state of being alive and present, feeling that one can be open and sharing?

Is it getting harder to drive your car? Is it getting harder to connect with your partner? Is it getting harder to walk? These are all signs of a separation from life. No matter what, there is no one to blame, because the action of blame is not the movement of resolution. Problem solving means respecting this physical reality , and this means moving in ways that do no harm, to anything. It means being present and forgiving yourself as life, as presence, as awareness to what is here.  One, because of this, must really know one’s words, and have a broad vocabulary, because this is how we begin to hear the manipulations and the word constructions that continue a morality that one is more than another, words that appear to be solving problems under the guise of good, yet are really only that and not the real actions necessary to create a world that functions within the principle of equality and oneness, the principle of equality. You are life, accept the gift, stand up, clean up the train of mis-information as a memory of energetic biases, and ground yourself here. Start with breathing, bringing yourself back to yourself, as life, within focusing on your breath. Begin from here, in those moments when the tension builds, and you want to run, or complain as voices , as backchat in the mind, and let it pass, it peaks and then subsides. Come back to life, it is here for the moment, yet it will end. 

Support a basic income, let’s accept life. Stop the blame and the spite, it is the means of separation from who and what you really are. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Patience is more natural than anger Day 711

Anger is always self anger.

I realize more and more how much anger is really self anger. it is not having enough information. It is reacting as an event, as seeing the problem and reacting, taking the long road into solution. How many times have each of us regretted reacting in anger in past moments? I know I have many.

There have been times in my life where I was calm, and despite a short tempered reaction coming towards me, or myself reacting as a short temper, if I look, I can see that I was/am reacting within fear. Fear is having value judgements, fearing to lose my life, or an idea thereof. I hide in anger, resisting and pushing away what is in other moments more natural and less a cause of friction. These are more often than not, those moments where the emotional fire subsides, moves through its course and settles in moving forward without increasing accusation and a residual ill will.

Thus, anger has this quality, or I might say, dimension to it, that is rejection and resistance, a ‘ not wanting to know’ because resolution would mean facing an already accepted idea of impossibility blending into self pity, one a consequence of the other, building a voice of futility. Yet, that there is movement in limitation, as energy, as this, it means that the strings pulled as this, can change and self realize this movement and learn to recognize this and realize just how limiting such a construction is within. It also means that nothing can touch me as life unless I accept and allow it. It means that patience is more natural than anger. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Resistance Day 710

I am here, I am physical. What I think about is not what is real, yet what I think about can be a distraction from being present, from focusing here, from seeing life directly, from directing myself here, as the potential inherent in who and what I am.

I am physical.

Am I processing reality? Or, am I processing limited constructs of knowledge and information without a past of practical application? And, is this that I have allowed, as this that the very design of the present system, with so much knowledge and information flowing metaphysically on this earth, what causes me to lose all sensibility in being present in this reality?

What are the attention dis-orders compounding in our children?

Are not the churches, with all their colored windows, an earlier tech of the same as that television, that opinionated voice that is a busy work of making an idea larger than what is real?

How long have we separated ourselves from life. How many generations of separation  each accepts and allows within and as not standing up, have lead to where we are, where our children are so cognitively dissonant that they have a static resonance through which they must try and reach reality, this spatial reality in which we live.  Within this,  centuries of a disrespect of reality, the means of life, the physical. I mean why did we ever believe that we could know a tiger in a cage? How could we ever have thought that a child could be taught in a box ONLY? And from there, spend time watching another box? And, why do we not see that our financial system is by design a system of scarcity? Or is the financial system a reflection of our own accepted and allowed limitations?  Why do we lose our spatial ability as we move from childhood into  adulthood?  Why do we conceptually find it more and more difficult to process new information as we age? Why can’t we remember what happened yesterday?

Why is it so difficult to talk about politics at the dinner table? Why do we decide that what is important, as the policies we ostensibly support through voting ( that in itself in question) is not something discussed at the table? I mean, what happens instead of talk about family members, and their personalities that are in essence what determines the policies that then determine our lives, which, to come full circle, turns into a money system that by design is a system of scarcity.

Is this not reflective of very limited constructs of information that are not working? We discuss endlessly what we accept and allow and the shortcomings there of, and yet we cannot see what is so clear ; what we are within is not equal to the practical world as the physical within how that physical world works in common sense.

When we are directly seeing this actual world, we know what must be done in the moment when we focus here. And yet we do not apply the same to the lives that are on the other side of this world. Most of the families in Syria want to live their lives, enjoy their children. 

Before the King Phillip war in America,  the religious entities had declining members, because the colonists had - although not in accord with a more natural land maintenance system used by the native inhabitants of America-  the colonists had created systems of shelter and husbandry and agriculture that allowed for more leisure time. They felt secure and no longer needed to beg some imaginary god for assistance. They, the colonists had managed the land, with their hands. Nothing else did this but them. In their ‘ peace’ they also would come to realize that they did not need a sovereign to call out rules for them. They were the means of their lives.  And , perhaps, they had learned from the natives an idea that land cannot be owned, it is to take care of it, to work with it. I can only speculate, yet we are so absorbent that the attitudes of the native Americans must have influenced the colonists to some degree.

Why would a government become a corporation, with trade agreements done behind closed doors, that forced the states to use certain products of else be sued?  This is oligarchy, meaning this is each of us allowing a limited format to determine every inch of our presence and awareness about this world. Then that ‘ authority’ determines what is real and what is not, on a physical and limited planet. Why do we allow this game of separation from reality, into what becomes a cult of death? We allow an ego, composed of limited ideas, beliefs and opinions to be greater than what is real.  Moments in history have revealed this to us.  We do not need religion, we do not need a government saying it works for us, when it really works for a corporation of a few groups/individuals that bully a very very very limited form to follow. This is what we are allowing and accepting within ourselves and that shadow is the cause of great suffering to so many animals and plants and children. 

