Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 400 Perspective: Self Forgiveness

Perspective: self forgiveness

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate from myself into defining myself within limited perspective where I judge what is here as this physical world into more than and less than, to bring forward one thing being made bigger than another, where I allow and accept , for instance, mankind to be more than other parts of this physical world, thereby warping, distorting the physical world, placing the physical world out of balance in and as my, the tool of the mechanism,  mind, and as this I hold onto an idea as a picture, in survival, and burden - be erden, remove myself from the physical, from earth- with a mirage as a distortion of reality utilizing the very substance of life as sound, and then in self interest, force  the very substance of earth here into what I abdicate as life as myself as life, into imbalance, where i cling to a picture to validate myself instead of  starting here, breathing, allowing myself to be equal with and as life here, accepting the gift of creation, allowing myself to be equal and one, from nothing to something as substance , accepting all that is here, accepting life, the very substance of life here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to walk equal and one with what is here as life, as all of the physical, where there is no need to create a map in and as my mind, as the very substance of here as the physical, considering all that is here, is the map - so to speak- of life, thus the real law is the very substance of here, to be equal to and as what I/we are here, as this is the real wal/law as the substance is the platform - so to speak- as the support as what i am equal and one with and as, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understand that the bad is not the bad, as it is what I reject to warp reality within judgement, as I bring forward as a warped perspective in and as my mind, to accept the means of survival in a system of inequality where the human has been made more than the physical world, and as this I interact with earth in a limited and separate way, as I distort this reality and believe that interacting with humans as being more only as a means of self validation, not seeing realizing and understanding that I have separated substance into energy as the very mirage I exist as as mind being a directive, a limited value system ignorant of myself and this world as being same in substance as life, where this expression of life is the value.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand the distorting effect of limited perspectives.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the distorting effects of limited perspective  create a mirage that is of energy, as substance is divided into a polarity of more than and less than, of one thing being brought forward and another placed at a distance, this done in support of myself as an idea before life, which has created a consequence of a system of division into a more than and a less than, as I try to force this world into the image and likeness of an idea I have made an idol in fear of loss of this idea that is myself accepting and allowing a separation from life, from being one and equal here, with all life, which includes the actual real physical world.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that my thoughts are my distortions, when I accept and allowed them to be real, with no understanding as to how these thoughts came about, and how such thought when allowed to exist again and again and again accumulate into emotions and feelings, thus emotions and feelings are the accumulation of accepted and allowed thoughts  that are themselves a judgement, as one thing being made more than another, a perspective being touted as more real than another, and thus causing a imbalance within and as me, which has manifested as a world system of inequality, as this has been going on for so long and as such has accumulated to the point where it exists without and as one thing is made more than another, life is in a state of imbalance and thus what exists on earth is poverty, war and lack, with extreme comfort for a few, and this will continue as the accepted structure unless judgement is stopped and all that is of the physical is realized to be of equal value as life, where the value is life, and thus a system is created within this realization that is respectful of all life, that allows life to move on this earth as does the water, continually circulating and sustaining itself as life, here, where this is a circular system accepting all as life, instead of a system that creates a hierarchy of more than and less than, and where we are going to have to realize our own inner separation and distortions to begin to realign ourselves back to being equal and one to and as the physical, equalizing ourselves to the actual physical substance of life here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that within my accepted and allowed separation I have pushed away what does not serve a limited warped perspective of reality, where all I have to do is look around at what the media touts as how I should appear, this in itself a warped reality that bears no witness to physical reality, all limited ideas being made the only perspective to have, where, for example, women cut up their bodies to conform to an idea that in reality would not function well if one were equal and one and connected with the physical earth, so separate have we accepted and allowed ourselves to become from practical physical reality.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow a perspective that is an ignorance of life, where, for example, I believe that dirt is something bad and thus push this away, where dirt, as soil, is life sustaining as it feeds the trees that create the air that i as a human breathes, and thus dirt as being dirty is an ignorance of what dirt is and does, where a thought that dirt is a less than is a superstition, a self as the substance of life in lack of perspective as a limited idea, and thus a separation from life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in not focusing here, in common sense, and in chasing an idea in and as my mind only, I am in separation from self direction, self responsibility, and self honesty as life, and thus I lack any integrity within being responsible as life here in fact.

To be continued.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Paranoia of the Unknown: Smoke and Mirrors

I have been looking at the Namibia Basic Income Grant and I read an article that stated that this project did not work and then came to the conclusion that a Basic Income Grant will not work.

And then I read a blog from Creation's Journey to Life where Bernard Poolman who has investigated this world and who happened to have lived near the town where the BIG Project in Namibia  occurred, points out a more concise perspective of this project and the influences that not only create the situation but also lead to distorted conclusions separate from any common sense.

In the article that came to a conclusion that the BIG project showed no significant change I noticed the use of statistics to validate BIG not working.

And yet, when I first read about the BIG project in Nimibia, my understanding based on what I read and my own limited perspective within what I read, was that the project was a success.

So, here I encountered many PERSPECTIVES about this project. But this is just it, they are all perspectives, the one blog that covers the most perspectives was the one on the ground, the one that looked at many perspectives, not just a few. It is that we lack in common sense, and have been so conditioned to believe words on a page, and in becoming this we follow the limited perspectives of so much of what we have read, that we believe the  mirrors of limited perspective to be what is more real than the common sense of what is on the ground and how what flows to what is on the ground as what sustains us, that can come from so many different angles, from afar and from right there where we are. How is it that we humans have become so separate from common sense of what is a perspective that is full, rounded, equal to here, absolute in all perspective of this physical world? I mean the inner, the outer, all in totality, considering all aspects?

