Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 342 There is no escape from facing what has been allowed on earth. Period.

How can we have a system that allows a few to decide they own the resources of this earth? How can we sit and talk about what “ they” the corporation is doing, what “ they” our elected officials are doing without realizing that we voted these “ they” in” We allowed this, thus when we find we have to pay for out water, we have no one to blame but ourselves, as we ignore what is happening here on earth.
The “ they” is us, the people, and the “they” is us not looking at this world and making informed decisions about what we as the “ they” are doing. In this all abuse existent on earth is the fault of each and every one of us.
Thus the debt that is the outcome of usury, of interest lending on principle, this debt that will inevitably become greater than the principle as the interest can never fully be repaid, will become the burden we bear as we have accepted and allowed this despite having been told by a man with common sense, Christ, that this was enslavement.
So the corporations seeking profits, within and as claiming ownership of natural resources to create a constant profit, going and grabbing the land in their name purporting to develop the land, in the interest of profit, removing the life that is there, simply disregarding it and not paying a living wage, in the interest of profit, is the fault of each of us.
Those children sold into sex, are the fault of each of us for accepting and allowing this form to exist on earth.
Those children starving, they are the fault of each of us, as we have accepted this system of inequality, and turned that corporation into some ambiguous entity, not realizing it is composed of us, of men, of people, as we distort reality into objects of unclear understanding to become ignorant and abdicate our responsibility.
Our children existing in unstable homes and thus becoming the expression of their surroundings as instability, our schools unable, though many teachers try very hard not understanding themselves how the mind and the physical function in detail. Then, this is turned into a profit as America now has the largest prison population, where these prisons are supported by tax dollars as these prisoners are now cheap labor for the companies that make helmets and some appliance parts, a win for profit a loss for the development of that life. And we the people, accept and allow this. Thus we are to blame for all the abuse existent on earth.
The human is the outcome of what is provided for by a system that was created by men. Men are trainable, able, capable, as we see all children are able to learn rapidly and when exposed to stable environments and an education, they can become self perfected beings able to express themselves. We take away through non support and lack in the self determination development of others to feed a system of profit for a few. Thus our ignorance manifest as greed, a crime against life. and we are all to blame. Greed is a form of fear, because being removed from that value being life, being separate from this is a state of lack, and because this is a state of lack of awareness of the value being life, it has no self responsibility within the whole, within considering all life and respecting life thus this lack becomes an expression as energy in its limitation, this limitation breeds behaviors of fear, such as greed.
Just as the debt in the construct of usury leads to a greater debt than principle, is our disregard for this earth as being equal to us, here to support us, going to grow as a debt of pollution, the effects already here with the number of children born with birth defects and autism? Is this what we want for the life that is here? Do we really think that when we die we will be removed from this, from the consequences of this? Do you really think that our actions are not going to be faced by each of us?

Everything that we have allowed on this earth will be faced by each and every one of us, and this is how it should be. There cannot be any escape, as it should be, because we must all realize our ignorance, what we ignored, as this is the only way to become life. There is no other way, in all common sense. If we wait, the consequences of our ignorance are only going to compound until we wake up and follow through with a directive principle that shows us to ourselves that we are all willing to stand as life here, to realize ourselves as life, and this means being aware of what is happening on this earth in totality, on every inch, to making sure that what is here as life, is allowed to be life, here.
We all want our children to become responsible human beings, we would rather this than having to take care of them for our lives. We would rather our children learn to direct themselves, as being self determining is a joy, but in order for this to happen we, each of us, must realize that the present system is not allowing this and that it is a reflection of what we have each allowed within ourselves, we have chosen fear instead of life and until we choose life, the only choice, we cannot be life, we only pretend at life. Which is what we are doing here on earth, pretending to limited values and ideas instead of facing and standing up as life, realizing life is the value and creating a system that is the mirrorof what we are as life within, without.
If the greatest gift were life, would not you have your child face the consequences of the lack/ignorance so that they would realize themselves and become the greatest gift there was? Yes, you would.
Thus death is not the way out, as the consequences of what has been accepted and allowed on this earth that has not allowed self responsibility, self determination, self expression for every bit of life on this planet will have to be faced and worked with clearing up until it is done.
This is the only choice. And that is common sense.
Walk the desteni I process lite and pro. to get what you have accepted and allowed in being less than life, as what you are, cleaned up so that you can stand as life and begin to realign this earth into a system that supports all life realizing the value is life.
Consciousness was the outflow of our separation from life, as our thoughts that compound into emotions and feelings, our limited insight/values that are parts of life, that are what we pretend to in self abdication as life, collections of beliefs, opinion and ideas based on where we were born on a grid of separation into race, class, nationality, religion. We have become parts, collections of divisions that are reflected as mind, as consciousness. Consciousness is the signifier of our ignorance and thus it is the gift of showing us our ignorance for which we must forgive ourselves, bring back to ourselves to face ourselves as life, to stand up and accept ourselves as life.
Consciousness as mind indicates where we have not followed through in common sense of life of which the physical is the gift for and as. Heaven as an afterlife is a fantasy, what is real is the physical world. Thus what is real is right under your feet. Time to remove the hallow halo, it is the product of your separation from life. It is your hell, it is your precious pretend ring, it is the projection of our ignorance.
Let's get this done. Equal Money

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 341 What stops is from seeing our divisions as division?

So, I went to a gun discussion panel of a state representative, gun owner and member of a gun club and a mental health “expert” and a mother of a gun victim, someone else as well but they did not speak but few words.
And this morning I practiced my violin.
One might wonder what these two things have in common.
I was practicing and I noticed as I played a difficult part, that there were other things on my mind, at that I was occupied with these things, and this made the playing more difficult, simply because I was becoming automatic instead of being present, being here. I had to slow way down and play sections very slowly, ensuring that I was aware of every movement of myself and retain an awareness of the whole of myself: my bow, my legs, my strings, the partitions of the bow, the arms in their space, the intensity of the bow, the density of the strings the parts and their qualities and how they moved. I had to slow down and come back to each part and bring it back to the whole. and all the while keep stopping what was going on in the mind. ( sounds like sex, no god unless one is completely present- and it is the physical that is what is stable to bring one here) I noticed memories of my self as a child dreaming of fame, an image of my self being able to play, dreaming of playing more than playing. I noticed financial worries spinning around. I noticed wanting to get the practicing done so I could do other things, like write this post, this creating a rushing. All of this mind chatter had to stop, I had to bring myself here, can’t sense here with all this going on, it is like static, occupation with ideas in relation to survival, which can spin into doom and gloom, or a belief of what to do becoming anobsession until completed, an idea- not good or bad- but an idea only and more than likely something that is not going to play out as one imagined if one does not understand the system. Just like with playing, I must slow down and know the actual physical space of here, and this means understanding the present system and how the mind works, and this takes continued investigation. There is no other choice.
I also noticed a resistance to slowing down, which is more of the same, like a part of me became irritated within doing this. And because of the desteni i process, I realize this irritation is resistance, and where I do not want to slow down. It was a “ bitch” to practice some things slowly again and again, to stop and sense the space, again and again, but i know if I do not do this, I will teach myself the limitations, I will automate the limitations of my perception and then I will exist as a limited conception of here, and then try and justify this socially more than likely because I will not want others to see my own lack of awareness.

