Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 296 Transfer Pricing, Usury and the education of a child.

Transfer Pricing, Usury and the education of a child.
It is all tied together. One effects the other. One is the inversion of money to be transferred to a few, causing economic slavery and thus instability,. What happens to a child that is raised within such an environment of economic slavery? What behaviors does such inversion of money create on a species whose existence is determined by money? And who are the ones most effected? What are the effects of a fear caused by constant financial worry? If one is in worry, and each of us should stop for a minute and think about how much we think about money and paying our bills, and within this how much of the lives of our children we miss because we have spent so much time focused on how we are going to pay our bills and our mortgages and fix that roof, and replace that car with over 200,000 miles that in a year - even if one has taken care of that care - or two - will become 250,000 miles? After your mortgage payments, and no vacations, and the principle of the mortgage at the end of the loan, which means your principle payments go up and the interest goes down, which means your taxes go up, which means that the ability of even a frugal person to manage to have an account to place a small amount of money to repair that 30 year roof in 5 years, is virtually impossible.
This system is impossible, it does not create and allow life to simply be.
What is transfer pricing and how does this “invert money” ? Well, it inverts the wealth, the value of resource to nothing at the place of origin and then sends it all around the world, establishing a greater value down the line. It is moving wealth into the hands of another, and in this case, into another country. Transfer pricing should really be labeled as what it is, the transfer of a monetary value given to a resource into the hands of another, before consideration of supporting life.
So what is usury? And how does this follow the same inversion process?
And this is why Christ was so angry and reactive in the “temple”. And please, remember that Christ was a real person, a man, he was not some invisible god!
Money is loaned with interest. This means more money is paid back with the borrowed sum/money. The banks create more money every time someone borrows money and lends this created money. So the value of what was borrowed on, then generates a situation where the interest can be paid on the loan. So, the banks want constant “borrowing/lending” to exist because they can constantly have new money to lend/be borrowed. But, since the interest is not real money it must take from the real “leant/borrowed” money. But there is not enough of this, because there is only so much leant and it cannot possibly cover the interest, the back payment of more than lent/borrowed.
Look at this in a small bubble. I live on a Island with you, the two of us. I have five dollars and you have five dollars. I borrow your five dollars to use ( in whatever way). You tell me that I must give you interest on that 5 dollars, meaning I must pay you back 7 dollars. Okay, where is that “more” 2 dollars? It does not exist.
It does exist in the 5 dollars that one of the two had - one could say. So, that other person eventually gives back the borrowed 5 dollars and 2 dollars of his 5. Now he has only 3 dollars. So, the lender/bank now has transferred the value - as the paper money- to himself, leaving the other with less.
Take this and place this scenario onto your household, into the function and form as usury, as bank lending and personal borrowing. A mortgage is basically the transfer of your wealth to a bank, to another. Usury, interest lending, is wealth transfer. “Wealth” is not just luxury items, it is what you have that supports you as life, this includes the basic needs for existence. The existence of interest lending, and taxing, on those who pay the brunt of taxes, which are those on the lower levels of this pyramid of wealth transfer, allows economic slavery. Economic slavery effects the behavior of the enslaved, as they believe they own what they have, but are placed in a situation where they must worry about that house that is keeping them warm, so basic existence is lost to worry and fear of survival to make that payment with money that does not exist, or is basically moving your “wealth/ life support” into the hands of another.
What would such an environment create for a child? And why is it not understood by the parents that usury is really a criminal activity of wealth ( labor and resource - this also being a home) transfer? Why have the adults of this world not been educated to really understand this inversion process of wealth/resource? Could this be why Christ as a MAN, was so reactive within the money lending/borrowing scheme done through inversion?
Or, do we know this, and we blame the one left on the street for not ‘having figured this out” not stopping ourselves and realizing that it is an impossibility for others to NOT fall.
Back to our children. What does such an environment do to children? Children are born without language and without religion. They do not even know how to walk. Yet they learn, in a relatively short period of time, to move a body with multiple limbs, and speak at the same time. This indicates an ability of depth perception, a common sense of this world that is more than superficial.
Given the illusion of usury and transfer pricing, and how it is taking from one to pay another, to transfer a value to another, causing poverty and starvation, worry and fear, disregard for the real value of what is here on earth. It is taking what is here, the physical stuff of this planet, and giving it a monetary value, and then lending that value out, and asking for a greater return, which means taking from one to pay another, transferring what supports life as resource onto a symbol ( money) and then transferring again the real value of that transferred value into/onto a few, this being the money lenders/banks.
And then taxes can be used to regulate “getting ahead’ to ensure that there is no way to have any savings and to ensure constant lending/borrowing.
Dont’ be upset if this is not understood right away, take the time to look at this, write it out. I remember trying to do chemistry in high school. It was gibberish to me. But another violinist came to me with a perfect test score and showed this to me. I just looked at him and eureka it dawned on me that if he could do that, so could I. I had to look at chemistry over and over again, I had to stare at those symbols and that math - with the electrons and neutrons etc. again and again. I could not see it. And then one day, boom! I began to see it. And it all made sense. So, one moment I was quiet in the face of talking about Chemistry, because I thought it some complicated, difficult thing, and the next thing I knew it was not, it made sense. ( please , I have not looked at chemistry in YEARS, so I would have to review it all, but it would not be some foreign complicated, extremely difficult thing, I could if I sat and looked and went over some chemical process carefully get to a point where I could basically understand the principles- and even here, i would then understand that many of the products sold by pharmaceuticals are repackaged old products, and this is done to - once again- change a price to a higher price with one tiny molecular change- which is another transfer price action)
So, once again, how do the behaviors of “ the economically enslaved” and the “economically able to take ( meaning wealth transferrers)” effect the expression, as the movement of men on this earth? What would such a system create as the very life movement of men on this earth? And how would this behavior effect the children born into a system of such movement? How would such a system choose what is best? It cannot do what is best for this planet, what is best for life, it is by nature, a system of inequality, and the nature of this action is an ignorance of life, because to do this, means the real value is not seen, is not understood. The real value is not taught! Within this, one can begin to realize that everything that is here affects everything that is here. And this ability of this physical world, as thus, a tool to become aware of self as life. This earth, in totality is the gift to become aware of life, I mean, what else is there? Thus this is forgiving oneself to and as life. This is what self forgiveness is. This is why the physical is real and religion is illusion/imagination. Yet, a system of inequality, would make such proposals and use that transferred wealth to project images all over this earth that divert/transfer your attention from what is real!

