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Day 503 Resource extraction and currencies, A design that weakens the infrastructure of life.

Our currencies must be equal in value across the globe because changes in values of currencies flood a country’s local currency to access a resource extraction  building  service industry, and when that resource is extracted the monetary flow ends, and the service sector no longer has income and meanwhile, the values, the values of the local industry are inflated in relation to that additional income, so across the boards, all salaries have to come down, in relation to the resource and labor creating the values that exist. What happens is that no one wants to level out their income, down size in proportion to the capital of the land, and, the other ordinary capital has been ignored or stopped, because the money from resource extraction done with foreign money ( that is the wealth of the resource and labor of men), raising salaries,  moved the work force into the service of that industry. And, the total capital of the land is diminished. So, on the one hand there is less capital, and on the other, the salaries are all inflated, and the focus has been on the money flow instead of the basic needs flow  production. And, to add to this, instead of money into land stewardship and development, so much of the wealth goes into military development, which is another drain on the capital of the earth, that is not taking care of what produces and cares for the earth that gives what is needed for physical existence to have basic needs. This is really one big mess, and there is no excuse for this what-so-ever. And then the justification begin, they are religion, class, race, nationality, gender, etc. etc. etc. all ignoring common sense of what it means to be physical, which is life information, which is creation, what can only happen HERE.
So, it is like we created a limited box, and then we have a mental image as a projection of a reflection of that limited box, and we believe the projection is real. And, depending where one is in the hierarchy of what holds the limited box in place, we gather in peer groups, and our words are equations that are in relation to that perspective that is of limited insight, where inference is used through accepted traditions that no longer remember the reason for the tradition and turn that tradition into an artifact, an art of fact that has a starting point of limitation. And so, a mind con-science system is built that is in separation from reality, from practical physical existence. And this projection, because it is not equal to the physical, and requires sustenance, consumes the flesh, showing the state of dis-ease with and as life, as the physical being a value, being life in formation, in expression, here.
So, we project a “ good” as a happy picture, and we suppress the “ bad” as what would open our insight back into common sense of reality, as the physical. I mean, the tool of the mind, can be a reflection of a common sense of physical reality, which is equality and oneness with and as creation, as the information of the physical.
If we look at a justification within creating a Living Income Guarantee as an idea that there are those who do not work, we must realize that a Living Income Guarantee will stabilize the de-stabalizing that  mixed currencies create, that in turn puts people out of work, and disrupts production and creates administrations that are in fear of loss of income, that then supports armies that purport to stabilize but end up doing the same thing that caused the problem in the first place, but the military is really to hold the inequality in place. And the inequality, is based on an idea of self definition that was held as a structure but did not consider all of self as a physical being, as a starting point. It is all an idea of a more than done in comparison only, instead of realizing that it is being here, in common sense of the physical as life in formation as creation, which is the value, the value being self in expression as life, here. Unfortunately, we have lived as an image in mind only as being more than life,  a judgement being more than life, creating war and destruction instead of one of stewardship and respect for that which is life in formation as the physical, this which allows us to become equal and one to and as life, here, to stand equal and one with creation, as the physical, as what we are. Unequal division and conquest is a rejection of life.  Taking from Peter to pay Paul is a separation from life. Fearing to stand up within the present administration systems is  a crime against life. All it takes is to implement a Living Income Guarantee to allow a system transformation into the bodies of men, to become stewards of life, meaning the ability to choose what is best practice. I read, that if just 5% of people do this, it will begin.

It means a divestment of pensions from fixed sectors, inhibiting change, and placing pensions within the profits from freely given resources, where the values as the wealth created from these freely given resources is circulated back to the life, as the labor of all men, to be stewards of the physical formation of creation, as what creation would be in all common sense. It means understanding that our present hierarchy is a structure that focuses on perspectives, meaning, one section structures various parts of infrastructure, and that not one point of this is more than another. Just because one learns to work with the symbols of resource movement as digits and letters, to organize, does not make them more than, say, the person that remains on the ground, organizing a garden directly. I mean, we all know that professors can talk up a structure, but place them in physical practice and they hardly know how to move themselves. And yet, they cannot exist without the other.
Support a Living Income Guarantee, to create an infrastructure that respects all life, realizes the value is life, and begins the journey of structuring earth in equality and oneness with the value being life.
                                 Living Income Guarantee

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Day 502 What is paranormal?

What is the Paranormal?

I remember walking around in New York City and looking at people’s backs. I remember this sense that there was something there, inside. I have two specific memories. One is of myself walking towards home from having done street performing. I am on a corner of eighth street and I stop and think, what is in that person’s back.

Around this time as well, I encountered a demon. But the event did not match, and yet did match, everything i had been told, as knowledge and information only about demons. I am not going to tell the whole story because I have told it before. What I saw before the behavior of a demon, was a man. It was like a split second before the demon anger came. By this time, it was too late, I had seen the man behind the curtain of emotion, lol, like seeing the paranormal world before it projected excessive emotional reactions as what we have been lead to believe a demon is. What was very clear to me, was that this man could not touch me, no way, unless I allowed it.

But, the problem with all of this, is that this is a separation from here. None of this is equality with life, with here. It is all the behaviors of separation, it is all paranormal, it is a separation from what is constant, what is eternal, what is normal. What is normal is here, equality and oneness with and as the physical. This is to say, that were there a “ god” he has to be here, right here, moving equal and one with the physical world, in balance with here, this is normality, because it is in being normal, here, that one moves and directs as a physical being, the physical being the formation of life into creation. Thus, life can only exist here. The physical is life. That other existence, as demons, had to equalize to here, to the physical. And this has been done. So, the process of equalization to physical reality is the only solution, and yet the rewards are great, if we humans decide to realize inequality does not work.