So, I originally had this idea from my first encounter with information about the distant place in Nimibia where this income was given to allow these people to have some basic needs met. I understood that this allowed them to have enough food to improve their health, enough income for their children to attend school, enough income to allow these families to start a business and thus generate more income to improve their lives. Perhaps build a better shelter, purchase some form of transportation. I just took all of this for granted when I used words on page to in-form my understanding. Thus I used knowledge and information only instead of practical common sense.

Then I read a criticism of this project, that in fact it did not improve these peoples lives, that it did not change anything in the overall economic situation in Namibia. This was using statistical analysis to determine a change: believing that if there were a change economically in this small town in Namibia it would show up in some economic pattern that was the Namibia economy in total. When no change was read, it was decided that the Namibia project did not work: this being the perspective with a starting point that the change in movement in this small isolated village with the additional money given would change the overall pattern. Of course there is a truth to this, yes, an economic change should show up.

But this does not disclose all the details. From another perspective what must be looked at is how much money was given and what amount would cause a difference.

In the end, all the smoke and mirrors of limited perspectives without any detail, without any real education of people to understand what is really going on, leads to altering perspectives arguing with one another causing a lot of conflict and friction, like the mirrors blind come aspects and cause a slight of hand to not see reality, and then the ensuing destruction as ignorance of looking at what is real because limited perspectives are all one sees, as the words on a page, cause all the smoke, the waste from destruction. What a mess, and how abusive. And all so a few can live in excessive comfort?

So, I ask myself, where else, how else am I this, what have I in fact missed about life. about myself about this world because I have learned to follow words on a page instead of facing the physical world here as myself? Why is it that the very sense of me, has been forced into believing that reading words on a page connects me to what is real as this physical reality? If such articles are leading me to believe this or that does or does not work, all based on any manner of comparison from perspective, what has not been clearly described as what it actually happening on the ground and looking at cause and effect?

Then this begs the question, Is this why the government believes that there need be secrets? Of course, it must, because in the end there are no secrets, the physical ground shows us what happens, it cannot be hidden. But the people living where the lack or the support exist can either become complacent in their comfort or, over time acclimate to their lack to the point where if something else appears, from their perspective,  justify as the-way-its-always-been in fear of change, or believe that anything else is impossible. Just because this is believed to be okay because it is a status quo, does not mean it is okay. In the end the acceptance of something because it has become something that has existed for a long time does not mean that it is okay. Limited perspectives are not okay. Allowing something to live in ignorance is not okay, allowing ignorance is allowing lack.

Our perspectives of this actual real physical world are limited, and humans are suggesting that this is okay, when it is not okay. There is absolutely nothing that can justify this, nothing. This is where the anger comes in, the spite, the blame, the reactive behaviors, all consequence of not using our natural ability as life, to not read what is real here as the actual tangible physical reality. All behaviors of lack, of spite, of blame, of greed, of lust,  are behaviors of separation from reading what is physically actually really, tangibly here. We as life as humans in physical bodies have, as life the capacity to sense the actual real physical world here, to read this world, have a  total perspective of this world, this gift, this expression of life and our minds are the shutters, like the shutter on a camera, taking limited perspectives of what is here, and the words presented on a page are abusing words to give only a limited perspective, all so a few can live in separation from physical reality in excessive comfort. It is all a scam, thus all abuse to any animal, to any human, to anything of this earth,  is the fault of each and every one of us.

So, how are the perspectives taught serving each of us? How are the perspectives we allow within serving us as humanity. Where are we stuck in a perspective that limits a natural capacity as what we are as life having a starting point as life to be able to have a total perspective of this actual real physical world composed of the same life substance as this very substance is what creates, is, this physical world?

How can we get ourselves back to our own gift of common sense? And how can we become this as an expression, absolutely? I mean this is what we really are. Our minds are simply mechanisms that focus in on and hold singular perspectives, which when made huge, warp and thus distort reality and if this is believed to be real then the physical suffers, is tortured into trying to conform to a warped reality. Which is why there is so much lack and abuse and destruction on earth. In the end it is up to each of us to refocus ourselves to life, to here, to common sense as what we are.

Which is why money being used to support this distortion has to end, and which is why we have to be able to stand back from our thoughts and realize them for what they are, a taught distortion of reality. Where we play with the devil and the angle on our shoulders. And this is why what is perceived as the mind is not all bad. Thus, it appears, because we have been moving as mind only for so long, that changing from the mind seems like a death, when it is really a birth into and as self as life, here, it is welcoming yourself as life home. What else is there?

The tools to still the cognitive dissonance of the mind are here. They are self forgiveness and corrective application, they are nationalizing life giving resources to balance out what is here to become supportive of this gift of life as this actual real physical world. There is technology to refocus us, to clean up the dissonance within of a warped, distorted and limited and taught perspective.  Our children show so much promise in their first seven years, it is up to us to not only clean ourselves up, but to also ensure that our children do not become a mind of limited perspective, but learn to direct themselves from common sense, from their gift as life as what they are. Naturally, a child being themselves as life is less likely to act out, less likely to become frustration and seek ease through drugs, in a world where even sex, intimacy, has become a distortion into an energetic momentary high that has nothing to do with being expressive and enjoying touch, enjoying the physical sensation of life, here.

The form of providing a living income guarantee to the life that is here as the physical, as the tools created by the hands of many men, the labor of generations of men, is the value, thus a system rendering this invalid just so a few can live in excessive/distorted comfort must come to an end. Money can be used to balance out his world, to bring the distortion manifested as so much abuse, back into clarity as equality and oneness with actual real physical reality, ourselves being in common sense with reality as what we are as the physical.  War is to maintain the excessive comfort of a few, where ironically there is not comfort, because the self as life, is not in equality and oneness with self as life. Thus war is not an option and supporting it in any way is a crime. Even if all the soldiers, the military and the police forces in this world realized this, and supported a solution that was in common sense of what the physical needs to exist as life, war cannot happen. This means realizing that limited perspective is what is taught and has been for generations.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 398 What Just flashed before my eyes?

