Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 436 What is a capitalist?

What is a capitalist but a man who takes money as the assumed value of the ecology to support life by the hands of many men, to organize that value to flow back into sustaining the ecology from which it came, this including taking care of the hands of men who created the value, thus a capitalist is simply a measure of helping an order that circulates and cares for the physical world interactions that allow expression of life. Thus, the idea of making this point in a circulatory system an idol, is a state of ignorance that is a state of making a false idol, and thus a separation from common sense of the a physical mechanistic world. The sequence of this being a con-job made glorious through the bling of lights and sound via media, religion, consumerism, a smoke and mirrors show that is manipulation. This is an act of self interest, this self interest being in separation from common sense as life, as being able to see the nature of the physical as needing circulation, where no one thing can be owned, because what is here must circulate to support, as it is the circulation that is the movement that is what cares and thus supports life. Giving one more and suppressing life through denial of what supports the physical to live its full potential and thus become the conduit to circulate the ecology into economy to rebuild  is a crime against life.

It is time for a Living Income Guarantee, to get life circulating on earth, this being life existing in full expression, creating a heaven on earth. This that we were told we must do, it we want to become equal and one to “ god.” This is the sound of life - so to speak.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 435 Are you an automaton or are you here aware of the whole?

I remember correcting state writing tests for a school district of seventh graders. So, I sat at a table and corrected the writing of many seventh graders for a couple of days. The words passed by me all day.

Within this there were many forms placed on the paper by each child in this grade level. There was one group of essays that had a pattern, that pattern became obvious because it had more structure than the other papers. A teacher had really taken the time and practiced with the children a simple essay format: the opening statement and the supporting details. The body of the paper fleshing out each point in the opening paragraph. So, the opening paragraph was a perspective given.
Within this, it was easy to see which children could plug in a perspective and support and then flesh this out. There were degrees of difference within this spanning the whole gamut of the stages of development.
Usually, the papers that filled the structure with words I found cool because they completed the order. But when I compared them to what was being said within other papers where there was incomplete order as in building the from of the essay to completion was the perspectives given.
Some of the children built “ thin” statements but completed the template, meaning they had words to place in the form, but the perspective was not encompassing, meaning it did not engage me, it was a common perspective. There is nothing wrong with this, especially at this level because the child is learning to build within a proscribed form, so to take what is known and to use it is fine within learning a new form.
Some children stopped after the topic sentence, moving beyond this was difficult for them. And since this is a process, obviously these children need more support within getting beyond inhibition, getting beyond being overwhelmed with this task. 
Then there were children that could write a topic sentence that was an eye-opening perspective. So “ new “ to me I was astounded. Just reading that first line, the words was like a “ whole new world” so to speak. And often these children had a hard time fleshing this out. This varied by degree too. Some could not move beyond that first paragraph, some had very weak supporting paragraphs.
It was interesting that the papers that were given an ‘A” because they fulfilled the volume of a learned order as a form as the essay, often did not say anything new, even the information was following an established perspective. These papers were praised, not only for their completed form but for the perspective given. Had these children simply learned the perspective as well as the use of words and the conceptual ability to hold a form that orders? What was it about these children that gave perspective that was refreshing but not carried through placed into the structure. Is this that the child that had completed the paper had the time to practice their perspective and thus have easy feed back because the perspective was a norm? Had those children with perspectives that were like a window was being opened, not been allowed to flesh out their perspectives in real life, in ordinary talking, interacting life? Were they stagnant through dis-allowance of their very way of seeing the world in expression on a day to day basis. Had they ever been listened to, and thus practice building their perspective. Or, was their perspective not really heard because it was by degree an  encompassing insight that did not fit the proscription of the norm, and thus even teachers could not conceptually move and direct within this with ease, nor parents and thus the child had no practice, no follow through with their sight about the world?
If that “A” paper is of an accepted order, not good or bad, but conditioned, and all the adults follow this as a norm, and this becomes automated, like a metaphysical guidance system, would it not be difficult to recognize other perspectives? Because in essence what I am saying is that perceptually most of us follow a proscribed order, the one taught to such an extent that conceptually moving out of this is not a movement within us done with ease. A few can do this, but this few are very few, most of us are egotistical and want our perspective to be the only one, not realizing that there is value in our perspective but it is not the only way to see. Thus we are so busy doing this, or following the proscribed order just to get through the day, because we have some worry on our minds, that when a child comes with a new perspective, we cannot see it, because we are automated within a limited view, we are essentially stagnant, and this has become a habit. This in itself is a crime, because it is a state that does not see beyond limited prescription, and thus that child’s voice, that child’s eye opening perspective, is not listened to. Now, what does this eventually do to that child? Do they ever have the chance to build on their perspective? No. Would they become confused and withdrawn. Yes. Would they have ever practiced moving their perspective through to completion, have the practice to follow through. No. Would they become frustrated and withdrawn and eventually seek something to ease that expression that has not been allowed to be released in other ways? Would they by the time they get to middle school have developed habits of giving up? Just as those who follow the proscription develop habits of not seeing anything else other than that proscription that gets the “A” because it is the norm and touted enough and accepted enough within interaction that its practice is available? In both scenarios, we see where we become automated. Thus knowing we become automated, it is obvious that we stop using our conceptual ability, and this act is a crime against the development of ourselves and our children. It is unacceptable. And it means that each needs to make an effort to self realize our own levels of automation. And it also means that we have to be very careful of what we teach because what we teach will become automated to some degree, unless we realize we become this and remain aware of this as we face the world. A human living in automation is a human who has rejected conceptual ability, is a stagnant human, and as we can see with our children, an abuse to the very voice of that child and probably those with whom we have relationships with.
Now, there is this boy who I see walking up and down my street almost every day.  A good looking boy, had a job, must have been in his twenties. Quiet, polite. His hair was always in his eyes, his clothes put together. There was never conversation between us, except for the occasional greeting when my dog happened to run up to him.
This summer this boy died from an overdose. I had to ask myself what lead to this young man being responsible, and yet incommunicative with the general society choosing to basically commit suicide in taking drugs that I am sure he understood to cause himself harm. Was it that this boy never had the opportunity to really speak, to really express his perspective? Was his silence because he had spoken up for years as a child, to teachers and parents and society that moved as an automated limited perspective that never answered/responded/looked at what he was saying, his speaking really a gift as it was an inclusive perspective about life, yet because it did not match what is really extremely limited perspectives taught in a classroom where knowledge and information is imparted but never practically lived thus never substantiated thus this formation in itself not allowing any other perspective to be discovered because it is only presentation as idea? And if we become automated, we begin to believe that this is the only perspective, despite our full awareness , if we read the news, that this physical world is not taking care of this earth, thus our perspectives are limited and do not answer to this physical world, and that child, that boy, perhaps her had a perspective that was a piece of what was missing in our automated understanding, a perspective that would open up our conceptual understanding of this world, to such an extent that the abuse going on in this world would diminish simply by adding the perspective of this human, this man, this child, this expression of life, this piece of earth, this being that is here and thus a support for the whole, as in all actuality, creation would only form a structure as that which supports it. Thus, it is only the blueprint created by the human on top of physical reality that is the problem. It is limited and thus in its limitation destructive, and the self direction from this blueprint without the use of the common sense that built this blueprint in every breath, creates a destructive automaton that destroys through dis-allowance of the voice of ALL of our children.
And we wonder why there are so many behavioral problems in middle school. Perhaps it is simply that it is impossible for these children to fit into such a limited design.
Go and try to correct a large group of  seventh grade papers, and see if you move as judgement within an automated proscription or if you can manage to see the whole,  to see that something is seriously limiting expression within these children. Many of whom have a voice that is astounding, but not allowed practice and development just because it does not fit into a limited prescription.  Try and see/realize your own automation and thus lack of common sense use, this that enables a more inclusive conceptual ability, this being seeing the movement and the form, the process and the outcome, all while remaining aware of the movement and formation of the actual real physical world, in being able to perceptually move within different perspectives, not being afraid to leave the automation behind. Look to your own negative statements of reprimand and your automation self supporting statement of positive reinforcement, caught in this one is not seeing what is here for what it is but flowing a prescription of limited awareness, a detriment to our children, those who by their very voice, have no voice and thus choose what is given, a death of themselves simply because they do not fit a limited set of knowledge and information given without physical experience, the perfect medium to diminish life and only allow that which serves a lesser god of profit before life, this giving what supports life in abundance to a few instead of valuing all life as being the gift, as being what would be supportive of this physical world.
So, the question. Are you an automaton or are you life? If you really look at yourself, more than likely you will realize how much of an automaton you really are.
There are solutions to this at a very basic practical level, to get us away from being automatic as a response. This is changing the system to one that allows change within implementing what allows more perspective in this world and thus more consideration and thus more common sense, more conception that is equal to the without as the world in totality. This is a Living Income Guarantee. This ends the limited viewpoint that some are more than others, and would allow more perspective voice and thus more children the ability to practice their uniqueness, which in essence  are the real gifts, we need only accept them as they allow us, each of us to expand our conceptual ability in becoming equal and one to and as life, here on earth, this cutting edge of creation that is simply the joy of being. Anything else is a crime. That is common sense.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 434 Transnational Action disregards practical physical reality.

