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Day 371 Divisions are the borders of our separation from life.

The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...
The unsustainable geometric progression of a classic pyramid scheme, from Securities and Exchange commission report on pyramid schemes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is like the divisions on earth into class, gender, nationality, are  a pyramid scheme in and of themselves and the conflict within the points within survival, will crash, because they are not equal and one to life to what supports life, in forgetting equality as life, what is real is ignored, and the difficulty is that each group, each faction, each religion has something that is good, yet this singular good, is made an idol and thus its place within the whole is not realized and joined with what is good. And we as humans are limited as mind and thus as mind only see one point and make this huge, not realizing that we can be all the values simply by realizing that life is the value.
We have the means and the infrastructure, the technology to support all life on this planet, we have the ability to build structures for everyone to have their basic needs met, we have the ability to grow food in ways that are not destructive to the soil, we have the ways and the means to clean our water, we have the ways and the means to educate our children to realize themselves as life, to live their full expressive selves, their full potential as life. If we stop and we look, we can realize that this earth is our home, the totality of it, and that is is greater and more vast and of more variety that that mansion filled with servants. We can realize that a mansion, an estate is a limited state of existence that denies the totality of our home, that estate is a prison from life in many ways, and we fear leaving that estate because so much of life has been denied what sustains it and the behavior of life in denial is survival, as this physical world is the gift of life, to self realize this gift, and the only way to be able to live on this earth is for all to take as much care for everything on this earth as that bubble of care that is on some huge estate where usury has flowed money representing resource to one spot. Thus it is not to attack this point of  more than, it is to stand and to change this system to one that cares for all life, as life being the value, it is like saying, we no longer allow this bubble of wealth, we realize that this earth is the real estate, and we, the people, are becoming responsible for this estate in totality, we stand for equal money to buy back our estate, our home, to ensure that this estate of earth, this land of earth is home and needs to be organized in such a way that no matter where we go, we are at home, we are secure. It means that where ever we go, we live on a beautiful estate called earth, we can run here barefoot, expressing ourselves as life, no longer allowing behaviors of a diminished life reacting as being diminished and only seeing survival.
This means that we cannot allow prisons, or usury, or representative government, we must all become responsible for life, we must all vote on all issues and understand what is best for all, of which we are capable as we are one and the same, we are life.

The mind, consciousness, is the form of our separation from life, it is the measure of self interested limited values not all bad, some good, projected as self definition, in separation from life, from expression as life, in becoming one self definition only, we reject life, and the accumulation within this rejection is all the behaviors outside of that singular estate where guards are necessary to protect that singular point, this we are doing within, as what is without reflects what is within, thus it is us the human who are destroying life, through not taking care of life in totality on this earth, and thus we must stop what we are doing and stand and realign this world to realize the value is life, that all divisions are separations from accepting and allowing life. We must look at out divisions, and take that which is good and do what is best for all. 

I feel like a hierophant saying all this, but i am not, I am you, you are me, we are all one and the same, we are life. My hair may be green - just kidding- but it does not mean I am more than or less than you, I am a form as a human, here on this earth, I have certain needs to survive within how we have allowed ourselves to exist, and thus what is needed to exist must be given to all equally to remove behaviors of survival and allow behaviors that are expression of life, the full potential of which means that we all need all that is here as life, as earth, as it is this actual physical existence that is the measure of our equality, and we have not, are not measuring well, we are allowing some values to be greater than others, our pyramids are false reflections of life, and as such they will fall because they not only ignore life, they do not realize the value from which they are composed, which is the substance of life. Pyraminds, a divisions with borders, are false schematics, because they believe one thing to be more than another, and as such support that one thing more than others, and the lack of support for the “ others” undermines what sustains the more than, and thus the structure will inevitably fall, because is does not support life, it rips it apart  in a self interest made bigger than life. So our projections as illusions of grandeur are our limitations, as a paranoia of loss within a delusion, an illusion, that one value is greater than another, and if I force my value onto another, I then justify my value, which is competition and comparison in separation from realizing what made that selected value possible, which is the substance that allows the expression of that value, which is life, which is what here is composed of and as. becoming stagnant within one value is a limitation and a lack of expression, as movement of self as life, is experience of the myriad forms of life, as this is living. Let us create an earth that is an expression of life, an estate of life, We can form this whole earth to be a heaven on earth, and our system of limited estates is not working, and who wants to spend their life guarding such an estate? This is not life, rather spend your life creating a state of life on every inch of earth. it is what we are here to learn to do, so let’s get this done. It is the only way.

Equal Money The solution
Understand your separation. Desteni I Process  DIP Lite Free!

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Day 370 The grid of separation

It is interesting to build a map of a presentation within myself, I see so much of where I emotionally wander off, things distorting what I am trying to build, fears, paranoias that I have to look at and bring back to myself. This also brings ups memories of the past, those times when I asked questions, that also had judgments attached as I placed a morality of my culture onto them, not walking through the judgment, just remaining within blame and superiority. Sometimes I questioned.
I had gone back to university as an adult. I had to work with young adults in groups. One time, this one young adult worked on a project with myself and two others. She could not write an outline. What she did was place information on the computer and then reorganize it. She could not create a structure of the information in her head. She said that she had a learning disability and was officially dyslexic. I was astounded. We never really discussed anything, we simply took bits of information and reordered them on the computer. When this was done our group interaction, event, was done. It was like we clung to the words on the page, using ONLY this, no discussion or  physical real life application/consideration.
This is similar to not looking at what money has become, meaning what money represents and the system of money as being a piece of paper given a value that has no common sense of it being a secondary point to what is real, the physical world and how the physical world is the real support, and the money is a condition placed onto this world by men.

