Monday, January 14, 2019

Day 820 The Giving-In to a Limited Morality.

The giving into a limited morality.  The need to no longer fear calling this out as we all know what we do in self interest as a mind consciousness system. Where one is at is always visible as the words we speak. We can only speak of what we experience within and as what we allow. All suppressions are into limited values, so much of a general picture, the lie-by-omission that is of narrow dimension, like one dimension only, often cloaked as generality will become what one speaks, because one can only speak experience within.  The means do not define the ends, no matter how much we hide that which does not fit into a “ norm” as a supposed collateral damage.  When there is “ collateral damage” as an ideological commitment, it would mean that not all variables, not all aspects have been investigated. The threats of industry as a wall of sound as words and pictures will flood the media narrative, attempting to make a truth using false positives to pull on heart strings, suggesting gloom and doom should one counter the narrative of generality. It is the same as we allow within our minds to define us.

The problem with this, in tandem with the realization that we can only speak our experience, is that one must always sound that which is being suppressed as the self, the life that is what one is. There really is no way out but to realize what is best for all, as this will clear the waters within and on this earth. It means we have no choice but to synch with the will of creation which is the law of taking the good and allowing no harm, which means considering all things. Period. That is the free choice in plain sight as life. A beautiful design! 

I listened to a person read last night.The words came out very slow, with hesitations on every syllable. The timing, the pace of processing the words, was stagnant. What was being read was so far from being held as a placeholder of information, because processing the syllables was not mastered. It was so distant from the person. But that would be the outcome of working so many things out in front of one as a fractionalized consciousness, meaning a spread out self juggling pictures at the end of a horn generated from the mind - a form of hyperinflation of limited values, a form of protection and defense in a spaced time, that really is only a ripple, but as allowing ONLY that, a seemingly HUGE thing one can be pulled into, to the extent one forgets one’s own circumference! The words spoken lack an eternal quality, they cannot be held, as holding is too distant because the self interested personifications are a busy work occupying the space within the human. It is a mirage and it is visible.  The life of the self is so busy holding that facade in place which in-volves as volition, they cannot possibly allow anything in but by tiny degree! This slows down processing of information! It is so visible and so in plain sight- but one must remove the busy-work of NON-LOOKING of which has a movement in myself that I realize as a  giving-up. Astounding, but realize it has been said that “ god” sees everything! The joke is on YOU! 

If a musician can sense the most subtle of vibrations on a string, it would of course be possible to sense this, right here, in every moment, this dimension of movement as the sound we utter from our mouths! This space/time warp being projected out in front of us. I mean, why do we sometimes refer to the “ white paper castle” on the hill, a centralized regime that hides behind a wall of complicated paper work to protect the lie of ownership of freely given resources on this earth, that cannot be owned but by uttered words, like mis-using milk from a cow, that as what we are, as minerals and water that can form crystals, to project imagery of extremely limited form, to the extent we believe that resonant body to be more than this reality! What is the most perfect of means to do this but to place a child, a developing human in a florescent box, pump them full of depressants and force feed them a set body of information, giving out gold stars to those who are most effective in regurgitating that limited construct that uses dimensions of reality to build a false reality in self interest of a few, thereby being of absolute destruction to this reality? Is there no greater crime than this, this form of slow moving extinction to life, of which so many children suffer the consequences of, not to mention the animals, and the plants because a few want to play god? This is a mess, one that can only be “ righted” through each part standing up in synchronicity of this abundant creation, because we can reform. That reformation means to respect what is here to synch with the expression of creation. That would be heaven. That means there is no heaven, there is only here. The physical is the means of a real heaven. Warping that would be impulsing an idea that it is outside of the self somewhere, as it is, because as one accepts that supposed truth, one builds a projection of that information, like following a carrot on a string as reality, the division of space into a limited time frame, a tiny ripple that through accumulation builds a resonant construction that is projected outside of the self. It is a busy work that as it, will resonate in all one’s words, because we can only speak our experience, as what we accept and allow within all that mineral rich salt and water as our physical bodies. 

The pain, the layers of pain are resonant within, done by the self, accepted by the self. It is a pressure, a constriction, made into a collective morality, a false morality. One’s resonant accepted construct, of self interest, causing discord of a natural ability to communicate and live what one is already, as the very life that is the self, deep down in a tiny ripple of information made huge, as an inflammatory set body of ideas, beliefs and opinions, causing great friction and pressure on the joints, blocking the intercellular communication of self, as a whole. It is a fractionalized self separated from reality. It is visible, it is in plain sight. There is no escape and no one but the self can change this. That in itself as a great gift because it is the self as life that may dis-cover this, unfold this, realize the self creation of separation and thereby discover that each one is creation as the will of life must by nature be a will of life! 