On the economic front, I notice in looking at the history of countries , is that there is a point where that country was taking care of itself nationally. Then our so-called economics came in and things started to fall apart. This was with the advent of a GDP, which was also when some sort of - usually American backed- committee - economic or under the guise of democratic or economic development  ( both susceptible to ambiguity ) was formed measuring only international resource movement via money. Here, all measure was about turning the wealth of the country into exports. Domestically, workers lost a living wage, and austerity set in. Inflation came about and then more committees came, using more of what caused the problem in the first place. What is being ignored, is life as the physical means of creating value, which is the labor and the environment. And thus, this begins to exist in a state of neglect, and a state of neglect is purposely created to force more of what causes the problem in the first place. And then some say this is the way it is. Which makes no sense, because at some point these countries I have looked at did live a very high degree of self sustainability, And Syria is one of them. Thus, what is happening in Syria is an constructed imbalance for personal gain. It is a crime against life.

One thing Allende in Chile did was subtract all detriment in lack of care when nationalization transpired. Which, ended up negating any compensation to a supposed  owner. In so many ways, this must be done on earth, because the present system of inequality has caused so much harm to earth, we will be lucky is we can balance out what we are doing in ways that do no harm, that take that which is good and order the disorder we have allowed in believing that someone who moves digits and letters around on a piece of paper is more than someone who moves seeds and water around on the ground. One is not more than another, they are the same, they are a human  ordering and realizing how the physical world works, and building new structures and ways of physical existence that bring efficiency and new standards of physical being. A Living Income guarantee will allow the innate ability of men to be fluid. This is the real nature of the human, to organize and self discover to understand physical creation, as the physical is the manifestation of creation. The paranormal, is the mind consciousness system, or a cognitive map, that is believed to be more than reality, when it is just a map, to reference, and as such must, with every breath, cross reference physical reality. Which, to add, is why a system of representation that is so separated from the ground and yet allowed to make decisions with very little communication exists, because open communication brings in all factors, and as such does not allow a division into inequality.

So, what is in our backs? It is the accumulation of our inequality to life, it is the weight of our separation from life, it is our accumulated values of limitation where a self interested gain pushes away the bad which is what was ignored, to grasp that gain in a belief that it creates a more than, when it is in fact life in reverse. We see this every day, we see this in the constant self validation as the stories people tell of what they have done, as their experiences, which is really a cry of guilt and a maintenance of holding onto a separation from self as life, consuming and weighing down the physical body. In the back, it looks like this heavy stiffening thick thing. This is the real monster in existence, this is the real demon and it is the cause of the geopolitical and economic structures that move all that is freely given for self discovery into what allows accumulation of value/wealth in self interest.

The problem is that we all see it. We choose to ignore it. Which is an abdication of life, and abuses the animals and the plants and the soils. Our system reacts to the problem outflows, instead of addressing the problem, taking the problem into solution, to then become the reward of life. We can no longer move as problem reaction solution, because a solution to a reaction is a quick fix and not a solution addressing the problem. Because of this, no solution has been found, only quick little media bites telling a partial story, which is just more of the same.

We have technological programs that allow imput from all dimensions of existence, to ensure that what we do respects and cares for physical creation, as the physical is creation,  we need only forgive out separation and realize within this that all that will happen is that we will fall to the physical ground. For this we must implement a structure that is one vote per person on all decisions, to educate the human back into equality and oneness in direct seeing and understanding with self as life as physical existential awareness and  become the sound as the voice as the manifestation of a democracy. For this, our natural resources must be nationalized, as they are freely given as the physical to support the physical.

Stand up and support a Living Income Guarantee. Time to balance ourselves within. Walk self forgiveness, writing and corrective application, to equalize one self, to life. Become a normal actual living being. It is the gateway to life.

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Day 501 Addressing the Paranormal story of Chile

I was reading about Chile, and the nationalization process, and I notice that the criticism used for a change, from privatization to public ownership or from public ownership to private ownership is that the one that had control did not take care of the infrastructure. In other words the one in control did not invest enough back into the process. And in effect, the change is about investing in new infrastructure. Then each one coming to the table naturally, since we live in a profit based system, wants a return monetarily.
Allende deducted from a buy out the non state of productive capacity that the copper mining existed as. So, the private sector was not putting back into the mining what sustained the mining, or perhaps the laws on worker protection had increased. I mean, as men work and produce naturally they begin to learn what works and what does not, and this becomes a guideline that ends up increasing costs. Even the technology used, would eventually wear out, and since there is a whole slew of people needing to make a living, naturally new technology is going to cost money. If we take this even further, those systems of technological tool building, industry processing tools building, they also are becoming aware and as such employ more safeguards etc. that protect and yet, that minimize profits. I mean, this just spins around and around.
So , now in Chile, and I am not sure of the configuration, the private sector is complaining about the public sector ownership not having the money to invest in infrastructure to make the mines more efficient. And there are even suggestions that the returns on the mines are fine. So, in the end, is the newsprint an advertisement for a collective to become attached to a drama, to stand behind some ideological swing in another direction.  And in the end do we really know what is actually happening on the ground?
Blame and spite, creates a paranormal activity. It does not look at the whole, and thus is an act of separation from seeing and looking at what actually physically exists. naturally, infrastructure wears out, but if money has not been allocated to maintain production of upgrade technological know how, then no respect has been paid to the whole process, and the wealth of the process, transferred into money, is not distributed in ways that are supportive and in common sense of that which builds the wealth in the first place, the labor and resource. We cannot blame private industry and or public ownership, because this pattern has happened many times, and both blame the practice of maintenance.
Obviously, there is an inequality in wealth distribution, creating the extremes of poverty and excessive wealth. And the means of wealth,  becomes impoverished, which is the earth. So, inequality does not work, what is here, as the resources, must be divided in ways that maintain and support what is here, on every level.  It is like one has to stop blaming the object, because within this, one actually gives a fixed object some kind of super power, when that one singular object is not the whole, as all the parts. This is an act of superstition, it is an act of idolatry, it is an act of paranormal activity. It is in essence as such, delusional.
Thus our media, in creating leaders that create jobs, as one person creating a job, and as the stories in our text books of great men who, for example, had the accumulated wealth to build an industry, wealth that was created in all common sense by many parts working in tandem, is a supernatural history, and thus is a paranormal event. I mean, really. This means that our media, is all the story of the paranormal activity of the human being who in a separation from being simply normal and realizing that the physical is a practical functioning seeable mechanistic world that moves in sensible ways. Thus what is real, is right in front of us. 
Our media really should be a story of the organic, a story of the physical, and not the story of what serves our paranormal financial system of transnationals that have become the image and likeness of stateless beings. And not only that, we do not know who and what pulls the strings behind this curtain, specifically. What must be realized is that the collective built the stage. It is the collective that must normalize and balance out the wealth created through freely given resources through the practice of standing together, and placing through policy building a structure that supports the physical world in ways that do no harm and that takes care of this real, physical world. This is the way to heaven on earth. The rewards are a normal, direct seeing and interacting experience leading to a life of dignity. So, when going into blame and spite, know that you have just entered the twilight zone and abdicated you own gift of life, your common sense.
Come back to what is normal, the physical, I mean, we all are running after a very limited edition of a commodified norm that is not normal, yet we do this because we want to be "normal". How can that make any sense?

