Friday, June 28, 2019

Day 825 The behavior of a millennial

I am reading a book about millienials.

One of the first descriptions was an example of behavior.

It was said that when a millennial meets another person who has not yet seen a movie the millennial has seen, the millennial gets anxious. A millennial will get angry when someone has not seen a movie that they, the millennial has seen. 

This indicates that they cannot place the essence of the message of the movie into some common universal terms. They cannot take the movements expressed in the movie apart and apply that movement into some universal common sense about life no matter the scenario. Their ability to share experience is dependent on movie stories. This is like living in a dream, in an inner picture show, with no capacity to translate it into this reality. That they become impatient and anxious based on reacting to someone lacking their “ text book” movie,  means the movie has become their religion, something they rely on, something that binds them, something that directs them.

Religion means to “ tie up,” to bind. They are bound to a movie, a constructed picture, one that has time frames that are not equal in practical common sense to living in a physical reality. It is ( and not “ like”)  living in an alternate reality. It is living in a fantastic picture show instead of living here, in reality. 

It indicates a complete loss of critical and creative thinking. The anxious reaction is a loss of what is defining them. What is defining them is a memory of a very narrow focus and practice. There is no ability to apply timed sequences of another mode, to the living mode as the actual physical reality that is where that body, that human being, is becoming a behavior of anxiousness. That body as a physical body on a physical planet. The inner movement and expression is moving at one mode of timing as information and experience and ONLY knows that. 

Translating that into another mode, as the living reality, is absent. Meaning, it  has not been practiced; there is an absence of practical application in reality. This indicates that many of the millennials, have grown up in a reality that is of instant gratification, that moves in sequences of information, most probably centered around media. That media, is a me-DIA, my god, my religion, what I have practiced! It has no timing and sequence relative to the living physical reality. It indicates that though their within is “ of a sequence” causing separation as that behavior of becoming anxious when one’s text book is out of synch with the practical reality. Their within measure is not equal to reality. That inner spin becomes anxiety. Meanwhile their bodies that exist within as anxiety, remain. They are still here. That physical reality was here before this anxious spin of limited measure. And yet, their bodies remain.

I mean, within the law of compounding effects where one’s actions create the equal and opposite results, what happens if one has a religion of media, indicating an absence of practical living, causing an inner emotional turmoil of anxiety, separating one from being grounded and practical as being able to relate information to reality as critical and creative thinking?  Would not such a state of stagnant movement, that is a state of separation from reality, simply increase anxiety? 

What happens when that anxiety compounds over time? As the equal and opposite effect? 

If one takes a liter of water and holds it with an extended arm for ten minutes, it does not cause pain. What if one held it for 10 hours, or for ten years? 

It would become very very painful! Would that be a state of being tied to something, like the word religion suggests? 

What happens to a body that holds anxiety over ten years, or even twenty years? 

Can we blame anyone for what we have allowed?

Can someone else deconstruct what is allowed within, and accumulates through the law of compounding effects within one physical body? 

Is is only the self, as one, as one’s body that can deconstruct such allowances and stand equal and one to that, to then rebuild. And, one must relate to the practical physical reality to then become as that innocence of a child, that ability to learn and process things efficiently and with ease. That child does not yet have that degree of reaction as anxiety. They have not yet practiced it, even though they may have some generational programming being triggered by daily events. 

If we begin to understand how all of this works, which is very practical, we can realize that we cannot trust our memories or what is within us. The only choice  is to begin to relate to what is real and constant. What is constant is the physical. Even with our media, that uses the physical reality to project its limited stories that end up stagnating an inner natural ability to process information are not what is living and real, that is us, and that is all around us as the physical. There is only one reality of information and that is the physical. 

In research in reading skills, an effective vocabulary builds success. One's words are more equal to practical reality. One's ability to then process information can change time frames, dimensions, space and timing, to then be able to relate information to changing scenarios. One would then also be more able to read what is moving within one's body and at the same time, process what is around one as this living reality. It is like playing an instrument, where one plays the timing and sequence of Mozart, and then changes in a moment, to the timing and sequence of say, Brahms. Though questioning one's self about this may initially appear difficult, in the end it is AWESOME, because it means we are life, we are meant to be fluid, and that we can understand complex systems. In this world, to reframe ourselves, to equalize our within to the without, we can use words to rebuild, to deconstruct, to ground ourselves in this living reality. Anxiousness is a gift to show us where we are out of synch with life! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 824 Hiding in the Fantastic