I was reading about two brothers who amassed exorbitant wealth organizing a product we all use to live, their names unimportant to me because it is the action and outcome of what they did that is important. Having a name to place on this is unnecessary and part of the problem. I mean in school the organization and development of resources are always given a figure head, this figure head given the status of a “ creator” which is in itself a delusional presentation. And I remember thinking that some people on earth, as I read away in the stories presented at school in text books, that there were supposedly “ amazing” people who did this and did that, and many of their names are placed on brass plaques  for all to see. There are subjects about how resources are developed and moved around, but this is not aligned with the supposed “ movers and shakers” in our society whose names we drop to show our accumulation of knowledge and information, leaving out practical common sense, the whole story,  the actual physical facts. Our consequences of history told always incite an associative drama  of “he said she said”- be it country of event-  about the  figure head lacking all common sense. It civic classes he structural mechanism of world order is taught, in history, the “ he/they did this or that” story. Perhaps this is changing into other combinations, but still is the alignment with physical movements tied to a figure head given super powers that this figure head does not, in all common sense, really possess because they are a point in a interconnected fabric where a media touts one aspect as a “ more than” as a god -  a “ figured head” that has all this media “light” exaggerating its significance in contradiction to physical reality?
So, these two brothers organized the production and storage and distribution of a product. For them it was this process that drove them, and they held onto the money, living lives that were not ostentatious. The accumulation of money, how much collected was the end game and nothing else. They played with transnational practices, squeezing money from the production end and the consumer end to have gains through tax havens in the middle because it was about collecting the money. Physical life was secondary, profit was primary,  a backwards equation, the cart before the horse, a trough of self interest.
How is that we have allowed ourselves to make one part of a process more than another? The workers if not given what is needed to be decent human beings are naturally going to cut corners and lack health and thus not going to take care of the very ground on which they exist and the consumer using the product, are they getting what is best for them, what will sustain a human form composed of parts and mechanistic functions that are able to be understood, are they going to function in their full capacity? What does this undeveloped entity on earth leave behind for those to come? And if humans are more than another species, then why would we need that other species. if we cannot exist without it than we are not more. Dependency really reveals an interconnectedness, not a more than.
Figure heads are an organizer, and usually they have the money to organize larger groups of things, but they are only this through capital gains. These gains are dependent on the physical world and the actions on the ground, thus, a figure head is dependent on what is here, and is only a part of a connection dependent on what is being connected! Without the connections, that figure head cannot exist.  Thus, the idol making of a point of organization is an illusion and the allowance of money to collect to a few is a complete delusional separation from reality.
In reality, if the entities on the ground had more natural ability to be responsible they would, it is only an idea that order must come from afar, not to say that at this point in time because of the amount of non allowance of common sense, within each point, more organization of what is here will be needed, but as each part becomes what it is as life capable of understanding, less organization from one point will be needed. In other words it is the accumulation of money that uses the division of understanding as a means for self interested gain. Can’t blame the effects of this on the effected, that is simply ignorance. In all of this is those that compose the castle walls, as the administrators, the teachers, the municipal workers, those that have pay checks that really keep that wall up. So, ironically, it is those in the middle, that are the wall of separation, that must realize that a Living Income Guarantee will remove the divide that is the wall, that is a formation as men that is removed from common sense of earth, meaning practices that do no harm absolutely.  We all know the choices we make, that are not self honest, that allow a “ lesser evil” over an absolute, really looking at what causes no harm. This is why, the collective has no choice but to stand for a Living Income Guarantee. I am sure that there are many soldiers who are cast out and/or realize they serve a lesser god of profit before life.
Think of someone who starts working within some process, on the bottom level and begins to understand the whole production process and moves up through the different levels of organization. They simply focus on this part of existence, it does not make them more than. Another person working may be developing themselves in another way, for instance, learning to play a musical instrument, or studying how one point in the process could be improved, etc. etc. one is not more than another, we have simply allowed money to flow into one point above another. We have maintained a system that directs money into pooling through one point without any regard  for life what so ever. This is a picture of stagnation, it is not a picture/story of development that does no harm, that does not disregard consequence of practice and consideration of earth, that on which we depend. This is a sickness, a separation from reality. What some call reality is really delusion, because in the end our lives are dependent on physical existence.
The mis-take was choosing the belief in a good and a bad, despite the tree of life emitting oxygen to breath, a tree whose form and organization as parts we can all understand, even in detail if we look.  The mis-take was believing that one thing is more than another, an in this forgetting that the physical is a form that enables the expression of life and therefor all aspects of physical existence are interconnected, it is only illusion that one is more than another. Allowing  excessive amounts of money to accumulate into the hands of a few is a crime against life, it is a separation from reality, and its consequences are in the state of ignorance that this allowance is, destructive. So the physical is diminishing as so much is destroyed and turned into a bill. This bill cannot feed us, this bill cannot suddenly become a tree again. The physical world, is life and this is the value. That figure head touted as a god is the illusion. And we were told to not create false idols.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 433 How can " trade secrets" be used in a democracy that requires an educated collective?