In such a short amount of time, this could change. To respect your neighbor as yourself, to realize they are a contract of information of such limited measure, that their faults are the same as yours, perhaps only different by a very narrow margin, yet having existed in such limitation, such tiny degrees of difference appear HUGE. That is the mirage of existing within very limited information.  Such inequality to life, to the physical practice of living, causes fear, it is being inferior to life, all life. The physical is life. It is the expression of life, it is the gift of life.

One has to deconstruct the beliefs, opinions and ideas layered within, as a perfect practice leads to a mastery that is significant in the degree of ease within processing the information, measurable in how this works as the lack of ease in the behaviors of projecting blame and spite outward that is the consequence of an imperfect practice.  This is invisible yet visible, as it is like a force that is the same as rejection, as resistance. Projecting blame and spite, criticizing actions and words and the things words form in another, is resisting being self responsible. It means one is not moving into solutions, into lending an ease in a moment where one can resolve what exists into a trust that no harm will be done. 

What are you wrapping your mouth around? What thoughts, as thoughts are things, are you allowing? Are you here, giving solutions that lend an ease, and move one’s self towards a mastery of living in equality to the physical? Will you move silent into death with no regrets or will you fight to survive as that ego that is a signature of very limited information and loads of protective and defensive behaviors heard so clearly in the words you speak that are of blame and spite and justification? Will you transcend the ego?

Friday, July 22, 2016

What opinions have I allowed to incorporate me? Day 709

I remember when a boyfriend of mine said to me that I had to try Buddism if I wanted to remain with him. I decided to try it for three months.

What I noticed is that this religion, this opinion about reality had many benefits for members of the society. The place being New York City, there was a broad spectrum of people from many different levels and placements in society. 

I ended up playing with the orchestra. It started to take over my life. 

If I took what was good about this structure, I realized that it gave structure to so many. Yet, was this a structure that rewrote one’s script, one’s soul, one’s order, one’s hard-drive memory, was it what placed one in awareness of the real ‘ corp’ that is this physical world, this physical earth, this instrument, this orchestra of incorporated life?  Did this system incorporate all things, giving one self mastery of self in relation to all things, as this physical world that has withstood the test of time longer and with greater synchronicity than the systems of opinion imposed on and structured as systems in the world around us? No.  An opinion about something cannot be what is real. It is a story, that if chanted again and again and again can come to be believed to be a truth of self.  And, why THIS repeating chant? Why not repeat being present and here? Why not place one’s presence and awareness and will into being here, to incorporate real life? To place the real corpus as a real relationship, as the physical? To practice ‘ reading’ and communicating with what is real?

lol, Religion, cultural in-doctoring, Corporate media, they are all opinions, they are all bodies of opinionated form, that can become what is your story within, or my story within, yet not one of them is the real story, a story, a storied layering of what builds and sustains and is life, as the actual sound formation of and as the physical. These things for sale, accepted and allowed, that can take over your life, they are not life, even with inherent good as the very means used to story those who follow such opinions, because this is how we work, we can learn anything, we can understanding anything we set ourselves towards uniting with.  In one way, the means to follow is the means to become self empowered. It is simple and it is right in front of us.

It takes 10,000 hours to master something, it takes 21 days to incorporate a new skill. With the violin, I would incorporate a new skill, the first week was like mapping it out, the more care and presence I placed within this, without distractions ( the chatter in my mind about some unresolved event- a past-time of not being present or not integrating something clearly, or racing to integrate something without realizing the process of integration with enjoyment and patience)  the more fluid the integration. The second week was to ingrain this with movement, and the third week was to practice checking it, so that the checking of it became what was automated as presence. This means, that I got to the point where moving myself through the new ability to measure, of awareness or skill, of mastery of a point,  moved with precision and ‘ flash speed.’  I owned it! 

Is this not what the religion, the culture of our parents as the story of information absorbed in the first seven years, the corporation of the media - is this not what they are doing? Does this mean that the means to the end is right in front of us? And does this not mean that because humans use words, that the way and means of real communication is to KNOW YOUR WORDS to the extent that you can process the storied information to assess what does no harm to this physical reality, and does this not mean that you can by the very design of what and who you really are, mean that you can understand this physical real story all around you that is you?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Only You Decide Day 708

Outside the trees continue to grow. I sometimes forget that they are outside being trees. I remove myself from the physical reality around me. I move into an emotional polarity, inside my head, in my imagination; a blueprint of my experiences, colored with value judgements. I become a train of ideas, beliefs and opinions, that are in separation from being present and focused here, considering all things. What is here is me, I am individual yet a part of everything here. I cannot live without the trees. And, why would I want to? I mean trees are an amazing technology. And I, as a human, am a technology to. I am composed of cells that change every seven years. That is being an amazing technology.  

Just like a computer, I can become slow if I am not aware of what I accept and allow within and as me. If I consider only what is on my hard drive, my memory, and believe this to be more real, or of greater value than the rest of me, then I polarize my presence and thwart my will away from all that is me. I am physical, that is my starting point, all those cells, working so diligently to maintain this form so that I may be present in the magnificence of creation. This creation is all around me. It is the physical. The game of superiority and inferiority, that more equal stance that takes a superlative and qualities it as somehow being more, is the illusion. This is the game of playing with that memory, and separating one’s self from reality. This is the game of hiding in plain sight what is real, because only what is here can be used, because here is what is real. 