So this meeting.
Such a division of parts, bubbles of limited insight, the insight itself not good or bad, simply limited, meaning caught in its own bubble of no relation to the whole as the very structure of what exists as this present system.
I will take the parts and look at them here in relation to the whole. where the collection of the parts, the statements made are the answer to the problem of what warrants a need to have such a panel that are anodyne and also touch on points that are true, revealing.
There was the fact that it is not the gun, a gun is a tool, it is how the gun is used, it is the behavior behind the gun ( I am not condoning guns or not condoning them, they are a product of men, they are a manifestation of the accepted behavior of men). Thus, the main point of this gun person is that we are each responsible, able to be responsible.
The mental health expert, contradicted herself, at one point she said that within the inner cities there are low income areas where the strength of the community develops youths who do not become violent, thus it is not income that determines the development of violence. Yet , she called for more money to be given to mental health actions to support aid for the behavioral issues within men. So, she denied money as being the cause and then within another relation made, said that money was necessary. Her point about community, about a group supporting each other was valid, because it is us supporting one another, realizing our basic needs and sharing this earth to ensure we all have them that does build strength and awareness and - as the gun section pointed out - develops self responsibility.
The mother and a school child psychologist stood up and presented ideas about developing awareness of violence and how the media promotes violence and how as parents it is our responsibility to ensure what is grabbing the attention of our impressionable human body children. These points are also valid, this is also being aware of what we are as programmable entities, where if we look at the process of advertising and its success and thus presence everywhere, we realize that yes, indeed we are programmable or this would not exist. In some communities that have children playing video games there is also the voice, the control, of being told this is fantasy, in some communities there is not ONLY violence on the screen, there is violence on the street as well, thus the violence compounds, is bigger, is more, and as the mental health expert denied and then begged for, it is about money, just as she demands more money for what her role and profession are, she is within a singular relation made, she has valid points but they are within a limited construct in separation from the whole, she is caught within relationships only.

THis is how we are divided and conquered, remaining within relationships and not taking our valid points and relating them to the whole, moving with them in looking beyond our own roles and offerings, taking these points and bringing them back to the total state of this earth, the system to see where these valid points lack in relation to the functioning of the form of the whole.

I want to say, as well, that someone stood up and talked about the growing drug culture, as he had a child here, in my small town in America, that died from this pervasive and ubiquitous drug culture. I know it is everywhere, it is even in some of the best private schools, it is in the colleges, it is in social levels all over. Drugs make a lot of money, and they placate the individual. A double edged sword, placate and make money while doing so. Another form of divide and conquer, another form of separation into parts.

So, if we cannot sense the whole, if we have not been trained to read the whole, to slow down and have the opportunity to sense here, then how can we conceptualize here, learn about here and then move here? If our children are in a society that offers drugs and some fall into this, obviously these children are lacking in a strong sense of the community of this physical world, they seek an escape from this, or remain within fantasy, some into drugs and some into video games, either of which develop a sense of here.

As this panel talk about gun control stated it takes awareness of the effects of what is here, money, support, collective strength and the development of self responsibility.

So this meeting pointed out the lack existent within people and the pervasiveness of an element that actually destroys, present at every level of society, a culture that has incredible profits that end up in the hands of a few, and that diminish self responsibility, maintaining a culture of violence and a non-development of self responsibility in and as escapism, there by eliminating a threat of awareness to the whole, to self development that as a human, can conceptualize the whole.

And all these supposedly “ educated” experts caught up in relationships only, without the conceptual ability to relate this to the present system in totality, which means that they themselves are, as their limited roles, as their specialization reveals, is another form of divide and conquer, teach relationships within a bubble in educating the people and they can no longer conceptualize the whole, have a social system of meetings in local libraries where so called experts meet and state their relative roles, which takes a long time, as each praises the other, in fear of hurting someone’s feelings, and thus having no capacity to relate what they are saying to the very form and structure of our accepted and allowed system.

They are like the voices in my head while I was practicing, running through their own data as what they were taught disconnected from physical reality, not seeing the form of the physical as a whole and how it is moving here, as the systems we have allowed to regulate what happens on earth. They do not see their own division and conquest into limited knowledge and information, because it is all idea made huge in a bubble as mind. And meanwhile the river of profit in running under their feet, the cause of the violence and the drugs and the guns as the behaviors of men, in a system of profit before life. Drugs delivered all over on every level before life, before the development of our children to really be aware here. There can only be so many state reps in this system, there can only be so many mental health experts, to survive, the others either become members of other means of profit to survive, or give up and enter the escape option. The rest of us learn to balance our escapisms, meter them out to not lose our place as we have learned some form of control. This all varies by degree depending on where one was born and what opportunities were available.

Maybe the son of that man, the one who died after becoming involved in the ubiquitous drug culture somehow missed something taught in school, and then fell behind as it was not noticed, and then this compounded, the fear within an uncertainty, and maybe the teacher missed it that day, and/or maybe the parents were caught up in some family event and missed that one movement of something being missed. By the time the child reached high school, there was not enough money in the system that offers a general education, to walk back through all that had been taught to find the weakness, and the parents could no longer slow down and see what this was because they were not aware of what they are as programmable human physical beings. THus this child, that had opportunity missed some development in some way, because the individuals in the community were not taught to see and understand how here works as themselves, thus the outcome was a life not lived. We are all to blame, as we are divided and conquered and not taught what we are in totality and we accepted and allowed this, we do not understand how here works, had we then what exists would not be, because none of us want out children to die from drugs, or drones, of any form of violence that exists on earth. Thus it is our responsibility to figure out why this is here and to change this, to forgive the whys, and simplychange this system to one that is a community of support, that develops self responsibility, absolutely.

One must understand that this system of money, of how money is moved on earth, this that has come to represent survival moves. How this flows. And then to change the form of this to become a form that supports all in the community of earth, realizing that the value is a life lived in full potential.