Have we humans, allowed ourselves to become resonant, with a paranormal existence? And is it time to normalize our selves?
The tools are here, they are self forgiveness , writing and corrective application. There is even a FREE course to begin the journey back to earth. DIP Lite. Listen to interviews on the consequence of our accepted and allowed paranormal creation,

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Day 500 Addressing the Paranormal: Our Cognitive Maps

Addressing the Para-Normal, our cognitive maps.
In my life I have encountered entities floating in the air, voices coming out of a white light, neon crystals floating above my head, bluish neon lights in front of the eyes of children as they spoke  as though they were reading but did not read the actual words on the page in front of them.
I don’t know where this comes from, the only thing I can think of, is that i have studied music for a long time. I mean, the study of a musical instrument demands looking at subtle movement, and concentration on the form to shape it. I have mastered this on some level, which I realize could even be greater than the levels I reached.
I also have a history in my family of seeing paranormal events, namely my father. My mother completely ignores this. I really could only talk about it with my father. And he has told me of other members of the family on his side that also has some of these abilities, and interestingly enough, this side of the family was heavily involved in music. 
Before I found desteni, I was working with children. I had taught children violin and knew that point where a stable understanding of the instrument, an awareness of the instrument, got to a point where that child could then focus on what was played to begin to shape it and form it, without being overwhelmed with the physical mechanics of the instrument.  They had accumulated enough understanding of the structure of the total to self direct. Unfortunately, at this point they would often stop playing. Usually this was the preteen years. I think of some recent films where the behaviors of animals change once reproduction desires step forward. Somehow, all control is lost, and focus on this becomes bigger than actual self development. And it is self development that leads to greater stability in the long run. That a child walks from a growing self directive capacity into all the trappings of how to look, becoming more focused on how they look to match what is a commercialized idea of how we should look, is an unbalance that is disruptive of a development in overall focus of our capacity.
But, if we look at what we are allowing to be impulsed in the media, which effects all of us, and has for generations, then we can begin to understand that our cognitive maps are  unbalanced. And we know that we develop an inner map because we all have memories swimming around in our minds. So, the images in and as our minds are a paranormal existence and this is so, because when our children are born they have no language, no religion, no education. They become the measure of what the collective allows, as all the divisions of value measure that defines behaviors and personas expressed in the various cultures and belief systems around the world. We all know this to be true, because it is considered a value to travel and expose oneself to other cultures, to realize more subtle ways of measuring things, meaning looking at things, which overall creates a deeper awareness, that leads to more capacity in communication, more flexibility. All of which begs the question as to why, if our awareness can expand, this is not granted and purposely given to all children and humans as men on earth. 
If we look at the economic web, and the resource extraction  and development web, we can see that it is a system of measure, as division as the resources into goods and services and the transfer of these values into money. The transfer of the values created into money have created a para-normal existence, which divides opportunity for men to become aware as in being exposed to the abundance of expressive capacity of the human via direct interaction with the total of what they are doing, why they are doing it, and the effects of what they do. 
If the manifestation of division into limited scenarios of exposure goes on the some generations, this begins to generate its own limitation, as that limitation becomes the para-normal picture, as a cognitive map within that human as the memories of previous generations as what was lived becomes the model for the child.. 
If children do not have the opportunity to place their sensibility into an awareness of the structure of here, as in our world in total, as if this world were an instrument, no different than a violin, and another behavior is impulsed out of balance, because it is a commodity in a system where money has been allowed unbalanced division and that idea/image impulsing was a limited depth perception, this would become the directive of the child. And, that paranormal ability of men, as memory builders who build cognitive maps, made larger than the norm, as the physical vehicle, could be used to hold a division from that norm, as the physical, to allow a diversion ( interesting, di-version) from what is real, because it is only what is real that can be used to create, which is the physical earth. it is only what is real that can be used to create excess for a few, because that paranormal map, is not what is real. That paranormal map can warp the map reader’s directive, render the instrument out of normal order, for an idea of a more than, that is only an idea, and as that idea, it limits a fully sensual interaction as life. In this way, what is right in front of us, that is normalcy, that is the ultimate fulfillment, as the norm is being life, the vehicle of life, is the physical. In other words, there is no real peace on earth until our cognitive maps are equal to the physical reality. Being equal to physical reality means moving ourselves in ways that create a mean that does no harm to any living thing. This “ mean” can only be a mean of equality. There is no other way. And this “ mean” is of an awareness that is so much greater than any paranormal picture could ever possible be.
Our cognitive maps must be concretely grounded with physical reality. This means building an understanding of how our present system moves in every division within every child and that this is the responsibility of each of us. This means that no one adult can expect another adult and the collective of adults within the systems of this present paranormal existence made bigger than the physical as what has been accepted and allowed,  abdicate looking at how the child is developing and actively participating within that development. Thus, the real responsibility of  everyone, which is the same as saying not one parent can expect any other person to direct their child. It only works with total focus and involvement of the parent. And as we have allowed a paranormal existence for generations, to get ourselves/our children out of this, to normalize their awareness and thus build their self directive capacity, will take efforts beyond what the present system offers. But this is already known, were it not, then there would not be tutors, and private music lessons, and very expensive private schools. In our created world, either one has the skill and teaches this to the child, or one pays another to do this, and the costs of this are great, because that person teaching the skill beyond the lowest common denominator required by the general education as what a public school can afford,  is worth its weight in gold - so to speak - because it is understood on many levels what we are allowing, and that the way out of the limitation within the present system is so valuable that the costs of really developing a child, more than pay for themselves in the long run. A child that is more aware, whose cognitive map is more equal in understanding and able to read the subtle values of division that build the separations and abstracts this into a whole, has a much greater chance of survival, is more stable, and can stand and  become that which would begin to balance out the whole. Of course, conversely, the suppression of this natural ability would eliminate competition.  Those that have maps that are also of limitation, that have an impulsed directive that is a belief that they are more, are also in separation from realizing the value being life, and the means of this being that all have  in essence been following what is a para-normal cognitive map that is unequal with the physical world. The physical world is what is life. The physical world is what is normal. The physical world is creation, it is what we accept and allow. As we can see, what we are allowing is destroying it.
In the end, the only way out is that each become self responsible.  It is self in abdication of normalcy ( which is the real abundance)  in not being involved and aware in every detail, which simply means looking at the physical, and the accepted systems of not having looked directly and instead using a paranormal map, that has caused the present system. And the present paranormal fabric in place as a directive can only be equalized to what is real as the physical, from every point holding the separation in place, and that is each and every one of us.
It is not as difficult as one might think, and the step of becoming self responsible, is what alleviates the burden of limitation, because it is the limitation that each is trying to make real that is self in a stagnant sludge of heavy impossibility that on one dimension is a layer of neon lights that can be seen if one really looks, that clogs the free flow gift of life - as a common sense to here- that is that inner map imitating the limited values impulsed as ideals of more than creating judgement of less than and behaviors of comparison and competition instead of being forgiving and thus thankful/grateful of self as life. The irony is that it is in equality and oneness, being equal to the structure of the physical object as this earth, that exists the real expression of self as life, which has no sense of burden, no weight, no heaviness in the body,  no bitter after taste, no separation from the ability of each of us to become equal and one in understanding one another and the existence of earth as the value being life, here. The structure must be one of equality with the physical. This means democratic movement, at every point with every person, on the ground directly. This means one vote, for every person, within the choices made for the use of the natural resources given freely as earth, because it is the physical that allows the expression of life.
In all, it is to stand equal and one with that para-normal cognitive map, and to realize it is composed of energy that can be brought back to what sustains self as life, of sound mind. As this, this wall is flexible, not stable as reality, not clear, yet visible because its lack of stability is transparent. The sense of joy, is the movement of self, realizing that one is not alone, because one is all one as the substance of self as life, considering and respecting all life, as being self, and that this is the value.
Our para-normal cognitive maps are a mind consciousness system that is formed using limited values, structured as hierarchy, dividing insight from form and function of the physical in common sense, which is the self that built the map, that is self as sound. It is time to build as sound mind, that is self in equality and oneness with and as life, as what self is, equal and one to the physical.
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Day 499 Rapping, State divestment of Fossil Fuel supported Pensions and the Virtual Senate