And then, this is perpetuated and handed down to the children.
I don’t know how many people who have had children, later turn to religion, and such, as they feel that somehow the promise of what they saw in their children when their children were young, was never lived. So, a promise was there, and it died. What if that “promise” was what was real? And it is the action of this system, of economic enslavement as the transfer of value to a few, and the process of limiting awareness, to allow this un equal support, that which is non development of children as life, because the parents are so lost in worry about debt and figuring out how to pay for the development of their children? The parents are not here, as they were brought up within the same system, and now they have a moment of joy, with a new life, and then somehow that life is never fully realized, is never fully lived, that life grows up and somehow the promise of that child is gone. And what is really sick, is that we blame the child, or we blame the genes, or we blame the education we had, or we blame some traumatic event ( and believe me, I had a man tell me when I suggested that we spend some time with the children, that my sons were totally “fucked/screwed up because their father killed himself. Yes, I stopped and I looked at this person, was astounded and thought, how does one follow the other? There are people on this earth who have suffered so much and it did not destroy them etc. Needless to say that was the end of that - at the time) . Yet, blame is living in a past event, and it is more of the same behavior that created this system/existence of inequality, of un equal awareness of this physical gift of life world. The past is not here, and “here” can be seen and understood, it takes some looking at here, just as i had to look at those chemical symbols again and again until I could SEE how they “moved’ so to speak.
There is not time for blame, there is not time for spite, there is only the choice of removing this economic system of enslavement, of value transfer, of this pyramid scheme, it is not supportive of life, and it does not under stand life, it is not using the value of this physical world as the gift of life, as the means to become one and equal in understanding and awareness of this physical world. This system is destroying the one promise that was real, the ability exhibited in children at a young age, when they manage so many things, and that management ability is not developed, it is shut down, and each and every one of us caught up in this system are accepting and allowing this. It is time to stop, to stand and to support a practical way and means to end this. This is to collectively, just as advertising collectively indoctrinates!, stand as all as one as equal, to and as what is best for all, realizing the value is life, and that what is here, as this physical earth, belongs to all of us, as life, as all as one as equal, here. It is time to allow that promise of that child to be lived, It is time to stop this sick game of transferring what supports life into a mirage of ignorance that is fear, that is the behavior indicating that one’s self as life has separated itself from what is real, as life, this that is the real value, here.
Equal Money Capitalism.
Walk yourself out of your own taught, by those who came before, ignorance with the Desteni Lite FREE course. Stop living in the past with an illusion of a promising future, and place yourself here, in common sense, develop the depth of yourself as life. It is time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 295 Rebellion, Protest is Not Practical Change