One must also realize the ability of self as a physical being to sense the whole, the very presence of drugs tells us that we can be suppressed and that this by its nature of a form of division and conquest, and that it takes money to do this, just as that health worker said, it takes money.

To allow a few to have access to greater amount of money, and a system that allows money to flow to some more than others, when money represents and determines life is a crime. The ones with the control bought with what determines life, then disallow development, self responsibility, to maintain the more than scenario because the human has the capacity to become self responsible and would be able to conceptualize the whole. DUH.

So, I could be better at the violin, but still I am good enough to realize that the training I have was an opportunity to develop an awareness physically to some extent, and that it took placing an awareness into the total space here. This was done by walking the steps of the space of this. I had to break the space into parts and sense them, slowly and then, I used speed rhythms to do this, practice then until I was aware of them. At one point this became automatic, and I began to lose the ability, as I allowed myself to become automatic within the training, so I had to bring myself back, which means that awareness of the whole has to be maintained , which is to say being aware of the physical and the parts absolutely. as far as I can express this here, also knowing and asking myself how far can I go? What am I not aware of? Even here, I was not aware of how the mind worked , even though I began to question this, which is to say that there are others too.

So, we humans are being divided and conquered on many levels, and it is through limited relationships made huge in separation from understanding here, the system and ourselves as a physical system. Humans are able to be programmed with knowledge and information without practical physical application in relation to the whole, we are walking in bubbles of programming as energy, as this is self in separation from physical awareness, and thus we become automatons - so to speak. Check out the interview about the quantum mind, take the time to understand this, and walk the free desteni Lite course.

Imagine being a child learning from the physical, before the knowledge and information learned in a system of inequality , goes on automatic? What adults become are limited information only, and this is then believed to be what is real, and when this does not match another there is naturally friction and conflict, an inability to find mutual understanding because the structures of belief, opinion and idea are on automatic, and separate from common sense, from seeing the whole, from being equal and one to and as the physical world. And our knowledge, of divisions seem so real, but they are not, and to note, the composition of the ideas, beliefs and opinions, are not all bad, it is how the tool as the mind is being used, it is how the gun is being used, it is the accepted and allowed developmental self responsibility of each of us, in a system that must divide and conquer in order to become the beliefs of some who are some automatic program of belief that they are more than another, when we are all the same, and we are all able to become aware of here in totality.

Look at how you validate yourself through the stories you tell to others, through the opinions you have, through the emotional energetic reactions you have in fear of loss. Look at what you resist, and realize how what you resist persists as an underlying fear, as you try and validate what you are to avoid what you believe you are not. Look at how you escape, that seemingly sweet need, so strong, so intoxicating, yet an illusion, as it demands more and more, because it is never satisfied, meaning it is an expression of dissatisfaction, thus the nature of it is of an incompleteness, as it is in separation from here, it is limited, it is energy, it lacks calm, constancy, silence, a gentle direction as ease with here has awareness thus an absence of skimming, of rushing, so to speak.

The power of inequality, of more than and less than, that by nature will divide and conquer as it is separate from life, the substance of life that is what we are, that is equal in all, as becoming what we are. We are to blame as each of us has feared to stand as life, and accepted and allowed separation in and as ideas to determine what we are, instead of remaining here as what is the value which is life, being, here, moving with here as life, accepting all forms.

We have to clean up this inequality as a form of what we the human have placed here on earth. THis game of divide and conquer is a practice to employ to understand the space here, in and as each of us individually, it is a way to understand and organize what is here to move what is here, to get what is here that supports all equally within the value being life. The mind is like a tool of measure to work in tandem with the physical, this measure is to see and become one and equal to and with what is here as reality, to learn to sense here in totality, to realign to physical substance as what is real, to walk out of our separations, we created the mind to find ourselves in a way. Thus, in a way it is a gift, to be used within and as what is best for all. It is a means to become one and equal to and as life here, within realizing what is best for self as being aware of here with every breath. Mind without physical awareness is a limitation, as the mind is only a map and not what is real, as the mind now stands, consciousness is the outcome of inequality to and as life here, and earth, is the place to birth those at - most - sphere of equalizing themselves to and as life, as they allowed energy to be a drug as an escape preferring fantasy to reality having taken an idea to be more than life itself.

Equal Money, the solution

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 340 What would top us from seeing the humanity in others?

What would stop us from seeing the humanity in others?

I came across this question in a documentary about the continued action of genocide on earth. In all acts of genocide one group was pitted against another due to ideological differences. Thus one man was different than another based on an idea only, religious and or cultural. Meanwhile, all were men, they all had the same basic needs. They all have the ability to develop given an education. It is the use of ideas only lacking a directive principle as the realization that we are all the same as men.

So, if human being lack education, and are placed in uncertainty in terms of survival, and thus exist in fear, then ideas can be used by those who have ideas of more -than as themselves, no different, that can use this to eliminate what is in the way of getting more for themselves.

So teaching ideologies only creates divisions on earth, and then the surface of the earth is a chess board of differing factions, each dancing around a totem of ideological icons in separation from practical physical reality. These are layered into race, nationality, region, tribe, class, gender, age. Then one can be pitted against another, despite the fact that we are all physical beings with certain needs in order to remain here and develop in full potential as what we are as men.

This is a cultivation of men into limitations, confined in squares as much as our animals are within CAFOs. And obviously this is just as destructive and it is an indication that we have separated ourselves from our own humanity. We no longer see that we are all the same.
So, obviously, as men we can organize what is here on earth, yet we have designed an earth of division and abuse, conflict and separation; disregard for life. We respect ideas more than what is real. And there is rampant abuse and neglect because of this.

We see idea only, as mind made huge. CONsciousness. The science of a/i CON . It is this division in separation from physical awareness that is the problem. We see the idea and not the physical world. We respect ideas before we respect what is real which is the actual physical world and thus we have lost our ability to see humanity. Humanity is a physical group on earth, and we are all the same.

And then we follow HOLLYWOOD the holly wood , this an idea of value placed on a piece of paper made of wood ( at least it used to be wood, I am sure there is still wood in there!) We have taken ourselves, separated ourselves from the physical, from seeing ourselves as humanity, as men, as part of the earth, chopped down the trees and instead of working with them as what they are, this that provides the air we breath, which we cannot live without, we have forced that wood into a little flat rectangular square of given it the value of life.

And now we are allowing corporations to own everything. Corporations are composed of men. To allow the corporate actions of ownership on earth is to allow and accept genocide. Genocide is a an act that is a separation from seeing ourselves as life, one and equal, all being the same. The only differences are based on ideas, and the lack of ability is because of a lack of proper food, shelter, clean water, and education. Respect earth and she will respect you back. Killing men to chop down trees is not working with this earth, and it is not working.