The music industry being told to rap crime behavior to support pension/investments,  and the state agencies being told that their pensions were supported by the gas industry, thus the people in the system working against what is best for them PHYSICALLY, yet what provides for them MONETARILY. The impetus to divest is a step in realizing what is structurally unsound and  manipulative,  yet there must be a solution to step into, and such a solution will require organization and collective support. One solution is the Living Income Guarantee. And within this, why do we believe that expropriation of resources from private owners demands recompense, when obviously, such responsibility as what ownership stands as, has been of behaviors that did not stand equal to being responsible for the earth from which that owner benefitted? And within this, it is a web of physical labor and intellectual opportunity that holds what creates the value from the resource, it is not one person. The accumulation of excessive wealth, is not a democratic behavior, meaning, it does not consider physical existence, thus it is behavior against life.
This does not work. What supports that rapper and that government worker must be what does no harm eternally. What good is a pension if your water is polluted and your children sick ( Remember, there are some views of the rise in cancer rates that suggest that cancer and not accidents are the number one killer of children that has developed in the last twenty years)? What good is rapping if it creates more of the behaviors that are in contradiction to that behavior as discipline and direction of the rapper as a MODEL of the capability of men? Especially, those that have backgrounds of impoverishment.
If there are a few corporations that have amassed vast amount of monetary wealth, and can, for example create a company in a minute that can be buried behind client/lawyer privileges in a technological age where the layers of filling can be buried down virtual rabbit holes, and hidden through processing portals of administration and production in countries with different tax structures, and these same few groups, can  manipulate the freely given resource as the basis of their WELFAREd  gain into entities that can then be tied to each section of production and administration in ways that that group must support what in effect does not support them, and drives them to go against their better judgement and/or not have a clue as to what is the structure of the system and its supports in total because they have not developed a common sense skill of taking the words they know, as the ideas they follow and ensuring that what they speak is of something that actually makes sense with physical reality.
 And this, with an entertainment machine that is pretty much seeming to be free, and actual physical development costly ( I mean think of what a gym costs for the average salary, or to have the means to take dance lessons, or any other lesson that require guidance, and or having a vacation long enough, for example, where one could walk the Apalation trail, or actually spend a solid week developing one’s surfing skills in another area, where one might them become aware of excessive amounts of garbage in the sea or along the coast? I mean, I was in Sicily one time, and there was this oil waste on the coast, this exposed me to the effects of industry that before were only a distant idea in my mind. It is one thing to see this and another to read about it as one is caught in a small circle of society that makes small storms in teacups seem huge.  Now, imagine those many that after high school and college lacking reading ease that do not read? ( Is this by design and thus a suppression - where we don't like to admit that we do not have an ease in processing words? Thereby hiding in shame instead of problem solving?
So much of what we are given, as what we accept, lacks insight into the whole, and those who happen to have some exposure are then bullied with threats of no pension is they do not support, for example, rapping words that create more crime, or ignoring the environment to have a pension. This happening in TWO groups begs the question as to where else is this happening? And it demands that a collective endeavor must be realized, where what is here as this earth, be given to all in measured ways that ensures that all have a pension, that ALL have a living income, and that what is here that is produced be the ownership of all that is here, and that the directive is to choose that which does not harm. This can only happen as the collective, to realize the divisions we have allowed are not supporting us and that a starting point must be to support the physical world and to realize that we must work with, include the physical world in all our movements.
“Keynes and White were perfectly well aware of that free capital movement and speculation inhibit these options. Professional economics literature points out what should be obvious, that the free flow of capital creates what is sometimes called,  a virtual senate of lenders and investors who carry out a moment by moment referendum on government policies. And if they find that they are irrational, meaning they help people, instead of profits,  then they vote against them, by capital flight, by taxation on the country and so on.  So the “democratic” ( Extra quotation my addition ) governments have a duo constituency.  “
It is each of us that holds this duo system in place. It is us within, believing that we are special based on some idea, instead of realizing that what is special about us is that we are life. Within this, what we are is everything that has been placed within us as belief, opinion and idea, which we have allowed to define us as being more than what we are that took in that idea used to define us. This self defining is limited and is our own inner virtual senate, interested in validating our specialness that is in itself based on a defining limitation only that is in separation from common sense of physical reality. We are all the same, we are life, what we define ourselves as is secondary, it is divisions of value that are not good or bad in themselves, but simply qualities used to express ourselves that can change if we realize ourselves as life and become democratic in our behavior, as in realizing that the human that we are can be programmed to express in many different ways, depending on opportunity. And to realize that in total our expressions are limited within and as the present system we have accepted and allowed that is a reflection of us, as the frustration of many are testament, because our behaviors serve a virtual senate that ignores the physical and as such disallows natural inclinations of some expressions, deeming them bad because they do not fit nicely into a controlled ( commerce-alized by design) norm that is such to serve the benefit of a few, who themselves happen to have the unequal benefits of this virtual senate that uses the welfare of what are freely given resources that can only be developed through labor of many, thus ownership of objects is an idea that is in direct contradiction to what creates and is the value/support, which is life, of which we are all the same.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 498 Learning to Self Correct Behaviors of Frustration. DIP Lite