I had one of those mornings where i woke up and remembered a past event. I had been watching True Blood  a while back, and as I watched the opening credits I noticed some images flash by that i did not remember seeing before. I stopped and thought, “What was that!?” So, I replayed the opening credits and tried to pinpoint the image I had seen, that i had not noticed before. It was a porn picture of two people having intercourse. It was really hard to stop the frame on the image. They flashed by so fast. Why had I not seen this before? Probably, I had just sat and watched the opening credits in a stupor, and for some reason this day I was not in such a stupor.

I realize that these extremely quick images are probably not meant to be seen by the average human in a stupor, just as I had been, but they are meant to excite the subconscious or unconscious mind.  Porn images imbedded in a TV show opening credit. I wonder what else is going on. And I ask myself why this is being used? I had thought that this was illegal. Perhaps, the image is a micro-second longer and thus sits outside of the law, would not surprise me, and who sets the law? If my assumption is right. Since a few own the media, the meanderings of misinformation as the tool of the present monopoly game of inequality, if we watch in ignorance as a tired state of stupor we are prisoners to this order of the day. A hierarchy where money represents sustenance freely given, owned by a few, life becomes a ponzi scheme.  Competition elimination can be done through lack, and disinformation is a form of lack, a form of separation from common sense. It is difficult to see what is being done right in front of us if we allow a stupor to overcome us. Embedding suggestive images in a film is deliberate: it did not just get there by itself.  This is meant to excite into some idea, energetic high, a short lived experience, reckless. It is a picture with music used as a trigger, releasing endorphins and hormones. This is a mechanism of control. This is not self in self responsibility, self direction. Nor is it self being aware, I mean why plant these images into a film with such short time frames?

The porn industry is a multi-million dollar industry and it needs the human to exist in a state of addiction to this to feed the profit from it. So, the human watches a show and images are flashed, with exciting music, and voila, an association is made within a feeling of excitement with an image that is not registered  in the conscious mind, this small part of ourselves we allow to be what we are, This is the level of the stupor we exist as. Perhaps, someone else out there in this internet world has noticed this within the opening credits of True Blood. That this exists means that we humans are programmed and programmable. Like organic robots, like computers. What is it that is allowing this, and why are we not directing ourselves with this that is the substance that takes the picture, allows the picture? Why are we not standing up and becoming directive ourselves? Within this, what is presently happening within this world is the fault of no one but each of us, we acquiesce, and it is time to clean this up. Real intimacy has nothing to do with a quick energetic high. And we have to stop this system of inequality from creating the zombies of stupor that we have all become where we cannot even see what  we are allowing to flash before our eyes.

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And deconstruct the emotional/feeling thoughts you exist as to understand what and who you are so that this world can begin to clean up what is allowed on earth that is unacceptable. Desteni I Process Lite. So much is given for free here, to allow you to begin to understand yourself as the very substance of what you are as life. It is time for the dis-eased stupor as the human of life on earth to stop. It is unacceptable.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 397 Paranoia of the Unknown : Ownership is Serve I = All.

Paranoia of the Unknown : Ownership

What is ownership other than a piece of paper saying that someone owns something of this earth? It is only real if we accept and allow this to be real. And why would we allow something like this to happen unless we were paranoid of the unknown? In the face of the knowable that is the physical world right here under our feet? To which we are all born, being of this earth?

It seems we are not of this earth, because we are not as this earth, being as this earth, meaning there is no one person’s, or group’s name on anything that is here. A tree is a tree. It gives, as how it lives/exists air, and we breath this air, it is how we live. I mean, humans have lived on this earth for a long time, and people have not owned the trees  and we all continued to breath.

In history we have also had ownership change, which means a piece of paper staring ownership can change hands. The forms of governance have also changed. There was communism, which was a bureaucratic form of government, and in this state we have supposed democracy, but what owns the gifts of the earth are increasingly owned by anonymous corporations, or persons. But even here, the corp, can go onto someone’s land and extract resources from under the earth, and our politicians allow this, without even allowing the effects of the extraction process to be made public. Thankfully we now have the internet. This also means that anything that is happening that is not addressed by the collective of people, by what is here as earth, is the responsibility of the people, all of us. We have a supposed democratic system that is the voice of the people. But is it being spoken and used to stop what is happening that is unacceptable, until it is done? No. There is a bully in the room as profit, as self interest, as fear, as survival, and it is not being addressed.  Ownership is part of the outflow of this. Because we have forgotten, and thus ignore and unknow common sense.  We fear losing what we own, that we believe protects us, not realizing that if the present system of anonymous corporate resource grab want what you own, and they now have all the money, you do not have a chance. The fear we are not facing within ourselves has become an unknown/ignored entity, and it is consuming life, and we are all allowing this because we are all this. As within so without, what goes in is what goes out. 

Conflict is a way to wrestle power from another, it is not about creation. Conflict is about control, not creation, because to create one must understand how things function and respect the function, because creation has a outcome of autonomy, ownership. Wanting control has an outcome of stagnation.  And we see this happening all over the earth. Starvation is stagnation, animal extinction is stagnation, alcohol is stagnation, lack is stagnation. Conflict is not life, it is about control, and creation cannot be about control, because real creation gives the ability and the platform of self direction. Creation would understanding, and what has been accepted and allowed on creation, which is earth, by men, is not creation, only ever growing conflict, ever increasing abuse and destruction and war.