Gathering knowledge and information in and of itself is not bad, it is a starting point, but when it is all that is used within determinations, it is like using words on a page only, like the words are god, and the real world has nothing to do with it, which is so obviously a disconnect from reality.
And yet, a smoke screen system of division and conquest in self interest, such as our present system where much of this physical world is disregarded, and a few have again used a secondary condition of signing their names on paper, making a declaration of ownership real in opposition to reality, and thus to life, we can begin to realize that we have made a screen or piece of paper that voice of reality, a voice in complete ignorance of the physical world.
If all eyes are on what is on a piece of paper, then the real physical world can be taken from under our feet, and we will be so busy looking at that info on that secondary plane, that we do not notice reality. Such an existence really has no substance, nothing real to stand on, and all lack of ability within building a “ real” understanding and insight to what is real is removed. We have abdicated ourselves as our physical selves, and for this we will suffer our separation, thus one cannot blame anyone but oneself, as one in a human physical body has the gift of life as the physical with them in every moment, with every breath. The choice is to allways, look in totality with the physical at the physical world, not only at the knowledge and information on the paper, this is simple common sense. So, pointing out discrepancies within what is placed on paper, will upset the system people, the people within the administrative points on this grid of review of words on paper only, because it means that physical person must stand and look at the physical world, and turning from the smoke screen and mirrors of the limited knowledge and information placed on that paper means one might lose their job, because the system we have accepted and allowed in totality serves a few who believe themselves superior and deserving of more, and then have more pieces of paper than others, so thus they control through limitation. and we all accept and allow this, because we have been taught in a system built from who gives the most pieces of paper. And only a few, who have more, have the papers to peddle in their own self interest.

Within what is placed as knowledge and information on paper, one must take that which is good, and to do that one needs a cross reference with the actual physical world.
Here one need only study what is happening within the fracturing debacle or the GMO bullying going on by the few who has lead us to believe that a statement on a piece of paper has more value than actual physical reality. Statements on paper that are then hidden within more statement on paper a laws, such as trade secrets, a complete scam of self interest only. The same who support what is taught in our educational systems - which is another story/stories construct of smoke and mirrors! And yet, as within so without. We are to blame. We allowed it, we made it hallowed ground! Humanity is simply walking as one giant separation from life, and this young adult is the product of our accepted and allowed separation. A dis-located lexicon of limited knowledge and information, serving a god of greed, and the answer , the solution is to LOOK at the actual physical world. And this physical world is what our paper world is directing us from, is not allowing, has hidden in payers of bureaucracy - this a crime against life. And the people composing the bureau are in a craze of survival.
 This child of earth, I remind myself is me, and I am her. We are the same. We are formations of life, forms that believe we are the end all be all, when we are not. We are a part of the whole as earth as the physical, and this is what is real.
Anyway, the behavior of this girl has good and misdirection within expression. Yes, we look out at the world, not the screen/paper only, and we reflect in equality and oneness with the actual physical, as though the physical is the real map of life, we become equal within to the without as the actual real physical world. This way, this girl, this young adult , can see how the real physical world moves and is. So, perhaps her dyslexia is simply caused by this disconnect, and her inability to “ read” is that she really has not enough to create any understanding of real substance! There is nothing real to hold onto, thus she cannot create any structure within her mind and must cling to words on a page and the ensuing fears as thoughts emotional and feelings of limited design, insubstantial, judgmental. This is a mechanism of behavior that is of complete separation from life, complete instability. How can someone actually teach children with such limited development and physical connection? They cannot. And yet, this is what the system is presently teaching! This child does not have the ability to deal with words, she has no ability to play with these lego blocks of communication. She has no real integration with the parts, she has no real skill with working with the starting point of sound. She works with ambiguous statements only, and cannot order them because she does not have a direct connection with the actual physical substance of life.
Within the fracturing abuse to earth, I have heard farmers whose land is destroyed speak with the industry and the energy industry simply says, “ hire a lawyer and sue us” and the industry, that which allows a debt system, where the debt is on the people and the principle is with the banks, do not naturally have the money to sue. And meanwhile, the government has removed the offices of environmental agencies, and or diminished them to such an extent that there is not ability of the office worker to work through all the paper work - which in itself is vast and meant to never go anywhere, as another worker up the ladder ignores what it cannot solve, which might lead to losing a job if something is realized as not making any sense. Thus the whole system is layered in such a way to not allow the actual physical world to be the point of scrutiny, and we are all to blame, as we have voted in the present representatives, and we have allowed money to determine life, and we have allowed usury, so when we fall, we have no power to deal with this, and this is of our own making. The way to stop all of this, to allow those on the grid with some common sense left to be able to point out what makes no sense and/or connection with the actual physical world, the opportunity to stand, is to vote in a system, to place policies that give all the means, with what we have accepted, as money, to have basic living needs met. To be able to stop and breath, to  remove the consequence of survival, and realize that life is right here in front of us as the physical and that it functions in supportive ways if we allow it, work with it, read it, become one with it, as what we are for real. Hiding the effects of abusive fracturing practices is ourselves destroying ourselves, even for those materially benefitting, you are destroying yourself, as you are not equal and one to the physical world in common sense, you have allowed ideas and pieces of paper to become more real than what is real, the physical. STOP. As long as we all adhere to only the words on a page, the symbols on paper, we are actively choosing to ignore life, this which we are, with every step with every breath, because when our physical bodies end we end, So what we do determines the life after us, the life of the children to come. Thus we are responsible for this earth, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this home is in order before we leave, in consideration of those who come after us. We would not like the  suffering and survival existence we have lived to be what our children live, so it is time to stop the mind fed with limited knowledge and information, and to create a system that acknowledge the actual physical world, as this is what is real.
Lets create a world where our young people learn to align themselves within the substance of the actual real physical world, so that they may be able to stand in equality and oneness with and as life, as this is the gift of life. Our children, our young people as life deserve to stand as the living word, and not the cry of dyslexia, isn’t this what you would want for yourself and your children?
Equal Money. Remove inequality, place in Equality
Realign yourself to life, Desteni I Process  DIP Lite Free!
Interviews about the structure of the mind consciousness system and  how our separation/fear/paranoia functions

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Day 369 Protection and defense is fear of life.