In a democracy the education of the people in order to govern themselves is paramount in successful interaction. And yet, within our present system we have ideas of “ trade secrets” and “confidential” stances that we often accept without question.  But, in all common sense, the existence of such constructs is in opposition to the required education of the demos, the people. Thus, by design, the present system works against itself because hiding practices does not allow an understanding to be built, a foundation to be developed, of how this world  works and what we as humans are doing on earth. Again, the words and structures of what we are, are contrary to what we actually practice in deed. Our words are not in alignment with our deeds, and thus the consequence is other than what we believe that we are as our starting point in word. And so, our words become layered with divisions of justifications as we try to fit what is our practice into what is a beginning idea. So, the idea is sold and the practice is hidden. This makes no sense.
Our politicians are not allowing the people to be educated when practices that create values from earth’s resources and labor, are not revealed. With all liability trickling down to the ground, the physical, the people,  who have not been educated as to what is the consequence  cannot wholly be blamed  because the details of the methods used are not shared, because  the existence of “ trade secrets “ and “ confidential” acts did not allow those carrying the liability to have any clear directive as understanding!
I have read that the oil industry in Africa would come in with so much money flowing around that the hierarchies would cater to this money flow, to the extent that the people on the land would run to answer to the oil industry at the expense of, for example, agricultural practice. Within the hierarchy, the governmental system, each layer gets caught up in a policy/political action to ensure that money is flowing to their level. As this seeking of money to maintain the bureaucratic level is the reactive directive within the act of where money is moving happens, this level naturally pushes blame, real responsibility away from itself, this happens all the way through the layers/levels of a bureaucratic hierarchy, then the blame ends up on the ground where so little money has trickled down giving no chance at defense, at the physical level. This is the system answering to money instead of what does no harm absolutely within the totality of physical existence. One messed up situation.
I see this happening locally within the shellfish industry. It is like the state bureaucracies create situations to justify their existence without any common sense of “ on the ground” practices. In the recent year’s announcement of shellfish sales, which usually include a noted level of horseshoe crabs, the information about the horseshoe crab has become “ confidential.” Now, locally it has been noted that there is a decline in horseshoe crabs. To fill in the details; horseshoe crabs are harvested for their “ blue blood” by the pharmaceutical industry. Supposedly, the labs that drain the blood only take some of the blood so that the horseshoe crab can be returned unharmed to the environment. So, the lab technicians drain the blood and give the crabs back to the person who collected them to ostensibly be returned to the wild. Evidently, so many of the crabs are dead, as the draining process was not carefully monitored, and in this series of exchanges, it would be easy to say that one did not do this or do that and that the cause of  what did not follow through as the stated outcome is on the next in line of the transfer. Is anyone really watching, or is this lack of respect/care/maintenance simply not provided because it is too expensive in paying for the time spent being careful and the loss of that collective margin of profit from taking just a little too much blood from a few?
The body collecting the crabs and supposedly returning them sells the dead one for bait, and even begins to sell the ones that were not drained to death for bait because his wage from the one job is simply not enough to survive, just as the lab technicians need to obtain a certain volume of blood to maintain the existence of their job, because money has been allowed to come before life. In the end, what has happened, is that no one wants to look at what is really going on for fear of losing their job. And the effects of this are on the actual physical world.
This year, the consequences of this practice are “ confidential” the people are simply not being told about what has happened. It is a confidential document, the data on the numbers of horseshoe crabs within the environment. So if people do not know, or do not have the proof to use, nothing can be done, and what happens is that the environment suffers. We must remember, in common sense that the ecology is the economy.
There are probably many forms of this going on around the world. We also see this in the production of Coke, where the water is used and polluted, and then the same company that created the problem comes in and burdens the people with an additional payment for cleaning the water that was polluted by the company that did not disclose its practices because it was a “ trade secret” thereby not educating the people enough to be able to speak up. In the end, “ trade secrets” and “ confidentialare really just the breeding of ignorance in self interest and the wall of separation as the hierarchy are layers of maintenance moving in self interest for money pushing the blame of outcome onto the ground. This is the circulation of this system. Tied to money before life. Ignoring the physical world, suppressing the education of what is here within the purpose of monetary gain in unequal measure. Obviously, this is not working, this is not taking care of this earth. This is abusive and negligent of how life on earth as a visible able-to-be-understood object  is hidden. Thus purposly hiding something means that it can be seen, and can be understood, thus we know men can understand and are capable! 
Projecting the blame of outcome, and the burden of malpractice onto the uneducated, the non-disclosed is by the design of the system in opposition to democracy. And, democracy is the only way that this world can function, as this is the realization as the truth touted, that it is the awareness of the collective, the education of the collective that will create a self responsible human that is aware of how the earth functions and thus has the ability to be the voice for all people on every individual point, understanding that the only practice is what supports the physical world absolutely, realizing that the physical world is symbiotic and interconnected, that what happens on one point on earth happens eventually in space-time to all. So, is the consequences of Fukashima, the earth trying to tell the human that what we do on one point and the practices that we use, effect all of earth? Do we have to suffer an extreme before we wake up? Do we have to suffer the malformation of our children before we wake up? Do we have to have our oceans become empty of life before we wake up? What is our choice going to be?
There are solutions. What is here cannot be owned by a few, what is here is to support life. Each of us are here care-taking for the earth for those that come to be an experience of life, an expression of life. Changing a system does not mean that someone will come and take your house suddenly, as there does need to be order. It does mean that if one has a home, they are there to take care of it without causing harm and respecting that shelter because of what it does. it really is an opportunity to understand physical existence.
This formation as this system must change. What we do, in every move we make as humans, must be understood and shared with all men, so all men understand how to exist in equality with physical existence. Limiting education within hiding resource use and practice and consequence will not allow the inherent responsibility of the human as life to be a response as life. Suppression is never a solution, and using the consequence of suppression for gain without addressing the cause effects all life and thus the very fabric of earth on which we as life all depend. 
Time to change the system to one that is equal to life in expression of give as you would like to receive; Living Income Guarantee. Stand for a system that educates all people to become responsible humans beings , stand up for a democracy that will withstand the test of time as being what moves in respect for life, causing no harm.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 433 Transnationals, catch them if you can. Living Income Guarantee: the solution.

It is an interesting thing to read about transnational corporations in a digital age because the development of digital communication allows rapid movement of words on a page, as a rapid creation of a new corporation. This can happen instantly, so to hide, the “ rabbit” as the corporation can move as fast as someone can type. Now, place this to the way bureaucracies move. Do I need to say more? One is, as we can no longer compare the turtle to the hare, like the very very slow current way down at the bottom of the ocean, and another is like a storm cloud racing across the sky impossible to catch, and very hard to read if what is being done has to, with each step, move through layers of bureaucracy, where every level demands an opportunity to process to remain viable in order to get money to live.  The trickle down effect being what stagnates.  In this situation, the “ hare: is never going to be caught. ( second half of interview from link " transnational corporations ")
Chasing those digits on a page, or should I say a screen, is really a waste of time. What must simply be done is to take the resources that support us, and nationalize them, creating a Living Income Guarantee, that supports all life, guaranteeing support to allow change in our understanding of the mechanisms of physical life. 