If I allow that memory to be the directive of myself here, in this reality, I lose my conceptual ability.  Ever notice how as we age, we have to walk slower and slower, because we are no longer present and here.  With this magnificent machine that can replace every cell within a seven year period, how can such a separation come to pass? Ask yourself what it is that is the cause of a loss of conceptual ability development in perfecting a presence in reality, this physical world?  Should not those who have lived here in this physical reality be the models of presence in reality? Would this not look similar to someone who has mastered a musical instrument? Is there anyone who has done this? And would this not be the simplest thing really, so much simpler than all the justifications against this being possible? Would not that busy work of this not being possible be a cognitive dissonance of a memory gone astray? Can we call this ego? Is this not a false morality, where all the parts are not necessarily something to throw out, as some are in alignment with practical reality?

We have a system where we have allowed a sovereign entity to determine what we think, how we maintain our health and what we do with our time. And yet, I have had a policeman say that a sovereign movement is a cult! lol, it exists, one can see this in the immunity some higher ups have, they get away with things the chattel, as the population of personas, as people, cannot. In a way, it is a cult, a culture where a few can do what they want, and the rest foot the bill.

Also, we have allowed our labor to be monitored and directed through acceptance and allowance, feigning ignorance- when we are so capable of doing the math via the incredible conceptual  ability and sensitivity inherent in the design in and as a sentient being -  that what is for sale by the sovereign corporation we have accepted and allowed - is meant to suppress and limit, otherwise the game of control of those who have abdicated their common sense, and those who have become somewhat more responsible as the beneficiaries of this corporate trust, would not exist. This game ends up limiting both ends of this spectrum, this polarity, this system of value judgments in separation from the physical reality. It is the mirror image of what we allow within when we believe our memory is greater than reality.  We have put our trust in God and that God is money, where we allow our efforts to flow, and that flow builds a castle that at present hides within the label of capitalism, that is really what was once labeled as communism, and is really an oligarchy held in place though a collective amnesia of one’s own acceptance and allowance. 

And meanwhile, that tree is out there making oxygen to breath so that those cells can attempt to replace themselves and sustain this opportunity at life as in-formation as the physical to self realize creation as what one is, and then stand equal to and with it, to conceptually be present, here , aware.   What if there were a dissonance to life, in the form of a picture show, within, visible yet invisible, called energy, that is a polarized self warped into limited ideas as a self  in self abdication of accepting a common sense of life, physicality, who and what one really is? Do  we read enough to understand that the density of the matter in our brains tells us the degree to which we are present, having payed, or paid attention to what is here in reality or not? What if this were a form of pollution, a death cult so visible in each and every human being losing all conceptual ability to the degree that they no longer can walk with ease at the end of a life that began without religion, without nationality, without judgement about race, ethnicity, or gender, without ideas within a limited morality and without fear to stand up and respect all things? That starting point of some greater degree of clarity before the resonance of the sins of the fathers sets in, that starting point that  could see with clarity that the proverbial woman made wicked in stories told in childhood, one of many seminal moments of planting ideas leading to the dissonance blinding reality, this woman, labeled as wicked, was really cinderella in another life?  

How can one begin to remove the chaos of ideas, beliefs and opinions, composed of value judgements, a false, as limited,  positive? One must master language, the words. And then, one must read a lot. One must realize that the spoken word is no different that the written word. Ask yourself, ‘ What are you wrapping yourself around as the words you accept and allow?”  What are you creating with the things you form with your mouth and the space in your mind? What are you forming with your thoughts and your spoken word? Be careful, because what you form layers in the flesh and goes to direct who and what one is, because what we practice automates us.  Are you present and focused here? Are you able to do the math?  The means to perfection is the same means towards a disassociation to reality. Can you walk with ease anywhere? 

I would suggest to start your journey back to life. It is time to master yourself as life, the cells are there and the trees are there to help you, to sustain you, to give you the opportunity to walk through the eye of the needle and remove yourself from the cult of death known as ego.  I would suggest, to practice self forgiveness and self corrective statements to program yourself equal and one to life. I would suggest to really get to know your words and take care within what you wrap your mouth around, and your thoughts around. it will determine if you really live or die. No one can do this for you, and blame is blame. Self forgiveness and corrective application is yourself gifting yourself life.

DIP Lite is a free course to help in your journey through self forgiveness and self corrective application towards your journey back to life. And there are many free interviews on Eqafe. You decide, and only you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Looking at my will. Day 707

I am taking some time to learn about something I have wanted to understand for a long time. I find myself becoming overwhelmed. Then, I notice I want to go into blame towards various things, this appears as a back chat in my head.

This back chat, as the voice of value judgements, can take over, unless I stop. It means using my will to stop, to realize that back chat is a stream of fear, an artifice of judgements, myself not having enough information, and a belief on top of that that this is too much to stand through. All of this in itself an illusion. So many times I have walked through information and gained insight into myself and the world around me, this time it is no different. I can take the time, and go easy with myself and build this understanding. This is how expanding my awareness works. 

I can also relate this to the existent infrastructure of the world, and what I allow when uncertain and overwhelmed, as the same behaviors in other human beings, and the information presented on the media that uses this same experience I allow within myself, to generate a distraction from using what is natural. That nature, being to slow down and investigate no matter what. And this until things are clear, and I gain confidence in directing myself - also not fearing to make a mistake.

In tandem with this, it helps me to remember that just as this emotional storm rises within me, it rises as the same behaviors in others. This reminder to myself, about myself, and this same action in others, allows me to slow down and become patient when communicating with others. Thus, I need not be anxious, instead I can focus myself on what I have allowed within, and the same in the world around me, and  assess the parts and the whole and find solutions that  motivate a clear will and a steady direction, a presence that is sustainable . 

Thus, the moment I find myself  becoming restless, obsessed, impatient, short tempered, I stop, I breath, I slow way down and no matter what, remember myself to being present here on a physical planet, to ground myself and place my will as life, into measurable solutions. 

I also realize how awesome that would be if each were to become this with each one, each human, each animal , each plant and entity on this earth. 

Imagine this accumulating and becoming normal? What kind of world would this create? 