Rebellion, Protest.
Any entity, voice or suggestion of rebellion, protest, or petition will not change what is unacceptable as it is not an act of change, it is an act of complaint, blame and spite. Huge crowds of people standing before a government building screaming “woe is me” is not an action that manifests change. It is asking the cause of the abuse to change, and since the cause of the abuse, the limiting laws and actions that bring the frustration and lack are what has been placed into practice, is the very from as government and system created by the people, this is like asking the people who have power -power that was given within a system of inequality, where money determines food and shelter needed to live in dignity - to represent existence and not grab more for themselves, that do not realize what they are as the mind, as consciousness functions, to stop and give up what they believe as the only way they are going to survive. And they do not, had they, this world would be different.
To have created a system where systems take care of each of us, instead of standing within and as our own common sense power as life, is to have abdicated ourselves as life, because we stopped moving as life, stopped looking at life, stop being life. Thus blame and spite for what exists, directed towards a governing body that is acting in self interest is not going to bring about any change. All this will accomplish is a tightening of control, where those in positions of power will hold onto that power without any consideration for anything else but themselves.
I think of facing a school committee here. Our schools are public corporations, created by the people for the people to ensure that what is for the common good comes before profit, which means, since profit is here as inequality monetarily, that it is acknowledged that profit through money is what exists as this system, and yet the governing body as the elected executives that represent the people as the enactment of what is for the common good: this is the school committee, have taken on the responsibility for the people, the people within the community having a responsibility to stand and to share any new technologies with the executives as the school committee that have stood to represent the public corporation as the schools, within practices that are for the common good of the people, to ensure that profit ONLY is not what is practiced.
What is interesting, in my local school committee is that most of the committee is composed of educators within the system and ex-educators. There are very few people in the committee who are not within or have not been within the public school educational system. ( Sound like the swinging doors of Congress and BIG business?)
So, as a citizen, it is my responsibility to present what I have discovered with my local public corporation.
But this is blocked. One reason is that the committee is so overloaded with paper work that they know nothing else, anything outside of the paper work agenda seems too much, as the paper work needs to be completed.
Another issue, is that this system believes itself to be the ONLY source of knowledge, anyone coming in and suggesting something else from without the system, is considered a threat to the “ego” of the system, as in the system not having done what this system represents, and this system does not want to lose its status for fear of losing its profit. All the personnel on the school have come and offered their services as something they are selling, their skills, and it is up to the school committee to realize which skilled people to place with the public corporation, for which they give a salary to, as the school personnel are “profiting” from their services, and thus this is not profit ONLY, yet since money is needed to survive they must receive some profit, or they will not be able to place food on the table and a roof over their heads.
Within this scenario, anything that suggests that their services can be improved is to suggest that they need improvement, and this would mean changing, and this might mean losing their profit/salary, which means losing their ability to place food on the table.
So, collectively this school personnel “group” are going to ensure that they remain with their power, as each is in fear of losing their profit. This fear is so big that common sense is secondary, and thus clouded.
It is always about money, so the reverse is actually what is lived within the order of the law presented. The profit ONLY is reality an the movement within sharing and living, what is for the common good is second. This is life in reverse.
What I find amazing - and this is an emotional blame/spite reaction within and as me. which I have to work on, is that many of the “educated” members of my community complain about how my local schools are ineffective, and yet the school administration blabbers on about how they are doing a good job, that they “believe they are doing a good job”, the best job they can. So, there is a difference of opinion, and when someone stands up and questions this, they are immediately shut down and considered negative.
Reminds me when my husband was about to commit suicide. I called his male friends, thinking that they would be able to say what i was trying to say in a way that would reach my husband. I even called his family and his boss, and all that happened was that I was considered to be paranoid, negative. In the end he killed himself. And I remember seeing, like a “cloud” like a mirage around him, and I did not understand what this was. And he seemed to be “shaking” a lot, ever so slightly. This had stopped, he had calmed down, and yet that last day, the day before he died, he walked in the door and this “shaking thing” was there again - it really is like a subtle oscillation, and I knew everything had been lost, that we were back at square one. I was so upset, I just stopped within myself, and said, that i had to calm down before I could take any action. Little did I understand the severity of this, as the next day he was gone.
So, it is the same with the system, a collective of individuals all existing in fear of survival, in fear of losing that which has been made into an absolute need to exist, which is a piece of paper as money, as what we sell ourselves for, in order to survive. Where when we have a place on the grid, anything that is perceived to be a threat to this, is shut out, ignored, pushed away, and new laws are placed to prevent loss, to suppress loss, to maintain the profit for the individual as the individual is who it is that does this, with prettysounding words of justification, and meanwhile the total structure is not looked at, only the cloud of self interest as survival, this fear, with a justifying voice of supposed goodness, these two the very separation from the common good, the “what is best for all.”
It is not that with some patience, what is here can be understood, it is that the fear is too great, the fear is the monster under the bed, the fear distorts reality to the point where the justification is made real, to hide the fear. Questions can be asked that interrupt this fear, but the tenacious, and these are usually the ones that have the highest salaries, simply become more reactive.
Asking a hierarchy of individuals, those divided into fear and happy face presentation, to change is like asking someone to give up their food and their shelter, especially within a system where money determines life. The ones who have abundant money, that benefit the most, they are going to have to give up power and all their possessions, of which they cannot possibly use at once.
This is why the structure of the system must change, as what exists creates fear, and thus does not work. cannot work, will never work, and asking this form to change itself, when it is composed of many not being able to see anything else, will, obviously not work. The blueprint of fear of loss and the action of self interest are too busy being held onto in desperation, as how fear acts. If you have ever taken a lifesaving course, and had to save someone from drowning,, that person will fight for their life, and is they are stronger than you, you must know how to turn that body around and lock the arms in such a way to suspend them from behind until they calm enough to start floating and thus breathing. I think I was sixteen, and I failed the first time, my instructor was bigger than me, and I did not understand how hard i had to fight. The people who have found a point in the grid of inequality, are not going to just give up their position of security, their life investment.
Rebellion and protest is just going to create more reactive behaviors, and the barricades we stand behind to protest will only be placed further and further away. And I understand that this has happened at the White House in Washington. The barricades are further away, and the army stand guard against its own people. The landscape is the people against the state, that is the picture, that is the reality.
The solution is to stand up and place a new system through a collective vote, as it is the people who have formed this system, and thus it is the people who must stand and change this. In a way, what is here on earth is a systemic public corporation, it is the cooperation of the collective as the human, as the “public”. It will take an “army” of the collective to realize a change, to actually walk, in detail the structure and form needed to end this drama of screaming mobs and protecting self defensive hierarchies who have managed to get the profit.
This reminds me of my local school district again. The superintendent is hired by the school committee ( this body representing the public “common good”) and this superintendent handles the money, which means this administrator can decide that he needs a raise and thus give himself one, which means that he can decide that he is doing a good job, and give himself a raise. THis actually happened here, during a supposed “override” the superintendent said the school needed money for the budget and asked the community to vote in more money for the schools, and then promptly gave himself as raise. And this, in the face of private salaries not growing over the last 15 years. That action of that superintendent, did it consider the community within this lack in other areas of the community, did that superintendent consider the stressed out parents of thechildren in the households of parents whose cost of living was increasing and salaries or profits were not? Does this person who represents the children, consider the children? As what he/she stand for? No they did not, they considered their own survival only, and not what was for the common good of the community.
So, those government administrators are not going to consider anything else but their own survival, and any questioning, is, as I said, just going to create a greater divide, a bigger distance. Which begs the question on another level, what is going to pay for the bodies standing in the “no man’s land zone? Your are, you the protestor, you the blamer, you the rebel. This is not the means to stop the abuse of inequality.
What exists as inequality, was built brick by brick by brick by humans, the generations of humans that have been here on this earth. Thus, it is the collective, in organization, that must stand and realize a systemic change, through networking and structuring and voting in a system that never allows what presently exists to happen again because it does not work. Unless the system takes care of life, absolutely, it is not a functioning system. And the one we have has been going on for so long, and it is not working, it keeps trying to force what it is to work, and naturally this is not working. It will never work.
And, since what is here has been created by generations of men, no one person can say that they did something all by themselves, because they did not. What is here has been built by many, and what has been built is not good or bad, it is simply how what has been built is being used, so, there is much here that is good, and this can be used to begin this journey towards becoming life here on earth, to ensuring that all that is here is cared for with absolute specificity as what is best for what is here.
Waiting for someone else to stand will not work, as self will and must forgive self as life here, I can forgive you, but this will not work, someone else forgiving me for myself will not work, eventually we will all have to realize that the only choice is to forgive one self to life, which means becoming one and equal to and as life. Thus must the illusion in and as this mind system of consciousness, of competition, comparison within a measure of seeking gain, seeking a more than someone else, this action within self as thoughtas the judging that it is, that when compounded becomes emotion and feeling bodies layered within creating dis-ease , which is the physical showing the extent of separation one has become from life in abdication of self as life. All ideas, beliefs and opinions must be looked at for what they are, are they a preference or are they used to compare within being more than something else, are they comforts that are simply habitual that need not really be an experience that define self here?
Obviously, usury does not work as a practice. It is presented as supportive but the outflow of this is really “taking from Peter to pay Paul” it is presenting “giving” but it is really and act of taking, ensuring the ownership of - eventually - everything to that level of competition and desire for more than, which is what greed is, to one person, or a few people. Usury is a system of control, it is not a system that allow self empowerment, self determination, self expression, self honesty with and as life, self responsibility in and as life, this equalizing of self to and as life, being a self realization experience of what life is in fact. I mean if life is what is here that supports everything, would not realizing this be the real ultimate value? The behaviors of earth at present are of conflict and friction, disease, and war, destruction of nature, this all a physical, visibly recognizable outflow of destruction, it is not taking care of this earth, it is not an act of being forgiving as life here.
The waters of this earth should be gentle, soft, clean, life giving, and they are not. They are heavily polluted, stormy, carrying toxins that are suffocating our oceans and our rivers. All of this is through the actions of men in self interested, self ignorant gain. Self ignorance is not being life. Consciousness is the manifestation of ignorance, as this is what separation is, and it exists as a less substantive form than life, in and as energy, and energy consists of poles of positive and negative, spectrums of a singular action in and as separation from what is substantive and this is the sound of life. Thus, self seeking positives, as what is driven as supposedly being positive within the consumerist presentation are limited, blown out of proportion distortions of reality, and this overblown value is in separation from life. This is why it must be understood that everything ( as the warped reality) will be lost should one walk the desteni process, and yet nothing will be lost, it will simply be brought back to life.
The living word is self in equality with life. It is self equal and one with and as life, simply being, ending the chasing of the addictions of energy based behaviors, that will never be satisfied as they are unequal to what is of substance.
The rewards are the end of fear. Is there really any other reason, especially for those of us that live in the west who have some level of stability - that by the way is not real stability- needed other than to remove fear from existence, is not this enough of a realization to stand and participate and build a system that realizes that all life is the value, and that there is no real life until all become self honest, self responsible, self directive, in and as life? Equal Money Capitalism is to make sense of this world, to bring this world back into common sense. The divisions of belief, opinion and idea, and the propagation of needs, wants and desires that are often partial truths coupled with layers of diversions, to avoid facing reality, and to maintain inequality, are the compounds of a just-I-see-loss/justice of loss as a protection and defense system wanting gain in absence of being practical here in common sense of this physical world. The answer, as the reward, is to realize in common sense what functions as what is best for all on this physical planet. The physical world flourishes with clean water, proper nutrients, stable environments. Taking in self interest creates instability when done within ignoring the physical world, and this is the condition of those continents abundant in resource, and indication that this is a system that is not working with life, that is acting in self interest in ignorance of practical consideration of what supports life, within the realization that life is the value.
Check out Equal Money Capitalism and stand up for life.
Check out interviews on Eqafe, to understand self and the history of existence.
Walk a FREE course to receive cross referencing understanding of self as life with a buddy, to understand how one has existed as consciousness, the manifestation of man in separation from and as life. DIP Lite
Let’s get this done, so that we as life can begin, to realize, see and understand that this world needs to be cleaned up to support the children yet to come, to resuscitate the soils, the waters, the animals and the plants, which is what life on earth is, thus everything that is here is of value, including yourself.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 294 Disgust Character : Fear Dimension The Trap