Day 432 Self Forgiveness on highlighting systemic particulars as mind.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear power, to fear standing up to the power that is of no real power as ego.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear losing.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become righteous.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to want to win, to believe that there is something to win.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I will be knocked out as a threat to the existent structures wanting to survive despite strong evidence that what is practiced is no longer the cutting edge, is not what is best for all
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand in desiring to win I am in separation from here
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear the future
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear not being able to exist
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to suppress my common sense, myself as life as sound, being equal and one to here, to idle myself in line with limited formations as what a hierarchy is and does, as by its very form and design separates and sequesters, into limited means despite the ability of the human to work in tandem with earth.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not be equal and one to here, as the physical
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I will lose something if I do not adhere to the form of separation from practical common sense of the physical world as the needs of each physical form that is designed to work with here, direct, absolutely, where ideas as limited parts become fantasy, separate myself from here, where in the shadows lurk what is rejected as BElie-ved to serve no purpose,and yet, remain and haunt where it is simply life neglected causing imbalance continually projected without as blame and spite of life onto objects other than myself, causing the chase for an impossible dream, that is self looking for self, when self is right here, only held within an illusion of division as mind, as judgement of good and bad.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear losing
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I cannot communicate here
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear facing the separation, as the negative and positive justifications that are here,
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have an idea of security, an image as a belief of what security is on earth, where i believe that security is a home and a man, when this is a limited picture, that does not even include myself, thus I am within and as my own picture not present,
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that I have not even placed myself within my own fantasy idea, that is particular to aspects of reality, in the whole, and even within the ideas as the figures imagined, thus I have not even included my self in my own built up desire for security, a desire built of values taught, that are of a “ one size fits all” scenario, which is not good or bad, it is the limited particulars made huge, highlighted as what is brought forward as the picture, where the totality of the physical environment is some fuzzy grey area in the background, thus no respect has been given to the totality of existence that is how here can exist, in all common sense, so simple and yet the complications of the pictures as the mind of highlighted values, needing constant highlighting to exist as a picture, limit directive ability and also consume the flesh to maintain the idol, an idol of limitation, and thus the physical, actual, real world, is the gift of life, to live and be what functions as life, as a guide to be and become equal and one to what functions as a total support for expression as the physical, thus the physical is the gift of life, is the point of expression.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand how so much of what is taught, is thus limited, to separate the inner of men from the outer that is the real existence of being equal and one to life in expression, the guideline so to speak the physical, the without to guide the self expression of self as life, within what works, what allows self discovery as life, all working together in tandem to realize life expression, thus fantasy, as religion, as fairy tale, of particular highlighted aspects of reality, brought forward and turned into a kind of bling to suggest the look to be and become to have the suggested image of security, which is a separation from reality, and an intrinsic fear of self direction, as an idea is chased as a means to an end, where even the idea of an end is a separation from being equal and one to and as the substance of life, that is eternal, as though the moment of expression as every breath, is the moment of creation, and that this is the joy, this is self in expression to and as life here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see within this, that the bombardment of fantasy and religion as a god of separation in another existence commodifies men to  seek particulars that suit a touted idea of what leads to security, even teaching that being here, in common sense, is a lesser existence, the opposite of what is real, and yet, creating an idea, a fantasy, of a more than, using the highlighting of particulars of physical existence and placing all kinds of decorative support such as music ad other detailed and developed items suggesting such is the promise for the disciple. when all that adds the bling to the fantasy was woven/played/worked/sown by the hands of men as physical beings, and thus is a fantasy created and followed, where the follower, pays in labor and money, giving the self as life, in abdication of self being aware of what self is actually doing as a physical being, and that this being is the value, and the imagery is simply a particular of physical reality highlighted, brought forth and touted as a more than, and so men allow themselves to worship a lesser god, imposed on physical reality allowing that physical body to give the life of itself to serve an illusion and never stand equal and one to and as self as life, never using the very natural ability of self as life, to see here, be equal and one to and as the physical here, to sense, to learn , to communicate with life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that within a profit based system, particular practices become entrenched as those who have dividend from such practices do not want to let go of their welfare payments, as their money is this earth resource and expression as labor placed onto a piece of paper, that has been allowed to take on the value of life, and thus any common sense of reality that improves the form and functioning of physical reality cannot be allowed, as it would disrupt the dividend flow construct existent, thus a Living Income Guarantee must be put in place, as this allowed flexibility and flow within physical reality, and will allow what is efficient and best for all, and to realize here that a change into such a system will unleash suppressed behaviors, but that such is going to be much less than transnational corporations hiring soldiers from other impoverished continents wanting to feed and care for their families and thus will go anywhere and do anything to take care of their bubble existence as this is what is taught, and thus, dealing with the inevitable discord within changing a system will be much easier than continuing to allow survival behaviors that are simply the maintenance of a system in separation from physical reality, as this is a few profiting from a freely giving earth.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in highlighting particulars, as aspects of physical reality,, a good and a bad are created, and thus a state of comparison and judgement, thoughts that order characteristics as what is pretty and what is ugly, a judgement in separation from looking in common sense as form and function, and within this creating inwardly images to follow that are of limited insight, and thus the within becomes separate from the without.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that these limited particulars highlighted, like a television commercial where the detail of the commercial as it is being made need only have so much detail a trick in the business because it is known that the eye as the mind will only see certain particular aspects as symbols, and thus will only relate to the image of particulars within as this has been built up the first seven years through what the parents highlight as values of more than and the media of developing commodities will highlight as values of more than, and so self as the mind as the halo spinning around and around, of pictures will build a limited idea of reality, where the limited highlighted particulars, with music as drama,  are taken in again and again and again until an emotional feeling body if constructed which is called the “ gut feeling’ and thus the character, the actor as the human, programmed, will become the chaser of the personification of self as a commodity serving a jealous and lesser god who is in essence the receiver of the dividend and thus as the land is grabbed for resource ownership and practice that is not what is best but what is entrenched, those in the way, the children, the animals the plants, the microorganisms will starve, will diminish,  as the outcome for all on earth is the loss of the physical world functioning symbiotically within and as what is the real support as life, where what exists now as monocultures cannot and will not sustain this earth, as life would an expression of endless variation be.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand how singular perspective of particulars only building as bringing some values forward and pushing others away is a movement of self in separation from physical reality, is judgement is not looking at self as the substance of life, is self in separation from what is real and eternal as no time, as creation from nothing to something, to form and function, which is being here, in every moment and not as idea, as past present and future measure in building an ideological story of what process will suit the taught picture of particulars being highlighted causing a shadow of undisclosed supposed “ badness” that is really just what is ignored to create the highlight this which cannot “ go away as this is life and the death of this shadow, the gloom and doom presence as what is denied,  does not suit the projection of the character as the personification of limited values, as touting good and suppressing badness, all in totality self sold to the commerce of profit, a system that is in separation from life, that is the manifestation of what each human has been within as each entity as each human has not accepted self as life, and thus has not accepted life, and this worship of limited values has allowed a vacuum of energy that is the polarization of what is highlighted as good and what is suppressed as bad, as the presentation of self, a state of division from life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that to be equal to life, there is not good or bad, there is only common sense.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that as children the environment in which we are raised we imprint  and thus we become just as our parents, having the particulars highlighted as what will ensure survival in a system that denies life, and thus we allow ourselves to deny ourselves as life, and others that have no opportunity, and thus we slowly destroy the earth as we burn the resources of earth without regard for life, in self interest, the inner rest of our limited perspective inferior to being equal and one to and as the very substance of life here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that as a child, so small, in order to survive, I followed the logic of the mind in separation and imbedded within and as me as this is what was the surround sound as the environment in which I was born,  and became the care of this, to keep the fear of loss a bay as the behaviors of separation is a constant state of a fear of loss as this is a state of being that is not equal and one to and as life here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that myself as a character is a personification of what values I have accepted as particulars highlighted as positives that will ensure my survival as an idea of myself as what i make an idol as me, and thus as I highlight a particular value I push/suppress/bury/hide physically through physical constriction within and as my human physical body, thus as I tout the same limited values again and again, and focus on limited particulars as aspects of physical existence, what I tout accumulates and what i suppress accumulates, as the shadows of what consequence the ignorance of  physical existence in totality builds up causing a sense of burden as life is not faced in totality,  causing stiffness and disease in and as the physical, as self is not equal and one with and as what is real, which is the physical world, as self exists in and as a mind of limited particulars that ignore all dimension of life as the physical that which the natural ability of self as life can become equal and one to and as.
Come Back to Earth. It is what is REAL.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 431 Heaven is Waiting