In the most basic of terms, this would become a world absent of behaviors of survival into a world communicating creation. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Remaining Present Day 706

Remaining Present

What does it mean to take information and place it into physical practical reality?

Someone came up to me yesterday and asked a question about education. They asked me if I had any research studies done. Pause. Then they asked if there was any qualitative and quantitative analysis.

I realized at this point that this is where the person was heading, expressing their informed ideas only. The terms not bad, and not complicated. If I were to go into detail, I would at this point get a set body of information that would have difficulty moving outside of that. Data on a page was more important than reality.

This begs the question as to realizing that looking at a tiger in a cage can tell us nothing about the tiger. Of course we could stare at the muscles, the teeth, the hair, etc. etc. and make assumptions about the purpose of these mechanisms, yet without the context of nature, we cannot really know how that tiger works and why they are formed the way that they are. 

It becomes absurd to decide what something is in a box. It becomes absurd to measure in a limited environment. It becomes absurd to look at something ONLY in a box, because it is understood that in isolation, the observer influences the outcome. I mean, is this not why nature is considered symbiotic?

I find it interesting, that business uses the anecdotal. Meaning, business uses testimony, that real live, in the nature, in the real living world, situation as its measure of effectiveness. How have we allowed ourselves to accept studies in controlled and isolated environments to be considered valid?

Again, it is one of those situations where the parts realized in isolation may not be all invalid. Yet, they cannot become what justifies what is real, because what happens in the real world, where all factors influence everything, what is real and what is effective becomes what works. Thus, the real world, all those 1+1’s. the building of effectiveness, as the building of awareness in reality must be considered in practical reality. And, within this, that forms change, hence we as organize robots, can only really be effective in life with our presence being here, in the physical reality.
The quantity of our awareness and the quality of that exists here, in the physical.

Would this then become a grounding that remembers what one did yesterday, or the year before? 
Conceptually, we humans have allowed ourselves to become so removed and separate from this reality, that the idea of remembering where we were and what we did yesterday appears impossible. And yet, this state of being would be real living. 

Where are you? Are you here, or are you focused on a past and a future that as such focus, is a state of being that has no real relationships to life.  What is the real quantity and quality of your awareness?  Are you processing reality or a set body of information that in reality is a conceptual lack of real living here. Is this what you accepted and allowed to define who and what you are as this life? Will that set body of information withstand the test of time ? Will you move with and as what is real? 

One really cannot learn to perform in life, unless one can play the instrument of life, a physical instrument, that is not emotional, it is stable, it moves in transformative ways, it is creation. It is time to take the tiger out of the cage. It is time to live. That is quantifying and qualifying life to realize a potency so fulfilling it is a design of beauty to behold. Are you awe struck in every moment? This is a marker of real living.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The absence of HOPE. Day 705

I have looked at what it means to no longer have any hope for a while. At some point I realized that the absence of hope is being calm in knowing something, meaning seeing the way forward. This also means seeing the way forward within a sense of self trust ; being able to address the unexpected. This is also a trust in a general ability to process information, or form and function, or a body of knowledge and information that is made larger than life, the proverbial elephant in the room, and not be reactive to or towards it. Instead to take the time to investigate and direct, remaining stable and grounded because this life is physical.

Therefor, there is no need for hope, that excitement, that desire, because completing things means walking the order, the ordinary into a completion of a goal, or what some may call the extra-ordinary. The extra-ordinary should be normal, instead it is defined as being something extra, which means that life is in reverse. Yet the words are telling of a sequence, meaning they reveal how things are accomplished.

Within this increasing awareness that hope is not needed, which cancels out no-hope, I am aware that every summer the way the bugs move and appear, the way certain plants are prolific one summer and somehow absent other summers, I realize that the very movement of the nature tells of a balance in the natural world around me. I would walk around this one small island in my town, and over the years, after having a belief that walking the same path was boring, that this could not be true, that i needed to look at the small in the world around me. What I started to notice was that every year was different. Then I started to ask myself what these differences meant. Then I asked how humans had come to be so out-of-the-sensibility of such perception.  I mean, how did we have almanacs before all our present scientific analysis? It has been proven that people's living a more agricultural life were able to foretell the coming year's weather. Somehow, somewhere, we have this capacity. Unless, we spend 13 years in a box mis-using our imagination into a limited and  consequentially, self destructive blueprint of information.  I mean why do we have an eastern religion that says to stop the mind and a western religion that says become the living word? Are these too ' belief's' the opposing sides of the same kind, and is this not an example of divide and conquer, through fragmenting information, and by this design, causing a separation from a natural ability to see directly this physical life?  Ask yourself what the meaning of humpty dumpty means, when he fell off the wall? lol, this in itself is a double meaning, suggesting that if we fall off the castle wall, we shatter- suggesting we must remain within the feudal system. A layer around a truth, as this is how the game is played.

Yet, HD, was sitting on a false construct, as that wall protecting the castle within a pyramid scheme. HD fell off the wall because he was no longer grounded! He had accepted the king's men and the king's horses instead of the physical. The consequence was being scatter brained, no longer able to process reality, and hence lacking in spatial ability, causing mistakes in his reality. It was a mis-use of imagination.  Hence, no one can put him back together again, no one, only he can. It is the same with each of us. The way, is in the practical, via the physical reality that is nature. And within this, the formation of the wall, that is the present system and hallowed ground as our mind consciousness systems of beliefs, opinions and ideas, so much of this indoctrinated information that consumes and shatters the life, as the presence within each of us. We accepted and allowed it. Yet we can change and forgive this separation and stand, equal and one on the ground and notice the ineffable and subtle changes that are in the natural world around us, that tell the real story of creation. Time to take down the wall. we can do it, together, after all, we built it together, so we can deconstruct it together and rebuild. We are the instruments of transformation, this is our real joy, we need only give up hope and hopelessness, because they are a consequence of no longer seeing this reality directly.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Crisis actors in acts of survival without regard for their actions. Day 704

I have come across a couple of articles on crisis actors. One particular video was of a group of American people of color. One can see that some of the younger people are stifling a laugh. I would to in such a situation. Seeing the whole thing as funny. I was standing there making up a story about something that never happened. I would be so occupied with this that I would not look at the long term ramifications of my actions. Especially towards my fellow men. Especially towards people of my own race.