What is it that I am paranoid of? What in my secret mind do I fear? Having walked some fears, I realize that fear is simply a separation, an illusion, a less than in that it is not being equal and one to here, to life. Thus fear is simply suppression of giving without fear of loss, meaning becoming stagnant within giving of self as life. If we give as we would like to receive then life will be lived instead of what presently exists on earth, I mean the numbers of impoverished people in America is increasing, and we are allowing an industry of natural resource extraction for energy needs to continue despite alternatives, because alternatives use the sun and the wind, and these cannot be so readily owned and thus driven into profits for a few, so in essence we are allowing a representative government use the fruits of our labor to build drones/war machines in their own self interest. 
And so many of us are stuck in these grids, our incomes dependent on practices that we know and our governments know are detrimental, and yet we do nothing despite the harm and destruction these practices cause. Thus we are all responsible for what is here, and we must stop this because it only accumulates, as it is presently doing, to a greater degree, exponentially. The numbers of growing homeless in America are a indication of this. Of course those who benefit from this, become more and more paranoid, as the growing number of restless people mean a threat to their survival. Drones in American cities are the construct of a perfect storm in their self interest, as more and more become homeless and frustrated because they have no means to live a decent life. For this we are all to blame, as what is here has been developed by many many generations and many many hands, thus what is here cannot be owned by a few, it is only words on a page that say so, words that have no connection to reality, words of a human being who is not listening to common sense, only the fear of loss, the illusion of loss  based on ideas that are in separation from life, believing themselves to be more than, when they are men just like you and me.
So while I am memorizing this presentation, I have to stop myself from tensing up, again and again and again, it is like a constant thing I have to keep myself aware of, sometimes I don’t catch it and my legs become tense as I mostly tense up in my legs. 

Sometimes I manage to just let things go and then I can laugh. That laughter is so much easier after walking the desteni i process. And, the sense of direction as the principle of what is best for all as being the only choice to live, allows for self responsibility within giving self as life, here. All the ideas that one has about who one is, based on class, gender, nationality, family, are limited when they become the only parameters of what self defines self as. Let these go and give yourself to yourself as life, discover common sense , and start speaking this, the world around you will react, as they simply have not lived in common sense, but in survival, and the switch within giving up an imaginary fear of loss, to realize that what we have allowed within has manifested without  and must change, and is the only choice to put and end to the abuse of life on earth.

More and more I see how i must always be here, remind myself of this actual physical world, this real structure of what I am as life. What goes on in my mind is the spoke in the wheel. Thoughts and the accumulation of thoughts, my emotions and feelings are what I have made larger than life and thus superior to life, so when I have to actually be here, physically here, my senses are so caught up in my thoughts, my memories, I have allowed myself to be in separation from my own common sense. And my thoughts are all of paranoia, myself wanting to control here, which is pointless because the physical world is a visible structure that can be understood. One simply has to look.
Which brings me to the point of what we are accepting and allowing, having abdicated ourselves from our common sense ability into projections of fear as protecting and defending an inner idea as an image of what we are, a false idol about which we were warned against becoming, as having created a governmental structure of representation to be responsible for our needs. This development in itself and indication that we have lost touch with reality as we are asking someone else to take care and be aware of our life supporting environment for us. This is a red flag in itself, as why would we need another to be aware for us, it would mean that we have lost an ability to be aware. Equal living would mean equal participation, one would want to participate within what happens on our home this earth.

This also makes it clear, that if we are accepting representation, then those taking on the representation realize that an order has to be built , which means the order of the physical as itself is no longer seeing directly here in common sense.  The actual need for representation means a separation from life, which means that that representation is also separate from life. One is the continuance of the other. So, of this course, the outcome is acts of self interest in a world where there is abdication of self as life. The physical world is what is real the picture in your mind is not, it is the illusion of separation made bigger than life. it is not facing the real physical world, it is losing the real structure of support. In losing what is real, and making consciousness, as mind, as image bigger, we must realize that in order for this imagination to  exist it must feed off of something, and that is our human physical bodies.

Instead of directing ourselves here as the physical, we are directing ourselves as a fear of death, a fear of loss, and in directing our awareness into and as this, we ignore physical reality/life. And we have built this present system in this image and likeness of what we have allowed within. SO we have a system that protects in self interest, the self interest of our representatives that are same within as us, it is just that they have their hands on the means of gain, money. Money has no meaning but what we accept and allow it to have. And we have accepted and allowed an imaginary system, where value is placed in paper, or digits and it is determining the life of many. The consequences of this are resonant with our flesh and we pass the accumulated separation on from one generation to the next, as the very script we have created , as the drama now playing out on earth.

So, the consequences are for us that are here to clean up. And this is common sense. They are the outflow of our own abdication as life.

So, I am so busy with my protection and defense system built to maintain an image of myself that I need a structure that takes care of the physical because I am only being responsible for my own system of protection, thus I am the cause of my own ignorance of what is here, and I handed this responsibility over to others caught in the same behavior. Thus, the ones I handed responsibility to are simply acting as I am, yet they have more say in the structure, which I gave to them, so they are using what they physically have control of to support their protection and defense of an image that they have of themselves, and naturally their image of themselves is one of being greater, because they have more things in their picture of what they are! And naturally, they want to own this, because they can, because we allowed this to be what is here, because we abdicated this to them. The consequences of this are playing out as we speak. Anything that allows autonomy of direct politicking, is not going to be allowed because it would mean a loss of an idea of being more, that has been built for generations. And all of it is an illusion, and this illusion is in separation from life, as the practices being allowed on earth show us.
Pollution is the consequence of trying to only allow practices that let those we have representing us because we abdicated our power as we were consumed with our own protection and defense of what we were as an idea, protecting their idea of what they are, thus they chose a structure that gives them more and they cannot see reality because they are in separation from it. This is a circular never ending game of separation from life. It is destructive as it lacks all common sense of what is real, the actual physical reality, the gift of life.
So, each of us has to realize that we as mind are existing as abdication of life, into and as ideas of what we are, fearing the loss of ourselves as an idea, where the real value as what we are is the substance of life, the physical stuff of life. Thus there is only one focus and that is on the actual physical world. This is why religions are illusive practices, and they are meant to feed separation, a perfect construct for the ones we gave our responsibility to, to continue their position. 

Our health institutions are known to use abusive practice, and yet we do nothing because we fear facing ourselves as life and what we have accepted and allowed. The only way out is to face our separation. DUH.

Our agricultural practices are in separation from life, manifest in the debilitation of the physical, which then is turned into profit, and systemically entrenched as the means of survival for many who fear change and income loss, and wait for someone else to find a solution, when the only solution is to change the system, to stop money moving as it does because it is a form of distribution. Money must be given to all, enough to give what the physical need for support, anything else is genocide, abuse, negligence, separation from life.

