Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 570 Instead of Restricting Speech, Remove Anonymity.

If we decided to legalize drugs then many of the problems associated with the “ war” on drugs would come to an end, and the use of drugs would become more transparent, meaning visible, open, and as such the moving into solving the problems that lead into an excessive use of a  mind altering substance that is really a process of wanting to escape reality, this actual physical world.
If we have a government that is creating laws that inhibit speech, then why not open speech up and make it transparent, meaning if something is written or spoken up about, to require that there be no anonymity? Would this not be the way to hold people accountable, to see what is practically here?
Censoring speech is creating a protection and defense situation where there is an army needed to chase the speech, but if anonymity were no longer allowed, people would be more careful with what they spoke up about, and governments would have to become transparent, and each in their position. Even here, competitors wanting to eliminate threatening products, would have to prove and be open about their complaints. It would seem, as with legalizing drugs, especially with the benefits of lowering crime and creating revenue for towns, to make what is happening with people transparent, removing the fear of punishment and allowing transparency. 
It seems we chose actions that shut things down more than open them up so we can see what we are doing and then begin to find solutions. But we have to not fear opening up what we believe, how we are afraid, and not react to what others may think. Within this, we can realize that development is a process, and mistakes are made, and that this is part of the process of becoming aware. Why do we not see that learning to walk, so to speak, is a process that has moments of falling?
Why don’t we see that we all understand this in how our society is changing,  especially in the internship  situations? I mean, if we have allowed a level of opportunity to cost, after paying for increasingly expensive education that then demands paying for internships to have the opportunity to grow and develop, we can see that we understand development and growth depends on opportunity. So, we are aware within ourselves that in order for a human being to grow , they must have open and direct opportunity to interact, to process, to expand and yet we are allowing money to determine development, when it is development that breeds competency, and as such a human being who is able to walk - so to speak.
So, if we legalize drugs, we open up the dependency and face it, giving space to face it without the fear of facing criminal elements. If we allow the freedom of speech and remove anonymity, we hold people accountable for their actions at every level, in government and in the private sector because what each says they become responsible for, and as such what one may believe in a moment can be corrected which allows everyone to grow and expand. This would allow this world to open up what is closed and hidden and then brought to light, where just as with plants, things begin to expand and grow.
Is it not in facing our fears, our mis-takes, that we open up what we are doing and then enables us to move into more self awareness?  In having opportunity cost money, we are essentially allowing a system that limits opportunity through economics, and then creating laws that punish lack of development that the system format creates. This makes no sense, none, and has no reasoning that can justify it, it simply does not work.
The solution is to legalize drugs, to bring the use of this out in the open so it can be addressed. The solution is to remove anonymity and require that we each put our name to our words, because this is how misunderstandings are turned into understandings. This is how we can give ourselves the opportunity to face our fears, and forgive ourselves for our beliefs that were not what was best for us and as such not what is best for those we enjoy.  A system that realizes opportunity means development, and as it exists at present, costs money, is a system of suppression and punishment, one that punishes a limitation but does nothing to address that limitation, which is like a snake eating its own tail, it does not work and cannot work. I mean this has been going on for a long time, and since the choice is to do more of the same, as in wanting to remove the freedom to speak which is allowing limitation to express its limitation so that the limitation can be addressed and brought into awareness, the system is like, wanting to shut down and hide the very lack it creates, which is not an action of solution in any way. It is an act of rejection of life. It makes no sense because it abdicates its own sense as life, which is the root of the problem. And this is each of us. We are rejecting life, as what we are, as our own capacity, as ourselves as life which is being the sense of the world around us. it is like we are fighting against that which allows us to be. I would say, it is not “ like” it is what we are in essence doing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 569 How come there is organization to replicate lost keys, but not solve poverty?

The keys to my car have recently been lost, the spare key forgotten.  I called the car dealership to find out if there was a way to get another key. They said, sure, just bring in the registration and a new key can be made. I got two. lol
Such organization, where numbers of the car, are placed into a data bank and re-called in the event all keys are lost.

And yet, we cannot solve poverty?