There was another video of two black men who were involved in a peaceful demonstration. Yet, somehow, the media had built a story around them as being the perpetrators in relation to some supposed police deaths. These two men had turned themselves in to the police, handed over their legal firearms and brought witnesses that confirmed their whereabouts in relation to this supposed police altercation. The police did nothing, they were essentially fearful of going against the media story, even though the reality was staring them in the face. 

If we cannot discern fact from fiction, the fiction being our media, owned by a few who use divide and conquer/manipulation of events/ crisis actors/ machiavellian shinanigans/ self interest without regard for life/ false flags/red flags/ currency manipulation/ etc.etc. etc. how can we point fingers at anyone? How can we solve problems? We are essentially running around in chaos, living a lie, blaming everything around us, and no longer able to make any real decisions that make any sense at all. 

The problem with this is that we are forcing this onto our children. Our children are becoming more and more confused. What else do we call ADD and ADHD, and Autism and Dyslexia and all the other dis-eases that exist. Did we not realize that the separation from really looking and standing up for reality was not going to compound and become the mirror of our abdication of common sense? Can we continue to make statements that accept the absence of common sense. AND, that the answer, the solution is right there, it is common sense.

The crisis actors that spoke up for the false story, for which they are probably making money, do they realize the lives they are destroying? Do they realize the animals living on the earth who lose their habitats for resource extraction so the tools of broadcasting a false and limited story can continue? Do they realize the short term benefits of that pay for that performance? 

These actors are accepting money, in the short term, to survive, disregarding the long term consequences of others. And, that to continue this charade through participating within it, will lead them to the same or similar end as those lives that are disrupted by such actions as pretending a story that never really happened. 

I ask myself where I have manipulated things/stories in my own self interest. It begins with myself. I am the cell on the ground that generates the illusion of ideas, beliefs and opinions that have no regard for the practice of physical living. Where have I manipulated in my own self interest?

Where did I not tell the real story, leaving out inconvenient parts? Where did I create a crisis within my immediate environment through a lie by omission? Where did I create a paranormal event in my life that I had to constantly generate so that no one would find out that I had acted in fear, in my own self interest because I was too lazy/fearful/angry/self interested to investigate and assess and realize what would be best? Where did I become accusatory, or defensive, or use qualifiers with superlatives as  positive statements to suggest that my better was better than another absolute- all in self interest? Where did I manipulate events through my reflection of events to warp reality and hide what I accepted as ideas about something because I acted only in my own survival in the moment, having forgotten that I am a physical state of being on a physical planet? Where did I disregard the consequences of my actions towards my fellow sentient beings of this physical and practical earth?

Where did I polarize myself into energy, becoming loopy, ungrounded, fearful, existing as a chaos within myself? Where did I warp time, create a entity of belief and lift myself away from reality to hide in some emotional storm, covered in  positives as my words to justify my own fabricated-through-limitation-lie? Where did I become ego?

What I push away, what I reject, what I resist, what I blame, what I project outwards as what the aforementioned actions are, is what I ignored to bring forward values that I believed defined who and what I am or did in a reckless manner for money without looking at the long term consequences. It is as though I play with a substance that is as changeable and unsteady and chaotic as the imagery projected by the media. A media owned by a few who, in their survival, have managed to own resources around the globe to control the story impulsed through machinery. Even for them, the end will be the same, because what is real is being used to project a false and limited story on this earth. And all that is here as the animals, and the plants are suffering because of it. And we all accept and allow it unless we don’t. Unless we stop. It can only be held in place through acceptance and allowance. All of it is a false flag, a red flag, a crisis action in separation from reality. Instead of being present and using our awareness to sense reality, we are accepting and allowing very very limited stories to direct us. Yet, we can see reality, because it is always here, if we slow down, breath, and take the time to investigate and look.  If we stop participating in the limited story, it can no longer be sustained, and what will come forward, is reality, is the physical world, what is of real value. The real value is living, is being, is enjoying this state of being. It is enjoying our families, the animals, the earth.

The solution to this perpetual crisis acting is to breath and slow down and only choose those actions that do no harm to anything. This means removing the blame and the spite- those projections that are an act of not being responsible towards reality. This means feeling balanced and calm and present. This means not fearing what another may think of you. This means taking responsibility for one’s self. 

Our monetary system must change. It as its present form is the reflection of our own self interest before life. When we decide that all should have the means, because of this system, to have all basic human needs met because of what we are as physical beings, then can we begin to ground ourselves. The fruits of what labor we have done, can flow back to us, instead of flowing via financial instruments and government bureaucracies into what perpetuates this chaos, to and towards each of us. When we make the decision to manage and listen to our physical bodies and the environment around us, we by what we are as physical machines, can see directly what supports us and others that are the same as us, to become our real potential. I mean, imagine walking down the street and not having to worry about aggressive and accusatory actions and behaviors from fellow men locked in mental cages that limit doing the real math of living in a physical world? Imagine being able to have the time to understand how things work and develop practically? This is our real potential.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Holding Something Within Myself Day 705

Holding something within myself
I have been doing math equations to improve my movement within solving math equations. At first it was really slow, and then it starts to speed up. I know this can happen because it happened when I was younger. The same thing happens with any new discipline. It is known as critical mass, or momentum, or mastering something, getting comfortable with a form, and being able to manifest a blue print based on the structure within one’s self.