Within the practice of slowing down and checking what is happening within me, just as I would do when playing the violin, I begin to accelerate in my ability to call what I am within myself in moments here, as who and what I am as a physical state of being in a system that is a web of ideas, beliefs and opinions in separation from consideration of all things, as this living breathing, physical reality that is creation manifest. There is a reason why it was said to bring heaven down to earth. It was not said to bring self to heaven - unless, as happens within written constructions - this is somehow turned around and spun/spelled into the opposite, then repeated again and again, until the entity begins to repeat what is within, thinking it to be real- being hypnotized by a resonant inner construct ( that may settle in one’s knees, stiffening them!) . So it is within what we allow and accept, when lacking in being present and cognizant of this reality as being no more or no less that who and what we are here. We are physical. 

I realize that I grew up in an extremely emotional home, well, as we all did most likely. In practicing catching myself within what I am standing within, I begin to see how hypnotic and automated my actions are, to a greater degree - subtle yet astounding! There are many moments of,” of shit! “ why did I not see this, as another layer unfolds to be addressed, assessed, redefined, reconfigured and resolved, only to show up again in another degree of subtlety. 

I must use the practical. It is similar to writing out a list of things to do, to get done, to structure a more disciplined action and to keep me focused on the tasks at hand. Within such structuring, other behaviors, such as procrastination, become more obvious.  Also, taking time every day to practice words, is necessary. On many dimensions, taking the time to practice words is a practice that is self stepping outside of self, to take a moment to look at the small things that enable one to see the parts of the more complex. This in turn improves one ability to process. 

In time, this moves in a more accelerated way. It is the same movement when one takes on any discipline and practices the small, to be able to expedite processing of the small, to realize the more complex. 

This is moving up through the symbol that represents this as the triangle, or the “ A “ that begins the Alpha- bet. We begin within the general, or building in the small parts and moving up through the point into mastery, as grace and equality with the given thing mastered. 

The magic is in the doing of the thing. AND, when we do this, it becomes easier to realize other things, because one knows the sequences and recognizes patterns, as the order of operations towards real building of understanding. Therefore, one could say, in confidence, that if one is stuck in automated mis-practice, one must return to the basics and rebuild - YET, it most likely will not take as long, even though to have learned something correctly in the first place would not take as long. 

And, if we look around, at the state of this reality, with the degree of animal extinction, or the increasing pollution, it becomes more and more obvious that such outcomes were lacking in consideration of all things, and treating this living breathing earth as a resource from a starting point within an already beLIEved state of separation - where the composition of that resonant ghost became a “ more.”   This is abuse;  our outcomes reveal that this is the opposite of reality. This resource called earth we cannot live without- it is us within who and what we are. It is not something to label as inadequate, believing one’s hypnotic projection that is initiated because of fear, as one has lost one’s self as life. That is ego, that is believing that what has resonantly accumulated within as belief, opinions and ideas, is just that; it is a practice lacking in real mastery of self. One ONLY sees the institution as state-of-being as the conditioned  pyramid scheme - a warped or ever-so-slightly polarized interpretation of the very means of self mastery and a general symbol that represents an order of operations as to how we move into expanding our awareness to become masters of life and living heaven on earth. 

Such small changes, as mis-takes accumulate to become that elephant in the room, resonant within, yet unequal and “ floating like a shadow-web just above that which is real, as this physical earth. This resonates through all things, leading to extinction and back into no-thingness. We see this happening around us. It will accelerate in its compounding. I sometimes think this earth is shrinking- which is the real cause of the weather changes and why there is no real consensus. We have not yet realized what we are doing. 

We are meant to be creators, and it is all practical and in plain sight. Of course, this will cause one’s experience to scream, because we can ONLY speak of what we have practiced. What we have repeated again and again and again, layers within us, and we become masters of our practices, our acceptances and allowances! It is a beautiful design, because it shows us where we are at. That is life expressing itself, showing us the way! Very very cool!