Every human is different, but an idea of difference has been made into something that we have to display, taken on by consumerism and placed into pieces rearranged into factions in style: political, social, class, nationality. So the label of being intelligent is simply another layer of  consumerism, choose your party,  for example, your beliefs, the whole not recognized/ignored, and the presented opposition given for an all consuming drama of blame and spite. Meanwhile, the whole is grabbed behind  closed doors that are simply the factions involved in the self interested protection and defense decor presentation of beliefs, opinions and ideas manifested in dress codes and political leanings, all layers of division and thus separation. And meanwhile common sense and creation are ignored. The storms of what entertains to maintain ignorance, given a value of limited self definition and thus an ego have been manufactured, And the media would have us believe that this is creation, when it is not. Humans are delusional, not realizing that each one of us is different, and that supporting what is same, as physical beings, meeting the basic needs of this, will not change what is unique in each of us. If we got rid of all borders and all financial class - and class is based on economy ( because how much money you have determines education and stability allowing a modicum of self directive development ) --  and all wore the same clothes, and we walked around and looked at one another, we would see how every being is unique, thus there is no need to try and be different, or to cling to a group to be included, because we are already included as life on earth. The rest is just a separation,a division into a belief, an opinion and an idea, within a system that is a separation from life.

In the word survival is the answer to the present problem on earth, instead of serving a fear of survival, and allowing a system that does not share what is given without ownership, and to take this and as self serve I all, realizing that what is pure and clear about self that which is unique about self, will remain. So, the conflict of grabbing a dress code will end, because becoming what we are as what is unique about each of us, is serving ourselves as life, and in choosing this, we serve all life.

The sound of life, is always right there in front of us, we either listen as mind, only seeing the consumerist trappings of others trapped in consumerism, or we listen and pay attention and investigate what is on earth, in structure and in consequence and we slow down and we breath, to realize the delusion caused by beliefs, opinions and ideas of a more than and a less than, that have created a fear of loss, and a behavior of grabbing, of greed, causing an ignorance of life.  This, a dress code of separation, and all the while we need not fight to prove we are something, because we are all unique, we are all already part of the expression of life, and in not allowing ourselves as life to express, diminish life. So, it is that we must return to the point of nothing, of relinquishing all values as our dress codes sold/souled genetically to us, that started the day we were conceived, because this system has been going on for generations, and here - having moved back to nothing- we find ourselves and realize we are all unique and that the idea that one thing was more than another, was all an illusion, a state of paranoia that developed into an unknowing of ourselves as life, as we believed that an idea defined us, when we needed no definition, because creation gave us, is us, as having the autonomy to be life, as creation would not be anything else. It is like, DUH.

The belief that something can be owned as the gifts of this earth that support us, means that no ownership has actually happened, that no responsibility has been realized because in believing something can be owned,  a separation from being equal to creation has divided self into a paranoia of the unknown, and here in the abyss of ignorance, one grabs for a dress code to hide a nakedness that is simply a rejection of life.

Practically speaking, as we are now on earth, yes we must continue with ownership, which is to say that a person owns a piece of land to be responsible for, because as we are chaos would ensue. But, we can stand as a group and  realize that the natural resources that we use to support ourselves cannot be owned by a few, this is simply a delusion, and that what produces what is needed to support the soils and the animals and the humans, cannot be made to benefit a few, allowing disease on earth. The resources can be formed into a system that creates a living wage for men, to allow us to walk ourselves back into being self responsible as life, as what we are to get this earth in order, an order of life, because in all common sense, this war order is unacceptable. We are allowing an ignorance of the values made from resources that have been developed by generations of men, thus we all own what is here, so to speak, and we are allowing a few representatives of governing this physical world to lead us into a belief that is delusional, and because it is delusional, it is not something to blame, as it cannot see its own delusion. So, the collective must stand and place in a system that is a form of governing this earth that takes care of this earth, that allows ourselves as creators to be creators, where we become self responsible as life, working with what is here, allowing what is here to be what it is. And our system has become so limited, that so much that is here is not allowed to be what it is. And what is here is the very fabric of life, and thus for life to exist, the fabric must be allowed to be itself.

Stand and support a Living Income Guarantee, a basic income that enables all of us to walk out of the paranoia of the unknown, out of ignorance and equalize ourselves to what we are, to serve I all, to allow the gift of life that is right here in front of us, to be, as this is real ownership.
Walk the Desteni I Process Lite to begin to realize the inflation of the mind as a form of separation from life benefitting a few, creating a chaos of survival, that is only a delusion. Here, you as life, would naturally be the joy of an “ I” that serves all as being self as life. For this to exist, here is what must be lived and understood. Your mind is simply a map of what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be, values held onto to define your survival suit, your dress code, your restlessness is the burden of accepting and allowing this, thus remove the past and the dream of a future, and bring yourself back to self as life. 

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 396 The Paranoia of Unknowing, The Equivalence of Dis-Ease

The Paranoia of Unknowing

Because we are not taught about the physical world and how it functions in practical phyact, we are unknowing of the world, we unknow the ability of our innate common sense as the very essence of the life force that we are, as this is what is common in all because it is what we are, the very composition of and as.

We unknow, we are ignorant of the very form and structure, and thus movement and function of the present system.

We unknow,, we are ignorant, of how our human physical bodies function, we unknow, we are ignorant of how we have a mind that we call consciousness holds, takes pictures of what we physically are.

If the mind, as consciousness takes pictures of what is here, and then we are not taught how here functions, are we actually here? Are we holding the place of here? If we follow the picture show of consciousness developed in separation from here through parents, education, society and media and thus have no real understanding of here, what are we? Are we ignorant of here, are we unknowing of here?