More and more I realize where I become frustrated when talking and interacting with another or with words on  a page as a form of description. The moment I begin to become frustrated, tension is sensed in my head and other parts of my physical body, sometimes it feels like there is a pressure that pulls a string that then constricts a muscle somewhere else within the musculature of my physical body. I am in essence  a machine that has all these bells and whistles going off all over the place. 
When I face another and the sense of anger, that is really frustration, comes rushing up, I have to slow down, and breath, and realize that I am not looking at details, and instead moving into a limitation as an idea. This frustration is the same from every angle, I can justify it by saying the other does not understand and then punish myself for failing to address what was unexpected, as though I can be prepared for every eventuality. But, this in itself is a separation because it creates expectation  based on preplanning being the be all end all, which is not a bad practice, but must be realized for what it is, a framework only and not reality. This is why the physical is so cool, because it is a cross-reference point in actual living. ( which is why a profit based system would create structures that deny direct interaction and reflection of what happens on the ground because within a system of inequality, that resource use cannot be allowed to flow to all parts because the natural order would/wills equilibrium) 
What I must do when this frustration comes up is re-member my own self corrective statemenst that stand as what is best for all, as what does no harm, and what would create a heaven on earth as the principle of oneness in equality.
When I become frustrated, I must look at what thoughts, emotions and feelings, come up. With the bells and whistles going off within the musculature of the physical, if I breath and slow down, I can begin to sense more and more, where the inner constriction/pressure exists and where this creates a series of constrictions within and as me. I can sense the memories coming up, that sometimes appear so evasive, fly by so fast, I catch what seems like a “ whiff” of detail. Sometimes these images are so fleeting and seem to have no significance, but then I see that it is one tiny aspect that is the starting point that built a personification of myself that lead to a self definition that lead to a limitation that gave life to an entity within and as me, that ignored being practical and equal with common sense here as the physical. I then, from habit, present myself expecting a value to automatically support me within interactions. These cannot support me, because they infer, infear,  inferior of clarity expect automatic triggers to exist in another, and the other is existing with their own “ inferences” so it is only within collectives of same value systems that such triggers work.
If I look at the thoughts as judgements, and the reactions as emotions and feelings, the imagery and words that come up reveal the expectation of value acceptance and equality of all characteristic resistance that I have accepted and allowed as a cognitive map/ mind consciousness system that is in itself a construct of an idea of physical reality, because it is a picture, a virtual reality of reality. It is not reality, it is not the actual physical world. And, as I said, in accepting inequality, we have accepted an idea of reality to be more than reality. So, when I become frustrated, I am trying to impose myself as a human that has accepted and allowed/ been-taught to follow ( think of school) an image ( think of television) instead of physical reality. My frustration is my belief system ( lying in the directions is my mindconciousness directives of limitation) and not myself here.
So, my corrective statements that I write out bring myself to follow through, to redirect, to equalize myself to physical reality, to and towards solution where the principle of what is best for all considers that which has enabled the very existence of myself to be life as the physical with equal consideration to equalize myself to life, as this is the value. The picture show of the mind, is a false reality, and we humans have been this for so long we have created a connedception, a con that sees a quantum structure as mind only ( con-ce-please-t ( cross of a picture of the past to direct the future) lol) instead of using the mind to AID in navigating with the physical.  Interesting how our disease is called AIDS, as though the lack of ease is the mis-use of the mind as reality instead of  as an AID.  Our aid has become a god, and it is us immune - in morning to equality and oneness in and as life, here. Words are like a song of our separation, they are the form of our ignorance, and variation by degree reveals the answer to the problem, thus words can be our solution back into a song of life. Real life is such a gift, we need only accept it.
When I sense frustration, there are times when that pull to the judgement that is the limitation remains strong, and I have to slow down and breath and bring up the corrective statements. It takes practice. But what happens more and more, as I at times don’t want to let go of my habits as mind, is that I get a sense of the nature and color of the spite as the frustration, and I get stuck in not wanting to let this go, and I have to use my will, to move into the correction because the resistance is there. And yet, the refusal has such a bitter edge to it, it is really heavy and acrid, and it is like it does not want to give up the ghost.
It is like being comforted by pain. Which is really wanting self validation and a wallow ( we-allow because you are me and I am you) in self pity. UGH.
I listened to an interview where a gamer realized that moving oneself in the physical demands more awareness than moving as mind only. Much more. It means addressing and directing through bringing oneself here and as the present system facing what is in essence the screaming of limitation and the seeking of collective agreement for having accepted limitation. And of course, a mind justifying its touting of good to validate its limitation, is not going to want to hear that its good is not good enough, which means that it is not going to want to hear that the limitations are unacceptable, if anything pointing out limitations as a voice of suggestion that it is possible to create “ more good’ in and as looking at the physical world in form and function, means that the limited “ goods” touted as the movement, must reevaluate the total form that enables this habituated behavioral stance. lol - being good is a threat to a good as a picture show. Weird.
I am moving into/onto another tract here, I must remain within this desire to go into spite and frustration. Though smaller , it is still ( frozen) within and as me as a ghost in my machine as the physical as the gift of life. I have to slow down and breath, let it go, realize in thought word and deed that this will only lead to friction and conflict, myself banging my head against a wall of my own accepted and allowed limitation built of thoughts as opinions, ideas and beliefs, accumulated into emotions and feelings, a resonance of lack of equality and oneness to and as life, myself stagnant without a sense of ease, myself not being forgiving, here. As this, I, as I see it, am not “ sheets to the wind” as the physical being equal and one to and as the breath of life, facing what is here from a starting point of no expectation, directing myself into communication with what moves the physical into the port - all as the point that gifts awareness of the joy of equalizing self as life with the physical as the capacity of creating a world that circulates with life from every point, where this joy is that each is a creator, and that all of the physical is what gifts stability, where the silence as a starting point, reminds the physical that the value is life expression. This happens, here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 497 A Difference by Degree: Bridging the Judgement Gap