I can more understand at this point, why Christ had said, “ forgive them for they know not what they do.”  In itself, one cannot stand and say ONLY this in the face of that limited belief system that is of protection and defense because we are unhappy when we are out of synch with living and expressing ourselves as creators. Yes, one must FOR GIVE what directs towards self realization as life! Yet, within that state of separation, one’s processing speeds are ironically moving so fast as that resonant story that in itself is of so little real substance it is simultaneously moving in slow motion! Appears contradictory. We are too used to thin-king in a limited dimensional picture show that a quantum measure appears too complex. But, in reality, we all have moments where we get a glimpse through the cracks and what is more natural slips through. Within myself that shear frustration an anger, from existing within and as fear, as reaction, spills its SPELLS out within me. I have to breath, slow down and re-member myself here, as life, which is physical. When I notice a compounded belief, as a resistance, creating a relationship of separation within me, I have to stop, realize the storm of beliefs, opinions and ideas, and - lol- do that very thing I fear doing, that very thing I hesitate doing! I have to also had practiced that one-step-at-a-time movement. 

I have to forgive myself for not living that “ forgive them for they know not what they do,” AND simultaneously process what is here, and what I have allowed and what would be a movement, as an expression within me, as the equal consideration of all things to choose what is best for all! This means not ONLY being that sympathy BUT ALSO the focus of resolution. What is eternal cannot be lost. Ironically this is usually more simple than juggling this HUGE hypnotic/practiced/conditioned shadow of polarized as ever-so-slightly-warped-but-compounded state of separation!  I can realize where within all these movements how much I have practiced constriction in my chest. How much I have held my breath, in suppression of myself! How much I go into a state of petrification! It is astounding! 

We are abusing absolute potential. And, within that, we are not considering others. We must realize we can do not harm. NONE. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Day 823 Process of Elimination

I realize how dimensionally deep in my physical body is what I have accepted and allowed to define who and what I am to yet another degree! 

It is with hindsight. It is sudden little things that reveal this to me.

One is moving from one living space to another. There exists a deep desire to have a space of one’s own, as four walls, as a little cave like spot where one can sit in silence and as a supposed NEED to remain calm for a moment, thereby creating- because we are creators- a bubble where one has the space to “ hide” from the world.  I mean why?  This is an admission of separation. But from what?

Another is asking myself why I am seeking instead of creating? Creation, from my perspective means understanding what is here and working with it to build something. Why? Because it is actually fun to build something. It lets one know where one is at in some ways. This in its nature requires changing focus.

I remember reading a political periodical every week from front to back for three years. I then noticed that when meeting others, that I was beginning to become pretty intense in my responses in regards to my feed back in relation to things being said in conversations about what was happening on the political stage. For me the political stage is discussion about how things are being used and created. For example, use of earth’s resources and management of said resources. I looked at my behavior. This more and more angry response was somehow not a solution. Though I did not know where to go, that increasingly frustrated way of responding was not the place to go.

The first time I used this process-of elimination in relation to my behavior, was in high school. I went to high school in NYC. I was involved in the modeling world. There were A LOT of drugs. One spring, I had used valium on the weekends. One late Spring night a valium was again handed to me. I remember that moment of seeing that valium in the palm of that hand and internally saying to myself, “ Is this where I want to go?” The answer was no. This was not what I wanted to be. I got up off the car on that warm spring evening, on the street, in NYC, and walked away and never looked back. I did not know where to go, I just knew that was not the place I wanted to go. I could say, that was not the answer as the place to go. This being a state of being. 

Thus, why, in this changing living space movement that I am now within am I reminded of the need to have that private stable “ cave” “ space”? 

I made decisions in a moment, in both those scenarios above in living time, where I was not in my own personal “safe”-by-belief-cave-like-”private”-space? ! 

As I sat down in one of the two spaces that constituted the change, this “ feeling” that was like a longing for that sense of “ my” space came up. It has the color of wanting to be grounded, that is associated to that IDEA! And yet, my own life tells me I need not be in such a space to make a decision and the necessary ACTIONS/ movements to move myself! Why have that thought-of/ resonant-sense-of that “ need”? What is the point? 

Just as I had polarized my beliefs from reading a periodical for three years, front to back every week, I had programmed myself with this idea that I needed this “ safe,” stable,” space that “ felt” constant in order to sit and what? Clear myself? This is in opposition to other experiences in my life where I made decisions in a moment and changed! This would mean that the idea of a “ safe” space is really an illusion and something that I built as an idea, within me, that has become a resonant “ back-chat” coming from my physical body! It is not real, it may have a singular truth in this present system, but it is not real AND it flies in the face of what has been actual in my life! 