Within this, we can know here to some degree, and this varies from person to person, but n the end, there are ones who remain in extreme unknowing and those who have a very small level of knowing and they use this to their advantage, but it is still an unknowing, and the manipulation of, based on the fear of not knowing, the fear as the instability that unknowing creates. This is one reason why education is very important, We cannot be responsible if we are separate from knowing , understanding here, ourselves as how we function and how here functions, and how the present system built from unknowing came to be and how it functions as creating so much unknowingness of here. I mean, just look around at what is happening on earth, there is a lot , too much, and unacceptable, unknowingness/ignorance going on.

the cloud of unknowing,  life malfunction system  inflated as reality

And to avoid becoming a knowing, an owning of here within being able to be self responsible, self directive, self honest, we have accepted and allowed a positive to hide the unknowing/ignoring of the negative caused because of the very thing we are moving as, as not looking, that is a positive to hide a negative, to avoid the negative, the destructive as what allowing the negative is, as the negative is a judgement that something is less than something else that is here as a part of this earth, an earth that is interconnected, were it not than starvation would not exist, nor would interest lending, because interest lending is a vacuum that allows the values built by many here, into what supports life, aids life, as this principle as the value allotted to money that is them lent out, with the self interest of the few who have a tiny bit of less unknowing, in such a way that that principle is never lost, never really leaves and allows more principle to accrue, and the interest payment is how the principle flows right back, and thus is continuously owned by the few. The debt, the unknowing, the ignorance,  remains/ accrues with the many. And the many struggle in their ignorance, because unknowing, lack of understanding, would make it very difficult to move with ease here on earth. And we cannot blame the ones who are a little bit less unknowing/ignoring than the rest of us, because we are participating within the unknowing, the ignorance, as this is a state of not looking here, with our innate common sense as life. Look, we can all agree that our politicians are not of sound mind, and that a military industrial complex is not a structure of sound mind. This is the sound of destruction and self interest, it is the sound of greed and bullying, it is the sound of killing children, it is the sound of recklessly raping the earth, of raping children, obsolescence for constant principle flow in self interest, rendering the other side of the equation, away from balance, an unknown, treating it as obsolete, meaningless as the survival of the extreme hidden in the presentation of the mean as data on paper. It is a crime against life, and remaining an unknowing of this is the same. This picture show of unknowing, this weaving of unknowing, this propagated ignorance is the elephant in the room. The room, the space of this world and the space in our heads, as consciousness, as a memory, as a picture inflated into representing life. And this is just it, this is a representation of life. It is not what is physically real, it is not our common sense as life as being equal and one to and as the physical. We are making , allowing the one thing that is real, obsolete through unknowing of it, through ignorance.

If we allow ourselves to become blame and spite, the depression as what this is, as this is a be having of anger and fear, accumulating, an action inwardly. We become the accumulation of our blame and spite, our frustration, and thus we become despondent, anxious, depressed, heavy, separate, we forget our common sense, our ease as ourselves as life, here. So, by the very nature of blame we depress ourselves, we abdicate our very common sense into a restriction ( thoughts or more than and less than) away from self direction, from self responsibility, from self honesty, from knowing the physical as in looking at how the physical actually functions and how the separation from the physical as a systemic form of inequality actually functions. This is why equality with the physical is the gift of life, because it practically shows us what works in ease and what does not. The mind as pictures can warp and bend into any fantasy fairy tale imaginable, full of all manner of super-heros where only the collective can really create heaven on earth,  which is why such a state is taught, and accepted. Accepted because our separation does not have to be addressed, and taught because it allows a few that are a tiny tiny bit less unknowing to maintain their fairy tale for real.

One might say, and I have heard this said, “ but I like my memories!” not realizing that it is not to like or not like your memories, it is to not make them bigger than life, or to warp them, as they are just a picture, it is to not inflate them as a more because this becomes a “ more” that is chased that is not a real more, hence the chasing, a metaphysical carrot, a paranormal event, superstition. Thus, this is a state of unknowing, a paranoise of unknowing, a paranoia of being self as life, self as life being a using of an innate common sense of self as what self is as life. Here, in the physical, the “fairy tale” can become real, with every inch of one’s beingness, a fairy tale of so much more substance  and solid state of sound than seemingly lived at present by only a few. As though in the big scheme of things, the amount living a somewhat comfortable life, which is about 1 %, is one and equal to the parts of ourselves, individually ,actually living in and with our common sense. In fact, disease is greater than life on earth. Change?  First, this world must be ordered to support what is real, respect what is real, what is interconnected as the parts of this physical world, that are the gift of life, to understand life, to become equal and one to and as life, to stop the heavy disease of spite and blame, depression and economical anxiety, survival, disease, all the consequence of inequality to and as life.

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Walk the FREE Desteni I Process Lite, to see the accepted and allowed behaviors of unknowing, the paranoia of unknowing within and as self, to become of sound mind, to learn to actually live a life os ease.

Support the Living Income Guarantee, a basic income grant, a living wage, to allow life to become equal and one to and as life here, to reorder life into heaven on earth, to become a living word. It is the only choice. A live structure that allows our children to live a life is ease, enjoying interaction with the physical, with life, as the physical, as this is the real " work" of men. This is life at work, meaning a functioning state of life, absolutely, here.

This is a win-win structure for all life, this is the way and the means of creating an earth that is a response as life, of life.

THe rewards are clean water, fecund soils, clear skies, healthy children, plants and animals. A world where no matter what shoes one wears life is lived for real.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 395 The Inflation of Memorization in Education: Breeding Separation from Reality

The Inflation of Memorization in Education.