A difference by degree: Bridging the judgement gap
Within a limited value system, as what the human has accepted and allowed, the units of measure in total are minuscule - mini-school - as the gamut of what is used to direct self. I mean, we just need to look around and we can see, realize and understand the limited visual ideals we all accept and allow. Think of the rule that the lawns in front of our houses should be green lawn, and that having a vegetable garden is a taboo on a front lawn; or that a person is only attractive if they have a certain size and measure in their features and a certain color to their hair; or think about how dogs have been bred to bring forward and exaggerate certain characteristics without any consideration for what that eventual frankenstein extreme has on the function of the physical form. Many of those breeds have all kinds of physiological problems. If you would not want to suffer such monstrous physiological problems then why, just to have a certain look, would you wish this on another form for being life on this earth?
The limited values, that are then used in comparison against one another, to compete for an ideological picture, just like that green lawn, really bear no witness to the actual balance within the physical world.
I remember my husband skiing. He was extremely graceful, so much so it was really a joy to watch. To this day, and i don’t watch skiing so much, I have not seen this kind of graceful movement in another skier. I have watched skateboarding videos, because my sons like this, and sometimes a skater comes along with this kind of fluid grace. Others have a completely different quality, in the last week there was a video of a skater that had “ force” as I would call it. He skated with this very directed aggressive speed force. Really hard to put into words. The quality was cool, the expression was cool. I mean, how much are we missing in all of us, when we don’t see the unique quality in every human as the way they express themselves in what they do, where there is probably an inclination in some areas as opposed to others, and what discoveries would be made when all life on earth is valued and our ability within being aware physically of movement and form and expression in and as not only the shape but the way that shape moves. If we look at this, had more awareness in the detail and expression of the physical, instead of imposing ideas as pictures onto how things should be without equal consideration of the physical in total, what would our world become?
The point is that if we take the time to look, we can realize that our values are extremely limited and that within this the degree of difference is tiny. And yet the human is walking around comparing these tiny differences to ascend to …where? The irony is that it is being that expression in-form, and balancing this all out in total as the expression of earth as life as a whole that is the fun and the value.
What we are doing is rejecting a united whole, as this physical earth that would be the most fulfilling life experience beyond any thing our limited value system can imagine. And all because we fear what? Losing ownership of a front green lawn? So, one has that front green lawn and spends years protecting it, watching it and then what? Death? Is that lawn a badge of success worthy of its value? No.
Within the chaos on earth, in a bubble, this appears to be a gain when compared to a possible life of poverty, but this gain in itself is a poverty of life expression. One just as a small degree of more comfort, but within this, the increase in cancer and other diseases, suggests otherwise. Is one really comfortable sitting watching that green lawn as cancer invades and old age and the physical body corrodes over time instead of a quick death because of lack of food? If one stood back and looked within a context of eternity, the two lives would appear to be the same measure, meaning such a slight degree of difference that no foot note would probably be given. This is the measure of the difference, which is really no difference, it just appears to be this way within the limited perspective humans have come to believe is truth. And all the while, the physical is what allows expansion and expression and self awareness into becoming life, a life as the physical that can become what never settles in limitation and instead stands strong within  a value that incorporates movement and expression that is not stagnant and is rather filled with ease.
Our present money system is the expression of a collective accepted and allowed limited value system. And it is wreaking havoc on all of our lives. And we are so caught up in our limited value system that we cannot see the forest through the trees. Yet, we are here as physical beings that have the ability to see, to sense, to move, to create, to organize , to balance out what is here to allow what we need as physical beings, and this earth, to allow the expression of life and enjoy the way in which each expresses themselves. 
Like the action of homeopathy, the outer misalignment, as our money system must change, and we , as humanity have to stand and do this.  As this will enable each to relax and slow down and breath, to stand outside of stress and begin to then look and organize this world together, in ways that support all the physical form of life, because this physical form as the whole earth is us, it is each of us, we are it. It is only an imposed cognitive map in our heads that is our separation. As this accepted and allowed map built of limited values, an energy field within and as us encircles us, and it oscillates with conflict because it has no real substance to exist as, because it is extremely limited, and its measure of value moves as judgement of what is good and bad in accord of its limited insight, because of an idea that something could be lost, when it is the lack of movement with the whole that created the sense of loss. Yet this can be corrected back into the whole, where there need be no sense of loss. And the directive that is very simple, is to give as one would like to receive, which is to realize self as a physical being on a physical world, where one moves as ways that do no harm, and that in being this, in focusing here on what is real, as a physical form with the faculty to focus here, and see, one is able to direct oneself in ways that do no harm, and that this allows self to position self here absolutely, in a movement of self in full function, utilizing self in total, which stops all stagnation and thus dis-ease. This is a gift we can only give one another when we all work together with the physical world. To do this we have to clean up the bubble of limited values as our accepted and allowed cognitive maps , that we need only look to the media, for example, and the banking system, to see, realize and understand.
In many ways, fear if being inferior to this. That is all it is. And yes, the consequences of this are rampant all around us. But, changing this is the way out. And as we walk ourselves out, with each breath, with each movement, a lightness of being, and an ease of breath, will become the movement of us. I mean what else if there? Just give it up, stop the judgements, use your innate common sense and let go the limitations, to stand as what is best for all within and without. Support a system that supports you as life. Support a Living Income Guarantee. Walk the awareness of your generational cognitive map that is of limitation - which means that what is of value will not be lost, and what is of inferiority to life will be equalized to life, thus what appears to be a loss will be a gain. It has been said, that in stopping the mind, all will be lost, and thus, all will be gained. What will be lost is that map, which has been made bigger than life, and what will be gained is life. It is that simple.
DIP Lite : Desteni I Process Lite. Forgive yourself of your limitations and equalize yourself to LIFE. HERE.  Become the full potential you were meant to be.
Listen to what each has accepted and allowed.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 496 Democratic Behavior, Childhood Cancer and Reality on the Ground.