And yet, we cannot solve the behaviors a lack of education creates? Especially when we know what creates a responsible person and that one can only give what one has received in terms of opportunity and exposure? And having money in this system means opportunity, and economic suppression, because of this, causes fear, uncertainty on top of not having at least the basics.
I also realize that having a minimal salary that is above minimum wage, is not enough to care for a house and a car and one’s health. Even at this level there is stress. Why are we allowing ourselves to exist in this stress, especially when a little more money would enable one to know they can fix the roof, for example, or be able to fix that  car and not have to worry about it? And, that small amount more is really not that much! It seems to me that this is understood and measured, because as in the key scenario, what is here is organized, and/or capable of being organized, so there is no excuse for the economic stress, and the starvation, and abuse in this world. I would suggest realizing how many other things are organized and applying this awareness of things being so organized that everything can be organized into a system that is efficient and supportive.

In this on a global scale, there is no excuse why the details of the Flight in Ukraine are not forthcoming by the American government. If we can monitor the keys of cars, we HAVE monitored this, unless things were shut down, and this was done with a purpose in self interest. And or, as in Gaza, to target the hospitals, and the water and electrical infrastructure. Targeting these things is shutting off what people need to live in dignity, it is an unacceptable act, one that America- a melting pot,  should step in immediately, no matter what, and stop, and rebuild, unconditionally, because these are people, and this is a resource, one that has created values from freely given resources for eons, and when respected can form a human being who is productive in a forgiving way because they are equal to their innate capacity as a form with two arms and two legs, perceptive ability and organization skills - as we see with the car key organization. And all of this so called ‘political ‘difficulty’’ really to grab resource in self interest hiding this end game under factions of religious belief, and cultural ideology where psychologically we pit the same difference in debate as, for example,  class warfare and economic inequality - a morality show, like the mediaeval plays of old, an entertainment we all accept and allow unless we stop and realize that what we all long for is to be ourselves, here, interacting with others, organizing, ordering, discovering, interacting, communicating.

One time my family put a dog that had become very ill to death via “ sleep.”  The family was sitting around the dog, as the injection was given. Everyone was very emotional. I watched the dog, and suddenly, so gentle, so subtle, there was a movement, like a wisp shooting up out of the dog and the body relaxing so slightly it was almost imperceptible. I realized that my family did not see this, in the next 30 seconds, they started to ask if the dog had died. I was afraid to say the dog was dead, and another voice came up saying “ did you not see what happened”? Our machines cannot register this, and yet a human can. Others have spoken of such things, so I am not alone in this. Being caught in emotions, to validate self, as ideas, separate the human from an ability to sense in ways that even our machines cannot sense, thus we are so much more than our beliefs, opinions and ideas, our cultural definitions, our religious beliefs. Our abdication will not be resolved through our technology, even though our technology can help us come back to ourselves as life. We can use the means we use to organize car keys, to organize this world in a way that ensures that each beingness, as human, as plant, as animal, has their basic needs met to allow them the time and opportunity to reach their full potential as life, here. This is the value, it is time to become this, it is what we all seek. The solution is to give as we would want to receive, to realize that everything of this earth is the same as us. We decide.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 568 Fryeburg Maine and our Children.

I watched a video about a town in Maine fighting for water rights. An interesting measure of reality was questioned in this video; Nestle, was allowed infinite control, as the “ right” to make profits, ( for whom), of a finite resource. This is division and conquest for endless profit, an unnatural act.

In essence we gift infinite rights to profit, of something that is finite. When something is finite, like our water, it can only be used in ways that sustain it, that allow it to circulate to maintain the earth and soil right where it is. When we believe that this can be used to feed a corporation its law of infinite profit, as wealth, we take the nature of something and disregard it, and feed it into a construction that believes itself more than the thing it feeds off to survive. That does not make any sense.  Remember the lake in Africa, the one that used water to grow tulips so income was generated to pay off the IMF debts? That lake was slowly drying up, creating another precarious situation for the people who lived there, people like you and me who want to enjoy their children and nature, people who are willing to work.

We are doing the same with our children, we are taking their innate common sense and shattering it with a narrow focus of incessant refolding of information, that is so confusing because it has no real substantive application in practicality . So then, we have diminished life resource as the common sense of children, so that they cannot understand any real practical measure of what is really being said and how it makes no sense that then forms the adult.