At times it is hard for me to make the attention shift. Yet this is a key. I ask myself why I cannot make the shift. Usually, there is something running in my mind. And, yet, the concentration on the number problem, allows me to see that this is happening because I can’t concentrate. I have had the same thing happen when I had to practice, which I did for years. Depending on how I concentrated, a piece was learned quickly or slowly. And if learned slowly, that was how the piece was played the next time I looked at it.  How we do what we do when we do it, is remembered, or imprinted, unless we begin to realize how this all works. Yet, an imperfect practice causes delays because even if I am aware of this, I still have to sort out and focus. The focus is not clear, in other words.

I find, that if I try too hard to concentrate on the numbers, it gets more difficult. If I move with more ease, it is not.  I also find that I can go backwards and forwards within the numbers being laid out, so it is not so necessary to memorize each step, it is more to move through the whole picture of the steps, and see the steps and the answer as one, and then let it go. This is the same as listening to another person.  The moment I rush in self interest, I miss some of what is being said and I cannot recall the person’s words. To note, it is interesting because a false unclear logic is redundant, meaning filled with repetition, and hence, not that hard to follow. This is because what lingered that is not clear, hangs around, just as in those times I practiced without being focused or without first grounding myself into a direct focus on what I was doing. At the moment, I have this saying, ‘ do the math’ . It is the same as when my practicing was not effective, because I was not doing the math, I was within myself polarized into a cloud, or fog of something I was thinking about that had become an entity that I had not cleared up. Every time I played the piece I practiced that I had carried a spinning issue into in the back of my mind ( or the front!) that ‘ issue’ would jump right back into my presence. It has the characteristic of busy-ness, whereas a real focus has a quality of ease.  lol. water is fluid after all. That quality of our sensibility is fluid after all.

Immediately, I have a sense that explaining this is too difficult, yet this in itself is an illusion. It really is in our face, right there, in front of us. So, how can that be difficult? And it can be transposed into many many scenarios within decoding the behaviors of this same mis-understanding in relation to behaviors. lol, yet this is being able to do the math, being able to begin to see the unresolved and its lag and effect on being able to hold a focus that has the quality of moving with greater ease and standing here physically no longer fearing to understand before taking action, and realizing that a perfect practice lends an ease of movement and the ability to expand one’s awareness, to the point where one becomes a master of one’s self. Will I get to the point where I no longer have the lingering past experiences of fear because I did not take the time to understand how this works, and had to rediscover it through the life time I have had on this earth?  The distraction, dis-traction of television , as what is aired, beginning with religion will and must become realized as a great crime against life. 

Our ability to understand and connect is so fucking great, it is astounding that we choose less than this. Being sad about not using this nature of life, which is the gift, does nothing. This is the point of self forgiveness, to let go of what was accepted as an imperfect practice and to become a master of one’s self as life. There are also tools to quantify this process of taking back self, as life.  A tool that can be the practice of living the difference between being caught in an imperfect practice and the movement of the self outside of that fog one carries around and that interrupts one’s focus towards what is real, as this creation in manifestation as the physical. Life is right here, right in front of us. 
The sad fog of the mind.  The Sequence Attention Dis-order of Fear, Obligation and Guilt. A disorder that has forgotten the real symbols are the physical information.

It is all a math and it has no mumbo jumbo. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Time frames of the mind Day 705

As we become what we practice, because we place our presence, our ability to sense a frame, a measure of time, a distance, a movement to do something, or order something, to sense its order.  Within this we essentially all learn the same way. 

We forget that our habits can become titles such as ‘ I am a visual learner’ which is secondary, and reveals more what movements and means and habits we have created, in a frame of time, as a structure that we then define ourselves as. We believe that the frame existed as what we define ourselves as, when that frame came after. Even though some of it was impulsed and passed down resonantly, in DNA, that seed of information. Or, because we in a sense, absorb so well, we absorb the measure, the morality of our parents. This is why religion is in the format that it is. It is structure, one must just question the structure, which is done through words and parables, or metaphors, the more one knows and can speak, on a soap box/podium/stage the more ‘ wise’ one appears. Key word: appears- in that bubble- away from the practical.

 The generations before us realized this, yet placed it in a metaphysical environment, as religion, within such statements as ‘ the sins of the fathers last for seven generations’  This is a truth that is right in front of us, yet it is connected to a threat of not getting into heaven- another televised vision, that matrix of energy that once the plug is pulled cannot withstand the test of longevity and was really the manifestation of our collective dissonance from real living, which is what bringing heaven to earth was all about. All practical. No Mumbo Jumbo! the real cells of life, are the physical things all around us. Science discovers this more and more every day. 

I make such statements again and again, because it is the means to the end. It is a mirage of separation, what we carry around in our heads, it is what was not grounded in practical reality, it is a within that is not equal to a without, it is why the child becomes all the faults of the parent. 

And so, the time frame of separation continues. This leads to a structural violence, prevalent in that life on the other side of the world whose time frame we ignore , or dare not to fathom, because it means we must realize how entrenched we are in our own individual time frames. It shows how much we fear being self honest. And yet, we see it, unless we are so far gone that we choose a very narrow existence, away from anything that counters our own time frames.

These time frames become reels of information, that bind us away from real living and real transformation. We become heavy with the rage of our own time frames, losing all spatial sense of reality, this physical existence. It begins with a tiny movement, that presence making a choice of using visuals, or kinesthetic learning, or what ever label one chooses. These are really justifications for not changing, and the screaming of limitation, to not become responsible.