In watching this video on the consequence of economic practice dome by governments and  transnational corporations I see what is happening within the local industry where I live. All the burden is placed on the people that are simply trying to live a decent life on the ground: enjoying their families, having food on the table, developing themselves , maintaining their homes, having pets around, basically simply enjoying life, the physical world. 
And yet there seems to be this chess game of war going on around us. We are really just the pawns in the way. And yet, how does this come to pass, where does this originate? Does this beg the question of what cam first the chicken or the egg? Is the way of this world a manifestation of what each of us accept and allow? And do we only look when the consequences of what has been allowed that is not right in front of us, suddenly show up in our lives?

Just because someone is starving on another part of the world does not mean that it has nothing to do with us. Life would life, as this is how live can be. So, life would become what supports life absolutely, thus, is earth really a place where what has become separate from life, be given the opportunity to become life? And would an entity that is separate from life, create an imagination that is as what is that is in separation from life? Would not the idea of a better life be the manipulation of  life?

We have spiritual systems that tell us that we have to stop the mind to realize life, and we have religions that tell us to not judge. Is there a connection between the two? And we have the idea of the devil and the angel, polarities that are of a good and a bad, arguing with one another. So, is it so far of a stretch to believe what desteni is saying, that the mind must be equalized back into practical physical existence, as the physical being real? And would it not make sense that the meaning of the words “ bring heaven to earth” means that the idea of a separate reality is false, and the imagination that is this, must realize that the physical is what is real, and as life, as what we are, must take care of this earth, and that this standing equal with the physical, taking care of this earth no matter how distant, is the opportunity to create heaven on earth?
I mean all of this makes sense. 
So, the people on the ground, acting like they are being picked on by corporations are not seeing realizing and understanding that life, no matter what, is the value, and that what happens on this earth happens to each of us, because this earth is life and it is when the collective realizes this, that mankind has generated enough awareness of the value being life, to allow life to begin. The real savior of men, is for men to realize themselves as life. It cannot be done by one or a few, it will physically take many men to come back down to earth, show that they will accept nothing but what is best for all, as this is the way to heaven. We all know that simplicity is usually the best answer. And this one is real simple.
Support a Living Income Guarantee. Lets equalize ourselves to life. Heaven is waiting.
Heaven is here, we need only accept it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 430 Food stamps and minimum wage.

Why is it that at the same time there is a lot of protest about the minimum wage not being enough to support and allow a person to be self responsible that suddenly the American government decides to cut back on food stamps?
It is as though our politicians are so disconnected from physical reality and what is happening on the ground that they do the exact opposite of what enables men to be productive.
It really makes no sense. 
Are our politicians simply acting as we are? Are they ignoring reality, as each of us are? I mean, there is growing poverty in America, and a government that is now, by some accounts, using more than half of American GDP to build a war machine, disregarding the people on other continents, picking and choosing where to fight, justifying why some atrocities are ignored and others faced, despite the number of dead, and yet touting the number of dead to gain support. None of this makes any sense, But what this is, is making is a lot of money for a few, That is really the bottom line. But this action is simply a reflection of what each of us is within as consciousness. Ideas of one thing being more than another. And all we act as is objects of comparison as mind, in complete separation from accepting a physical design that is simply functional to be life, this physical having certain basic needs to function.
As long as we each continue to accept and allow  the present structure allowing such formations, we are all to blame, and thus we cannot blame anyone for not having a living wage and not being able to be responsible, because none of us are using our common sense and realizing that this present system does not in fact create a functioning world. War is not a world functioning, it is a world in chaos. if we believe that chaos is a natural order then we have not looked in practical common sense.
Taking away food stamps when the minimum wage does not allow stability is a recipe for disaster.  If we cannot take care of this earth, and we believe that someone else should take care of this, then we have abdicated ourselves of life and proved out unworthiness for life, because we have not realized that for life to exist it must be respected absolutely.
This means the collective of men, standing together accepting ourselves as men before any other label.  If we want heaven we have to create it. We have to prove ourselves worthy of this. Part of that is realizing that the value is life, and thus, that everything that is here on earth is valuable and that we cannot exist without it. 
Support life, support a Living Income Guarantee. This is essentially yourself supporting yourself and the children to come. This is you saying, “ I support life as the value.”

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 429 Making Sense of the World.

I realize that fairy tales turn humans into commodities. They warp one aspect of life into a metaphysical carrot on a string, and then build all this excitement towards this one aspect, distracting the human from normal interaction and thus, development within being able to understand how the physical world practically works. On top of this different lingos are developed around different dimensions of physical reality, making it appear that something cannot be understood. These practices are forms of limitation, by design.
Disney Films - is this what you want impulsed into your child? Is this " all" that you as a human was meant to be?
Not bad, but made huge as what we chase, creates a commodity as our only behavioral focus. 

In the end, it is the responsibility of each of us to realize this and to change the system to one that allows understanding of physical reality. This is also balancing out our focus of distortion back into common sense of physical reality. The divisions into one thing being more than another, instead of allowing a normal direct understanding of practical physical function would change this world into a world that made sense of physical reality.

