Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 648 A moment in mind consciousness ONLY! STOP!

Yesterday, I went into a sinking personification as a belief that I had failed, that getting through was impossible, and from there I realized, wait, it is a practical world where we create a within that is not equal to the without, an above that is not equal to the below. The below being the source of the projection that is not equal, as the physical world. I have looked at how this all works, as what a thought is, and how a thought when done again and again, through space and time, repeated, over and over, becomes a ghost in the machine, describing the machine, creating conflict with the real mechanism of and as the physical. The entity of belief, spiraling like a christmas tree light, unable to fit into the physical because it has not considered the physical, yet becoming the program of the physical in slowly diminishing the physical, and as information considered knowledge, becoming what directs, where the directions cause many mistakes in the world because it ignores what is here, and then blaming the missed things for being in the way. A backwards way of being! The information being what is accepted and allowed, spinning around in self justification because it is all that is what is informed. I mean, there is no information to enable one to slow down and watch the grass grow, and yet, this is who one really is under/behind/throughout/within before the information entity of limited focus/value/insight began to be one’s self definition. 
Thus, all emotions and feelings are a lie. The real state of being as life, must be that of a fluid ease, here, enjoined, with what is here, always moving as the solution of and as what is best for all. It is to be saturated with all that is here, where each movement is in focus, a focus that is all that one is. How satisfying would that be? lol, one could say it would be the ultimate ‘ drug’! One that would cause no harm!

Yesterday, I had to drive in a lot of traffic. As I slowed down to turn onto a side street, I noticed a biker just behind me, so I could not turn, I had to stop. At the same time, I noticed a large car behind me, right on my tail. I feared stopping suddenly, because of the car behind me was so close, and at the same time, I could not turn because of the person on the bike beside me, was moving pretty fast. So, I pulled slightly over to the side, leaving room for the biker to pass and the car behind me to swerve further out onto the road if need be. The biker, was uncertain, hit the brakes swerved around me on the other side, yelling and cursing at me, and the white car behind me, appeared to be less than an inch from my rear fender. I was not moving very fast, overall. Thankfully nothing more happened than being yelled at by the biker, whom I was being considerate of. 
I found myself becoming frustrated and angry, and very tense. I wanted to blame the car behind me, and I wanted to yell at the biker. In all, it was one of those situations where everything was tightly compressed,  and considering the objects in the space, seemed overwhelming. So, it was that energetic need within me, to immediately blame and spite, project stories onto the car behind me, the biker, catching the details of them in a moment and comparing them to a moral good, using the details of the objects in some quantum measure to belittle and make me feel better in a superior way, when overall, I was afraid, afraid of an accident, afraid of the consequences of an accident, and all the blame and spite that might , or might not, come towards me, should an accident happen. One huge  motion picture show of morality using cultural measures to protect and defend myself and all the while, I am in total separation from reality. 
As I turned onto the quiet road, I slowed down, saying to myself, no, going into this is not being here, does not solve problems, is not that which brings solution. STOP stop stop.
I had to realize that earlier in the day, I had had an expectation about something, and upon reflection, realized I had not been practical in space and time, within what is a process that must move in an ordinary way, to reach the solution that is the extra-ordinary. I can’t get to the extraordinary until I walk the practical. So, in the moment I continued to drive on the quieter street, I did forgiveness, and remembered the script of here, the practice of walking step by step, realizing  how this physical world functions right here before me, to ground myself in a stable practice of living where I could be calm, directive, finding solutions, realizing practical steps in a physical reality and reaching the ultimate reward, being at ease, enjoying simply being here, and instead of chasing an idea, I stop, slow down, cross reference the practice of realizing that what is best for all is right here in front of me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react to a biker cursing me out for entering ostensible cutting in front of him.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to want to blame the car behind me for being right on my tail.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have the thought “ I was considering you, you idiot”
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become unhinged, within myself, all the while realizing that moving into such judgement was not solving the problem.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that the source of my self accepted and created ire, was from earlier in the day, and as such probably a self accepted and allowed distraction from looking at what was behind me and beside me, in the busy traffic a few seconds earlier, being aware as in being consistent in noticing that the traffic was very busy and that this meant not only to notice this, and to also remain diligent because of it.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that I was the cause of the upset around me, having become lost in my own story of expectation.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to want to rush an outcome, without walking the practical ordinary steps necessary to reach the extra ordinary outcome of the goal that I allowed myself to rush towards without considering the practical world around me, where there is enough space and time to move in careful ways.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not slow down and stop running as a story in and as my mind, to instead realize the practical details of living here, a real story that considers all things around me, in every moment, to walk step by step a real practice of living here, equal and one within and as what is best for all, as this is best for self.
When and as I find myself reacting, within and as me, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, I see realize and understand that i am moving into spite and blame, using a morality of limited values, to protect and defend myself  instead of realizing and as such respecting what is here as the physical, and to accept that which is myself as life, that reveals the way and the means, of becoming equal and one to life here.
When and as I find myself building within and as me, an ire, as a short tempered fuse, ready to burst at the slightest provocation - or so I believe- I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, I assess where and when I accepted an idea, belief or opinion, to define me, and where I became in fear of losing something, and as such expecting something, and I evaluate my accepted and habituated morality, to bring my own self interested judgements back down into the practice of living, as the journey of myself back to life, out of a mind consciousness system only, to realize with every breath, what is best for all, slowing way down, to move step by step into what is a real natural state of being, where I can, slow down enough to ‘ watch the grass grow’.
When and as I find myself rushing, and becoming impatient, I stop I breath, I slow myself down, and I assess where I have not investigated enough to ground myself here, into a self corrective application that can stand and direct my actions in ways that bring clarity and stability that is sustainable within and as what brings solutions that is the process of respecting the world around me as life as the physical.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 647 Mind consciousness or the presence of living here?