Our educational systems are not working, had they worked, then we would not have prisons. And here, as well, this suppression of life is turned into a profit making machine, and as with the health, there are many who cling to this system to survive, so why change this? So, it is simply accepted, and as something that creates jobs, but it is a form of genocide as well, and it is an act of abdication of life, and we are all to blame because we allowed it. But what must be understood is that the nature of this form only compounds and destroys itself, thus the only choice is to change this system, to take back our self responsibility and stand equal and one to the physical world, realizing it is us, it is what we are as life, and thus we need not fear it. We become equal to it and live as it, we form it, work with it, in ways that allow no abuse, that allow the expression of life. We must stop this indirection, this disinFORMation, that is what we are within, as consciousness, that is manifesting without as our actions of separation have accumulated and creating a world where we are not able to live. Which is the fault of each and every one of us because we chose an idea instead of reality as the actual physical world. In our resistance to life, we are in the process of destroying life. And the solution, is to stop, and to accept life, the actual physical world as being equal and one to us, and to take care of this, and realize the value is life, not what is in our minds as our thoughts, emotions , feelings, memories, characters, personalities, political, social, placements which  are secondary to life, the real value is being life.  We can no longer allow what we would not want done to us, thus stand up and support a system that takes care of this planet in equality, realizing that life is the value. Equal Money. Become common sense, it is you as life, being responsible here, realizing that being here is all that one can be.

Day 368 Distraction, Comparison, Competition, Judgement.

So, I am having to memorize a presentation and I notice how so many things come up as distraction, and so many judgement, comparisons and competitions. I know they go no where and are not in any way directive, so I have to stop and focus myself on the information, the whole, the parts. 

I was woking with this child, and they would do this, “ go off” become restless, but they could be talked into slowing down and looking at what they had seen. It took a lot of patience. And then they got faster and faster at it.  It is like I am having to do this for myself, to keep coming back in common sense and not let anything move me. So to speak.
I also notice that when others speak, hesitate, I become this myself, in a way, and this is even harder than doing this for myself, I will have to practice this, a lot.  It is like I am a sponge. Which is what someone said to me one time, I am a sponge. ugh
I suppose it has its benefits, one learns to listen, and this kind of listening is needed when playing music with others, which can be a very intimate experience. One opens up to another when playing, one has to, to play together. Which explains why the abuse on this earth is as it is, we are not listening to what is here, we must be listening to something that is not here, because if we listened we would not be able to take what we have accepted and allowed that exists in earth. There is no way around this. I would think that were we really listening, we would probably start screaming as much as that child crying from the pain of starvation, or that cow locked in a small cage not being able to move for months. If we don’t want such to happen to us as life, why are we allowing this for others? Money is not worth this, Thus money as how we are using it, must stop, and this must change. What we are accepting and allowing from our supposed representatives is not actions of responsibility for life, they are not listening to life. This much is very obvious. This is a problem that has a solution, and if one really listens, the common sense of it can be heard, and realized, that if there is resistance in any way, then common sense has not been heard, you are not listening. The only solution is to realize that life is the value, and that to live this value, a structure must be placed on this earth that absolutely cares for all life, within the realization that life is the value.

Equal Money The solution to bring our separation from life back to life. 
Self forgiveness process, Desteni I Process Lite. TIme to begin the journey to life. It must be done, so might as well get started. You will never look back! I dare you to find out!

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Day 367 Patenting is profit in self interest ONLY. A denial of life.

Why are genes being patented within this profit based system? According to  this article, this means that the patent holders have complete control over the gene, and thus any research done outside of the patent holding company is illegal.
What this means is that the information about the gene can only pass through the owner of the gene, because it is not allowed to do research on the gene, as the gene is owned.
Such control of information within a profit based system, will be lead by the consideration of profit before common sense. Thus this is control of awareness of how this world in fact functions, this is withholding understanding of how here works. This is creating ignorance and thus taking away self responsibility. Which means that how something behaves and a solution for that behavior cannot be understood, which means that those with the problem, or lack of understanding, and thus existing as behaviors of destruction, have no opportunity in self direction. So, that behavior, as an object cannot be blamed for how it is functioning. Thus, which is also noted in this article, that there are actually high level people who label those on the bottom of the scale as “ bad breeds” of people that need to be removed!

So, we are allowing discovery to be realized through hiding as this admits to possible discovery that ends systemic structures of profit, and yet we then are allowing blame towards those who lack self awareness for their acts when we hide self discovery through control! How does this make any sense? It is like this circular logic of stupidity.

There is a lot of research out there to suggest that nutrient dense foods and an education allow a person to be healthy and self responsible. Lack of this causes disruptive behaviors, thus those that are supposedly genetically determined to become of bad behavior, are a result of improper care.
So, why does there exist products that are known to be unhealthy, such as sugar and refined carbs - and subsidized ? And why are there educational systems that then try and teach these children who are not eating properly? And then why are these children punished as adults for a past of non-supportive development by a system that subsidizes unhealthy foods in a system that does not pay a living wage, thereby making it almost impossible for the less financially advantaged to be able to support their health and thus their behavior, and then to pass patent laws that do not even allow non-profit related research? Which is what this is really all about, the protection of profit, the fear of the masses, a fear of losing some high economic stature. This is all about greed and wanting to have more than one needs, and more than another, and having such at the expense of other human beings and thus at the expense of life. This is indeed a sickness, a complete separation from life, a complete obvious construct of a system that denies life, and all in fear of life, as there can be no other explanation.

Our leaders, as the ones judging and the ones owning such patents and benefitting through a system of profit in excess, have completely lost their minds to a fear of the masses, to such an extent that they would deny life and then blame that life for its lack of ability to express itself as life, as life as this planet gives without judgement, this earth provides. It is denial of what supports that causes behaviors that are less than an expression of life.
So, the elite are like snakes eating their own tale/tail,  creating a warped circular logic that is in complete separation from life. A logic of fear, a logic of ambiguity. A logic of not looking at how what they do reveals intent through a smoke screen of logic that makes no sense. Thus the elite have become what they sow, a behavior in separation from life, a behavior of protection and defense in self interest. They are as guilty as those they accuse of  destructive behavior. 

All these eddies of fear, bear no witness to life, just as the laws being passed indicate, they disallow life to discover itself, and all because of some ambiguous fear that is not real. There is enough food on this earth, there are enough hands of men to build a world where all that is here is taken care of and allowed to flourish as life. It is only an illusion of fear that inhibits this understanding, an imagination in separation from life. And this imagination in separation from life is suppressing life. All disease is an inflammation of fear, as fear is separation, fear warps life, it does not look, it is being caught in a tornado of separation, thus its behavior is circular within judging the cause of separation outside of itself instead of itself realizing its own  misstep with life, as the physical. The physical shows consequences of non support , so we have a gift to realize what is of support of life, as the physical, a gift to realize how to be in balance with life, with all the expression of life as the physical.