I think we all do this. This is not some “ special” thing or some “ mind-blowing” revelation. It is, simply, how we work revealing itself to us! That is really cool. It shows how much of a creator we really are, and how we do learn. What if we could realize this at a much younger age? 

I will speak more on this. For me, it has something to do with processing information. AND, how we are not taught this, we discover what we most likely already KNEW as children. I mean, if I can realize in time, that reading a periodical front to back was causing me to become righteous in certain scenarios, simultaneously realizing that that polarized emotional fire-ball was not the answer, then on some very very basic level, I KNOW that something is somehow - as that process of elimination - not quite the place to go! 

I mean, look at what is called “ logistical fallacies.” They describe how conversations can polarize through distraction. There are all manner of ways to change up space and time, to DISTRACT one from what is that same sense of knowing on some level -that taking a certain direction is simply not the place to go. Everything is here for us. We need only listen to that voice that understands something is becoming very polarized and that that behavior is not-the-place-to-go!

Just as I created that deep and subtle resonant form of pictures, words, values that comes up in a moment within me, I must reform it. No one can do this for me but myself. I am a creator, as are we all. I cannot really become that creator without each and every one that is here on this earth as well. Why? Because you define me, I define you, we define who and what we are as a whole as this physical creation. 

One can create , as pulling on the stuff of the substance of matter, imagery that appears to be so real. Yet, it has no staying power, and/or one cannot remember how one created that. One can have something suddenly appear in front of one, and believe it to be so real. Yet it does not stay. It reminds me of GMO seeds. They have to be, in my understanding, regenerated in a lab every year. My understanding is, that they cannot regenerate in the plant itself as that seed ( a time-line of events rolled up into a ball) will in “ earth” time slowing change/bounce-back into what is more harmonious/balanced. This sense of “ needing” a “ safe” space to “ think” or be alone is an illusion.   That slowing down and making decisions can be made in the storm, on the street, during a conversation, in any one moment. It can begin with that PROCESS of elimination as “ this is not where I want to go,” “ this is not what I want to be as somehow this is not real creation.” 

To begin to realize and see this overall, one must develop processing-of-information skills- as looking at moments overall and what is the qualities defining as focusing that moment into an experience. Language ( calling things by name as measure) can structure the mind, to the extent one can more-readily ( lol READ) catch that part of self that can sense when one is becoming more polarized and moving into those heavy conflicting situations of becoming more righteous, or seeking some kind of escape, or just going along to get along despite warning signs. 

And why? Because, somehow, that is simply not the place to go. I think we all know this because we are essentially like that seed. Life will, this means who and what is the self within, will move towards what that seed moves towards, to what is self generating and harmonious.  To move out of harmony is to move towards destruction. One must stand more in what is constant and does not have that sense of “ this is not a place to go” and realize that stability is always within the self because the real nature of self is that part of self that can process what is happening around one, no matter where one is. One question I have asked myself is “ What am I generating?” or “ Why can’t I generate this myself ( in relation to events in my life) ?” 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself , as my beingness, as my innocence, not seeing, realizing and understooding how and what I generate in every moment of myself as expression in this life as the effect of my actions, or acceptances of actions at that point where I realize “ this is not where I want to go”, here.

I forgive myself , as my beingness, as my innocence, not seeing realizing and understanding that in effect, within the contrast of moments in my life, how in the end I am the one generating what determines my experience as belief, opinion and idea as who and what I am, and within this, how I can become hypnotized by an idea, belief, or opinion, as a set body of information made resonant from practice as repetition within and as me, to become an accepted expression of and as measure in space as a timed event, that determines the moments of myself as life here, and for this I cannot blame anyone but myself, because I am who and what I am here because of my own volition.

I forgive myself, as my beingness, as my innocence, for not “ doing the math,” as my state of being, within and the relating of that, as the focus of myself, to this living reality that is here in this moment.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand, through contrast, as critical and creative assessing of space time, as READING OF what is here as all things,  as this living reality called earth here, to realize the measure as the state of being, as a stance of focus, as the acceptances and allowances within being self generated as myself, that define who and what I am here, and become a measure determining my actions, here, that either consider all things, in ways that do no harm, and that without OF this use of real presence become  self interest, become singular as a relationship of survival as an idea, that is a state of separation from this living realty that is creation in expression as this earth, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that within and as my experiences, I reveal myself to myself, unless I am ONLY acting in self interest, fearing to question my actions, even in moments of realization that “ this is not where I want to go.”