I met a person yesterday that had a profession that I immediately responded to with information I had about a character in a book of the same profession. I reacted to them, as though they had the potential of this character in this story.

Socially, their profession is low down on the scale of good jobs and less ‘ good’ jobs. Yet, as in the story I compared them to, the possibility of having the same openness and character as the character in the story motivated me to speak with them in a calm way.

This morning I woke up, heavy from the day before, and said to myself “ What is love?” The two things coming up in my previous day and myself bringing them forward in the morning of the next day, where I am at present.

When I played the violin, and I learned something new, it would take time, or, it would not. By this I mean, when I understood something, as in how to do something, the change into the new way could be incorporated very very fast. It is like saying that when something is ‘ pure’ and ‘ clean’ within one’s understanding as one's focus, one can find this again, employ the change without effort, and see the effects in movement within using the new understanding/measure. It is like entering a new space, and in that new space, movement is much easier and much faster - this being inside one’s self. Yet, this cannot be only automated, presence must exist, like expanding awareness more than just doing something over and over again.  And, the practice of ' practice' is about becoming aware.

Have I defined ‘ love’ here? Is love that direction that can come with such ease, one wonders why it was not always, all ways used? Would such awareness be what love is?

And, in relation to my reaction/response to a person who had the profession of a character in a story, am I moving as hope, and desire, in tandem with an idea, instead of being love, here? One is moving as knowledge and information, and the other is looking at space and time, here? One hangs onto something and the other looks in more detail, or presence, here? I ask myself. So, I came to the point of asking what is love, and what is being in the present system that functions on knowledge and information and/or moves as what creates an ease of movement that is so strong it cannot be forgotten. Yet using that action outside of the context within where it was noticed, in itself takes an effort! I ask here, is this an example of how stagnant moving as knowledge and information can be, in relation to moving in the present, using one’s common sense?

One is based on idealogical measure, and one is applying an ease that opens up insight to the forms of here as the physical. In word play by the very slow measure an order of words can convey when knowledge and information only, what is here, as in being brought forward becomes something that as limited knowledge, by design, I find, often repeats itself. (Like being in SLOW MOTION!) . Like, if I say this enough it will be real! When it cannot be real as knowledge and information because it is an idea about something! Yet, because of the system of knowledge and information being so huge, being placed before one’s common sense, must I use the game of association to direct me, as this is what this is? Can this giant ' slow mo" be brought back down to the measure of physical reality? And, is this not what our media is doing? No problems ever really solved?!

To stop myself from getting caught in a tail spin as my mind consciousness, I just stopped and asked myself, ‘ What is love?’ Can I breath, become calm, and then what? Is this where I define ‘ love’? Can I turn this word into my crutch to direct me here? lol And here I go into thinking again!