We have separated ourselves from the physical world so much, and imposed our behaviors of resisting this physical world, that we have created the very behaviors we accepted when we allowed fear to become more than life.
This charade of believing we can patent life, within a profit based system, is really about controlling profits for a few, who obviously fear something or that control would not be needed. Profit is an action of a fear of loss. Taking more than one needs to live on this earth in dignity, is existing within a delusion of fear, as the existence of patenting a gene and not allowing anyone to carry out any research on that gene is an act of paranoia that something might be discovered that would put an end to profits. So this is profit before life. This is denying what is for the common good. This is denying the hands of many many men who built what is here, as one hand could not have done this, the right to a dignified self responsible life.
And we are all to blame unless we stand and become self responsible in relation to this unacceptable behavior by the judges and the corporations that are bulling this system to place this profit into law. This is no way to run this earth and it must stop.
We, the many hands of men, we have the power to stand up and place structures of support through putting an end to a profit based system, to creating a system that support all equally, realizing with the research now available that each person, each plant, each animal with proper food, shelter, education and water can become healthy and self responsible. Allowing our present leaders to behave as they are is not each of us being responsible. it must stop. This means a system change, this means removing a profit based system to one that gives equally, as the only choice is to realize we are all the substance of life, and as such become the expression of life that we are when we take care of this physical world, showing we understand finally that this earth is the gift to understand life by becoming responsible for the greatest gift a real parent would give, this physical world.
Lets stand and realize this gift, and give thanks by taking care of it, every inch of it.
Remove the fear of accepting this gift of life, through self forgiving a system of limited values that allow only parts of life, and thereby separation from the expression of life that exists in this planet. Monopolies do not work, this is because they do not consider all life, do not consider the total form of this earth. The greed of the elite is simply our own accepted and allowed resistance to life. Thus the only solution is to stand and support the physical, to no longer resist the common sense of the actual real physical world. Equal Money.
The reward is life. And life does not fear, it is life.

Day 366 What is a prophett, the prophet of a system of inequality known as profit?

Day 366

What is a prophet? Someone who uses some common sense within looking at patterns of behavior, the limitations as a collection of ideas , opinions and beliefs, creating a limited form directed by its selected dictates? A collection of values made huge, warping the substance of here as it takes only parts and builds a construct as a road map of directives and in the process separates from the physical world here? Creating an alternate reality? Much like the present use of technology in tandem with the form and function of usury? Usury being a form that funnels money into the hands of a few, who also have road maps built of values, an inner quantum map made bigger than life? The memories, as stories that are the imagery built of play out of the limited values selected? The machine as the form of usury via the hard-drive as the banking system? Driving that money hard to a few for control?
So a prophet is simply someone that begins to read the map, this map as mind as consciousness, its own separation projecting a halo/bubble/around each of us, that upon death the edges of which pop like the surface of soda pop in a cup? The energy release of the “ gases” of built up energy as the vapid life lived feeding off the physical, and upon death evaporates as it has no equality with the substance of life as the physical?  The outflow of this pattern here is that if you have a halo, you are standing on hollow ground and you have wasted your life as a lesser being, thus heaven is hell and earth, well many live in hell, is the only point where heaven can exist. And we were all told this by Christ, that we had to bring what we called heaven to earth. So, we cannot blame anyone, as we have been told, we simply did not listen. We made our memories of more import than physical reality. I mean, how can a picture in the mind be more than what is physically real here? In all common sense!
It really is all backwards, and it has to stop. Prophets simply stand back and look at the patterns of our accepted and allowed behaviors, and thus then read the pattern. Rarely, if ever, has there been a solution. The solution is to look at the pattern here as the systemic form is the dictate of how here is moving, and to realize that this form is not being supportive and then, in all common sense to change it. If one cannot see this, then the road map of memory has become very big, thus one has to slow way the fuck down, give up the memories, and look at what is here, right in front of us and how it is moving, without any fear of loss, and realize what is here must change how here moves what is here, the very structure of our system is not supporting here, not working with here, in some ways yes, not all is bad, there is good here, but this must be reformed. Those who are benefitting from what has been accepted are only benefitting on limited levels, as they are not life either, they are limited, stuck behind their desks, monitoring their “ more than” and also in separation from being equal and one with this physical world. Yes, they can go and get in an airplane/jet when ever they want, and fly off to their islands whenever they want, they have food, comfort, shelter whenever they want where ever they go, but have they developed themselves, used all of themselves as their human physical bodies, or do they spend all their time maintaining their wealth and having all the toys, which I would think would become boring after a while, because in a way it is limiting? Is there any real substance in their lives or just toys, big ones?
The point is that what is here can be used to equalize us with and as the physical to develop ourselves into a full potential as in moving with and as the physical here, but in order for this to happen, we must all be equal to the physical, which means we need a system that supports life absolutely. It is like the REAL “ toy” is earth in all her physical aspects, and we are ignoring the BEST “ toy” around! It is so ridiculous when one realizes what will be said is WTF was I thinking! And, lol, as usual the answer is in the words, “ You idiot! it was that you made thinking HUGE! More than life itself!”
I think, therefor I am an idiot. Our history is made of incomplete sentences. If there is room for ambiguity there are questions to be asked. If a person reacts when the walk is through the ambiguity, then you know that person is lost in memory, and the quest through the incomplete just is not on their map, so the answer might be ( which I have gotten A LOT) , “ we don;t go there”, or - and this is a good one, “ we don’t like people like you.”  Here the demon in me wants to start laughing. This is self abdication in placing an idea onto an object and then blaming the object for a movement in common sense, it is hating life because life is an expression, a movement, from nothing to something, in each moment, the map holders don’t want to let go of the map, and throw a tantrum when anyone suggests looking up from the map. So, laughing at someone who says something like, “ we don’t like people like you here” triggers the behavior of self interested salvation, and then naturally the response to laughter is “ You hurt my feelings” and yes, I am looking at more than what is on your map, and that will hurt that energy focused on that limited value map, yes it will, but this “ hurt” is really to stop the ‘hurt” of self in separation from being equal and one to and as life, to bring one back in common sense of what is real, the physical, where hurt does not exist.
The yoke is on YOU!
Let's come back to life, Equal Money.
Bring your yoke back to equality with life.  Forgive yourself, walk the Desteni Lite course. It is Free.
Listen to the consequence of separation and how we did this to ourselves. Eqafe. Some interviews are FREE

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 365 Land grab, pollution and a blinding media; Is this what we want?