The solution is to realize our physical world as what is real, as being the value that supports us as life. To respect what is here and to work with it in ways that are supportive of all life, to prove that we as humanity are worthy of life through working with the physical in every way that is of absolute support. To stop limiting the development of men and using this limitation to force an expression as reaction into a limited insight as an idea only. This is allowing and accepting the expression of brutality. Thus we are all to blame, as we accept and allow a system of limited design that believes itself to be more than, a system that divides and conquers in self interest, self inner rest , as idea only. It is each of us that accept and allow ideas to define us in separation from the reality of the physical world and how it works, how it is of the same substance as ourselves. Our ideas, as traditions, as race, as nationality, as class, as religion, as gender are all placeholders in a grid on a chess board of division from what is real as the fact that we are all the same, we are men on a physical earth, and that this being of ourselves on this physical earth is what is real, is the gift of life. This is why the only solution is equality, realizing our equality to and as life, with this physical world, and moving in respect with and as this, giving this to all that exists.

The reward will be to look onto another human being and seeing them in yourself and what is unique about them as an expression of life that they are. The very sound of this must be something that even I cannot fathom, or hear, as this has never been. This is becoming one and equal to the physical, instead of being lost in mind as a singular idea. Thus it is to walk self forgiveness and corrective application to being these gods, as idea only, back down from their huge status up in the mind, and align them back into the common sense of the physical world. Stop the fires of the hell of separation from life, forgive ourself of being an idea only, and come back down to earth, to what is real, the physical.

A system that allow this to become what we are, that allows us to see humanity in another and to respect that we are all equal as men, is a system of equality, to take what we have accepted and allowed as money, and to distribute this equally, to care for all men, so that behaviors of genocide no longer are the reactions and actions of men on earth.

There is enough earth, food, water, land for men to exist on this earth, and enough ingenuity within the capacity of men to learn become directive principles of themselves as life, working together from this real starting point of life being the value, the physical being what allows that value to exist. Ideas only are not life, they are parts of life, they are a language of separation, idols made huge in a mind which is consciousness, and such consumes the flesh of us.

Stand up and support Equal Money, donate, become involved in standing from a point of realizing we are all the same as physical beings and that life is the value and the only choice of the system here to become supportive of this as the value. It is in working with the whole, instead of the hole os separation as mind only, that we will self realize ourselves as life.

Equal Money. Equality, the principle of give as you would like to receive, choosing what is best for all.
Desteni I Process Lite and Pro, to bring ideas made huge back down to earth through speaking self-forgiveness and corrective application, back in alignment with what is real and what we cannot live without, the physical world. Resound yourself back to yourself as life.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 339 Bring RIght Back to the Principle of Equality

What is this burning in my thighs? It is a moralistic righteousness. A possession as a sate of being in and as energy where I blame and spite, point the finger and become a “ want of justice”. None of this directs me here, moves me within practical solution here, it is like a Negation of one, a “non-one” as myself within being one with here, as realizingequality to here, as the movement of myself in expression here.
It is like the focus of myself within is limited, following venues, avenues taught, clinging to ideas lacking physical perspective/perception, missing movement and seeing a fixed state/statue based on self interest - this that is of fear of loss/doom and gloom- in a belief of powerlessness. This spiced up with quilt in not doing anything, a belief of being the lie of myself as what I am, rejecting the thing as me that moves that flows that forms and can change and direct, this that can remember in consideration of all life, holding a principle of what is best for all, to realign back into and as life, as what I am, clear and constant within this.

It is to forgive a fixation on what is “ right” within a system of limited values used to maintain a loss of self as life into a “constant” state of survival, a constant state of terror, as this is what a constant state of survival exists as, as it is a state of seeking and fear, it is a state of instability as the nature of what it creates. And I have accepted and allowed this within as myself, rejecting myself as an instrument of the sound and substance of life here, becoming the director of this gift as what I am, as life, as the principle of “ what is best for all” even though this wall on the wall in elementary school, a slogan placed on the wall, the truth right in front of me, where I did not stop and look at what supported this slogan, a wall, of bricks - more than likely- blocking the view of the physical earth, this earth right there, that which within interaction was the way and the means to practically, physically apply the principle of “ give as you would like to receive”, all of this a structure of elements not good or bad, but simply placed into a structure that is limiting, and thus has manifested a system that has not developed an earth where all life is constant as an expression of life, with ease, each part equal and yet one, being what is best for self, as what is best for all, the two self sustaining and constant as equality with life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to blame and spite, to not see, realize and understand that if I slow down and look at the parts as myself, I will see realize and understand that it is the formation of me, as me within that is in separation from myself as life here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that if I do not allow myself as life, to equalize with practical common sense of this physical world, and the needs of what is here as this physical world, considering what are the needs of myself as a physical body, in all simplicity and that this is what is needed for all, and stop and look at my own values I will see realize and understand that what directs me are values similar to what is sold and product developing as the ideas of the consumerist world, are what I believe will change me into what will enable attention and accolade, survival and social recognition, where i exist within a bubble of limited values that I then enter social scenarios with, and seek validation to see if I have correctly measured myself within the norm, where If I stop and I look this whole process means that I am my own creator and director and that I can take this same practice and align myself within and as what is best for all and consider all life, as what is here on earth equal and one to and as me, as being of the same substance.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and as I begin to moralize I must stop and look at how I am being what was taught, accept this and realign this within the principle of what is best for all, which means I must investigate beyond what I was taught, and see, realize and understand that my awareness was limited to include only certain values, and not extend itself as me, to how the present systems such as banking and government, politics and education, health and agriculture are in fact functioning on this earth, where one effects the other, and this within a system of profit in self interest as the terror of survival creates all of which is a separation from life here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have the thought that I am right, to exist as a singular thought as myself as being “ right”, to become a state of righteousness.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a comparison machine, of values, not seeing realizing and understanding that this is being competition within survival as what has been taught, and not myself in common sense here, this is not myself realizing how I have become a walking belief that one thing is more than another, and/or that one thing should be done over another, to here stop and realize that how here works has to always consider the whole, be aware of the whole, to understand what is best for all, directly with the physical world in order to direct within and as what is best for all here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand how often I go into idea as mind only, and separate myself from life in this process.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand how this is in one way a taught anger, an angle - an angel of doom and gloom as outcome- within a bubble of belief as righteousness, and for this I forgive myself back into and as myself as a physical being, here, slow myself down, and breath.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a superstition of what is right and what is wrong, the parts not good or bad, but “ lego-ed” together in what supports in self interest within a system of survival, as mind as consciousness, in separation from physical equality and oneness, which means including the actual physical world as reference with every breath with every step, to align in equality and oneness practically, here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that my righteousness is a behavior of limited fixation onto limited parts, and the idea, image created becomes the directive as image in and as my mind, as consciousness, and thus a smoke screen allowing directives that allow behaviors of self interest in a bubble in and as the images in and as my mind, and not myself equal and one, with and as the physical here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the way out of this limited, design consciousness is to forgive the limitations and bring all of this back to self,, to realize the mind is life in a bubble in separation from here, from the physical, where myself as a human organic “ machine” of sorts has created an imaginary world around me as a bubble of energy, as a reflection of how i have accepted and allowed separation from equality and oneness to what is real as this physical world, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have behaviors of self blame, of self regret within and as realizing I had not realized what I am in totality here, where i cannot blame anyone as this is more of the same that created this in the first place, and that this has been going on for a very very long time, eons of time, thus to blame my parents, or the government, or the bankers, or my teachers etc. etc. etc. is not only not a solution in and as blame, but also not being and becoming what is myself as life, directing myself as life, realizing the physical is what allows equal and one being as what I am in equality to and as life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am justified in being angry, as this anger is righteousness, and thus myself not facing my own shame for not having directed myself here as life, for allowing myself to judge myself as less than, as somehow negative as in not fitting in here, not seeing realizing and understanding how i was behaviors of comparison within limited means, and actions of competition to gain ascendency within the illusion as mind, a superstition placed onto reality, here, which I accepted and allowed as I became the present system for which I forgive myself and stand within and as realizing this system must be reformed through what has been developed, surrounded by many who have not realized how much they exist in separation as mind, from what is real, as this physical world, where if they knew what they were doing , they would stop immediately, and that it is a process to realize how as consciousness one walks in illusion, in separation from reality, from here, where all will be lost as mind only, and many of the values will remain, thus the change need not be as deathly as the mind appears to react as, as this is just the ideas as mind reacting in and as superstition as image in mind not wanting to lose in intensity, diminish in intensity, as this has been directing as a beacon of seeing light for so long, and the human physical body is acclimated to this to such a degree - even within its slow ( and sometimes fast) diminishment) that it appears as mind that this is all there is, this that leads to death, and thus is far away from birthing myself / self into being equal and one to and as the physical here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that this being of myself as a moralistic righteousness is triggered by a shock of focusing away from here suddenly to and towards serving an idea wanting validation and reacting as protection and defense and then becoming indignant, justifying the disruption, as in a way this focus was in self interest as itself having no understanding of here in totality.