I , at this point, would say that love is always giving directions that allow an ease of movement. An ease of movement means directing one’s self  in ways that are grounded. Not fearing to be here, realizing that I am life information, which would be a form, hence the physical- composed of cells, the building blocks of sound, a stable, constant sound. Nothingness into expression, into form. Where else would such come from?  To move in ways that are grounded, one is aware of the present space, and has little fear, as there is no need for fear, because one is so focused that what is done is seen, and/or retained.  This is being love, having no fear that the greater awareness is a threat to one’s self in any way, as this is what one would want for one’s self. A ‘ greater awareness’ is being present here, substantiating the physical and its expression in ways that do no harm. What if we substantiated all children within this? That would be an amazing thing, as I see it from my limited mind consciousness!  What if we substantiated the physical world, became present as it?  What if we respected this form around us?

This is why life on this earth, for it to exist, the only solution is to give as one would receive, because having all of us move as we would want for ourselves, means giving all the space and time to see directly here, the physical world with ease. Directing as an idea, based on traditional roles, read in a book ( not a bad) ONLY, is heavy and slow, because pictures as the mind, is an after thought built from what is real, as the physical creation that is life expression!

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to direct within motivation, as an idea, based on knowledge and information gathered from a story.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become an association based on knowledge and information as a mind consciousness system only.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand how I can so easily, through habit, as what I have accepted and allowed to define me as information, polarized into goods and bads, ‘ opportunity and limitation” based on stories in and as my own accepted and allowed mind consciousness system of knowledge and information that I have allowed to become greater than  the life around me as the physical world.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand how I can become lost in my own habit, directing myself as this, as this is what I have practiced, instead of being grounded here, in practical reality, as what works in practice as a physical state, considers the physical, and gives me the ability to move in common sense, where I need not hide, as being here, as a physical being, need not hide, as this is life, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to move as love, where love is, as a verb, is similar to live, and living is physical thus, to focus here and direct here, as in being here, as an expression, and thus a verb, an action, so I focus here, to consider all things, to move within the principle of being a living word, which is to be equal to life, and to respect the life around me as I would want to be respected, as this is the principle of equality, to give as I would receive, to do no harm, to take that which is good, to realize what gives a constant directiveness that can withstand the test of time, to build a world that is heaven on earth, here, as we were told, the solution. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to move as my imagination, my mind construction based on values, ideas, beliefs and opinions, from knowledge and information that has had but forced application.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not love myself, to reprimand myself , like punishing the points of entity formations as ideas as knowledge and information instead of taking that which is good, and forgiving the overall imagination directions and placing them into actual practical living here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear moving into the small practical details , for fear of explaining myself and for fear of being rejected, as the measure of common sense can move against a mind consciousness knowledge and information without presence in reality as the physical consideration and respect that is life creation in expression, here. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become all a tempo as mind consciousness, instead of all a tempo with the practice of living in the presence of physical reality, here, in a life of volume equal and one with creation here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that moving into the small, as the detail of living and changing from knowledge and information means that something will be lost and failure will happen, when it is that moving into the small, is being present here, as the mind consciousness moves as set bodies of knowledge and information, serving self interest instead of living/loving here, this physical world, this world that is life in expression.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that moving into the small, as in being present here, not using only knowledge and information, cross referencing reality as the physical, will mean that something is lost, an illusion, as what is lost, or reformed is myself in love with life here, being considerate of the physical as life in FORMation.

When and as I find myself moving as idea, opinion and belief, as information in and as my mind, I stop, I breath, I slow myself way down, and I ground myself here, to see directly here, to become an expression of the insight of actual living here, to become love, in thought word and deed here.
When and as I find myself becoming uncertain, and/or, fishing/phishing for information as information only, as ideas, beliefs, opinions , in and as my mind, I stop, I breath, I slow myself way down, to become love, as in respect of physical space and time, which is only HERE, and I speak as that which grounds here, as this is what directs here, as this is what focuses here, and  as such, becomes an association to life, to what loves here, which is to love myself and all that is me, the same, as the physical.

When and as I find pressure within and as me, as a pressure around my torso, around my shoulders, in my solar plexus, in my knees, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, I forgive the judgements of value based on limited mind consciousness, as a morality that is of survival in fear of being self responsible as life here, that which is the opposite of the weight of fear, that which moves with joy and ease, as I see it here at the moment from my habit of being a mind consciousness, and I forgive, and ground myself here, to begin the practice of being in tempo with life, as respecting the physical world that is life in form, in expression, around me, to begin to align myself to the tempo of life, to become love, to Live Of theVolume of the Expression of the sound of life as the physical world that is me, here. 