"Researchers have raised young monkeys and rats in ways such that they are allowed other types of social interactions but are deprived of play. When these animals are tested, in young adulthood, they are emotional cripples. When placed in a moderately frightening environment, they overreact with fear. They panic and freeze in a corner and never explore the environment and overcome the fear as a normal monkey or rat would. When placed with an unfamiliar peer, they may alternate between panic and inappropriate, ineffective aggression. They are incapable of making friends."

Here we have an article talking about how children having time to play with one another, can develop democratic skills. And yet, there are studies that have been done that suppress the development of democratic movement in animals. Interesting that there is less recess time in our schools. And: ( I have to note that the article below first appeared  with an image that said , "Cancer ( is) #1 cause of Childhood Death in the U.S. The number one reason blamed for childhood death used to be accidents; now its cancer", but evidently the facts were retracted and the article I posted was part of this retraction)

”"But with cancer, it is black and white.  There is no “cancer spectrum.”  And the numbers are going up. Almost 37 kids are diagnosed with the condition every day.  And while science has eliminated many other causes, the incidence of invasive pediatric cancer is up 29% in the last twenty years.”
So, we have more cancer occurring in our children, in a world that has a media that describes things in ways that do not reveal what is actually going on in our world. Perhaps this lie by omission is because if we humans knew what was really going on, we would change. What does this tell us about our selves on some level? It tells us that somewhere, within us, we would not put up with this mess. Which means that we are not stupid, and that what we are allowing is simply unacceptable.
I mean, this article below shows us what is going on. With the retraction of the cancer rates in children, and the studies that learn the outcomes of suppressing life, creating behaviors where we cower in fear,  which is what many of us are doing within not paying attention and believing we cannot stand up and change what is unacceptable, can we  begin to see what in fact is happening and what we are all accepting and allowing on so many levels? And, how we can be programmed.
"“Despite the global economic crisis in 2009, Egypt managed to sustain a 4.7% growth in GDP — an enviable rate for most countries — largely due to strong growth fundamentals [and] effective market reforms.” The market reforms — that is, the privatization programs — had indeed raised the country’s GDP, but only by creating an enormous real estate and water speculation bubble for those with the right connections. In 2010, the World Bank praised Egypt as “among the world’s ten most active reformers,” citing “impressive poverty reduction” and “rapid economic growth.” The Bank promised to continue supporting “Egypt’s reforms in the water supply and sanitation sector,” including its policy of cost recovery and privatization. [25] Then, in January 2011, the nation rose up, and many wondered how the World Bank could have gotten it so wrong. [26]"
I suggest watching The Century of Self, and The Four Horsemen, to begin to have some understanding of what we have accepted and allowed as humans on this earth. Humans that are capable of acting democratically. It is time to work together as stewards of this earth, and realize that a life of dignity means  working together in ways that support all life.
Support a Living Income Guarantee. It is time to join together and put an end to one human being more than another. And yes, our development is unequal, but this is by design, and that design can change. Let’s prove we are worthy of life.  