Day 338 The " I don't know" Syndrome

The “ I don’t know syndrome”

Saying that “I don’t know” is being in a “ I have no knowing” “state of being”. And this on a physical world of people and plants and animals and soils, and other substances that exist with certain needs and functions, as their physicality reveals. Thus, a human , for example, has basic needs, clean water, sustaining food, education/programming and shelter in order to function. We all know this, it is obvious by the very form and functions of the human.

These needs must be constant, if they are beholden to payment, to a systemic form that places limitations on this, then moving with this physical world within implementingchanges , within being here, moving here, working with what is here, as physical beings has consequences that can accumulate as what sustains the physical is tied to movement within changing what is here. Conditioning basic needs limits flexibility and mutability with what is here. Thus, if what is here as what supports the human, the point as tools as wheels, as the fabric of this earth, do not remain constant in expression as what the human is, then making changes within this fabric of capacity as the human, becomes very difficult, because what sustains is not constant, not maintaining a stable, solid platform/surface/substance. It is to say that if one does not take care of a “ map” then the “ Map” disintegrates, this “ map” being the surface of the earth.
So, how would this “ fabric” this map, this substance that expresses as the expressions of the human, as the physical maintenance of the human, remain stable and flexible and constant, able to change and express? To realize that having the support of this part of this fabric as this earth in a state that is constant would enable change and flexibility on this earth. Each point strong and solid within and as what it is as an expression as a human. This being systemically constant would allow development on earth in ways we cannot even imagine from our present survival based mentality. To say “ I don’t know” is to be in a state of not looking, of not using what one is as a human that has the capacity to understand this in common sense.
For example, say a building is to be built, and within the process of construction of the building it is realized that something was not seen in the laying out of the details in the imaginative consideration of the structure, the pre-planing stage. So, if there is no flexibility within correcting this within the building stage because what supports us physically is determined by adhering to a plan that assumed itself to be correct, and changes mean loss in what sustains each of us individually, the ability to look and be flexible and correct becomes very difficult. Correction means a loss, and then a compromise, and then a insecure building. This is the same if one looks to the whole of men on earth.
If what sustains us is constant, then the flexibility within interacting with what is here, and becoming communicative with what is here and having the ability to stop and look at outcomes as one is in expression here, and to learn from this without a stress - a worry, compression, dis-association with here, removes the state of “ not being in the know” as in looking directly here.

The solution is to maintain what is here, as the very fabric of the surface of this earth as the human, to have this be a constant would allow flexibility, an ability to move with, to transform with, to express with and as what is here. For the human to be flexible, a state of physical constancy must be what exists, thus the very from of what sustains must be what exists. This requires sustaining food, shelter and clean water, this requires a healthy environment, and this demands an environment that is constant in its strength as what it is, and as it, at every point - so to speak- awareness, meaning being in the “ know” as looking at here and seeing here being aware of how here works. This requires an education.
All behaviors of lack in health, in ability, in awareness, in communication are because the needs of the “fabric” of this earth are not systemically made a constant. This is really the only way to get this earth in order. To give what creates a constant state of flexibility to express what is here as us on this physical earth is our responsibility. There is nothing “ to know” in this understanding, it is simply practical common sense of how this physical world works. Reactions of impatience are simply fixations on limitations because a system of economy that believes itself separate from the ecology, that moves as owning the ecology on earth for personal gain can only be a state of lack in practical common sense, thus any human that does not see this, must be in some alternate reality, dis associated from HERE.

What is here as this physical fabric as man on earth, must be cared for and given what sustains it. What exists as a system at present is one of inequality, which as the wordimplies when looked at the consequential outflows is an inequality to this physical world and what functions would create a constant expression of life. Sustaining what is needed to be, is what creates and develops life. Dividing and conquering, raping and grabbing, as the actions of war where the parts as the soldiers are taught.educated to believe that this is what maintains order, that this is what supports is not what is really happening, because had this done what is purports to have done, we would have a world that was stable and constant in its expression as life, flexible, constant, focused, calm, organized, fecund, healthy. The list can go on.