When and as I find myself reacting to the measure before me, I stop, I slow way down, I breath, I give as I would receive, I use patience, presence, to sense the form here, the me-lody as a mind consciousness and the grounding that is the physical, to stabilize myself here, in respect of the physical world, and I walk being present here, realizing thinking is the measure of my own constructed, accepted and allowed, mind consciousness that shows the tempo of my own accepted and allowed separation from respecting the life around me as the physical world, here.

When and as I find myself weighted with energy, in comparison, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, I forgive the mind consciousness belief measure, the inferiority and superiority values as the mind justifications , as the tempo of fear, and I ground myself, taking the time to realize my self accepted separation to life, my habit, practiced through imitation of a morality system of values,  and instead I take that which is good and does no harm, as that which considers all things, as that which respects all life, as this physical world, to practice the gift of life, as the ease of being here, as life in expression as the physical which by nature would what transforms in ways that do no harm, and shares understanding in thought, word and deed, as the measure of here and all that is of that which substantiates form as the physical around me and as me, here.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 646 Peeling back the layers of belief that I repeated again and again.

I begin to feel that I keep saying the same things again and again, Yet this repetition is how I have built my own separation from living here, equal and one, in respect of reality, as the physical world. Thus, as I peel back the layers, what I find is a composition of value judgements, where I polarize into a good and bad. I place blame and spite on all manner of objects; animals, inanimate objects, plants, people, in total abdication of common sense. Common sense is to respect reality as the physical. I avoid looking at this when I become a mind consciousness of value judgements , I accept and allow my own separation. I bear the consequences of this myself, and I carry the burden of this self created and accepted game of division as my own television defining myself, a composition of justification instead of living. I am the demise of not existing in my own full potential as life. I can blame no one for what I have accepted and allowed.
If I have chosen to be inferior to this reality, it is a movement that I accepted. Given that our present system is to order this separation in all of us, I have to work with this system reflecting separation of men into hues of value judgements, acting in self interest to hide what we all realize we are doing, not realizing that getting out of the layered spin of this is going to take some effort on our parts. Something that no one can do for us but ourselves. Only I can change what I have accepted and allowed. Any movement of blame and spite, of believing this to be too hard, too difficult, is not going to change that which is moving as energy, manifest as measures of projecting blame and justifying actions within judgements via thoughts as word within me. I allowed them, i accepted the measure, thus I am responsible.

Changing a bit appears difficult, yet the more one understands how that habit formed within oneself, the more structural awareness one builds and this structure gives one the means to change. This is what education allows. In this world, if one has access to a computer, one has the capacity to do this. Those who are bearing the consequences of a mind consciousness system instead of a life support system, do not have the means to access to change, they are in survival mode only, thus it is the responsibility of each of us that have the means to look here at practical reality and to become the change that creates a world where life is lived in dignity, where there is no harm, and where that which improves our lives is used in respect of living as physical beings because life must in all common sense have a form, and that form is right here in front of us as the physical. 
I walk the Desteni I Process to forgive what I have accepted and allowed as value judgements in fear of life, to stand in respect of life as the physical world, to make sure that I understand and thus realize what I allowed to make sure it never happens again. What is cool is that I let go the burdens of belief and begin to move with more ease in this life. So, I suggest to walk the Desteni I Process to realize yourself as life, to enable self to walk through the eye of the needle, to become equal and one, as light as a feather, to and as the life that is you, here.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 645 I am the Self Directive Principle of Me.

I noticed this week that in not reacting to the words of another, as the very measure of value and/or understanding about being here, that the emotional reactions as I see them manifest - as justifications based on good and bad, as a fear of ‘ what if’- quickly passed. The momentum into concept understanding moved to a greater degree, being more fun than the reactions based on belief that sometimes voiced itself within me as words moving through my mind.

I would let things go and look to the construction and reform. It is a very creative process, and one that takes focus. When I look at this, as having done this more often, it is really quite fun!
In all, this is simply sharing being creative, meaning to look at what is present and realizing it cannot define unless it is accepted as such, which if allowed to define, the means is of self interest instead of being present in the moment, because in all reality, we can only be here.

At one point something was said to me, and I caught myself fearing that this statement would become something for which I would be blamed. Like, there was a fear within me that because I was in the very presence of such a thought, I was  going to bear the brunt of its existence- meaning the very formation of what was being said was the fault of me. It did not matter that perhaps I had not said it.