I spent the day doing my taxes yesterday. I thought it would not take me very long as I have done them so many times and the process of doing them is not so overwhelming. Yet, it took more time than I thought, as numbers on papers did not match my own records, and changes in my situation turned out to be just more of the same of this present system. A system driven by debt, where the creation of debt allows banks to print more money, in their favor, thus any situation that does not create the need for debt cannot be allowed, as this is not favorable to a creation of money. SO, in order for the amount of money to grow debt has to grow, and since there is more debt than money in this system, since the debt cannot be paid back in full because it is not real, this interest - which is self interest for a few/banks ( privately owned) accumulating and then the object of this unable-to-be-paid-back-interest, as real estate or labor value creation, becomes the property of the bank. And all of this is based on imaginary-nonexistent money.
Are the same tools of this trade applied within religious doctrines? That there is some promise of more if we just believe? If we just take the imaginations of that loan improving our lives and or that promise of heaven improving our lives if we keep the faith? This faith being the interest for a few? And all of it imagined and the creation of something that does not in fact exist? Where, all it takes is standing up and removing this mirage? And it is a mirage, one each of us carries around right in front of our eyes, spiraling away, spinning in and out, prevalent in our words, the survival behaviors of self interest. As within, so without, as above, so below.
Consciousness creating bubbles of self interest, a spirit of ignorance of the physical world, manifest in thought, word and deed. This deed held in place by a piece of paper plastered in illusive words, the voice of compounded interest, our burdens we carry that are self accepted and allowed illusions. The gift of life, as the physical, being destroyed through imaging a superficial world of no substantive life direction some call devolution, distopia, some call pollution, starvation, rape, child abuse, animal abuse, soil devastation: this list can go on and on. It is moving in tandem with the growth of the electric light shining on the planet earth. I mean what is feeding all those lights visible from space? And what are those lights down there on earth “enlightening”? War and crime, murder and abuse, to all that is on earth. This system is not working as life, it is working as destruction, blind inconsiderate destruction. And the prevention of this is to simply realize life is the value, and to give that which is good to all to live in dignity, self directed as life as the very substance of what each of us is. Thus this is here, and so there is no excuse for this to not be what exists.
Anyway, my taxes. I wrote last night, very late, and realized I had become emotional; worry and fear. So I stopped, walked around, spoke forgiveness, breathed, calmed myself down through slowing down. The words going through me were, “ I am trapped.”
And in my “trappings” the tendency is to go into blame, finger pointing, spite, fear, seeing no way out. And I noticed that this is my self in self disgust. I am doing the same thing I was doing within this memory of seeing two feet rubbing together. I am wanting to project disgust onto the world, onto this physical reality. This is not the being of myself in common sense. And this is not grounding myself with my feet on the ground. This is myself becoming a behavior, in self interest, of a story of fear, wanting a change, in not wanting to participate within this illusion, just wanting it to go away, where with my feet on the ground, I must walk out of this illusion, through realizing it is an illusion, and how I have been taught to become this separation into and as fear, as judgement, as NON looking, to “get along” with an illusion as "there appears to be no other way." THe initiation into this, happening in childhood, as a child, so small, with no place to go, thus the creation of a belief that this is a trap. But, it is a trap of no substance, no validation of the actual physical world. Thus, having accepted and allowed this, when I see the physical world being in common sense of itself, I react in disgust, thinking it dirty, because I long for this self as life, and yet to do so would mean no longer accepting and allowing words, as expressions, as emotions and feelings and thoughts, as words and deeds and thought that have no awareness of life, that have no equal and one consideration of how here moves as life, how here functions as life, how here becomes a natural expression at ease. And it would mean facing the same behaviors of projection that are separations from life being disgusted with self as life, for how dirty self has become as distance from common sense. And bringing self back to life, means forgiving self to become in touch with and as the physical world. The only choice. There is no other way.
So, I turn my own self disgust into the sign of my separation from life, where i fear standing up and walking in common sense of here. I take the compounds of my thoughts, as denial into systemic categorizing into limited values/parts made huge and thus valued as more than, in the order of survival within inequality. As I have allowed a consciousness, systemic structure of limitation, to define myself here. I have allowed self interest in separation from life, from myself as life, here.