I look at the news today and what do I find but propagation  monocultures with no regard for the animals or people or plants, destroying the land and the water and the means of being self responsible as life. This is destruction of life, this is not SEEING life. It takes away the life of children, of water life, of trees, of animals, of the life in soils. These news articles tell a story of a culture of men who have no respect for life, that take away life, and as such are insane as they have become so separate from life. This is a story of a system failure that we are all accepting and allowing unless we stop what we are doing and change it. If we believe we have no power as a collective then we allow this abusive and ignorant use of the resources of this planet, thus we have no one to blame but ourselves, as we are many and the few in office that obviously do not believe that life has any value really have no right to determine how earth is organized. 
Pouring polluted water into any hole is unacceptable.
Taking land to create monocultures when the people living there use this land to live, is unacceptable.
The desire for power is a disease. Just reading what is happening to the land, the people, the consequences as pollution and palm plantations that also destroy animal habitats is unacceptable. 
All of it is about getting money, thus how money determines life must change. It does not work. It is not working with what is here. Change how money is used and that which is good about men will step forth, as none of us really want our neighbor to suffer. We only become this when we are scared, when we fear for our own lives. It is time to realize that all that is of this earth is our neighbor, and the fear is only a mis-direction of self as life. And many “ selfs” standing can change this. This is common sense. Keep your eye on the ball, don’t listen to the forked tongue of greed. It cannot see life. And there is a forked tongue in us all, it is our separation from life, it is consciousness. It is the voice of our fear. And since it is a voice it can be stopped.
Power is a disease because it causes disease as the behavior of power spreads its greed onto the planet, seeing nothing but this desire for power. It is a state in abdication of life, and thus a state of being that has no right to life, thus a state of being that has no real authority as life.
This is caused by some believing themselves to be more than others, which is in itself a separation from life, and thus an abdication of life, and thus criminal and a terror against life and must stop. The physical world works not as a monopoly, it has been here longer then men, and it has thrived on this planet. At present life is not thriving, it is dying. Our oceans are polluted, our waterways are polluted. Our fish and our plants are no longer edible, our mass produced cows are full of tumors and we breed pigs in confinement, not allowing the life in them to move. How in any way is this responsible acts that warrant successful leadership? They are not, so it is time to stand together and say no more. We cannot allow inequality to exist as it does not work, is not working and this is obvious all around this planet, and we are all to blame unless we simply put an end to it. It cannot go on. I mean how are drones in all American cities going to turn the abusive practices outlined in these articles around? They are not, because they are not addressing the actions of abuse in any way, they are to protect these abusive acts, even when these acts harm the children of the men operating these drones, as many of the men who have served in the America military are discharged without care because the cost of taking care of their war injuries might take away from the power of the few, the ones who are in a state of disease from life.
At this point it is not to get angry with the diseased running this country or the corporations or the banks, it is to stand and change the system, to ensure this disregard of life never happens again. This means placing policies that allow only that which is of best practice, meaning that which supports all life absolutely, where the only choice is to work with this physical world and practice what works without causing any harm to this earth that supports us as life. We now have technologies that allow a combination of traditional practices and modern technology to ensure that what is here is taken care of, to provide housing and nutrient dense food, to educate the ability of men as what we see in those given the opportunity for development. We know how to breed animals that are healthy and compete, yet we cannot distribute food that maintains health for everyone?
We read articles about a few who have taken control of media, and education and agriculture, and we realize that this that we have accepted, that has been sold to us, has not in fact created a group of men on earth that can be self directed and communicative with one another, and yet men are capable of this! If we  allow this, we are as diseased as the ones in disease with power as delusion of believing themselves to be more than another.
We stand and we vote and we place in policies that support all life, that work with this physical world to create a decent life for all that exists. We allow life to take its rightful place on earth, because at present we are not allowing life. If we do not stand, the outcome will be the same for all of us, we will not have allowed life because we did not stand and practically take back our lives within standing and organizing this world in such a way that life was the value, and as such was supported and worked with within a realization that we cannot/did not create what is here as what we have become, so separate are we from life. We do not even understand how life came to exist on this earth, as this earth. Thus, who are we to decide to destroy what we have not taken the time to understand? And had we understood what is here , then there would be no pollution, no animal abuse, no diseased children, no cancer, no poverty. These are behaviors that show a lack of understanding, and thus a separation. The real ignorance is a belief that some life must be suppressed, which in itself means there is no understanding because real direction is not given, which means our leaders do not know how and thus are not leading. Just look around, we are not living, we are dying, we are diseased, our children are not reaching their full potential. This is all crime. This is the real terror. STOP.
Time to get this world in order, time to stand and realize a system of equality, where no law and or policy maker can decide one health care system  for the people and another is for the politician, because that politician is in separation from life, is in a state of disease from life if they do not give to all what they would want for themselves, as this is being life, because this is realizing that life is the value.

Do we really need a conductor? Could an orchestra play simply by listening to itself? Have we really learned to listen? And is the fact that the conductor is there the reason why we have not learned to listen to what is here? In music one starts with a metronome but eventually the way to play is to feel the space, to sense the space within dividing it without an aid such as a metronome.  If there is fear this is very difficult as it takes a concentration that is a state of ease. But the fact that this can be done, means this is what we are capable of. Thus, is our media by its very aggressive presence dividing the space of here as what we see using this sensibility we have as humans and filling it with a dissonance of contradictions as conflicts and frictions left hanging and unresolved? And we are allowing ourselves to be caught up in the static? And what holds up that static? A “static” of power - if I play with the sound as the words? None of this need be what is here, and in practical common sense we can change this. We stand together, as neighbors as life, keeping sight of the principle of what is best for all, and we change this, we re-wrtie the policies that are directives we place on paper, and we support our home this earth to be and become a form that considers all life, that is aware and non abusive of life. This is becoming responsible and mature and it is the only choice.
Time to put an end to this abuse and destruction, it is not working and as such is a separation from life.
Equal Become a part of the solution. Change the order of this world into one that is of life.