In school, we sit and we are fed knowledge and information to memorize. This inflates the act of ourselves as taking pictures, as ideas to use to direct ourselves. These inflated memories, memorized dictates of knowledge and information, allow no actual time to look at what is being taught as a form, as an inform, as a structure to under - stand here, to use to measure here, to speak about what we are here, to use to clarify here. This is done with inflating memory, in only using memory and then applying this only memory as practice.  Which, is to give truths that are limited as the whole story is not told, creating ambiguities as a limited biased/ self interested history.  So, the practice of memory as a picture to understand here, is limited ( falsity through limitation)  and thus cannot be equal in understanding of physical reality, thus practical application of what is memorized falls short of solving problems, falls short of changing extremes of poverty and excessive wealth as the welfare of earth is divided unequally causing harm as lack of physical support for the financially impoverished, and lack of understanding of human rights as physical beings within the economically advantaged - another form of impoverishment, our accepted and allowed extremes. The economically advantaged end up spending all their time maintaining lack to eliminate competition, a crime against life and a behavior that limits the very life expression of the wealthy extreme into one of self interest and protection and defense, as being equal to this physical world, working with this physical world, understanding this physical world is lost to a picture, a memory, an image only, creating a separation from life, from being equal and one to physical reality, the welfare of life as earth and all that is of this earth.

Inflation of memory, unequal in practical application of what is best for all, causes ambiguity to here and suits/perpetuates the paranoia, the paranoise, the cognitive dissonance, of separation, as limitation. Learning to see how here, the detail of the actual real physical world moves and functions, right here in front of us, factual, real, visible, able to be known, thus the inflation of memory learning, children sitting in a room in separation from physical reality, learning ideas that do not tell the whole story or allow the physical common sense as the real life of the child, to practice being equal with the physical. Instead systemically an inequality is developed as an equality is to a memory only, and thus the memory becomes inflated causing ignorance of physical reality. A crime against life, a structure that allows manipulation of life in self interest. This causes scarcity and lack of self responsibility as this is a dishonesty to life, and we are all to blame because we are accepting and allowing this, as we fear stepping out of our inflated memories, as we have allowed a system to become so entrenched and on which we are so dependent that we fear changing this because our allowance of money to determine life flows through this accepted and allowed structure built in separation from common sense, we have created our own stagNation, of ego, of memory only. Thus, we must buy - so to speak- our life back, we must stand where we are within the structure we have accepted and allowed and buy a structure that becomes a support of all life, that deflates memory. To then allow the space and time to cross reference the physical world in detail, to equalize ourselves to the physical gift of life. Thus, we support a system that supports all life, that realizes that all that has been created, has been done by all men, generations of them, and that the values created belong to all of us, as no man is an island and thus we are all connected as life. This means nationalizing all welfare of earth, all resources that are used to support life, and to order this into a system that gives all of the physical world what is needed to live in dignity, what is needed to become self responsible as life, what is needed to allow equality and oneness with and as what is real, which is the physical world.

Support a living wage. Support life. Support a Living Income Guarantee, a Basic Income Guarantee. Time to change the system to one that is balanced and equal to the value being life, to respect for the welfare of life, this earth, every inch of it. It is time to put an end to inflation.

There are too many welfare babies on earth who have not learned to be self responsible as life. Make no mistake about it, both ends of the extremes of this present system are welfare babies, each and every one, even you. Sometimes i think we scream what we are, and thus the “ elite” scream about welfare babies incessantly because that is what they are themselves, it is only a distraction in blaming another for what it is we are ourselves! This is a form of cognitive dissonance, a form of disinformation. This is a straw man inflamed with righteousness, a distraction that separates us from reality. Time to see through the bubble of this, the energy of this, the consumption of earth’s resources as this, and to become equal in common sense of life being the value, and within this equalizing ourselves away from the inflation of memory only, to understanding physical reality.

Support the value being life.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 394 Paranoia of the Unknown: Superstitious Society

Paranoia of the Unknown Superstitious Society

We all can agree that the mind carries, or is the broadcaster of memories, we all have them, we wallow in them, we hold them dear as though they are more real than what is here as actual physical reality. This is a superstition onto reality. I am not saying that memories are good or bad, that images in our mind of the past are necessarily good or bad, but when given more value than reality, we become a superstitious society, because we are believing the image in our mind to be of more value than the actual physical reality. 

I listened to this talk about viruses, and at one point he asked a woman that came into his office if  she had changed in behavior after having a blood transfusion. The woman had said yes, she was “ stronger and more angry.”  This naturopathic doctor had said that she had the DNA from the person she had received the blood transfusion from, and thus she had the behaviors of that person as his DNA. I wonder if she also had new pictures as memories running through her head? I am not sure that I agree with all this man discusses, but I found this part of the lecture to be in line with what desteni has been saying about how the physical has a inter-dimensional system that holds images and that the mind is directing us as images, as thoughts, as opinions, ideas and beliefs.

This would mean that as children we get the memories of our parents, and that we take on the memories, or weave stories as new images in our minds as we live our lives, and also have new images fed into us via media and television. Thus, if we are a society that would make the images in our minds greater than what is actually physically here, and we have images from the past as our DNA, and we can also add images as memories as photos within having blood transfusions, what are we doing to ourselves in allowing all of this and living as a superstition as the function of the mind as image rebroadcaster that we make more real than the physical?

Is this why this physical world exists with so much harm going on instead of harmony?
And is this used so that a few can live some superstitious ideology that is an image and likeness of being more than something else, because they have images of themselves as some kind of emperor wearing elaborate clothing? And that this image is more real than reality? How does one maintain this to their advantage? 