An example is my son. He got in the 89 th percentile on his SAT math. We were at dinner in a restaurant , my son went to figure out the tip. He started to multiply the figure by .20. I looked at him and said, what are you doing? Just take ten percent and double it, in your head! He looked at me. He has become a good programmed robot, taking the long way in math. Is this what it means to do well on the SAT? Is this the kind of workers we want, ones who can do math the long slow way without any efficiency? Of course, because then if one is efficient, patterns start to be understood, and the water does not flow into that profit entity we are all allowing that believes its need for profit is infinite no matter the fact that the resources on earth are finite. We will turn that into a profit when we get there. If we take the time to look beyond our slow means of measure taught, we can see that the world is not functioning, but for a few.

But is this what each does within, in not being aware of what a profit based system really means? Are we all only interested in our own profit? Are we not the men who created the system, and/or allow it to continue? When we are not paying attention to what is happening with the people around us, and do not question a neighbor not being able to care for their home, for example, are we not wondering why a human form with two arms and two legs, when fed properly and educated, and not burdened by economic stress, can actually get up and do? Is this present system not simply a reflection of what each of us is and does as we act in self interest and blame those around us, playing a game of class warfare based on decoration having meaning instead of what real development in practice of being in a physical form means, as this is what we use to survive. So we chase an idea, and discipline ourselves to become it, not realizing that without money we cannot develop, which means one needs opportunity, and the time to walk what development means, without distractions and worries and competition elimination because we fear something will be lost. And what is lost in such an instance is real self development.

Within this, the profit scenario can threaten by having us believe that if profits are not made then pensions are not paid. But all of this is on top of resources that circulate in the manner humans accept and allow as a construction. If the common sense of our children were allowed license to expand as is the nature of common sense, then what finite resources the earth gives freely would become a movement that is in line with common sense, which would mean that all life would be valued, because in common sense the physical resources of earth are how we exist, without them we are not here, and it is here that we are! 

So, in common sense, the water has to circulate, and does not need a middle man construct of transference into wealth accumulation that does so by means of suppression. This is a waste and one that brings havoc to earth. Would our education system cost as much as it does if the common sense of the child flourished? Does our system cost as much as it does because suppression is costly?
We have allowed a supernatural construct infinite power and allowed a fear of survival as its consequence to follow in its shadow, but this is an abdication of common sense by the follower AND the followed. Thus, the only way out is for the water to circulate freely, and the common sense of the child to circulate freely as well. And it is this common sense within, that is what gives each the power to do so. If we want to stop the voice of profit, we have to stand up in practical common sense of physical reality, which is to accept the physical as real, as something that can be understood. The means to create a world where our resources circulate in ways that are sustainable is right here, there are many who have realized practices that enable all to have a decent grounded life, we must simply choose to become this. It will really not be that hard, it will be so much easier than what we are doing. The illusion is what is scary, the reality is what would bring ease to all as life.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 567 A sense of unworthiness cutting off communication