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the pull into “ getting along and going along” as a idea of and as a morality as this is a morality of “ not upsetting” that which overall is something that “ upsets” one’s sense of self as life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand, as my beingness, as my innocence,  that in any moment, I as life, as expression of and as life, am more than able to make a decision thus realizing that I need not ONLY be in some quiet private space.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in any moment, as this gift of life here, I am able to make a decision and change who and what I am allowing myself to be as an expression of who and what I am here.

I commit myself, as my beingness, as my innocence, to see realize and understand that this essence of myself as life, as presence, as focus, am able to process the math, the information, the forms, the movements of what is here, to realize “ following along without question”, and in a moment, seeing realizing and understanding how I can become hypnotized within and as beliefs without realizing the consequences of those choices until a singular more intense event happens and within that, through contrast, realize the polarized value judgement as a choice made  and making a choice to realize through a process of elimination, what directions are what is best for myself as who and what I am here to the extent I realize I am a creator of my experience in this life that is creation in expression as the physical, here. 

I commit myself to simultaneously, see, realize and understand that this mirage of belief, as a resonant construction, made through repetition, where repetition does not equate to truth, to not see realize and understand how I build who and what I am, where the contrast of a moment of awareness of consequences for actions taken, reveals how what I accept and allow as a practice, will determine my actions, in this living, breathing, expressing physical creation that is life here, as life would be a state of considering all things, here which also, realizes that there is no other place to “ go” as is impulsed as belief which in itself as a distraction from life here. 

I commit myself to seeing realizing and sensing in and as every moment as every breath, to ground myself here, to realize the weights as pressures within and as my physical, is the “ reverberation” of accepted and allowed and acted upon, beliefs, opinions and ideas, that accumulate and move through my human physical body, as a gift of life, revealing myself as what I have chosen to accept and focus upon, as the back chat within and as me, like a current moving through me, that is of my own creation that is also a gift to show imbalances that are lacking in consideration of all things as this living, breathing, physical expression of life here.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Day 821 Looking at a State of Innocence

So this looping, this constant dialogue in my head is myself not being here, myself not being in that state of innocence, that affords/brings/rises-up a smile of joy, of innocence, of lack of blame- and instead is more of a sharing, a being, a presence that forgives all trespasses. Funny how the real words are here in existence to guide and direct us, if we would only look and slow down and listen. This state that is more natural than the projections of personifications. Projections that are because of a fear of being what is essentially more real, as that state of innocence. As those who fear being that, state of innocence fear acknowledging and admitting  to a STATE OF SEPARATION. 

Our political, POLES I CALL/ I LABEL/I ACCEPT are the literal STATES bullying even within their words, assuming dominance. I did not pay my excise tax bill, and received a second notice that contained the words in capital letters DEMAND. I thought, why send a second notice that was so aggressive ? The word on the notice being in capital letters as a “DEMAND”!!!!!! WE DAMANDDD that YOU PAY! I mean really. Is that any way to treat a living person, especially in this economic climate? These are PEOPLE sending out these notes. This is not done by some invisible hand or “ iron fist.” This is done, the words chosen, by a system that exists by a collective of  PEOPLE. Like a bunch of peas, pulling something, warping reality, FORGETTING the self as physical life and FOR GETTING an ideological personification of a more-than and a less-than as the voices in the head that is the indicator that one is mis-using the mind, and even STUCK in ONLY being the mind as a set body of information mis-used as over-used creating a state of separation from self as life, as the living body that is what enables one to exist. That which is PULLED as POLARIZED as value judgements lacking any real consideration from what it means to be a physical state of being, composed of the same building blocks as a plant. 

I mean, just as a plant requires basic fundamental elements to exist as its expression, so does and is the human. If that structural living thing is lacking in the basic fundamental elements that composes its ability to express and BE, it goes into stress and does not function in its real capacity. We understand this with plants, and so it is with the “ walking plants” called humans - and the many animals and insects. 

I will return to talking about innocence. In contrast, I have a twin sister. I have a person in my life that I was with from the get go. Yes, we have screamed and yelled at one another. BUT, there is this quality, this sense that none of this matters. It is as though, we remember on some deep level how we built ourselves because we were there as we built who and what we have become. It has a feel that we are in a STATE of suspension. It is as though we know on some level that we are playing a game. No matter what we are more readily able to let the past go, as though we remember that we have entered a “ twilight zone” of stepping outside of something. Almost like, somewhere at some time, we made a pact that we would remember. There is this quality of realizing the storms are meaningless. 