Systemically what would provide the basic needs of men to provide a constant stability and flexibility to express and move with, be in a state of understanding with, meaning becoming equal to and as what we are, is Equality. A system that realizes that this is the value, life is the value, being here, moving with here, equal and one, flexible, constant, communicating, interacting with here as earth as what we are is the solution. This system is, with what we have allowed thus far, is Equal MoneyStand up and supports what will create a constant on earth, humans who have the basic needs and thus rights of life as what we are, here.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 337 A government in time with a Hollywood Movie

I just read the above article about the promotion as a “need” for America to have drones for “ first responders”. I went and got drink and it hit me.
This whole scenario in Boston was like a Hollywood movie. It all happened so fast, like a script, a screen play. A carefully timed dramatic event, tight, rehearsed.
The Boston Marathon, the bomb, the chase, the catch, the issue for drones in American cities.
Meanwhile, the number of homeless is growing in America, people are losing their homes not to supposed terrorists but to lack of jobs, the consequence of profit combined with “ the common good.” Concepts in opposition.
Is the organization of our government simply not paying attention to what does not bring profit? While people are losing their homes were strategic scripts being written and rehearsed to follow the law that corporations make a profit?
The America government has become a cartoon of war and profit. There is a growing number of homeless people and  reckless pollution in America, for which no immediate action as complete solution has been made, yet in Boston there is a “ superhero” like drama performed by the government with rapid ease leading to the sale of guns.
And this in a time of a supposed economic crisis and rising debt? Debt the obvious, warned against, outcome of usury?

Why analyze this charade?

We the people, the masses need to stand up and organize and create a political group to implement a system that supports life, that supports human rights, that gives what is needed to live in dignity, respect life and then life will respect us back. If we take care of what is here, realizing the value is life, that as life every being has the right to life and the needs of life as men; to have decent food, shelter, education, clean water, to become the full potential as life as what we are. This is the path that would remove the consequences of the terror of survival more quickly than any drone. This Boston event is like a Hollywood movie, out of sinc with here, with what is actually physically happening on this earth, with puppet men who are no longer in real physical time or awareness, moving like the sequences of a Hollywood action thriller showing us how programmed we have become and how this program is in separation from life.
What is happening in real, physical time in America is a growing number of homeless people who do not have work and destruction of the land, as our elected representatives choose what will bring in profit before taking care of what is here.
It really is time to change this system.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 336 Rammed Earth House

The rammed earth house

One way of building a home is to take the soil directly from the site and pound it into forms that when removed leave behind a wall. This is a building material right under our feet, and it does not require as many trees to be cut down and moved great distances. This method of building has been in existence for thousands of years. Parts of the Great Wall of China were evidently built this way, and remain standing to this day.

The walls of a rammed earth house can be two feet thick, creating what is called a “ Thermal Mass” that collects heat during the day and releases it at night. These homes areenergy efficient using anywhere from 1/2 the heating costs to a 1/3 less in heating costs. They are also acoustically pleasant, fire resistant, insect resistant, and have longevity, and probably less toxic than many modern building materials. Also, one can build this one’s self.

The rammed earth wall is very much like a concrete wall, except that they are made from pounding earth down until the dull thud of pounding the earth begins to ring, then one knows the earth has been pounded down. What is produced is something like the sediment that creates limestone on a river bed.

There are so many ways to do things on this earth, ways that work well with the different environments. Ways that can support the human on earth, simple ways to provide homes for all, and the materials are right here and freely given. Thus, why are there so many without homes, when this is a basic need for men? There really is no excuse for any human not to have shelter and food and self development, as this is what we are, here as life. It is time to realize that this earth provides to support life and the materials are right here under our feet. It is time to take our heads out of the clouds and look down, at what is under our feet, and realize this is the ground, as earth, that supports us as life, and it is in being the haptic beings that we are, that allows real happiness to exist on earth. All humans are capable, with education that leads to understanding what is here and that we are the creators of our world and spending our time here on earth to realize life is the value. Anything that does not allow this is a crime against life.

Take yourself as life back, stand up and support a system that develops life on earth, that takes what we are as the dirt of this earth and creates a home as earth, that takes care and respects life. It is up to us to create heaven on earth. Would you really want it any other way? This is the gift of life, for you. Accept the gift of life, join desteni and support a system that supports life, Equal Money.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 335 Killing is not life

The Problem:
A state of being of judgement creating conflict of a more-than and a less-than the consequence of which creates war. Killing is killing, whether it is in Afghanistan or in Boston, whether it is a bomb, or a gun aimed at two boys, it is destruction and thus abuse, it is not what is best for America or any other country on this earth. Ensuring the security of America is ensuring the security of all life on earth. What is for the common good of America is what is for the common good of all man kind.

There are standard studies that reveal that an income of 60,000 dollars a year is enough to allow a family to be content. Thus, this is what would end war on earth, and this is what would be best for America and the world. Taking the present military and using the hands of men that make up the soldiers, this earth could become stable and at peace in a very short period of time. Thus, there is absolutely no excuse for killing Afghanistanis, Americans and children anywhere on this planet.

To kill is to ignore and reject life. What we do to a part of life in judging life, we do to all life. Thus respect for all life and care for all life will bring stability. This is an act ofaccepting life and forgiving judgement of one thing being more than another. Thus accepting what is here and doing what is best for all is what is in the best interest of America and this world. Since the people on this earth are life, as they are here, this is the real voice of democracy. Killing is not the voice of democracy, it cannot be, because killing is a rejection of life no matter where, no matter how, no matter what.

All humans are the same, it is only a belief, a thought, a judgement in separation from physical reality, that projects a superstition that one is more than another.

The present system is a manifestation of this separation from life, and war and killing is the consequence of this separation from life, from physical reality. Killing is a STATE of being in separation from how the physical world as a form functions, killing is a state of ignorance, killing is the antithesis of life. The killing in Afganistan and America of children are based on ideas that are creating states of being that are in totality a separation from this physical world that is life. There is no excuse for it. none. And it is not what is best for America, because it is not what is best for all, for life.

The solution:
Is to take care of all life on this planet, to come back to earth, realizing that the physical is what supports us as life, as what we are. We destroy life, the physical world and we destroy ourselves. Our conflict of separation is believing as ideas , that one thing is more than another, when we are all the same. We express ourselves in different ways but our basic needs are all the same, we need food, shelter and water. We need this earth to be healthy for us to live. Stabilize this and war will stop. Killing is not the answer, it is the consequence of disease from life. Killing is the human moving as an idea, a singular idea in a bubble, ignoring what is right here, as what supports us, as this actual physical world. Killing is reaction instead of taking what is here, and using it to support life. Killing is a state if dis-ease with how the physical world functions. The profit is life, and this is the value. As long as each and every one of us allow this, it will continue, and like all disease, if not stopped, if not taken care of, it will consume this planet. Killing is disease and we are all to blame as we have accepted this by allowing ourselves to be a state of ignorance, as placing the blame onto something else, this is an omission as belief that if we are not directly involved we are not to blame. Yet we are BeingLAME in allowing killing to exist in our home this earth.