The scream of limitation can manifest as voices running in the head, eating off the flesh.  If one’s back tempo of chat/ of voices/ of what one hides, are of comparison, one is jealous and competitive, comparing the smallest of things ( again revealing capacity of absorbing and understanding so much detail and measure- only misplaced with charged value judgements) within a relationship of survival and a feel good within an idea, or belief, that one is better. Sometimes it goes the other way, and one makes the judgement that one is less, hopeless, worthless. The measure, the song, the voice, that state is there, in the words, on one’s conception. It all becomes visible, as one speaks on parables/metaphors/value judgements silent or voiced, it is projected within or without, and it stems from the sea of potential within, as that starting point of creation, that begins with a movement. A very cool gift, it all depends on what one does with this, what one accepts and allows. The choices we make can do no harm, and can throw no one under the bus. 

Then, if one’s job/livelihood/MO is dependent on the limited structure of such belief, making a change is a threat to one’s existence, even at the expense of suppressing the real potential of another person within, especially a child. For this there is no greater crime, it is worse than anything any person in history has done, and it perpetuates the burden of seeded/noted information that is not what is best for those generations to come. All because I, or one, as the self, is not willing to stand up and speak of what is right here in front of us. We have become what we do, watch movies and entertainment running on reels - time frames of limited perspective. We are allowing this within. The moment one realizes that one has not heard what another person has said, is the moment one can live the extent of this of which I speak. I have to forgive myself all the time and ask another to please repeat what they have said. And, each of us are going to have to do this a lot, because this has been going on for a very very very long time. 

I can ask myself if i remember what I did yesterday. I can ask myself why I did not hear what another person said in a moment. I can ask myself why I cannot remember so many details about another life, a life I had with children in another country. I can ask myself why I have no sense of why when I wake a walk around the same island, that though I notice the plants are different every year, I cannot say why they are different, i have never used that great absorbent ability to sense why there are constant changes in the environment in which I live. It is because my presence is not here, it is up in a metaphysical construct, or lol, I wrote contract, of time frames, a morality, That I accepted and allowed, starting as a child, in a world that was of a society of men, in separation from creation. Walking back is a bitch, yet to hold the value of life within and as me, to become equal and one with and as it, is to live creation, to connect with the plants and the animals, first I must understand my own separation and the characteristics of that separation, and words and the processing and holding of numbers and words can help me to sort myself out, this and forgiving the time frames of limited values I have defined myself within and as. 

Also, the greater understanding I have of the money system, the greater understanding I have of the control mechanisms existent as the system on earth, I say ON EARTH because it is a construct that is not aligned with creation. It through control builds the survival game that is a busyness in a narrow focus. It is the outward manifestation of what each has accepted and allowed.  It uses the natural law in its own interest, the acceptance of a few determining what we thing, what we eat, and how we manage our health. None of it is working, thus it is time to become equal and one to the framework of the physical world, as it is life manifest, it is the real symbol. It is a living symbol.

When we can begin to hear the grass grow, then can we begin to work together and build heaven on earth. We have to get ourselves back to the real potential of who and what we are.  It is time to stand and accept only what does no harm, accept only what respects this earth, accept only that which is of no lie, meaning leaves no burden of justification, because it gives as we would receive, that which empowers each to see directly here. This means to process the information of life, which is physical. What we resist persists, what we ignore becomes an elephant in the room.  What we deny comes back to haunt us, and builds fire walls that consume our attention to such an extent, we leave this earth barely being able to walk because we have lost all spatial sense of what is real, the physical world. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The shadow of the mind Day 704

For some reason this morning a memory is coming up of an afternoon when my one son had returned home from school. I stood there listening to him when suddenly I said to him, ‘ your teacher is in you.’ I could see the color/nature/signature/presence/outline/measure/quality/persona of my son’s teacher in him, like a cloud, around him, as him. I knew his teacher I had spoken with her many times. This has to be second grade, as she was his second grade teacher. 

I also, realize this presence around me of writing in the morning. Because it is a family holiday, I have stopped my regular patterns, and for other reasons, hence, I am seeing my own ‘ clouds’ of habituated patterns stopping and the presence of them here.

Also, in my life, I have purposely changed up things I have done on a regular basis with the purpose of, initially, getting out of set ways of doing things. For example, for a while I had a small tv on my kitchen counter which I would use to watch the news while cooking dinner. I started to get caught up in watching a show that would come on, inevitably after the news, at the end of my nightly cooking and extend the time watching tv past the cooking. One day, I realized what I had done, and took the TV away. Maybe the solution was to turn the tv off after the news, yet, I had also been reading this periodical on politics etc. for about three years, and noticed that instead of being informed I was becoming righteous about what information I had accepted and allowed in the bias of the perspective of the periodical. Thus, I stopped reading that periodical and watching the news, and started to investigate other perspective. This was when I could the same articles posted on both sides, with a few words changed. How had I missed this?

In all, I find that changing what I have turned into a scheduled habit can show me where I have become stagnant, and where I am not aware of what I am doing.

Thus, this change in pattern of late, and this memory coming up, is a reminder of how absorbent I am as what I am as a human being.  It makes it more clear that I can really only be here, and that i must with every breath, bring myself here, to become a reflection, so to speak, of being here, and to realize that I can so easily become a colored bubble stagnant in belief, opinions and ideas. Reflecting what I have allowed, that becomes a persona, and reflecting the measure another person who becomes the same as what it is that I speak, can make communicating with another, and problem solving very difficult. And I can see where a perpetual broadcast system, known as our media, whose space is bought by a few, who have allowed us to believe that not only do we take out loans to build value as living, but also charge us with interest to utilize that loan, thereby siphoning all monetized labor ( my understanding and way of saying this at this point) into the hands of a few, who then broadcast a limited story ( the parts not all bad) again and again, in self interest,  to the point where the story ( measure ) is believed to be a truth, just as I did in getting caught up in a limited story that I began to be righteous about until I investigated more words produced by this same system only to find that the same forms were being processed with changing a few words, to keep a system of conflict in place as a distraction from realizing the Machiavellian means now a tech soap box called the media! Me Dia, my god, my structure of following a limited story that is all I can see and thus what must be real, and that I use to entertain me, like a business in a narrow focus, where i do not even want to know what it is that I do not know because it would mean that I have to step off of my hamster wheel, and I might hurt myself!   The idea of jumping off the running train of thought that I define myself as, means that I might bump my knee! And I am so busy running around in this persona within myself that I can no longer see what is real, as the physical right here, hidden by my own acceptances and allowances by that absorbent ability that can be used to sense a mode of operation and take that which is good and relate it to what I really am which is a physical absorbent state of being. Okay, that was a long sentence! lol