Self forgiveness on the fear of being trapped, in separation from common sense as life, looking at how here “moves” as “fantastic projections” onto and as a self correction to and as life, utilizing breath, self forgiveness within slowing myself down, accepting my separations and being “ the bringing back of them to myself in common sense of what is here, as it is here than I walk the physical ground of what is real as earth.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am trapped.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see only this illusion, as a belief that i am trapped.
i forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see my two feet on the ground, as I accept and allow a projection of separation into and as a character of disgust with what is here as the physical simply being in contact with itself as life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being in contact with this physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear my own fear.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect fear to this physical world, specifically in this instance to project disgust onto two feet rubbing against one another, where this separation as judgement remains with me in and as my mind, as this is myself not being here, equal and one to here, as this actual physical world, where I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define fear as a behavior of disgust for what is a physical action as two feet rubbing together as what is real, not seeing realizing and understanding that it is an energetic value of separation as a mirage imposed on what is physically, common sensically here as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand the spirit of this as being an energetic entity in separation from and as life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that this movement of myself within, into and as an energetic projection is a singular state of being as energy, a compound of my own separation into and as a behavior of survival as self validation through judging as being in disgust with myself as life, for ignoring this actual real physical world, as myself as life in expression in and as being of sound mind, as being equal and one, to and as life, in common sense of this physical world, which is being one and equal to what is here, without judgement, being at ease here, moving with what is here, self directing here, in and as what is best for all, as what allows all that is here to exist in dignity and thus at ease with self as what self is here as the from of what self is here, where all that is here is equal and one to and as life.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that placing judgements on what is here, is not an act of “constructive criticism” as an expression of what will lead to self direction and support as life, in all existent, as there is no other choice, and this requires respecting all life, as life being the value, thus allowing and accepting a “less than” judgement as a negative being projected/rejected by self onto something within my environment, is myself being a justifying superiority, where the outward label is the consequence of the inward self judgement as “more than” thus the two in totality are a compound into and as energy, creating a mirage, that is myself in separation from life, here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the continuation of this makes the separation of myself into a reality of life never being lived, a life lacking substance, lacking a sound mind, lacking equality and oneness in and as life, here, lacking equal expression in and as life, in totality, a seeming abstract to the mind, which is the becoming of myself at ease, here, moving equal and one, here, with and as life, thus it is the abstract that is real and the concrete, as consciousness as mind, that is the illusion, as what has been accepted and allowed on earth.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being at ease here, forgiving of myself as life, here, equal and one, to and as life here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, within this, how falling down the rabbit hole, is falling into wholeness and oneness with and as life here, thus do I forgive myself the judgements in and as the mind, as consciousness, as selected limited values -themselves not good or bad- and bring myself back into and as myself as life, of sound mind physical alignment into and as what is best for all, to give as I would like to receive, to take what is good, to prevent friction and conflict as war as absence/lack within under standing self as life, here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that myself within friction and conflict is myself lacking understanding in and as life, lacking the movement of myself at ease, in and as equality and oneness, as being with sound mind physical forgiving understanding of life, here.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that the state of being, in and as a projection of disgust, is always about me, as what i have accepted and allowed, as separation, as feeling trapped, which is myself not looking at/understanding what is here, which simply means investigating what is here, and taking that which is good, to direct myself within and as becoming one and equal to and as life, moving myself with ease here, through utilizing breath, slowing myself down, realizing my own consciousness projections of more than and less than, as mirages into and as separations, as energy, the nature of which lack gentleness as it is a state of conflict as lack of understanding/comprehending life/the physical in equality within and as moving myself as ease as life here.
I commit myself to, when and as I begin to sense that I am separating myself from myself as life here, within becoming insecure within and as directing myself here, as this manifest as friction and conflict, as concrete labels in and as judgements, I stop and and I breath, and I return myself to myself physically, to not direct myself until I become at ease with what is here, to speak slowly within gentleness, self directing within and as the principle of oneness and equality, as this is the only voice of self direction absent of judgement, in being absolutely directive as life, within what is best for all in common sense of what is here.
I commit myself to realizing and understanding that a belief, as a feeling of being trapped, can only affect me, if I accept and allow this, as what is here, as the solid ground in and as this physical world, and the ability of myself as life to sense this, and what is absolutely best for this, is right in front of me, as a promise of more than, as what is promoted within a systemic inequality as a developed consumerism that diminishes self directive capacity as life into and as ideas of being more, is a means of rejecting this physical world for an illusive value that is such as it is limited gives one thing “godhead”/consciousness, a separation from respect paid within consideration of all physical form as earth , here, as what is the real support of and as each human, where the movement of self here, equal and one to this physical world, has substance, as the technology of this actual physical world is being equal and one to and as all life, as this physical world is what supports life, thus it is not what is here, it is that what is here, is treated within and as oneness and equality, as equal as life, absolutely, allowed self expression as life, visible within moving at ease, as this is an indication of life being lived in dignity.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 293 Disgust Character Memory: Self Resistance

I have this memory coming up of my husband. He is propped up on the bed with his legs expended out straight. He is slowly rubbing his feet against one another. It was something he did when he sat and read or dealt with paper work on the bed in this way. I remember feeling disgusted by this, and even asking myself why I was having this reaction.
So I look at this as a projection, this “wave” as this emotion of disgust and I bring this back to myself. I slow myself down and I breath. And there it was, this was me, this had absolutely nothing to do with him, this is a piece of the “shell” of myself, within judging, that I have imposed on the reality around me, believing this to be “out there” when it is a movement as energy of my own volition. It is a “volume of separation” , distortion of reality, myself not facing myself. I am the one creating this state of being as “disgust” in the face of a reality that is simply being physical. I mean what the hell is wrong with rubbing one’s feet together? Animals rub against things all the time, even each other, they even lick themselves.
I looked at this “feeling” of disgust and it is how I feel about myself. It is myself disgusted with myself for not being in common sense here, with this physical world,it is myselffearing being common sense, as though being this, is something dirty and unwanted.
In another blog I wrote that asking others to look at something in common sense creates a reaction, as leaving the “text book/blueprint “ of the mind appears threatening, as this means letting go of what is actually causing the seeking, a perpetual state of seeking something, and spewing tons of data, as knowledge and information only, as though this is “the way to go”, which is like a “chicken running around with it’s head cut off”, so to speak, meaning, this is what one is actually doing, running around dead when common sense is not used.
I have to remember a scene with my father a couple of years ago, where I tried not to be the reactive behaviors I had been, and tried to talk with him instead, and what happened is that he looked at me and said , “ I don’t know how to stop what I do” and to see him be this was jarring to me, a woman at this point, as his daughter, to watch. I realized how frightened we all really are, how this has come to be so huge, we cannot see around it, or taking this on and walking through this, walking through this valley of the shadows of fear, is so seemingly “looming” there appears to be no way out. But there is a way out, it is to begin to “clean up the soot” of the fear and clear the waters of self of the separation into and as fear, this covered by and readable as moments of emotions and feelings, and thoughts, such as I have described above, this memory, laced with this emotion of disgust and an image from my past, where obviously I am not in common sense of here and am existing within some fantastic domain that is really about what i have acceptedand allowed in self judgement, knowing full well I have suppressed myself as life.
Why would two feet rubbing together cause a disturbance within me?
Was it the simple “sensing” nature of this? ( I wanted to say sensual but thought this would bring in a sexual element and this has nothing to do with this) Were those two feet rubbing together just simply what I was not allowing within myself as being myself as life, here? Like I am disgusted with this because it reminds me of what i am not using as what I am as life, sensing here, and to realize what i have created within my life in not allowing this? not being in touch with myself here? Has the physical touching the physical become something that generates disgust? Which in essence is saying that common sense is something dirty, and I react, as other react when common sense is applied or suggested as this means facing one’s separations, facing one’s “valley of shadows” that are one’s fears? Just as i looked and realized this disgust had nothing to do with my husband as this was ME, this was about ME, I was creating this, I was projecting this, this was me denying what i was allowing, and this event was the presence of what I resisted within and as my self, and so this persistent feeling of “disgust” as what I reject as the gift of life, is the answer to remove this separation, this shadow, what I am resisting persisting in and as mind, causing moments of emotions and feelings and judgmental thoughts that become a movie projection ontop of this reality. It is like a vortex/tunnel of sending a message outward where I am screaming ( silently) a “need/desire” and feeling physically a sinking feeling/movement and then not wanting to look at it and attaching it to the outer thing/image where if I were to actually stop and breath and listen to my chest it is really a longing to be myself as life, in common sense of myself as life, here. That is just one fucked up state of being, and obviously it is not living. And this is also systemic, because it has a series of movements/generations and thus, though not visibly/readily seeable, it can be “felt” if one simply takes the time and slow down and breathe.
So, I am going to look at this “disgust” as this is not walking in common sense, and it is absent of a directive capacity, and it indicates resistance, and what is resisted persists, as the separation into polarities of good and bad, as placing disgust onto the object and wanting to to “go away’ as though it is not me, is myself believing myself to be superior, as in “ not of this” projection that I believe is out there and not here, because I have been taught to follow such images as reality as mind, and really believe that such is not of myself. Such a thing would create so much inability to communicate on this earth, and this is exactly what is happening all over the world, a lack of communion with what is real, this physical substantive existence and how this physical functions. At present it is like mankind is doing the exact opposite of what is supportive of life. Sending flying shooting guns, as drones to depressed countries is NOT supportive of life, and there is absolutely no reasoning to substantiate this. Shooting things does not clean water, it does not grow food, it does not physically practically rebuild homes and take care of soils and animals, in no way shape or form is this an action of support and it is a waste of resource. It is about money and nothing else, it is money in self interest without consideration of life, it is a state of separation and thus, disease and it needs to be voted out and stopped ASAP. And we are all responsible. So, look at your limited reasoning and your projections and get your head out of the clouds. Flying shooting drones is not life, and yet, is clearly indicates that the technology is here to create world where all needs as life can be met. And I am sure there are inventors out there, that are disgusted with what has been developed to support abuse and destruction, when the intent was to create a world that supported life. Here one only need look to water purification systems that would alleviate the effects of dirty water in purposely left/disallowed undeveloped countries on continents that are abundant in resource.
The con-sequence of con-tradictions are to obvious to deny any longer.
So, if you experience a projection of disgust, know it is you, as what you have accepted and allowed, and it will persist the more you resist, the more you project it outward. And what it is, is you longing for yourself as life, longing for a return of your self as life to a common sense, one and equal, to and as life.