The solution is to realize that what is accepted and allowed on this earth is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Because of this, it is out responsibility to become aware of the life that is here as us, and to stand and to change what is not best for the individual that is consequently not best for all. What we do not want for ourselves is the responsibility of ourselves to become aware of as what this means, as a structure, that allows what we all want to be as a state of being, which is to enjoy our families, to enjoy this earth, to enjoy our children, to have a roof over our heads, to have food on the table, to enjoy ourselves in our physical bodies while we are here. There is enough ingenuity in men, to grow enough food, to work with and understand what is here. And yet, we are allowing this ingenuity to serve killing in ignorance of life, and all because we have allowed a state of being as singular ideas as mind to place one thing above another, without looking at the whole, at the symbiotic nature of this physical world.
We all know, with some investigation, that monocultures do not work, they are in opposition to how nature functions. War is becoming a monoculture on earth, and killing as war is an act that is in direct opposition to working with the life here. Killing is not being self forgiving as life.

The solution is to take what is here, and to realize no one can own what is here, as what is here is life, and can be used to support all life in ways that is not destructive. There is enough here to support all life in dignity. Thus it is for each of us to stand and to realize that we as the expression of life as the human, are responsible for standing up and supporting life as being the value as this is what we are. Until we have not realized what we are we will not have lived because we have not become equal and one in understanding and responsibility as the being of life. Thus, there will be no heaven for us until we do, because we have not become equal and one in totality, and then actually proving our collective ability to be life, as what we manifest on earth as a state of being in totality on earth.
Equality with life means, realizing we are equal and one to all men, to all life, and to prove this , the human must become this with every thought word and deed. Killing is obviously not the way to becoming this, killing is a state of being denying equality and oneness with and as life. There will be no heaven until we become equal to life.
It would make sense to place those who are not equal to life on a planet to sort themselves out, where they would have to realize equality and oneness with others in order to self realize as life. Where in order for life to begin, each and every human being must become life for any single one to become life. And in common sense, this is the only solution, to ensure that each single part realizes the importance of realizing life, and thus not being able to actually be life until all were self realized. So, each of us is basically screwed until each of us realize life. To start, is to realize that killing is not the way and means to become life, thus it must stop.
Standing up and organizing a structure that supports all life, with what we have allowed, which is money taking on the value of what is developed by the hands of many men, for generations, to using this medium as money, to be given to all to enable each to take care of themselves and thus having the opportunity to become responsible as life here, is the solution.
This is a system of bringing ourselves back to life, to proving that we are equal and one to and as life, and that we respect all life, and give as life as what we would like to receive.

The solution is a system of equality, as Equal Money.

The rewards:
The reward is what is best for all, as what is best for self is what is best for all. The perfect balance of life in expression. Thus there is not really choice, there is only what is best for all, as what is best for self is what is best for life, because self is life.

Investigate how the present system functions. Investigate how usury is by its very design a pyramid scheme ( interest lending). Investigate how the nature and design of this form leads to a few owning everything. Investigate how a few owning everything will become a state of being as greed, which is really protection and defense within a delusion that something can be owned, where ownership has been believed to be more than self actually being what is the real value, which is being life, here, equal and one to self as a physical being in a human body expressing life.

The rewards are the end of killing, the end of killing children.

The rewards are a healthy functioning earth, where all children are born into a system realizing their potential as life. Put an end to killing the life that is here, through standing up and voting and supporting a system that supports life, as this is what we all want, if we just slow down for a moment and breath and realize our thoughts, emotions and feelingsare ideas, beliefs and opinions as the part of ourselves as mind as singularities as fear, that are energetic projections consuming us as how we are allowing ourselves to move and be here. This is ignorance of life. What we are being within is creating the killing without as the present system is a reflection of our own ignorance. Killing is ignorance of life. Killing is not an act of being life.

Live the reward of life, Support Equal Money and bring yourself back to yourself as life. Learn to self realize self separation into and as limited and stagnant ideas, beliefs and opinions, become aware of your emotions, thought and feelings, walk the desteni I process, beginning with the FREE desteni lite course. Listen to the interviews, some are free ( we all have to earn money until this present system changes - as this system is the consequence of what we have allowed) on to begin to walk yourself out of ignorance of life, here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 334 What is the DIS-ease of Power in Inequality

What is the dis-ease of power here on earth as our leaders, our supposed leaders represent for us, as we have placed them into their positions through a face card of democracy, this which is the voice of the people? The very form of politics is the people allowing others to represent the taking care of this earth within what is for the common good.
But we are a people within ourselves that believe a superstition that boiling dogs alive is somehow going to be what allows us to be “ more” when it is what we are within and how we direct ourselves here that makes us be what we are. It is our allowance of the placing of the very men, one and the same as us, and what these men are capable of realizing and understanding of life that determines what we are here.
If the men we allow to “ lead” us do not, are not finding solutions that are best for all then something is not working as what we have allowed here on this earth. If there are growing numbers of homeless people on an earth that can fit all humans onto a piece of land the size of Texas, then there is enough space for the people that are here, so a belief that there are too many people is just this, a belief, as such an indication that there is a perceptual lack in the insights of our leaders, which means that systemically something is in lack and needs to change.
If we can genetically modify corn, and anything else, as the human, then we are the creators of this world, and we admit that there is no such thing as a god, or a belief in a super hero, a savior. There is no such thing as a super hero or a savior, what is real is this earth and that the men of this earth are what is determining what is here. We are the creators, the allowers of what is here.
If we protest and blame our leaders it is like standing up and blaming and spiting one’s very own creation, when the only thing to do is to stand back and look at what one hasaccepted and allowed and created and to “ straighten “ it out, realign it to what would work, to what would be for the common good. It is not to deny all of what was created, but it is to re-look at what has been done and to take that which is good and to find and formulate what would work with this physical world as what is supportive and allows this world, this earth to function as the organism of life that it is. To think that we made a mess of this earth and we need to find another one is also not a solution, because we have not really understood this world, we have not equalized ourselves to life here. The way to become life is to equalize to the physical, to realize it is of the same substance as what we are and to work with this within a principle of what is best for all, of what works in harmony, here.
If we allow inequality economically and believe that life must pay for itself with freely given resources that we have allowed a few to own, we are not looking here at life, in common sense of this earth and how this earth functions as life. We have allowed a system of division based on a belief, a singular belief that is limited, and we have all accepted this in self interest because we were too lazy to really look at this world, fearing that we would lose something that we had allowed to define us, even in the face of this self definition to disallow the life around us, which is ourselves in a lie, a lie of omission, a lie of not looking here, including the life around us that is of the same substance as us. It is like we are denying the very life that we are, sublimating what we are, based on an idea.
When I am disturbed by an image of a dog boiling to death, meaning a dog thrown into a vat of boiling water because of a belief that a dog boiled alive will make me more, then I am seriously disconnected from reality, as that dog has four legs, fur and eyes, ears and a mouth, it breathes it feels pain, just as i do, it is of a gentle nature, a giving nature, this is the form and the function of that dog. The action of causing such pain and abuse of an animal, a giving animal, is really ourselves telling ourselves that we are doing the same to ourselves as what we have allowed within sublimating ourselves as life, and thus we punish life for what we have accepted and allowed, because we have become the ignorance of abuse, and abuse is ignorance. It is not looking here.