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 495 Minimum Wage and our Children: An Addiction to short sounds bites of knowledge and information.

Many understand that the minimum wage is not a Living Wage, does not take too much to understand this. A person who is going to work every day in any of the steps required to get a hamburger, for example, onto a plate, must have enough income to pay their bills and exist within a degree of stability to have the peace of mind to observe their surroundings, as worry and stress are a major cause of dis-ease, and dis-ease comes in many forms, behavioral, and physical illness. Dis-ease is a separation from practical common sense, response-ability to care for here, the physical. If one does not have money, one cannot be responsible. If a human physical body has not been trained to be responsible, then the object blame does not solve the problem, what solves the problem is structure, which leads to responsibility. Thus a system of profit for a few, and consequence of  abuse in order to have that profit, takes responsibility, as structural access within and without, away, and disease manifests, meaning a dis-ease with here, communication with here. So, systemically, as we stand now on earth, does not, cannot, will not work. So, we are collectively to blame for any disease manifest anywhere on earth.
In a profit based system, where profit is the law, the cost of distribution and processing can be taken from the profits,  and does not regard this value of the human worker being in a state of ease, when it pays a wage the is not supportive of the human being and remaining stable within a state of ease, as in lacking dis-ease physically and behaviorally. The cost of process has not been paid in full. Period.
Such dis-ease, is then passed onto the children, and in turn causing the same discord to reverberate within all the systems. In the case of the child this reverberates within the schools, and this in turn effects the development of all the children, because it is a sound as a behavior or disease existent within the environment of the school, so in effect we all suffer what exists within our environment. Even the act within of ignorance, is a movement within self as what self is, and this takes the focus of the person, the self, and does effect concentration and development. Therefor, even those who do well are being influenced by everything that exists. Thus the dis-ease of every individual is the concern of all of us if we care about the development of our children. Do we even consider the “ no significant difference” each of what appears as “ little tiny discords” all along the way, in every day, of every year of our lives? if we allow one we allow the cumulative effect of the many “ no-significant differences.”  Is this perhaps why more children are beginning to die of cancer than accident in the last twenty years? I mean,we know that tumors are filled with pesticides, and that many cancers have to do with our “ state of being.” 
And, we cannot blame the object of the dis-ease, because every human is dependent of the system,  a web held in place by the collective, so what is allowed within the system that is not supportive of the human, of which a minimum wage is not, then what is a consequence of that lack, is the responsibility of every single human being participating in the web, which is all of us, because we are on an earth where no matter what is put into the water, on any part, comes to effect all of us. As such, any dis-ease can probably be traced to a conglomerate of causes, so if there is even the minutest indication that something does harm, it cannot be allowed. Also the consequence of an accumulation of ill-effects hidden in the words “ no significant difference” must be realized  as, yes, there is a difference, thus this small difference can accumulate with all effects and create problems over time. 
We can see the problems growing. I mean, even within my local environment, in the last two years as far as I can see, and it is a small group, there has been at lease one suicide a year, last year there were two, and a death of a child from cancer. In a town of about 3000 people, this is of concern, especially when the numbers of residents within towns grow, are the numbers somewhat the same? And do we not notice because we are removed as we are busy in our lives? Do we not look unless it effects us directly? And/or do we live in end game short bites of information, where we end our involvement as our attention, when we say things like, “ she is concerned about this because it directly effected her”? And then the subject changes in the conversation, as though we honor statement making instead of follow through to solution.
 So, there is avoiding follow through to hide practices accepted, and there is social conversational non-follow through because we accept short bits of information and do not even realize that we rush to closure, which is itself a dis-ease with the environment because perceptually we move into the next story, to rush into the tension, the high and the resolution, which means we within and as ourselves have no real stability, here. We remain in a constant state of highs and lows. Reminds me of the weather in America at the moment, where the temperatures are moving from a few degrees above freezing, and then plunging into very frigid temperatures, as though the environment mimics our accepted and allowed short attention span, small information bits to move through a dopamine high of tension release, as an inner energy fix. This addiction to this is causing a dis-ease, because it is not paying attention to the consequences of our actions in total.
And we wonder why our children cannot read and write by the time they leave the education system. And we wonder why  children are labeled and not dealt with in the schools. How can teachers that are products of this system be able to deal with the consequential frustrations that are composition of lack in perception when they themselves are the product of this as well? And as such limited in space/time as the format of the school where the children then go home to parents who do not have enough to have a peace of mind , a mind also used to short bits of information, to monitor and direct that child? And even here, our educated, have not solved this problem. Which means they are not realizing the whole. Had they, then they would see the structure of the form of our society as a collective and stood for a change, instead such is marginalized by the few, and these few probably looked outside the box, went beyond the short sound bites of information that had no extended shelf life ( or one could say that extended shelf life has not value, meaning it is dead and what is missing is what cycles the life within)  as what extends in a physical planet is a cyclical process as the physical that must be maintained and cared for without any harm in order for the lack of disease to exist, which means that the physical is what is real. The physical is the real story and not that short information, as an equation in our minds based on a limited awareness of physical reality, choosing idea over common sense - this meaning to include what we cannot exist without.

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