Interesting enough, what legend am I leaving behind for my children? What am I passing down to the next generation? I mean the bible says that the ‘ sins of the father’s stands for seven generations” That is a math, one that substantiates this sense that I have of breaking patterns and remembering a moment when I had a sense that my son’s teacher was ‘ in him’ as I could sense the color of her around him. I mean, how does an animal sense something out of place? How do they see what is not readily visible to our naked eyes? Is it not the same thing?

Can we not see that what we accept within can become like a blue print at the exclusion of what is real as the physical, AND that this can be used on the self interest of a few? And, that we are the same as those few if we do not realize this? Because in effect, we are doing the same thing?

This begs the question as to what you, yes you a parent or a person in this state of being, are leaving or imprinting to projecting onto others? Are you as a parent enough for any child, if you believe that you ‘ know’ what the real score is? You are not enough, not even I am enough, because I have not realized how all of this works, no one taught me. And who am I going to blame? Am i going to blame the dead of seven generations back? That would be like existing as Plato’s wall, taking to a bunch of shadows of belief on the wall of my mind, or like believing the emotional fire walls generated within me, that ‘ persona thing my sons was generating in second grade” as being more real that simply being here, physical, in this reality that held that projection. Take the physical away and the projection no longer exists. Yet is can resonantly exist and be passed down from generation to generation. Look around and see if this earth is living in a balanced and respectful manner towards efficient use of the physical. Obviously it is  not. 

What is the disease in our children, growing in numbers every day? Would we call them attention deficit dis-orders. Is the idea of a ghost in the machine really such a stretch of any imagination?  Are we bulling an incorrect use of the imagination onto reality, an imperfect practice? Look, we all realize we need to get back to nature, we all sense this so we know the answer. Yet there is a bully impulsing a false picture show that will continue if we accept and allow it. And it does not want to die! Just think of all the jobs that are based on supporting the lack, or the limitation of this projected picture show.  All these jobs that are really an administration of this false contract that races like a train and is so caught up in a narrow focus that is of shadows and painted by projected electrical and magnetic lights that what is real appears to not exist! There is a reason why within the word administrator there exists the sound admitted traitor! 

I also ask myself why I had not learned to ‘ read’ the ghost in the machine and define it, to take that which is good and does no harm. I mean if I can see it, and people in time have described such things as ‘ shadows on the wall’ then I cannot be alone in realizing this, everyone must have the means to do this, as this would be the means of life, to use imagination to test how things move, to asses and investigate before actually taking action and bringing something into creation, into physical form. And would this not make it obvious how much this could be used in self interest?

Is it not ironic how there is a fear of talking about ghosts in our cultures? And is it not ironic how we have even within this talked about how deceased friends, lover and family members have come to visit us? is it not obvious that that ghost in the machine is of one’s own making based on how the machine, as our physical absorbent ability works?  We are allowing a mumbo jumbo, paranormal, metaphysical existence generated from within ourselves to appear to be more real that what is real as the physical, and the signs of it are all around us; how this is used, and how we, each one, is serving this because in effect we fear to live, we fear to use this tool to create!

It really is time to stand up and speak of this point blank, to say this directly to one another, to tell stories of the outcomes of such shadow chasing, and to realize that none of us are enough to build a structural foundation in the children to come because we adults are the product of this same system. The children and ourselves ( with a lot of cross reference)  to must allow ourselves the means to realize the shadows passed down via imprint and sent as messages via a televised system, to enable each the means to be grounded and effective in seeing the ghosts and where they are at, and what is real, as the physical, at the same time. Just look at how a person can instantly memorize a sequence of moves to solve a rubric’s cube and then do the sequence blind folded! That is the means to the end, and a reflection of our capacity as life! 

Those who only see the limitation and lack, without realizing the potential in the machine of a human being, are so separated from potential that they cannot be trusted to guide anyone! In effect, it is not what we do it is who we are within what we do. The structures are not the problem, it is who we are within what we do. We cannot be afraid to point this out, to describe the means of lack and give direction in the necessity to always ground and reference physical reality.

An economic system that does not give each the means to take the necessary care of being physical, is a crime against life. For this reason, our economic system must change. And, parents must realize, that because of the consequence of this system, they are not enough for the development of their children, yet they are the one’s responsible for what character as development in processing what is within and what is without and what is here.

On another front, I have experienced grief. I realize that I was extremely vulnerable at that time. I did not realize how much I could become entrenched in the ‘ measures/ghosts’ of those around me, especially because I myself did not understand how this all works. I realize, with hind-sight that it took me the better part of five years to begin to see the difference between having lost everything and moving into a new form that in itself was another shadow on the wall system.  It is so easy to fall into something like this. The pressure from peers is very strong, especially within a system all around us that does not understand this. And yet, the principles behind this remain the same. And the means of sharing how this works and being careful in sorting this out, remain the same, as the structures that are here, that have proven efficacy within the test of time, are the means to the end. Here, what really matters is who we are within what we do. Many shadow chasers will not hear. And yet, in time, perhaps within a subsequent generation, this will begin to be realized, yet the acknowledgement of this must be continued to be expressed, again and again.  The shadows can run but they cannot hide because what is real is the physical.