Create a society where images are fed to entertain, to misrepresent reality, to create an existence of humans that live in a separate reality unknowing of the physical reality? I mean, within this, if the physical world were laid out in how it functions clearly, then it would be realized that our present system exists as superstition instead of as common sense, this natural ability we all have, a gift of life, to equalize to and as what is real as life, this is being shut down with the present system, which we are all accepting and allowing.  We each create the present society that is what it does, a system of inequality as the basic needs of the physical not being met, and thus the consequence a system that is unequal to life. A system that in its inequality to life is ignoring the physical, using this physical world to feed a superstitious reality that is limited. And I want to say, this does not suggest that this grid that is here is all bad. Having a family is precious, but the inclusion of realizing the physical world stands as ordering this system to include all life, valuing all life, as life being the value as the physical form that is what is real and allows us to exist, and as this wanting for your neighbor what you want for yourself, the chance to live and enjoy having a family, having animals, having children, interacting and being here with this physical world, taking care of it, valuing it as this physical world is what is real.

The physical acts are what are real, what we are allowing on earth, is what is real. Facts based on  pictures in our minds are not what is real, especially since the pictures in our minds can be influenced by what is presented in the media controlled by a few who have managed to control information, and pictures on a screen are information, they in-form us, as we as mind take in the pictures presented. it is like the pictures presented are a dress code for ignorance, this code serving the self interest of a few. And meanwhile the rest of us are existing in our own  self innerrest as superstitious images as mind being made greater than the actual physical world.

I would try self forgiveness for them, because the heaviness of these images can be diminished through self forgiveness, and then equality to here can begin, and one can begin to become the “ lightness of being” allowing more ease here with and as real life, the physical.  Ironically, this “ lightness” is turning off the lights as the picture show of the mind, the picture show of superstition creating an unknowing of what is real, what is the value, which is the physical world that allows us to understand life, become equal and one to and as life here.

So, we come into this world, senses relatively intact, and we absorb a world of adults being directed by superstition as memory made greater than physical reality, and we watch images on a screen that serve the self interest of the few who supposedly represent us, who have self interests of their own as they were raised within the same superstitious environment and want to maintain their own superstition, so what is presented will feed the fairy tale superstition of the mind as limited behaviors and thereby creating an attention deficit disorder from the actual physical world.

Now we know why we are making so many zombie movies, because in essence we have all become zombies, as our mental reality, this mind within us that holds pictures, that uses the physical and cannot exist without it, to separate us from actual physical reality.

And in essence we are all to blame, because we accepted this.
Within all this the solution is to look at the physical world in fact, to look directly at how the physical world moves and functions, how here works. This means to realize that if one dumps chemicals into the water, the water is going to become polluted upsetting the natural world.

This means that if we confine a four legged animal into a cage and feed it something other than is was designed to eat, that animal is going to get out of physical alignment and will eventually exhibit characteristics of frustration and disease, and that if we eat this, we as well will become diseased.

This means that if we follow the pretty pictures presented on TV that suggest coke is fun, without actually looking at what is causing our ill health, and at what the total consequence of this corporation, this corps(e) that coke production creates on this earth, in detail, from the plants used and the state of the labor that produced them, and the effects on the actual real physical environment, then we are in effect existing in an idea that bears not witness to physical reality.  And, make no mistake about it, there is no excuse for this ignorance, none. It is unacceptable. Here we must ask ourselves if the images we exist as as our reality in and as our minds, are they worth more than our children and the trees, and the water and the air? No, they are not worth more, and I am not rejecting  some of the values we exist as, I am not denying family, I am saying that if family is valued - then what we have allowed on this earth as the present system of inequality that is a pyramids scheme based on limited ideas in and as our minds - must come to an end. It is the system mimicking the mind that is the  elephant in the room that is taking the space of reality/real life, the potential for heaven on earth.

There are even war veterans saying that there is an elephant in their room as their minds, and it is showing them that what they accepted and allowed as crimes against life serving the interests of a few, are screaming so loud in their heads that they can no longer deal with life, as they realize they are not living life, and that there are too many people ignoring themselves as physical beings choosing superstition before life, and as this, this screaming veteran feels helpless to change this world, to get people to wake up and listen to what is really happening on  this earth, this that is the only choice, to stand and realize that the physical world is what is real and that a system must be put in place that cares and works with what is real, the physical, and that this is the value as this is life, this is what allows life to be and if we do not start to care about the actual real physical, and stop blaming and spiting one another, and stand together to actually stand and create a change, we are missing life. Because a life lived as the mind, as pictures in our heads, is a life that has not been lived, because the images consume our flesh and what is left is death, here on earth and as self because life as the physical was not supported. We become the corps(e) that we have accepted and allowed. And we are the corps(e) because this is composed of people.

And any real parent would not allow this. A real parent would realize that the only choice is life, thus rejecting life is not possible, so the suffering that is self created by all of us, will continue until we get so sick and tired of being in a state of disease, we finally stand up. This state of disease we leave behind for out children those we pro-port to love. if we really loved our children, we would step out of our minds, reconnect with what is real, as this physical world, and get this world in order. It is the only choice.

This must be done by a huge collective. This means all of us that can read this. we must stand and place a system that supports the physical world, that realizes the basic needs of the physical, as this is what is real, to bring this earth to a point where physical reality is cared for and no harm exists. Here we give up the images in and as our minds, seeming to be giving up everything, when in fact we will gain everything. The mind is illusion, but the values that are a part of the images need not be lost, but realized in physical fact, here, on earth. Heaven - as the good that exists as parts of the images in and as our minds - can exist, we need only stand and order this world to care for all life.

Support BIG, a basic income guarantee, to give what is here as all men, as physical beings on this earth, what is needed to live, and as the system now stands, this means a living wage. BIG supports some to make more than others, as this is a step in a gradual change where the bringing of ourselves back to earth, back into the physical is not too sudden and drastic of a change from the mind superstition made greater than life, towards realizing that the physical world must be supported as a physical form if behaviors of suppression and frustration are to end. Humans are born with common sense, it is time to allow this to flourish and to use this to get this world in order.