To be continued.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 292 Self forgiveness: Make-Up and the Modeling World

Today I put on some make-up to be presentable within the norm/expectations of the present “barbie doll” world. I don’t wear make-up, so it is something I have to learn about; the shadows on the face, the highlighting, the “bringing out of the eyes” ( so they are “blingy” lol.)
So, I am there applying this make-up and I find my self becoming increasingly aggravated and angry. The back chat starts, “ why do I have to do this”, “ this eyeliner pencil is a drag, how the hell do people do this all the time!” , “ this is so stupid!”
THen I start thinking about the whole modeling scene in New York and all those girls, those children. Then I think of all the middle aged corporate men who drooled around these girls, not caring, not seeing that these girls were children.
So, as I applied this make-up I got angry, and started rushing, getting annoyed at every little thing, Like placing my car keys on the seat next to me, and in the next moment of not being here, forgetting that I had just done this, and becoming anxious that I had somehow misplaced the keys. It all just went on and on, even though I knew this was happening, from walking the process of self forgiveness, I had to keep calming myself down, slowing down and breathing.
Okay, there is nothing necessarily wrong with wanting to add color to my face, I mean why not play with what is here, as life. And I am sure there are ways to create such mediums that are not abusive to animals, or toxic to the environment of earth, including my skin. And the wearing of color on my face does not need to be coupled with theabuse of children within the modeling/fashion industry by the overblown fantasy of the reproductive act of sex, which is really two bodies touching and need not be considered anything more, nor developed into some mental picture addiction leading to obsessive behaviors about body image - not that we should not take care of our bodies, as we should, they are life and therefor to be respected and understood. Any practice that is not what is best for anything on this planet is a crime against life. The disease here on earth is that profit has come before life, and this must stop, there is no excuse for it. Time for a direct vote, and equal life sustaining payment for all, as unequal profit based pay simply leads to the disregard of what is best for all, as survival comes before this gift of life.

Anyway, I am here to forgive my anger based on the memories from my past, where I have associated using make up with the abuse of children in the modeling world, where I made myself superior to make up in creating a relationship with make-up to men in grey suits hovering around prepubescent child girls in New York city.
This week I also came across a magazine with fashion pictures. In one of the pictures there was a child girl that had to be about 12 to 14, all dressed up with make-up. I took the picture and asked a man how old he thought the girl was, he said 20, maybe 18. I told him to look again. She was a child. I should know, my sister was such when she started modeling, she was a child, not a woman; no thighs, no breasts, a child just beginning to turn into a woman. The man looked again and found it hard to believe, he could not see through the image with the short dress and the make-up. Then he looked again and began to notice that yes, she was a child. He was shocked, or at least he “played into” what I was saying. This ignorance really gets me, that someone could be so blind and moved by an image without really looking at it, And yet, I am sure i have done the same. All that can be done is for such to be pointed out until reality is seen for what it is, and the fantastic ideas projected and advertised, that are limited and addicting, that are not real, will never satisfy. These ads are really child pornography, and the selling of a product promising happiness and fulfillment, and this promise can never be reached because it is not real, it is limited, it does not consider life in totality, absolutely. Trying to fulfill self as life, within all capacity of sensing this actual real physical world, cannot be done by themind alone, this takes awareness with self and the physical totally, not with pieces of self and not when directed from without, as only self as life, from self can life be lived, equal and one to and as the actual physical world. Slow down and start hearing what is going on in your mind. It is the voice of your fear, taught for generations, it is the map of your separation from life, and the world of profit and all it promotes as the outward projection of this limited being of each of us as what we have accepted and allowed.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become angry within and as putting on make-up.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become irritated within putting on make-up.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become the behaviors of my past within and as judgement of past events that I was powerless to change, as I was one girl among many, and these girls were trying to make a living, as the desire to survive was the only choice many of these children believed,as all the adults around them were within the same behavior as this is what has been accepted and allowed by humans on this earth for generations, which is what is meant by the term, “ the sins of the fathers.”
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that I became angry with this so many years ago because i believed that I could not competewith these limited values of what a woman should look like, as I did not have these kind of looks, and my sisters who were the models had to have a chaperone because the men were only considering their own desires as what had been taught as how we express ourselves within want need and desire as mind in separation from awareness of ourselves as life, here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that no matter how much make-up I put on I will not fit the image and likeness of what is considered the face of a model, thus do I allow myself to become inferior to my own judgement that another human being is superior to me within seeing limited values as what i accept and allow, thus do I become the same as the model a separation from life within being a polar opposite.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have back chat in and as voices in my head , that criticize all aspects of the modeling industry, such as wearing make-up and high heel shoes, and tight clothes, and worrying about how I look and the behaviors of the girls and the photographers, and the business men within the industry.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become reactions in and as my mind, where I lose my sense of what is here and become anxious, not remembering from one moment to the next where I placed my keys.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to exist as the behavior of “rushing about” because I am not comfortable with applying make-up and it ended up taking longer than I thought.
i forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become angry at an eye-liner pencil, where in doing so, I am so busy being angry that i am no longer here, slowing myself down and simply practicing with applying the eye-liner slowly focusing on how this functions, where with practice it will become faster and not seem so overwhelming.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a behavior of rushing within doing something “new” within my normal ways of doing things.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow the behavior of anxiety, not seeing realizing and understanding how this causes my whole body to tense up, to the point where I am not longer able to move within this physical environment at ease, and end up dropping things and forgetting what i need to have with me.
I forgive myself for not seeing realizing and understanding how I move from emotions to feelings, all based on the past, where I at first become angry and negative about the make up and think about the models and then call make-up stupid in and as my mind, which is an act of justification, turning a negative into a positive in self interest to place myself superior to what is negative instead of looking at what is unacceptable as the negative, which in this case is my own sense of inferiority and the abuse to these child/girls as the existent system of abuse of life, through placing life into limited delusional more than and less than expressions.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that wearing make up can be a cool way to express myself and thus, here in this moment -though I would want such products to not be harmful to this earth and its inhabitants- it is to reach into this present system and stand within and as what is best for all, as standing on the edges and pointing fingers of blame and spite will do nothing to change this world, change is walked and practiced, not something that magically appears through complaining and talking about what needs to be done, it is doing that creates.
I commit myself to breathing, to remaining within each breath in each moment, and to focus myself on what is here, without judgement, without becoming the reactions in and as judgements as memories from the past, using these as determinants of the future, as this is a separation from what is actually physically here, where within allowing such behaviors I separate from here, from facing the storm of emotions and feelings and judgmental thoughts in others when I allow myself to become one and the same as mind, as a system of separation into more than and less than beliefs, opinions and ideas, rejecting what is physically here as life, and becoming the self direction in and as what is best for all, to learn to speak a living, directing word within the principle of oneness and equality, in and as how to direct oneself as life absolutely.
I commit myself to realizing that at the moment, just as that man looking at that magazine could not see the child all dressed up to look like a woman/prostitute, the present system is composed of the same movements as mind in separation from what is real, what is under the veil of the dictates of a consumerism promoting a religion of self filled with desires as product to pur-chase what can be bought to maintain and define these developed rely-igions within a profit based system of inequality, where money is used to regulate control by a few “haves’ to maintain that control, creating many have-nots within an illusionary game of fantasy in separation from what is real and right here, life, all that is needed is to stop and breath and bring ourselves out of our minds and to look, to see, realize and understand that what we seek is what we are, which is right here, which is life.
I commit myself to facing the consequences of what has been accepted and allowed on this earth, that is very quickly destroying this earth, and to stand and to walk within what abilities i have to become a directive principle within and as what is best for all, here.
I commit myself to , when and as I apply make-up to slow myself down, focus on here, apply make up without separating into judgement and emotional /feeling polaritymemory based reactions and ensuing behaviors leading to physical constriction ignorant of a common sense of the mind map/physical, to remain here, equal and one in and as breath, equal and one in and as life, here, within the principle of what is best for all is best for self, where as this, there is nothing to lose, as this is being one and equal in and as life.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 291 Fear of speaking Behavioral dimension