The two dimensional form of a pyramid would be a triangle, and yet this could be a vortex, with the levels appearing to be a resonant layered onion, the pain of ignoring the past as the acceptance of limitation, especially in a  world where humans have generated this for eons of time, to the extent one is living in a hell of limited values, suppressing the self as life. 

A morality of polarized values, a hyper-inflated value system, causing separation from even reaching the self as life in each one. That self is waaaayyyyyy down there at the end of that generation, exhausted by the game, that is composed of beads of ideas, opinions and beliefs, creating a resonant storm separating one from the gift that is life, the will of that one and only choice that is the choice to take the good and do no harm, to realize oneness and equality with this orchestra of the physical as the manifestation of life. 

There are pauses in the way words are used, as one must, and does through habit, cross reference one’s protection system of limited values. Indicating in itself a great ability! The blips in the flow as the words spoken, as the sounds made, indicate the vast space in between the words, that one can slow down to the extent one notices those micro hesitations that are the self monitoring one’s protection system. In some it is so bad, it is difficult to speak. Sometimes in reading something written by a young person, the effort needed to get something out takes so much time, the time allotment of the system does not afford the follow through into fleshing something out, thereby creating a habit of never allowing self discovery, never giving the gift of insight that would improve all of our lives. This is a crime against life. We all suffer. And, this is because there has not been enough correct practice of language as the human means of self management and organization. Instead we have a news feed that is through limitation, a false morality that it touts itself within and as. 

That friction is of fear. A parent can only speak of that, because that is what is practiced. If a parent comes and asks for “ understanding” of a state the child as being vulnerable in their developmental stages, that parent is admitting a lack, admitting that the child lacks proper inner structure. Compassion for a lack ONLY is an end game. It really means that the parent is not willing to change for the child, as their protection system they have allowed to define them they fear changing, their fear has become a busy work of self interest. This is a crime against the child, against life. It is a false morality. It has no interest in the life that is the child. The child will eventually hate the parent, I mean, why have respect for that? 

One has to be willing to push on those strings, those arrays of bubbled beliefs, to upset the web, to have that humpty dumpty sitting on that wall fall down, because it is only of resonant construction. One will only shatter the unacceptable. This must be done to find those who are willing to stand as life. Next? Who is after all, being the real harm here? 

I know a woman I have known for some time. She is becoming older. What has happened is that her speech has slowed down, as though it is harder and harder to express aspects of what she wants to compose and share. That state of separation has become so large, that ripple so all encompassing, managing herself as she has done, and interaction with this reality, such a juggling show, the blips of cross reference as protection, from childhood, is as I would say, inverting movement in this reality is becoming harder and harder. So great is the separation. Some may call it aging, but in reality, it is that resonant storm sucking the real life out of the vessel. What will be left but the starting point, before the acceptance of a survival character. This separation information being what would resonate with the parents. One can hear the tension in making this choice in the voice, recognizable by myself, because that is also within me. With that within myself, is a belief that “ there is no place else to go.” Or so I believed.  Standing up to this false morality, appears to be a bad, but in effect it is no longer accepting a resonant storm, like a horn of plenty projecting outwards, that is of ripples as it has no real capacity to stand the test of time, as the test of being equal and one with creation here. Sad. Yet, if I allow that sadness, I become the same. It is to acknowledge this and stand as model with a greater degree of presence as best I can here, within and as breath. 

That false morality, of polarized values, is a form of slashing and burning the self as life! It is held in place through a back chat of right and wrong, good and bad, as a dialogue, a rogue of acceptances and allowances, that hide the embrace of limited dimension by the self. It is filled with a friction that manifests as pain, as one hyper inflates limited values, hiding under umbrellas of generality as that ideological mean, ignoring the collateral damages, and accepting them as a truth, when that is a shield of pure forced ignorance. 

One must become nuclear. Meaning, one must stand in equality and oneness with this creation as this physical earth, accepting no harm and calling this resonant storm out by name. One must be able to be self responsible within this, never wavering, which means being nuclear. That would burn the shadows , the resonant dirty smoke as the waste product of a false morality. It appears as pretty colored neon lights, but just as our neon lights burn resources, so does this within us, as this outer world reflects what is within each human. That false morality, compounds and reduces the life on earth. This is visible in animal extinction, and the suffering of our children. Those that starve in great numbers every day.  And some say they want to move out of their comfort zones in a comfortable way. That is a belief that is that same protection system speaking, it is a false morality.