If you exist as a superstition as the images in your mind being more than physical reality, this is self building a paranoia of the unknown, a separation from life, where the fears are simply self disconnected to what is real physical reality, a reality that can be known in structure and function. It is only a belief as mind, taught from childhood, that self cannot know how the world functions. The world is the gift of life, of course it can be understood, all it takes is to stop the mind and look. This is common sense.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

DAY 393 being sick of the choice of " a lesser evil" is the moment to stand back and look to the whole.

So, I was talking to a woman, a person who had some inkling that the present system is not in fact working, that the representative system of government, with politicians, is simply a system of choosing a lesser evil. Which means we are aware of not making the best, most common sense choices within our governing system. Choosing a lesser evil, is acknowledgement that we know this earth in totality is not being looked at in what supports all life, because what we are choosing admits that harm is being done within our choices, and this is simply unacceptable. If one would not want to be the collateral damage from say, vaccines, pharma drugs, foods that are not meant for the tropical environment of the human physical body, especially in the awareness that health and hygiene eliminate many diseases ( where health is also an education that builds self trust and self responsibility and the environment in which one lives is of proper shelter) then why not make the effort to create situations on earth that allow no harm to come to the actual physical that is earth - all of it, the plants, the animals, the soils, the trees, the water, the air? If we allow harm to this physical world, that is interconnected - for example, the water moves everywhere as the weather system - then we allow harm to ourselves, and thus the choice of the lesser evil is not a choice. The only choice is what supports the physical world absolutely.
This is a simple understanding, that any person can grasp, the details of this will take time to teach, but with the internet, we can teach this, we can use words and animations, and examples from the earth to show how here works, to show what is best for all. Within this, we can realize that the present government’s practice of disallowing private research from entities other than the ones proposing the products, in the face of private documentation of what is actually happening on this earth, is unacceptable. Examples of this are the fracking industry, and the vaccine industry, where I have read reports that suggest on the ground level doctors and health staff in clinics are simply not documenting effects on patients, mostly because they are so busy with administrative work that any more paper forms seem overwhelming. It is like the means of having a democratic system that teaches and allows voice, does not allow that voice in the very backward structure of processing what is happening within the system. One says it allows voice, and yet the “ data flow” is blocked by a busyness of focus on dispersing products without time to look at the effects and document the effects, or take the time to evaluate the effects. Thus, within this the blame is then placed on the people. I mean, the opportunity is there, but the time is taken away. This is a structural deception, it is like flooding the environment with busy work to create an avoidance of looking, and then blaming the ones forced to focus away from what is real - to survive- as they follow polices touted as necessary that have too much ill effect, too much collateral damage on our lives, directly or indirectly. So mired are we in this clutter that is meant to occupy instead of allowing awareness, we believe that there is not time for change, when the change is the way to end these practices of “ lesser evil” as a choice. In all common sense, the only way is to change, because remaining the same as we are, is not how “no longer allowing a lesser evil” to be the choice, can happen. We all have to stop, and stand and say, no more. 

We, as the collective of humans have to stop, for a moment, maybe a few every day before we watch our favorite shows and investigate alternatives to the governing of this earth, alternatives that function in ways that no longer have collateral damage which inevitably affects all of us. What starvation and poverty exist effect us all, just look within and see if there is any reaction/movement towards the possibility of becoming impoverished ! That is an effect, a fear that is not a stable state of trust ! Within all this, we begin by looking outside the tenure of our lives, outside what we hold onto, to let go and look in another direction, to shake off the patterns we have accepted to survive, suspend the beliefs that resound in our heads as our consciousness that is a replica of our parents and the present system, and ask ourselves if there is a choice within how we order this physical existence that creates stability and sustainability so that our existence on earth allows us to be aware of what is happening in detail as how this world exists. 

If we are in a bitter state of blame for a separate point on the present grid, which is what a complaint of those far off representatives that we placed into being representatives of how we govern ourselves is, we have to realize that this act of blame is not being self responsible, self directive within stopping and looking at the structure that we are using to hold us in place here on this earth. To look at this and realize the common sense in realizing we are only being given choices of a lesser evil, and to follow through at this point and stand back, look at the whole of what determines this structure and then make the necessary changes. This present system is a pyramid scheme, where elected representatives are separate from the earth, and working within a premise as the form of the present system that the status quo of some getting more just because of the position they are in is normal, when it is not normal. Normal is realizing that we live on a physical world, and that this physical world functions in ways that are easily understood when practically considered and that we are physical as is this earth. We have in essence allowed ideas to become more than what is real, the physical. A pyramid scheme is a from of separation from physical existence. 

Investigate a system that takes into consideration what is real, physical existence. Investigate a Basic Income Guarantee to see, realize and understand that our system is ordered on ideas that have no common sense of practical physical reality, realize that suffering is suffering and NOT what allows self development into self responsibility, self trust and self honesty. If one is suffering, there is nothing being learned, suffering is not self direction. Period. Suffering is the outcome of lack of training or allowing of the physical world to be directed and expressive within and as what is best for all.

The ones on the bottom of this grid, as a pyramid scheme, are blaming the ones on the top of the grid, and the ones on the top of this grid are blaming and suppressing the ones on the bottom, what kind of existence is this? This has created an existence of blame and spite, of judgment without self responsibility that practically is able to take steps that are corrective, that no longer allow any harm to any part of us as earth, as what we are, as physical parts of a physical world that can function within what is best for all, from the point on the ground of this earth on which we stand. We are the perfect from as humans to become and be this, it is only what we have allowed , as belief, within, that inhibits this life that we are.

BIG, lets start taking care of this physical world, it is the only way out, it is the chance to prove that we are worthy of life.