In essence, all “ trade secrets” and anonymous presentations are simply hiding something being done, or a consequence of something having been done that is unacceptable, so obviously so that if it were understood, and known by people, they would stand and say no more.
Every person in every hierarchy who does not disclose what is unacceptable perpetuates the abuse existent on earth.  If we really fear losing our jobs, what must be done is to support a system that gives every person the ability to take care of themselves. This means giving every person on earth a Living Income Guarantee, because this would allow those who fear losing their income a chance to stand up and speak up. This is the only way we are going to stop the abuse of inequality justified in beliefs that one of us humans - that are all the same- is more than another, when we know that proper food, housing and education creates a functioning human being. It is only lack that creates limitation, and behaviors of survival are behaviors of limitation created from lack.
If we can fit all humans into the state of Texas, and this would be like living in New York City, it becomes obvious that there is enough room on this earth for the animals, and the humans, and that there is enough space to feed the world. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 428 Self forgiveness on the changing forms of colony: settlement, form, cultivation

I have been reading Nicholas Shaxson's Treasure Island, so I wanted to walk some self forgiveness within the context of this book.  The system is a manifestation of what each of us has accepted and allowed. So, each of us has a responsibility to understand how we are divided through belief within and how our system is designed without, to begin to correct our separation from a common sense that is innate within us to put and end to destructive practices on earth so that life on earth can begin, There is really not other choice.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when I get angry it is because I have an expectation, wanting agreement within an agenda of wanting to win, without walking the necessary steps towards understanding, these steps simply in looking here, with what moves in practical measurable ways, that are what supports all life as what is best for all, an outcome that gives what is here as the form of what is here a visible measurable equality within to the without as the physical, within equal standing, this a confidence that is a state of ease, here, where behaviors of lack are the separation, as only parts have been impulsed to serve a lesser god of greed where a few believe themselves to be an elusive “ more worthy” than another, knowing full well that this is illusion, one that must use the resources of earth to voice its separation, where this separation does as it is, destroys the nature of life to impose what can only be idea as one thing being more than another on the face of creation as earth, where only that which creates, which is that which supports absolutely can exist, all other actions of disregard and thus of destruction, thus, a system of inequality, where lack is actively imposed on men, cannot and will not work as creation, which is what is happening on earth, thus the only solution is to do no harm, to take that which is good, and support life absolutely, to support creation, to become equal within to the without as the physical as this is creation.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to  see realize and understand that offshoring is a crime against life as it becomes an isolated entity, hiding from any and all nations, through dividing administrative parts of a whole functioning group, lends money from one section to another, to perpetually ensure that the principle remains within the corps, slowly, drip by drop, taking all principle  of value created from freely given resources and the labor of men, and giving itself ownership thereby eliminating any and all competition, as those on the top are the same as us, lost in fear, inferior to life, existing within bubbles not looking , seeing, understanding the interconnectedness of all life, thus the corp. of commodity creation, a form of dis-creation, discretion the means of hiding the abuse - the movements of greed behind happy face ambiguous, disingenuous through abstract platitudes of no real revelation, disclosure that generate happy feelings the affixation of man in a chemically controlled stew of “ happiness” where each does not have to face the abuse within that each has accepted and allowed that is the source of the separation from life that exists on earth.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become disgusted, and/or angry/ and or righteous about this, as this is an act of blame and spite, instead of follow through into solution, within the realization that the physical world is the gift of life, the signature of creation this that is what is best for all, this that allows the expression of life, this that would manifest as movement in ease, here,
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that the very way and means that money has been allowed to flow as our present system is a crime against life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that I am in separation of life in and as the ideas that i have allowed to become how I define myself, this being a construct of isolation from actual physical reality, and thus from creation.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand the ridiculous nature as the idea of a heaven, as creation would have all dimension seeable, and would not divide life, as it takes all life moving as one to see, realize and understand that it is the balance of all life, all expression that enables realization as what is best for all, as what is best for all would be creation, it is that simple, thus the order on earth is one of creating disorder of creation to serve an idea that one thing is more than another, which in the end is destruction, as the bible reveals, that division into more than and less than leads to annihilation,  thus the bible is a confusion of order and dis-order as religion is the commodification of, the code of hierarchy and division, from what is real, the starting point of this separation told in the beginning, as the code of separation was the belief in the choice of a good and a bad, where this offer used the apple of the tree of life, thus this choice was not the choice, as the only choice was that which supported the tree of life, and that choice is what is best for all, where the patience of impulse, is the offering of an illusionary “ sweetness” of good when this idea of good is creating an idea of a bad, and thus the need to push away the bad, creating a game of polarity, that exists as it can only exist, within knowledge and information that is not only limited but also separate from practical application, but oh so caught up in the conflict of the good vs. the bad that nothing else can be seen, that tree, right there that is the real creation, that is that which produces the fruit of life, that which reproduces life, that which is composed of the substance of life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that memory  created in a system of separation from life, from creation as what destruction is, creates a membrane of pictures in the measure of separation from life into limited ideas, and the membrane becomes the dictate of the human, a membrane fed with limited knowledge and information without, or with limited opportunity as both collection of knowledge and information and with limited opportunity for practical application, maintaining a grid of separation as the parts that are in separation compose the image and likeness of separation into what is now the present system of abuse and separation from practice that supports all life, as life being the value is second to the profit of destruction and separation from life, as what this present system is and does.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the irony of statistics, where statistics collects anecdotal evidence, actions and movements of men on the ground and creates a mean that does not tell of the extremes, and touts this as a truth, and meanwhile when a practice is wanted to be passed what is used to validate such practice is a study done in isolation of the common ground, and this is considered the “ truth” a contradiction that is a lie, because where this is one justification used on one scenario and not in another, this allows division and conflict as it creates a disorder, as it is distorting reality in self interest instead of looking at what really exists as the physical world, creation, the gift of life, that is so obviously being abused and destroyed thus the NSA uses statistics based from the common ground of anecdote to justify political action and the corporations use a controlled environment to justify through manipulation of time and space, a crime against life using manipulated perspective in self interest, this so clearly showing that that which is real, as the physical, is presented in parts to feed the disease of greed that is ideas made bigger than reality.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand the double standard being accepted by the act of complacency in men, where corporations give one another loans to hold onto principle, and meanwhile the masses are  given interest loans that cannot possibly be repaid, and thus the debt falls on the people, and as well within the pharmaceutical industry and the processed food industry, the principle gathered by a few, buys the policy makers, who protect the principle as money in self interest before doing what is best for all life, which means the whole political system of protecting the principle as the real values, allowed to be assigned to money, which each one as a part of the masses is tied to because money determines life, and this we are caught in protecting the principle as being a piece of paper, which must be realized must change to where money is given to all men, as we have allowed this to hold the value of life, the value created from resources and labor, the masses must stand and change the way this values flows, as it is not money, it is how this money moves that must change, thus a system that allows the life blood of support from earth, as money, to move in a design that gives a living income guarantee to all on earth, as this would be the common sense of men, standing and being that which is life, that which is the support of the right to life, because in essence what each of us is allowing is that which does not support life, which must end if we as men want to equalize ourselves to life, to no longer be lost in a belief that there is a choice of good and bad, but that the choice is life, to support the physical world as being the creation of life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the drama of decolonization was what was presented, all the while economic structures were set up in the form of offshoreing that enslaved economically all men, which must come to an end if life on earth is to continue, this  means that we as humans stand up and accept creation as the physical being life and do only that which causes no harm, an absolute, or life on earth will no longer exist.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the mind as consciousness if  the very form as the membrane ( memory brain)of fairy tale values as stories told in childhood that did not reveal the TOTAL story of how the physical world functions in fact,   of ourselves in a bubble of isolation from the physical within of memory as limited values then made more than the outside, as the physical,  the separation on earth that has manifested systemically in image and likeness of what each has accepted and allowed within, a separation from the value being life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that that which upsets the membrane of men, as projected characters and personifications visible as class, nationality, gender, race, are all a limited insight into what is beneath, that each of us are men, all the same, and as a collective men are the caretakers of earth, each and every one, which can only be done on the ground where each of us stand and thus, to limit the awareness of men through partial story, the ability of each to understand what is right here as the physical is removed, and thus the principle of the physical can be taken and divided in the illusion of idea as the membrane of limited values played out as characters dressed in pinstripe that are the same as us, warp the substance of life into limited values based on ideas of a more than, that has become boys playing with destructive toys which is not life, where the skill in building the toys is applied to destruction instead of creation, this an acknowledgement of the capability of men directed towards destruction instead of creation, abusing that which allowed this expression of destruction to even exist, thus it is time for a systemic change into what supports all life to allow the value being life to become what is expressed on earth which means becoming equal and one to and as the value being life, working with physical reality in practical application as that which is good and does no harm.
I commit myself to becoming equal and one in consideration of physical reality.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that that which I fear, as in standing outside the present system, where that system is not rejected, but that which is good used, and within this I stand and support a structure that can be stepped into that supports all life.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that grass root voices are where the voice of life exists, as the voice of the system is limited, and protective of the principle of creation being placed onto a piece of paper determining how life should be, when this choice is not a choice as we need only open a newspaper and read the news and we realize that what is the present system is not in fact taking care of this earth.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that corporate ideologies are limited and propose limitation and thus are a false god representing the separation from life, thus a system change must be built and walked into, beginning with moving money flow to reach all humans, to receive a living income wage because what we all want is food on the table, time to enjoy our families with ease, and opportunity for self development, which is self expression as life.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that Syria, for example, at one time produced its own food, which begs the question as to why this became a disorder that presently exists, where factions of men that are from offshore, as offborder are running around in Syria in the first place, and why do they have guns that could only have been built by those colonizers of warped economic gain that now hide in offshore entities of anonymous, ambiguous entities of no one name, a slippery slope of deception and abuse to life, a crime we all accept and allow unless we stand and as a group change into what is best for all, which means realizing what we have become as consciousness.