Fear of speaking Physical dimension
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to lose my breath, when and as I speak with another.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have an erratic breath when speaking.
i forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when I begin to speak, if I have become “breathless” I am in separation from being at ease, with and as myself and am missing breaths, and thus allowing and accepting myself to become a physical behavior of uncertainty and anxiety, “skipping a beat”, no longer remaining calm and gently here, equal and one with what is here, in common sense of here, able to look at the details of what is here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow myself to become overwhelmed with what is here, as the words I and/or another speaks, where all I can do it slow myself down and listen and speak with ease, to get what I want to say across, as this behavior of “gasping” for air, as in not being at ease with and as breath here, is an indication of being absent in awareness of here, and thus inferior to here in common sense of the physical world, this which is real, as the gift of life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become the past, projecting this past onto a future, in and as a belief, that I will not be understood.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that what I have to say will not be heard, not seeing realizing and understanding that often others with whom I talk, are missing breaths/have shallow breaths, of which I was made aware of years ago, as I knew a woman who taught people to slow down and breath, as this was a method she taught and the premise was that most dis-ease is caused by a lack of proper calm breathing.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that there have been times where i have spoken with ease and in a gentle calm, and that at these times there was no added stress within communication, thus such a state of calm within and as speaking exists and thus such a “state’ can then be maintained and regulated, in self awareness, which means that each of us can be aware of what we are doing with every breath, here, and that any moment of “excitement” while speaking can be realized simply by paying attention to one’s breath, this being the gift of the physical to regulate ourselves as life, here, where it is not the thoughts, emotions and feelings that determine ease, but the actual physical behaviors of our human physical bodies.

I commit myself to becoming aware of my breath with every step I take, to see, realize and understand what I am accepting and allowing with every step I take and every word I speak, to realize that in paying attention to my human physical body, i can determine where and when I go into anxiety and stress and thus, separate from here, from common sense of what is physically here, as it is here, as this physical world that determines myself as life.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that when as and I begin to lose my breath, to separate into and as an unsteady breath, I stop and before I speak, I bring myself back into and as a steady breath, even using the “four count breath” before speaking, to become a behavior of ease, equal and one , in common sense of here, before i speak, seeing realizing and understanding that making sense of what is here, without stress and anxiety can only be done with ease in common sense of here.
I commit myself to becoming aware of when and as I read with anxiety and dis-ease, to breath and slow myself down and follow each word, whether spoken or written, by and as my self or another, to manage myself as life, respecting this gift in and as life here in common sense of what is best for all, to give as I would like to receive, as receiving response from others, done in calm, with patience is how I would like to be spoken to.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that sometimes one must speak up to stop another from being a bully with words, as ideas, opinions and beliefs, yet even this can be brought back to speaking within and as a state of ease, equalizing self to a calm even breath, which should be the steps within a sequence as the outcome, within and without, as this is the process of working to and towards equality and oneness, with and as this actual physical world.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 290 The blanket of ownership, to outflow of liability