Recently a memory from my recent past is coming up. I was teaching in a school. I had a task to teach a group of fourth graders, to improve a skill over a three week period. I stood there in front of this group and realized they did not even have the most basic skills necessary to work with a new form. So, I spent half the daily class time just practicing the basics before what they needed to learn. It was an experiment on my part, and I realized there was no one watching over me, so I went with it.
About two months later, when I was onto something else, an assistant principle came to me and told me that my group’s improvement was far greater than what other seasoned teachers had done. 
So, I want to go back here for a moment. After I had taught this class, I became very insecure socially with the other teachers, I felt that somehow they were not as open with me, and I could not figure out why. I took this personally. At the time my husband had been dead for about a year and a half, and often I felt that I could not teach these children because my husband had killed himself, and I had a lot of feelings of un worthiness because of this. So, the slightest social distance from a teacher, a colleague could set me off, and of course, I did not go around telling anyone that my husband had died by suicide. 
I was too afraid to ask if there was some reason the teachers seemed less open with me, after I had taught this class, and I did not know of my achievement. Everything remained in a silence, with no communication. I am sure the principle knew of what I had done.
When I found out later of what I had done, I was busy with something else. I became upset that no one had talked with me, had asked me what I had done, that the principle even, did not come and say to me “ what did you do to achieve such results?” Overall this is really unacceptable. As a parent who has had children in public schools I find this behavior unacceptable. I should have been asked, by the principle and the other teachers.
Also, with myself, I, when I found out, should have gone and told the others what I had done, but the focus of my new responsibilities occupied my attention. It was not until later that I reflected over the matter and asked why. Also, had I not been so insecure with myself, perhaps I would have been more open. In these words alone, lies the answer to this whole situation. Insecurity.
This kind of insecurity is a lot like an addiction. It is an emotional experience that, as we can see in this situation, bears no witness to life, it is not an act of life before profit, as I was so busy fearing for my position before being practical and normal. It is an act on both sides where one wallows in emotions, habits really, based on a self belief, and a fear of losing something, overall, ambiguous, without any action in practical reality. And it is a crime against the children, because they are the ones who lose in the end. And, they become the adults that we are, and as these actions suggest, such behavior perpetuates this that is really a personality dis-order, one that lacks character, a sound character, and is not one that is a model for children and anyone else.
The other teachers, they were lost in their own fears, a fear that someone new had managed to do something they had not done, and so they hid in their fear instead of reaching out, which is what they probably ask children to do, but do not model or show themselves.
So, everyone was lost in their adductions to self pity and fear of losing a job, or fear of looking less than another. When, if someone had sat down with me and asked, I would have said what I had done.  If the other teachers had come and asked me about my past, I might have revealed myself. What I experienced was a lot of competition, socially and within individual ideas about class. I mean I was in a room where another teacher would come in and complain about his wife who was divorcing him as she was dating the father of  a student in the class. So, it was all one big gossip circle.  And then to make matter worse, the ditched wife was an aid in another school, in the class of my son. My son would come home and complain about her. I would remain silent and tell him to just try and stay out of her way. The social web in my community was one of spite and blame and bitterness, all being projected outwards. So busy was the community within this, that no one was really communicating with one another in ways that benefitted the community over all. And so busy are we all with this, that we are not paying attention to what is happening with our representatives and the structure of our federal and state governments, where there are leaders doing the same spiteful self interested acts. Who suffers but the children and the plants and the animals and the soils. These things which sustain us, which allow us life. And people can be insightful and solve problems, but when they do, we are so busy in our own self interest, our emotional addictions of pity, that we do not see them. And it is here that I must realize I am no different.
The walls of separation that are creating the spite and the blame are a lack of expressing our fears, of sharing what we are feeling and how scared we are. We can say that human nature is greed, but this is based on fear, and the only way out of fear is to share why we are afraid and then to figure out how to remove the insecurity. Humans have to share their insights and their fears, in this is the answer. This is really the only way out. How many of us have actually solved something only to ignore it as the emotional personality dis-order chooses to hide a sense of fearing to be considered unworthy more than communicate the solution that is always right in front of us and that we see in moments when we step out of our fears and actually DO something?
I could have gone back and shared what I had done. The other teachers and the principle can go to another as ask what they had done instead of hiding in insecurity, as such personal acts of fear obviously does not move things forward. In this we are all like Israel bombing that which we beLIEve is different from us, which is a personality dis-order, a projected limited belief lacking in practical common sense.
If we as men do not communicate with one another, we allow our fears to define us, and all fear is, is not walking the steps necessary to remove the what we did not know by asking another what they know. I mean, this is how we learn, by sharing structural understanding. This is how we learn to walk, one of imitation, but we have to have access directly, or, as in my situation where I was in a classroom alone where no one could directly see what I had done, is to come and ask to have what structural steps I walked to achieve what I had done. If we remain in fear, we remain inferior to the structures around us that reveal form and function, ways and means of expanding, This is simply an act of investigation. Investigation is to go and look and discover a structural means to an end. When we hesitate to seek such answer we are caught in an emotional veil of belief which is a personality dis-order, a lack that is built of a dissonance of “ what if,”
choosing a fear of loss over understanding structure. If men were not capable, then we would not have economic structures that suppress opportunity. It would not be necessary, because here there would be no fear of another becoming aware. It is that we are capable of becoming aware that a system of economic lack has manifested, which means we are all hiding in fear,  doing what is being done unto us. To break this chain of suppressing life, we have to accept life and allow what is natural, what is the real nature of ourselves, to come forth and as this to create a system that structurally supports us as physical beings who are capable of understanding and working together to the point where we realize we create and we work together and as this we become secure.