I commit myself to  seeing realizing and understanding that reaction as emotion and feelings are based on cumulative thoughts of partial story impulsed by the allowed voice that holds the accumulation of principle as money, thus what has been impulsed cannot be considered what is real only, which means realizing that our thoughts are not each of us in alignment with common sense as life, here, and our emotions and feelings are the program of service to limited ideas of good and bad, instead of equality and oneness with practical physical creation of life manifest.

I commit myself to realizing the mind as limited stories is the superstition and that the physical world, as what works that does not harm, is the reality, and thus I commit myself to breathing, to slowing myself down, to self forgiveness and corrective application as that which is best for all through investigating the design of the present system of division and conquest, as parts of a story, as a lack in equality with physical reality, where common sense is always right here in front of us. as this is the substance of life made manifest, thus abuse to this in any way, is a crime against life.

I  commit myself to facing the membrane of separation, a veil of isolation,  composed of limited values, as the fairy tales of childhood that disney has rigged with subliminal images of distorting physical intimacy away from the joy of simply being a physical being enjoying physical touch and expression with all the physical world, in every moment as all moments are the value being intimate with life, earth,  to with every breath, face this storm of separation, that is energy that has a high/intense point and then fades as this cannot be sustained, and to stand in the face of this, and bring this back into common sense as that which is best for all, as that what we each seek, ourselves as life here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 427 Fairy tales: The Commerce of Division for Control

Why do we as parents, tell our children fairy tales? Why do we  allow a limited perspective of reality, a value placed on parts of life to be blown out of proportion? Why do we turn interaction with physical reality into ideas instead of realizing that what is real is a practical touch with physical reality? Why do we believe that being physically aware is so amazing when we go to the ballet an watch a dancer perform with precision, or a violinist perform  with this same precision, or we admire the mechanics of a automobile, or the movement of the stars? Why do we in the face of practical physical reality awareness, that we so admire when it moves with ease and or creates a mechanical form that shows understanding of basic physics within form and function and yet we tell our children, and thus teach our children, fairy tales that really are based on turning practical reality into an idea that has nothing to do with enjoying and admiring the physical world and the ability of humans to organize and move with precision with and as physical beings?  Can we not see that teaching an idea about relationships is a process of separating the child from reality that we in so many ways really admire when the body interacting with the physical in understanding is admired? And then, when we watch people singing on television, we call them “idols” such a twist gives the answer to the problem, and it is placed right in front of us. What we as humans seek is to be physical beings, to be here moving in precision with the physical, as what we are and with what this earth is. This is what we seek. Within this, the whole set up of our schools does not actually teach us to move with physical reality in practical ways. what schools teach, as education is a HUGE business, is stories about how the past moved to suit the same system of ideas before practical physical reality as the very fairy tales we teach. If we are not equal to physical reality, we cannot really support ourselves because in order to really live practically, with precision, we must be equal to the leg, or that string , of that function of a piston in an engine, meaning we must understand in detail how the physical functions, and since we have physical bodies that have mastered some understanding, this means that this is the very nature of all of us. And this is why a lack of education is a crime against life, and also, why the collective is responsible for this lack of education that exists because it takes the self and the support of the collective. Education must be done absolutely.
Reading fairy tales to children is actually teaching the children a separation because there is no detail taught about reality. Economically placing televisions into all our homes that recite fairy tales is a camouflage of reality, done with precision and purpose as though this is understood, because an separated physical being from reality allows what is real to be owned by a few, as what is taught is idea before reality. And then, we all admire physical capability - just look at the number of people idolizing the show American Idol.
What is real and what is more, is physical interaction.
It would be natural for a child to admire the parent, because a parent can walk, and talk and move, and a small child cannot. This simple fact has the child watching the parent being in physical reality and imitating that ability. But then the separation begins as the fairy tales are told, as ideas are told with reverence and excitement, and the child takes this excitement on, this parent that has lived long enough to realize that the fairy tale is only a small part of reality, and really bears no witness to life, and the parent is really wanting that moment of excitement again, because the reality of the parent is,  as the majority,  a tedious and monotonous existence that is so limited because financially most cannot do more than survive, and have no time to develop themselves to become equal to the abilities of the actual physical body, which they end up watching on television as this has been granted to a few only, and then hidden within the idea of talent, despite the common sense that physical development is a series of practical steps.
 I mean, in Cuba, dance was supported and so there are many dancers which means all it takes is development, a process. Most of us can dance, except the few who bear the physical detriment from the accumulation of what is touted as “ no significant difference” in accepted and allowed practices that did not consider what is best for all as profit came before life. And I would also like to add here, that the agencies supposedly regulating industry, as our present government, change the ratios behind our backs of what signifies acceptable levels to suit the status quo despite consequence, a situation that is no longer acceptable, as the choice against absolute support of life is not a choice, it is a crime. 
The viable sperm count of men is way down, but this was hidden from sight, as the numbers placed as the accepted ratios, were changed so that a doctor could say to a man, “ your sperm counts are normal” without the patient understanding in detail what this meant -  as an example that if 50 sperm were viable, the man was healthy, whereas just ten years ago it was a ratio of say, 70 to 100. This all begs the question : “ what other numbers are changed without universal awareness being made, and then statements of “ it is normal” given without explanation? “ I mean this is a unacceptable deception, and it cannot be allowed to continue. Would you want to be born with deformities? NO, no one wants this, and the hiding of what is really going on is a crime because of this, absolutely unacceptable. No pay check is worth this. Especially in a world where pensions are suddenly disappearing. We have all allowed a system where we have a huge military, and  a government supporting a commercial code of profit as king,  and all liability placed on the masses, the many, those who are ignorant having been raised on fairy tale instead of self development within innate capacity as physical beings, where being physical is the value. Thus, the only choice is to change the system to one that allows all to become equal to what is real, the actual physical world.