The Problem
I have heard it said many times that Capitalism is the best system humans have found. That this system of capitalism has changed the world and improved the lives of many. And we accept this limitation, “ the lives of many.” Within this statement we are accepting half measures, and this is unacceptable. Yet, how can a system of capitalism be what improves lives? It is just an organizational structure as to how money and resource and people interact, it is not an indicator of what physically happens on the ground, nor is it the thing that improves the lives on a practical basis, meaning the small daily steps, the “little things” that are done that make our lives livable. The abstract of this word does not explain this in detail, it only explains the way the gates of resource flow with the use of money. Obviously, what has happened is ownership of freely given resources and everything developing those resources is then labeled as a liability carrying the burden of outcomes of the processing of these freely given resources, thus the owners do not care, they have their security blankets and now the rest can go to hell, because all that is happening is the illusion of ownership that is a blanket of security. In a way, we are the liability because we have accepted and allowed this, thus we are libel. Our structures tell us what we are. Allowing some to be more than, is not what is best for them, nor for the processors of the resources of this earth, that have no signature of ownership, but what we give them.
Yes, we need a system of organization. It is our responsibility to care for this earth, to give as we would like to receive, thus existing in a piece of land and taking care of that land, is a value, and a system that allows one to securely care for a piece of land is necessary, but the land cannot really be owned, nor can the resources be owned by one individual. What is here is to support life, as this is the value. War is taking in self interest, and not an act of taking care of this world. This is simple common sense. A profit for the few system would think common sense dirty, as this would mean behaviors of greed, of self aggrandizement would have to die, and the emotional storm of this would screech as all the hot hair left this balloon of a story lacking any real substance, as all it really is , is the gas of waste, much like a fart. All greed and no substance. Gases by nature spread themselves around, much like the shattered shells of Humpty Dumpty. Equality, to and as life, as the nature of self, is to give as one would like to receive, to be whole, is to realize that life is the value.
What improves the lives of people on this planet? I would say it is technology, it is the development of taking care of human existence and thus the animals and the plants and soils that allow human interaction on the ground, that support infrastructures that maintain a clean environment that is as non-invasive as possible. It is working with what is here in common sense. Private ownership married to profit transferred into money, does not allow the sense of the commons, the collective on the ground, it is too busy holding onto what this value has been transferred into, the money, and it is caught up in the game of this and as consequence has separated what is here into/onto tiny pieces of paper or, lighted symbols on a computer screen, which we, as those who are libel, have accepted and allowed, thus we have built, brick by brick our structures, and because they have no reai substance, they are beginning to crumble. Communism and capitalism set a hierarchy at a distance and then made decisions based on data/value on a piece of paper, a separation from common ground sense. And, as this system has improved the lives of ONLY a few, it is not working, it has created an environment of fear, and just like that child who grows up in ahome where there is uncertainty and a lack of education and support, so are parts of this world in the same condition, there are peoples and plants and animals, in a state of dis-ease, and are unable to be the expression of what they are as the very form that they are. This is a crime against life.
In all common sense, we know what is needed to create a stable human being, we know what animals and plants need to thrive, thus in all common sense this should be what is given on this earth, to enable healthy and participating entities on this earth, thus what is for the common good as this planet must be what is practiced, absolutely. “Only a few, is unacceptable. It is time to stop and rebuild in equality, as this is the only answer, absolutely.
In my local town there are now cards for the oyster men with magnetic strips that record each sale. The state can now collect data as to how many oysters are sold. I mean really, if we can do this, we can have direct vote! There is absolutely no reason why each and every person on this planet cannot vote directly for what is practiced and organized by government. This is another example of how technology is what organizes this world, and we are able to use this. Even the military does research and knows what goes on in this world, thus for the military to hide and not make public findings, especially when it is the tax payers dollars, or money directed from the profit of freely given resources - which is life and thus belongs to earth and thus belongs to LIFE, such findings belong to all of us, and what is found and used for technological advancement, should be used to improve the lives of people and NOT for gain as money!This is really life in reverse, and given the extinction of animals, this “reverse” is not the verse of life. Our own words constantly tell us what we are doing.
We have all been taught that owning things makes us what we are. This is even used as terminology in schools, when a child has “grasped a concept as a word” they are told they now “own” the word. What does this really mean? How can a child “own” a word? They USE a word, just as the world USES technology to improve lives ( unless it is withheld -and this is the point) , thus a word is used to express, to direct, but “owning “ a word implies that now that child is a “more than” that that child has been successful, meanwhile, is that child taught of the effects that word has within existing on earth, as the very fabric of life, here? What does that technology as that word DO? Why are the learning of words indicated as being “owned” without realizing what that word actually can or cannot do within this world?
The capital of this earth, is the very nature of this physical world, as a tool, and a technology that enables life to be and DO, to express as the technology of the forms of the physical world, to allow life. Thus none of what is here can be owned, it is a tool to be and express life. Any claim of ownership is a crime against life, and crime is done in ignorance of and as life, as what is needed to be life is denied, as it is grabbed out from under the feet of what is here, it is like taking a spring out of a clock, that clock will no longer work. And this is what is happening on this earth, all because someone wants to own that spring, and they do not realize, in their disease as lust, that that taking of that spring is the destruction of life, which is not being aware of the whole, as the clock.

The solution
What is here belongs to life, all life, as it is all a part of this earth, as life. This earth is an organism that functions as parts, each part the very nature of what is needed to maintain the clock, as why would earth/life birth anything else but what supports itself as life? The disease of separation from life, into and as believing that one thing is more than another, and creating a system that supports such a notion, is what must change back to itself as life, realize itself as life, here. There is no other choice.
This means what has been created by men, that no one man can create alone, as the minute one road is traveled in a car, means that that man is dependent on what is here to do what ever that man does no matter what is believed as in thinking that they alone developed something and thus “own” the thing developed is a misconception, as whatever any of us develop, we did not do it alone. And, obviously, there is no “god’ there is only us, this earth here, as a total expression of life, this total expression being a “god” absolutely sharing itself as life, here. So, all men, all plants, all animals, everything is in total the organism of life, and this total organism is the gift, for each equally to be and become and do as life, here.
We are all life, thus we all “own” life. That gene, that tree, that animal, that man, all things of life, all composed of life, are equal and one in and as life here, we all “own” all that is here, and what is here is to support and allow life to be and to “do” as life. Thus the solution, to end this charade of war and ownership, is to manifest a system that support life as the value, to use the physical as the tool to be and express ourselves in and as what we are, which is life.
It is not capitalism that has advanced man, it is the technology in and as the physical. Thus, realize the physical world is the technology of life, and cannot be owned, only taken care of, supported, in and as being life.
This is really very simple, and can be understood by all, taking what has been developed here, to measure, can be used to educate and support, and allow all life to become aware of itself and stand and vote, every human, that is. To not move towards this is a crime against life, as it is the denial in common sense of life of the physical world around us. It is not capitalism that has improved the lives of people, it is allowing the use of technology created by men and the technology of the physical in and allowing this to function and be discovered that has improved lives, thus, again, the removal and denial of this is a crime against life. period. The solution is to support access to what improves, and thus allows life, this that cannot be owned as it is life. Stop thinking that just because one has “named” a thing, for instance a “gene” means that voila, because I have learned the “name” of something, as in “owning” a word, it means that I have ownership, well that word, and that gene have a name, and that name that is common in all existent, is life. And this is what we all are, and this life cannot exist without each and every thing here. Thus nothing can be owned, and life is the value, and the physical world is the technology enabling life to express itself absolutely. This whole belief of more than and less than is the disease, the illusion, the LIE, as taking the “f”, out of Life, the flow out of life, the spring out of the clock, the simple out of being. It is time to stop this disease as belief that what is here can be owned and that naming a thing means one has suddenly some kind of authority. Rumplestiltzskin can throw a tantrum for all I care. It is time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and that can be done by each of us, as each will vote for equality, and the means for direct vote is here. No more voting in separation, time for life to stand and vote for itself, the nature of which is to give as one would life to receive.

The Rewards
The value as life in every single thing on this earth is taken care of, that the acceptance of “ many lives” is realized as an ambiguous statement of relative value lacking absolute value. We are all libel for the care of the tools we use to express ourselves as life, within and as supporting ourselves as life, thus we cannot own, we can only respect and use what is here to enable life expression, as this is the value.
Support an Equal Money Capitalism System, to realize that the physical world is a tool to enable life. Time to remove the “security blanket” of ownership coupled with the relative as money taking on the value of life, as this is a separation in common sense of this actual real physical world. Turn money into the means of organizing what is here to support all life, to realizing that what is here cannot be owned, that what is here as the value is the expression made of what is here, which cannot be done by one individual alone, yet the value of the expression of life within each individual is equal and one, as one cannot exist without the other, and no blanket can hide this fact unless we accept and allow this ignorance, face this for what it is, a crime against life.

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