Life exists as a structural form. It can be seen and it can be understood because this is how things manifest. But, if we are caught in an idea that we cannot understand, and a system that manifests as this as usury, a system that will actualize its lack of common sense as a pyramid scheme of which the truth of at present is hidden in impoverished people who no longer have any voice and in destructive wars that eliminate the excess of debt that is the inevitable waste of usury,  if we do not look because of a sense of being unworthy and fearing to lose our jobs, we must realize we are the cause of the present system as we are the cause of our own lack of self trust and self honesty.  If we are afraid we are not equal to something and hide in spite and blame which is to remain in uncertainty and not follow through with the means of solution which is to investigate  structural common sense.

A personality dis-order is a para-normal activity because it is a projection as a value judgement onto what is a structured, visible reality, so it is the personality dis-order that would believe reality cannot be understood because as I had done, I believed I had done something wrong and veiled myself from solution, from common sense, this that I had used in one moment to solve a problem and then rejected in another.  We really have to start admitting our fears, and opening them up, and realizing that at present our greatest fears are around money, and that the present money system is a scam, one that must end. Then, we can all slow down and take a look at how we allowed such a system to manifest without.

Each has to remove their emotional veils, their personality dis-orders, their fear of what another will think, because thinking in itself, is not being equal in understanding in ways that simply communicate directly without hesitation, as one has a self trust in the structure that is what is life inFORMation as this is how life exists.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 566 The usurious smoke and mirrors valley of good and evil. HALOgraphics as mind/consciousness.

I had an movement this week where I was like in a fog, as I moved by association, a collection of values guided by a random projection onto objects that I as mind am not always aware of. This keeping me locked and inferior to really transforming  with the life around me into understanding, as what I have allowed to build as a  wall of protection and self defense All an idea to remain within the pyramid of survival, always  a pyramid scheme that will not sustain, is not sustainable, just as what men are doing as the world system, as this is the manifestation of what each is within that has become an imposed system without, forcing itself to get its limited way, inferior to life, disrespectful of the physical. We need only look to Ukraine, to Syria, and to Israel and to many other parts of the world to see, realize and understand this. and we all hide in spite and blame, projecting responsibility onto others to avoid the gift of life as a capacity to work with physical earth existence in ways that do no harm, and create a world where the needs of physical beingness  can be met as this is life in expression, this is the means of life. As mind we divide by association and create a persona of limited measure, using a means that divides the substance of life into a good and a bad, an energetic polarity system,  where we take that which we believe is good because it fits into a self definition that we fear moving out of having forgotten ourselves as life in a constant state of physical transformation, a slow process to give one the time to participate and discover and create,  not scary when accepted, but scary in relation to fearing to change, when the change is life in expression, as this movement is the joy of and as life here, so, we give up our joy to hold onto an idea, and then reject a small measure of change, as what does not fit that idea, and reject  it, blaming and spiting what lacks and does not support this. And this is the source of the pyramid scheme on earth that is overall a separation from common sense, from what circulates and sustains the physical world. We must choose life, as this is what we all want, beyond the confusion of the mind, our stability is to become equal to the physical, which means to practically respect is, which is to act in ways that do no harm, which is to give as we would want to receive.

One has to forgive the spite and the blame, and open up the map of association, built of beliefs, opinions and ideas, to undo the self accepted knot that is an undulating smoke and mirrors show, that is the valley of good and evil, one that envelopes as mind, right here, as each of us, our separation from practical reality, as the physical.  The physical that can change in a seeable transformative way, that one need not fear but first each must give up what is a burden of self definition, one that weighs each down if we allow and accept it. The only choice is to become equal and one to and with and as the physical, realizing that each expression as the physical as earth, is what enables a definition that moves as one in creation in totality. This is what we all seek, here. Thus our system without of usury must come to an end.  Our minds within playing a protection and defense game, building a wall of separation from ourselves,  built of association as values held onto to define ourselves as what is a dis-ordered personality, an inner usurious act, must stop spinning as this is a halo of thoughts so occupying that perspective of all parts as the physical REAL world is ignored, cannot be seen, and this inner action, consumes the flesh of and as us to ignite itself, and so we die, never having lived and in the process destroying the lives of the children, the next generation of life, one that will come to an end, for all things on earth as earth unless we stop, and we breath, and we slow ourselves down to see, realize and understand our separation from the gift of life, of which the process of self forgiveness and writing and corrective application is the action.