This feeling of horror that a person could take a life, what they would not want for themselves and cause such incredible pain, is a cognitive dissonance from life. It is a selfabdication as life, of life. A superstition is called by this name because it is a belief placed on reality, and it is not real but that one accepts and allows it to be real. It is a separation from life. And I, if I allow myself to have a feeling/emotion about this, and I label this feeling/emotion as myself having meaning and I end there, then I am becoming a superstition as well, as I have allowed a judgement that in common sense is also a belief worn as a state of being within an end game, to signify a limited sense of value as what I am. This is what I become, and it is an incomplete act in that it does not follow through within the totality of existence to reform such an act that is brutal and destructive to release this limited self definition of supposed goodness into a movement that no longer allows such superstitious abuse to exist, and this means looking at all factors that allowed such an act to exist in the first place, and to not stop until this is done, so that such never exists again, because it is unacceptable. If something exists that one would not like to physically happen to self, then ourselves as physical life, must ensure that such never exists again, that is our response as life. Using an emotion of horror and believing self to have meaning because one has had a higher ground feeling that something is not right, and to stop here, and to use such as a badge is a crime against life. It is only more of the same as being superstitious because this is what one is actually doing.
Our whole system is a representation of this. We have a system of inequality, we are allowing freely given earth’s resources to be given to a few, and then we have moments of feeling good about ourselves, believing ourselves to be more than, when there is a reaction of life just trying to survive, as in desperately wanting food because the physical form, that is us in and as being the same substance as life, is hungry. That we are so disconnected from life, in believing a starving form of life to be less than we are, where we then move as voiced judgements about the actions of that life form and superstitiously have ideas that we are better because we did not do that, means that we have no conceptual ability, and our ignorance we have allowed to become real, so great is our separation from life. This is taking knowledge and information in common sense of life as idea only with no relation of physical reality. Thus, this is an application of limitation that is ignorance, this is knowledge and information disconnected from life. Why would someone steal, because they are hungry, why are they hungry on a world that could fit all men into the state of Texas? Does this make any sense? No
There is so much technology available, paid for with public money and freely given resources developed by generations of men, how can 80% of this be owned by 300 people on this earth? It is so because we all accept and allow it.
And how is it with all this technology, and FBI agents so certain they can find the Boston bomb builder through microscopic details, not have known that such was going to happen? People who are angry need to vent their anger, and this can be seen, thus, that this bomb was going to be placed was known. Yet the game of ownership, an ignorance of life, an abdication of life, a cognitive dissonance from life, welcomed this, as this allowed a distraction, a ploy to allow more taking while all eyes were placed elsewhere. This is using what entertains and distracts, what allows the limited state of man to wear a superstition of feeling a “ more than” as the ignorance of life we each have allowed ourselves to be and thus are to blame, to allow abusive acts of self interest for the few to be placed into law while no one is looking. This is an act of dis-ease from life, from being one and equal to and as life, as how life functions, as what we are equal and one as the substance of life, here.
So, bills are passed that allow genetically modified foods that are being researched in private labs and found to be detrimental to health, and such labs are simply disqualified and the information disallowed by government regulators who can then answer that “ there is no proof” and place such limited destructive foods that have been patented so that a few can have a constant dividend, a constant “ more than” all of which is an ignorance of life, as acts of self interest that do not consider all life equal and one as the very same substance as life in fact.
And these genetically altered products were paid for through taxes thus were created by the labor of all men. So, how can this be owned?
Then the contradiction, because genetically altering something is not bad or good, it can be used to ensure that disease producing genes are corrected - which also requires cleaning up this earth - and this admits that this can be done, which admits that all life here can live to its full potential. And this admits that there is no other choice for us or those we have elected to be the voice of the people. But this system of inequality, economic inequality, and the fact that we have allowed money to determine who lives and who dies, would work in opposition to what is best for all, even though we show ourselves we can correct what is here.
But, if economically some can have more than others, and that pedestal of more exists, and that base of struggle and survival exists which route would you take? Despite all common sense and consideration of life, stepping onto the pedestal of more would be the choice of most, as the alternative is boiling in a vat of water alive.
This all means that this system has to change. and asking the cancer, the disease to change is not going to work. Asking the leaders we have placed to represent us, in a system of inequality, to change is not going to work. The disease as the consumption of power has created such cognitive dissonance that the products accepted and allowed by the “ more than” with tax dollars, have created children who do not know the difference between a civilian walking on the street and a soldier with a gun, these children, these products of products, the consequences of what we have all accepted and allowed, are so trigger happy that they see any moving object as something to shoot at, as these products have such a great resonance of shooting at things this has become the expression of them. They have become a fixed state of being in separation from what is physically actually real, they are living superstitions and thus lack perception of life, of reality.
Thus, it is for those of us who can see, hear and begin to understand the separation from life existent on earth, to become the substance of life, to walk ourselves out of superstition as fear, back into equality and oneness with life, through self forgiveness and corrective application, to become a seed of life that stands and grows into a tree of life, to bring the substance of life, back into what is here, and them to stand as this, through using the power of ourselves as life, realizing the strength of the parts coming together and functioning as an organism, many together, and vote in, through the existent systems that are not good or bad, simply forms of organization that need no polarity judgement, as what the system of policy-tic is, and to align how here works into a system that supports all life, as life being the value, equal and one, in and as what we are, as this being the real value, which is life.

Equal Money the system that supports all life.
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