At this point I began to move into an inferior position, a doom and gloom scenario that this might be found out and that I would lose something if this should be found out. Overall, it makes no sense, it is just a belief that what was stated could be pinned on me- this being a thought that is taken as an end game, completely illogical.
This is complete paranoia, a fear. This fear is stagnant. This fear shares nothing. It is an act of self interest.  It is an act of not accepting life. It is an act of rejecting common sense, an act of self rejection. 

I mean, I can be this in a moment, and then move, becoming creative and looking at what is formed, and transform . Nothing is stagnant unless it is accepted and allowed to be so. 

What defines me is what I allow to define me. No one else can do this for me, unless I allow this. In all common sense, no one can decide what I am within, because no other human can really come within me.  I am the one who creates the very volume of myself. I am the one who builds the neurons within and as me, in reflection of the measure of what I accept and allow. Not even television can decide what I am unless I accept it!This means that ultimately, I cannot blame anyone for what it is that I am! No one. I decide.

Thus, I commit to becoming the self directive principle of myself. I realize that everything I allow myself to be, is by my own volition and no one else. Just as I cannot be responsible for another, no one can be responsible for me. I am responsible for myself. What I accept and allow can change, simply by using my own common sense, the very gift of myself as what I am, here. 

I can share what I am doing, I can ask questions and re-solve formations. I can choose to direct in ways that do no harm. I can become the directive principle of life, to investigate, and consider all things, taking that which is good and does no harm. I can then become constant, even building momentum within this, to find solutions and move into them, in thought, word and deed, to rebuild a world that is best for all, inch by inch, measure by measure. The ground is beneath my feet, I need only connect and feel its ever supporting presence. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 644 Culture, Tradition, and Nutella. Emotional bonds and reality.

Culture, Tradition and Nutella. Emotional bonds and reality.

Nutella was an answer to a war induced chocolate scarcity.  Using Hazelnut butter extended the volume of chocolate. Chocolate came from South America, where the beans were known to sustain energy levels and reduce feelings of stress. This benefit of chocolate aided the soldiers. The chemical effects on the body helped soldiers face the stresses of war. So, available chocolate went to the pawns fighting resource wars for profiteers who voiced their desires under the guise of development. This development, over time, lead to the monopolizing of resources into monocultures that erode forests and the environment. The starting point was of profit before life.  The story of Nutella, overall, is the story of changes made in organizing this world in ways that are not beneficial and sustaining for earth, and by extension ourselves.
Emotionally, we tie Nutella to cultural definitions, without investigating and understanding where and how and why this product exists. In the history of mankind, Nutella has not been around for very long. In essence, eating fresh unprocessed hazelnut butter would probably be a healthier choice then the acquired-taste-building-turned-national-icon - Nutella. Thus, that cultural tie, that is by association an emotional tie, is really an illusion. Investigating the history reveals this, and within this, can give the space to see more directly what is happening in this world. If we realize that our emotional ties are illusory, and lacking in any depth in man’s practice in living on earth, could we realize how little we use our depth perception? Why do we get lost in some idea made HUGE, as huge as our advertising makes a product appear in the space of our landscapes? We are lead by icons, tied to false positives manifest as a ‘ feel good’ moment, made history. A very limited history. And a happiness that needs to be perpetually fed to exist.
Behind that cultural identity that has no real history, there are animals and the biodiversity in the forests, a real history, dying to serve a lesser god that supposedly makes one feel less stressed and more energetic. Somehow, this is addiction over what is best for all. Is this separation from the real history of earth the cause of that stress and consequential need for something to sustain energy levels? Are we doing the same things again and again and expecting change without really looking and investigating reality- the very cause of the effects we want to seek solace from?!
Our game of association composed of emotional values brought forward using dimensions of the forms and functions of practical reality,  are the chaos separating us from practical actions that respect and support real living.  And this game is stressful.
Boredom and stress are similar, they are both a consequence of lack of practical FOCUS on reality. The story of Nutella, and the havoc this product imposes on the physical world is the story of our separation from reality, and the story of our disquiet state of beingness. 
Meanwhile, to segue out of this systemic structural violence there are solutions that lessen resource abuse in many ways. One suggestion is to use the oils from algae. This can be grown anywhere, lessening the use of shipping- which lessens the use of fossil fuels. At one time, the vegetable oils in Nutella, which was not directly stated, yet implied, was the cocoa butter. Somewhere, other vegetables oils were used to create, or maintain at lesser production costs, that smooth spreadability of Nutella, this hazelnut butter and chocolate paste. If we withstood that change, could we not withstand another?  And, do we really need Nutella? Do we need men working in a factory all day to make this stuff? What order on this earth could we build that gives men the space and time to discover and respect all aspects of this earth? We can use the resources in ways that do no harm, we are ingenious when we use our common sense. We can find ways to live that are stress-free, no longer needing a chemical motivation because we are happy in a constant way, because we self direct in being aware of, in being focused on the value being life. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 643 What is a thought? What is a feeling? What is an emotion?