This would not end the values that are within fairy tales, as there are, for example, still men and women, and having a partner in life is fun. This would also end that limited occupation with sex that is becoming huge in this world, as obviously, sex is a small part of being physical it is actually about physical touch/interaction, turning it into some idea separated from physical awareness  then creates an addiction because the promise is never reached and cannot be reached because being lead by pictures in our minds is not being equal to physical reality, it is being equal to a picture and a picture has no depth of perception, this depth can only be lived within equal common sense of form and function awareness and respect of physical reality. A picture is intimacy with idea, with promise, not with reality. Promise is like a hope, and hope is a form of prayer, and prayer is dreaming, and dreaming is not being practically, physically here, interacting with physical reality. And interaction with physical reality, respectfully understanding it, is self discovering awareness of understanding the physical. But really being this would end the present situation that humans have allowed some to have more than others, and that this is happening because ideas, that are limitations, have become more than life. What we fear is the death of an idea, and this is placed before common sense, physical common sense. 
But this is the point, we admire stability with the physical, and yet we do not see that this is the solution and the responsibility of us all, to become stable in physical reality, to value physical reality, every moment of it which is what we as life are able to naturally see! The commerce we allow, as fairy tales, as pornography, as becoming leaders of this casino business game, as becoming a hero soldier are the illusions that are the separation from what is longed for, self standing absolutely stable and equal to practical physical reality. Realize that we have accepted and allowed ambiguous ideas to be taught that are the teaching of separation though making some parts huge being the mechanism of separation, which has become the commerce allowed on earth by each of us, with  a few playing out the fantasy of being a leader, when what is real is physical equality and oneness, the expression of life.

So, what is needed is a system change, and the responsibility of each of us to birth ourselves as life, here. Meaning to become equal in common sense of practical reality. we have to clean up the picture show in the mind that is the story of our separation into limited ideologies and realize that physical is practical and understandable and that this is the gift of life. To do this, the value of resource and labor must be used efficiently to create products of longevity to minimize resource use. And,  the transfer of this value onto money, is to then divide this money in ways that allow all to have a living wage, to enable the stress of separation and fear of survival to end, so that each can slow down, relax some and have the time to stop and to look here, to become equal to the physical, to move into what is a natural ability, the ability to sense the physical, our innate common sense. 
A child could not have earned to walk, to talk, to be without it. Unfortunately, we have allowed this common sense to follow limited ideologies, that are parts of the whole warped out of context creating a fuzzy logic,  erroneous and  as ephemeral as we all know fairy tales to be. It would be better to teach our children from day one, how usury works, how cows are meant to eat grass, and how the the water of earth cycles all over the earth, and thus what we allow within processing resources must be done in ways where no toxic waste exists, because such will eventually end up everywhere. And, that if we do not take care of this, we will end up living in isolation tanks to avoid toxic waste, and this is not life, thus the only solution is to change the present system to one that supports all life equally, valuing this physical world. I mean, cleaning up this world can be turned into an opportunity to understand and equalize to what is real, the physical. Our neighbors would become our brothers and our sisters. It is only a belief as mind that limits this obvious truth. In all common sense.
Not being equal to the physical leads to ambiguity, which leads to inferiority, which leads to judgements within same limited means that lead to the ambiguity, to become a polarity of one thing being more than another, a movement of uncertainty, all done in the mind.  A mind filled /programmed with stories of limited awareness, this made in total bigger than life, than the physical. Thus we become puppets to a picture show as the mind, instead of actually living life for real. So, an idea that one thing is to blame, any action of spite, any judgement is self in separation from self as life, from self as a physical being here.

Our media maintains this separation, and our governments pass laws to maintain this separation, because what has been allowed on earth, as systems is the order of our separation, and it is there to control our separation, because if we were here as common sense, such systems would not be necessary. It has been said many times in history, that laws are the signature of protection and defense, they are not meant to direct self, they are meant to control a loss of common sense. The greater our separation the more laws are required. This means that every move we make will become micromanaged to control our reactions as emotions and feelings and thought that are our accepted and allowed separation. Thus the only choice is to self realize, to clean up the mind of separation, done with images of limited awareness, a promise of a more, and to come back to our common sense. We have manifested good and bad, right and wrong, instead of practical common sense which is life.
Thus, each must walk the process of self forgiveness, writing and corrective application, offered for free through the Desteni I Process Lite, and each of us must stand and support the Equal life Foundation, to create a system that brings us all back into practical physical reality, where we can become our innate common sense as life, and be the self directive being composed of life that we are, where, in the end, there need be no laws because we are all equal to life. The very substance of life, is the substance of creation, and creation would life, thus would only choose what is best for all. It must be this way or else life would not exist. As we can see with what is happening on earth, life will no longer exist, as we are abusing the physical resources of earth creating a more toxic environment every day, indicated in the number of animals dying, and plants weakening, we cannot continue living in the fantasy of the mind, we must become equal to practical physical reality. So, it is to clean up the thoughts of one thing being more than another, thoughts of self pity, thoughts of comparison, and to learn to look, to see directly here, equal and one, in common sense of physical reality, as this is the gift of life, where there is no death, there is only transformation of expression as life.
Listen to interviews on Eqafe for perspective. Support those of us taking the time to explain the within and the without of what we as humans have become. Until this profit based system representing our inner separation is changed, those standing for the creation of heaven on earth need support. Join Us.