Also, there are people in my life that no matter what, no matter what clouds may appear, what remains is a sense of joyful play. Meaning, the person opens a sense of wanting to smile. When we see one another, we want to smile. I remember meeting this one person years ago, and that same thing happened, even though I did not know much about them. It is like when we sometimes meet someone for a moment, and that same sense of knowing one another happens. It has a quality of calm, or joy and a sense that it does not matter if one never sees them again. What remains is a sense of something eternal and that in itself is the gift. The same quality happens when one discovers something, to the extent one need not force that quality to appear in a moment again, it remains, it is constant, it cannot be lost. This state of innocence has an endurance that remains there, always no matter the storm. When we do something that we, with hindsight, realize was not the best choice, that more eternal quality is there. The answer when coming out of a storm and sensing this quality, is shame. We are ashamed of our own actions.

Ever want to blame something, and at the same time, there is an awareness that one is doing just that? That quality of wanting to blame and knowing full well one cannot blame anything because self FORGOT that sense of joy, that sense of what is eternal, that sense of discovery, that sense of being able to hold something that needs no recognition from anyone because one KNOWS. If we are caught up in an over-use of the imagination, which is being MIND ONLY, we cause/create/practice/build a STATE of separation. If many do this, it becomes a living system. This living system is full of DEMANDS because it is a system of anger. Anger is the self having LOST that sense of joy, of discovery, of remembering that eternal quality that no one can take away because that is the self in expression as self as life that is of that quality of innocence which is a quality of NO BLAME, NO DEMAND, NO FEAR. 

I have had to involve myself with two “ committees” in the system. What I realize, is that it takes time for me to SEE THE TIMING. Meaning to see what is essentially like trying to hold a slippery fish in your hand. The system itself is a pretty cool structural system that does allow one to make choices that consider many things, to make the choice of no harm. YET, within that, it is the people who are the slippery fish. They are basically all over the place, and have a hard time realizing the structures. It appears that the structures are complicated, when in reality they are not as complicated as we might think, as we might believe. I can see where one can, as a mind state of separation, become so frustrated. One must take the time to realize the slippery state of this, and at the same time realize/understand inherent structures that can be used to implement what is best.  That slippery state can understand the structures, so it is like one must be patient and bring forward the real structural means to the extent those within this can hold it themselves. It is like standing as structure. I laugh, because is this not what the advertising systems are doing, in repeating STATEments again and again and again? That in itself as standing as a structure.  In this, one is dealing with many people. Yet, that slipperyness is not constant. It can have no constancy because it is a state of separation, lacking grace, lacking stability, lacking innocence.   That slippery quality is of ONLY being in a limited construct of a set body of information. Of being in a state of value judgements because of not being grounded in this living structure called earth.That state of separation is of a state of value judgements that leads to being in a state of fear, because it lacks wholeness causing discord that has no real ability to stand. It has no real structure of constancy. 

It is then of projection, a state of suspension from life. And it consumes the substance of the physical leading to dis-ease because it stresses the physical in consuming it faster than the physical can rebuild itself. It is worshipping a false god. I could say, ironically, one is in a constant state of construction and deconstruction, moving in a sequence of timed events that never solidify, that never rest, that leads to a constant looping within. That is a constant pull back and forth of good and bad, right and wrong, more than and less than. 

That “ state of innocence” does not have that same quality, it has more constancy, more joy, more stability, is is a more “ real” state of being. It realizes there are not problems and only solutions. it realizes that reacting to a system of what I have called “ slippery fish” is pointless. one need only stand to rebuild a structure that lends stability and constancy because a restoration of a natural innocence of the child feels FUCKING GREAT. One wants to smile, one wants to interact and communicate, one realizes the real value is life itself! There are no problems in this state, there are only solutions. There is no such thing as criticism in this state. It lends a great ability to not react to that slippery-fish state because what is more visible is how much that slippery-fish state lacks any real structure and that this lack-of-real-structure can never really be happy. What is desired is to instead be that state of innocence that realizes there are only solutions, that realizes there is no such thing as criticism. It realizes that the self is always here. Nothing can define who and what one is but the self as life, which includes all things, and thus is physical.