Day 364 Self Judgement Commitment Statements

If I read about some extreme injustice I become very angry and blame and react, so busy being blame that I no longer am here in common sense of the totality of what is here in earth and who I am as how I am within such a reaction. Then I have expectations that my righteousness will be understood and when it is not, I remain in ignorance singing the tune in and as my mind that another is ignorant or lack any semblance of care for another. Then I blame myself for not having made the situation clear enough, in some way. I remember before my husband died I kept thinking that the magic words must be there somewhere, I had simply not found them. And the answer was right there in front of me, it was what I had constructed as belief that was the separation, not the words individually, but how I used them, what I described, which lacked a complete understanding of what was going on. Even if I had placed my words to be clear, my husband had to take them and apply them himself, this I could not do, this was ultimately up to him, thus we are all to blame for what we allow, and cannot point the finger at anyone else.
I notice this tension in my legs, it is like they have this electrical circuitry that tenses them continuously and somehow, I am the cause of this as what I have accepted and allowed. So, I am attempting to write this out, as this is a behavior I have had for a very long time and it is going to take some time to slow this petrification of myself as how I am within me as how I am moving in detail as myself within.
It has even taken some time to see this, as I did this within my back and that took some time to get to relax. Self forgiveness is a much better tool than any drug. And I do not condone stopping drugs as they perhaps have a purpose for a moment.

I remember my father being able to hear an orchestral work and name the orchestra, the conductor, the piece. This was an ability to measure the character of these parts, which is to say the style of the conductor, and the orchestra and the piece were able to be heard through their combination of qualities. Which means that humans have the capacity to sense here in detail. There are those who can read every form water takes when frozen to understand the age of the ice, the strength of the ice, the atmospheric conditions slowly coming along. All of this is reading patterns, becoming familiar with this world. This intrinsic ability is the nature of the organic machine of the human, and the only reason it is not living up to this in full capacity is that it is denied development. I also think that the development of this is probably greater than any machine built by men today. Even though this within ourselves as humans has been suppressed for so long, we will probably need our inventions to help us discover what we are that some have achieved some level of ability within and as, to allow ourselves as life to be within our full potential as what we are as life, here.
In actuality, we have learned suppression, and this is maintained by a system, currently that is the manifestation of our own suppressions as life. We have completely separated ourselves from life, abdicated what we are as life, not realizing that the only way through to life is as ourselves. This is what was meant by going through the eye of the needle, one must become equal to the substance of life, to fit through, no machine we build is going to get us through, it is only equality and oneness to and as the starting point of life, the very substance of life, the “ sound” of life that is the building block equal and one within all of us. Must seem so abstract when looked at through a mind of chasing ideologies. Realizing these ideologies for what they are, idols to abdicate self responsibility as life, will seem like a death, but it is only a death of idol worship, as the only solution is to respect this actual physical world, as this is what is real. Heaven fed off of this, and it was a projection off the ground of earth. We have all been afraid of a lesser substance, and in the process become inferior to life. The joke is on you. And me. lol We are the creators of our own yokes.
So, I have this person I have known for many years. I went to a gathering with him. Now, he rants incessantly about how people are rude and ignore him. At this gathering there was another woman I have known for years, and I know her mother. Her mother is very much a mother in the traditional sense that she is constantly organizing and cleaning up, making sure things look in order. I know this because she owns a gallery and it is always in order, and this mother is constantly moving and tidying things up. She has been doing this for so long it is like habit as what she is. So, her daughter at this gathering was talking with me and my friend, when she suddenly turned and went to help someone she noticed was holding a bowl - as there was food at this gathering. The daughter went to get involved with the maintenance of the gathering, just like her mother, concentrating of this kind of detail, as though she could not help herself. I was looking at my friend as this happened in a moment, and the whole musculature of the face of my friend tensed and pursed.
We left the gathering and immediately in the car my friend started to go into the same rant about how people are rude and ignore him.  I said to him that this daughter was simply becoming her mother, becoming a role of taking care of the objects at the function, just life her mother, and that it really had nothing to do with my friend, she was simply becoming the habit she was taught. My friend said, I know - which he says all the time when something is pointed out - and continued to talk about how rude this behavior was.  I also know that the father and husband within this family does not believe that women should be in art. Which I will not explain here, so, I understand that this family has serious divisions within gender role play even in the face of this present world where women are more than capable of learning to draw and paint. There are probably layers of issues here that I will not go into, as the point is that it is beliefs, opinions and ideas that build our personalities and these beliefs, opinions and ideas playout in our behaviors, and it is all visible. Which is how my father could determine which conductor was conducting, which orchestra was performing and which piece was being played, and when it was written  and what culture it came from, as the details of the parts as the focus reveal the parts as what is not present and what is made huge and brought forward. And our divisions of quality create a persona that is readable, be it nation, country, tribe, family, gender, social level. All of these divisions where borders within the qualities are not allowed to be crossed, or so we believe.This organization has created separation and difficulty in communication, and this earth is in constant war and strife, thus, what we have created within all this is not working, our existential order is one of destruction and not life and therefor this must change. It is an order of limitation, the parts in themselves not bad, just simply ordered in such a way life is denied, withheld, and lacking communication as the parts with one another. Naturally, there are a few benefitting from this. Which begs the question, are they really? An ease of communication in totality would be a more fulfilling life, this cannot be denied. It is common sense.

So, what is it that is able to “ read” all of this” Can an idea “ read “ this” What is it that takes in all the “ sound “ of this and has some common sense of the parts, if this is developed? And can this “ reader” of here that is each of us, be taken into limited behaviors of blame and spite based in limited insight, as my friend was allowing himself to exist as, based on an idea of himself and what was needed to validate him? And why did he need a specific behavior the lack of which caused a reaction of blame and spite? All of this so silly because it is all wanting something that has no common sense of here, is of no communication of here as being life, living life here, learning to sense here and enjoy simply being here, learning to be and become equal and one in communication with life as what is substantial, here. This is why singular ideas as imagination are pointless, they are fantasies made huge and thus a separation from physical reality. We are actually living a language of fantasy, and this is based on the culture in which we were born. A selection of values creating a persona, and that fantastic persona is very limited. Were it not then an ease of communication would exist on earth. And it does not. Also, had we this, what knowledge and information presented by the media would have outcomes that were agreeable to all, and what is storied on the media is not doing this. The media only plays to each persona losing itself causing fear, instead of directing each of us to understand and stand as life in self responsibility.

And such attention deficit disorder is disordering life, as this is used to allow some to have more than others, and we allow this, because we are so caught up in blame and spite, idea and opinion, our thoughts that are judgements are ideas that something is more than another instead of placing what is here as expression into context with the physical real world, and in so doing this we separate ourselves from life, and our separation, our projection consumes the physical and we become habituated within our ideas, that are taught by those who were before us doing the same, and thus we end, we cannot move through the eye of the needle because we were never here, instead we were in our minds, believing our thoughts to be real our judgements to be real. These judgements when continued become emotions and feelings and then they become our behaviors, our personifications which are then constantly seeking validation, the memores as judgements wanting to be right, wanting a right to life, which is believing an illusion, being the lie of separation and suppression of self as life being here, reading here, understanding here as the physical is the gift to bring self here to allow equality and oneness to and as life here. 
I have to within myself see my own judgements that are separations from life, as what i was taught, not all good or bad, but simply limited, and as this a suppression of myself as life. 
The only solution is to take what I have used as ideas and beliefs and opinions as judgement of what is more than and less than, superior and inferior and bring these back to myself, take what is good and what prevents disease with here, and direct within the principle of what is best for all, even in the face of reaction and protection and defense of personification as behaviors of ego, which is to bring a limitation/ambiguity back to equal and one consideration of practical needs of physical reality, as it is the physical which is the source of life, not a heaven, not the idea touted by a media owned by a corporation that has an idea that it can determine what people need, as believing one knows what people need is to deny the actual physical world being more than able to determine what is needed as the physical is its own technology able to take care of itself, as it can “ read” here as it is life, the very source of life. Taking care of the physical world and allowing it to be what it is, especially the human, to be and become what it is capable of is the only solution, as this is the way of life. And that is just common sense.
Our economic system is not on par with life, it does not support life, it does not prevent disease, poverty, sexual abuse, ignorance, pollution, killing, animal abuse, soil erosion.  Fractional reserve banking within interest lending allows the interests of a few to not only serve in self interest, but use the profits as the principle, divided again and again under names of a different color, move the separated values into building a war machine to capture and divide resource and information; our media being the projector of limited information to diminish understanding and yoke understanding within limited means, all done in self interest with the idea projected that one hand feeds us despite physical fact that it takes many many hands to have built and to built what exists, making it very obvious that the outward manifestation as the order of this system is simply a macrocosm of what we are each allowing and accepting within ourselves on and individual/micro level as consciousness as thoughts as judgements as idea that one thing is more than another, when the order of equality as all being of same substance in expression in different rhythms as what is needed to be the physical world working as an expression of life, meaning on a practical level that physical skill is not more than intellectual skill as both are needed to support life, as where we stand at the moment. 

So, when and as I find myself imagining via a hierarchy of values about another, analyzing them and placing them on a scale of more and less value I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand that they are me and I am them, that the present system as consciousness as mind, as personification of limited ideas, beliefs and opinions, exposing themselves within and as me as thoughts, that when repeated and used as directive, become emotions, and feelings, as fear of loss and justification for an action taken to hide the negative judgement in and as limitation and thus separation from here, I slow myself down and I direct within and as the principle of what is best for all, realizing that within directing as such, behaviors of protection and defense of personality will react in self interest, and here I continue to remain within and as breath, and to not allow myself to become inferior to the bully of the mind, and/or judge myself as superior as the only choice is to become the living word within and as what is best for all.

When and as I find myself reacting to a fear of being judged, I stop and breath, and I see, realize and understand that I allow myself to be judged as judgement need only be directed within and as what is best for all, of which is visible as all life on earth being cared for and developed within the inherent nature of man as a physical being to and towards communicating as life in awareness and consideration of all life, as is the nature of life.
When and as I find myself imagining a loss, I stop and I breath and i bring myself back here, and realize that the only thing that can be lost are thoughts as ideas, opinions and beliefs that are not in accord with life, with what is best for all,  and that the mind is an imagination and not what is real, here as the physical, thus the only choice is to stop and breath and bring myself here realizing what is supportive of life absolutely through care for this actual physical world, which means I have to place myself here and accept the physical as me, as what is real.
When and as I find myself moving towards a behavior as a reaction, as spite and blame, as comparison and competition, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down to “read”/look at the actual physical world here, to no longer allow myself to judge on a scale, through a scale, of more than and less than, and instead to look at what is real as the physical and to use my common sense to investigate what works as support absolutely, or to direct within what would support the physical world to prevent disease and allow the life that is here to become directive as itself within and as equality and oneness as what is best for all.

When and as I find myself tensing up in my legs I stop and I breath, and I take the time to slow down and see what I am allowing and accepting in terms of judgement as blame and spite, comparison and competition, that is myself suppressing myself as life into a mental fantasy of limited qualities selected as associations learned, and I direct without fear of loss within and as the principle of what is best for all, thus I walk through my smoke screen of fears as separations being used as label for protection and defense, of self abdication and I speak within common sense of what is best for all here.
When and as I begin to point out how the present system functions as a system of inequality, as a system that begins within each and every one of us, I stop and I breath and I do not allow myself to become inferior to here, within and as blame and spite, judgement of more than and less than via comparison and competition, as I take the principle of what is best for all is best for self, and I direct within this principle as myself as life, to begin to redirect this behavior of suppression I have accepted and allowed that is my own behavior of limitation in being equal and one to and as life, here.
When and I have a thought that something has been “ done unto me” I stop and I breath, and I realize that there is a whole past of judgement behind me, resonantly held within as belief, opinion and idea that broadcasts it separation via thoughts, emotions and feelings, which I no longer allow to be the experience of myself here, as I walk this through forgiving this back to myself and directing this within correcting this towards what is best for all via being equal and one with and as this actual physical world, as this is what is real and not the imaginations in and as my mind, as consciousness.
When and as I find myself allowing myself to believe I am being coerced, I stop and I breath, and I stop the circular logic as thoughts of bad and good, more than and less than, loss and gain, reward and punishment, and I take this catch 22 and see, realize and understand what would be best for all, placing the physical as myself here, investigating and speaking up within what is directive here in equality and oneness as what supports the physical world absolutely.

Desteni DIP Self forgiveness to deprogram the separation from life to and towards becomeing equal and one with and as life. Stop the mind of separation. Come back to the physical. Birth Yourself as life. There is no other choice.

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