All over the world we have what is known as education. People pay money for this, and communities create schools for this. We all understand that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Thus, we can all understand that when we have opportunity, we are exposed to all manner of things. And this exposure is what expands us. Then why do we not realize that people who lack opportunity will not develop practical common sense? A person who is developed, as exposed, is more self directed, more successful, more able to do. Any lack in a person, no matter their race, is a consequence of lack of opportunity to build understanding. Thus blaming lack for being in lack, in a system that only allows access through money, is by design a system of suppression. It places one in a box, it is a control mechanism. It is in all regard, a crime against this physical life. That lack, is the ignored external formation, hidden through a mathematical mean, based on judgements after the fact, that enables some the delusion that they are more than others. Yes, one could say they are more, but this ‘ more ‘ is a consequence of natural development, not the ‘ end’ as a starting point as we are lead to believe, as what is touted through media and each of our words because it is each of us that has allowed this. We have allowed that shadow of belief about ourselves to direct instead of seeing our constructs of belief about ourselves as being a consequence of measure about the world around us. Many, many are suffering because of this crime against life. Especially the animals and the microorganisms that are the building blocks of life in our soils. We each have, in effect, allowed a shadow to overrun conception. And that shadow has manifest as a lighted picture in our minds and as our media without. We are the zombies we fantasize about. These zombies we create in the movies we watch are our own resistance to what we have allowed ourselves to become. These movies are another form of our own shadows as our own halos of thought. Thus, we can blame no one for what we have accepted and allowed, no one said we had to do this.    

So, what is a thought? What is an emotion? What is a feeling?
A thought is an idea about something, an opinion about something.
An emotion is that thought repeated, again and again until it becomes an overwhelming force that directs one’s self. I mean we learn through repetition, so what you repeat, as what you think, is what comes to direct you - that self inside and as that physical body. And this can be passed down, as the sins of the fathers, as the repeated beliefs as measures that your parents and your parent’s parent’s programmed themselves as, as their beliefs, as their measures.

Thus, an emotion is a repeated thought, which was an idea, as a measure accepted/taken/believed about living here in what enabled one to measure in the first place, the physical.
A feeling is the emotion compounded and turned into a justification for that emotion. This is like saying a positive is a compounded negative. In math, when we multiply a negative with a negative, we get a positive! 

Then that feeling is a desire, and anything that does not match that memory game, is resisted, rejected, cast aside. Congratulations, you have become a member of the self accepted formations within that are shadows on the wall of your mind, that is essentially, a zombified race. 

You are all charged up, just like a television. You have created your own tele-vision within. you are a hued-man. How about becoming what you really are? A man. one filled with great potential, and great creative ability, because, it is a creative act to build that television, just a misplaced one that is causing all manner/measure of destruction on earth. If enough of us began to realize this, the elite that use this in their self interest ( they are us, the same) would not stand a chance. And they know it. In the end, the ending of this limited information within, would be what is best for all. And we would realize that the choice of ending this, would be like giving up everything to gain everything.

This is why, we are all responsible for the refugees seeking asylum in this world. This lack is a consequence of ignoring this world, this physical life. These people are perfect machines of life, that can, with opportunity, absorb and expand and grow to become productive mechanisms on this earth, to support this life that is physical and that can be joy manifest if we would only stop the very limited and lesser dimensions of ourselves as our inner belief constructs as mind consciousness systems.

Men, are wonderful machines, each unique, each having a perspective that no other man can have, thus are we all equal and unique at the same time!  A really beautiful design, as life would be. And this life is right here in front of us, we need only joyfully accept it, and rebuild how we organize all that is of this earth, to become a functional system that is life in total expression. Besides, it would be fun, really fun, more fun that any of us could ever have imagined.

I suggest taking that leap. I suggest walking over that line, and starting self forgiveness, writing and self corrective application, to release and refine those emotions, to name those thoughts, to realize those feelings as being the limitation, where that bling in that energy as this lesser dimension of self, is what is slowing you down to achieving your real dreams. Begin the journey to life, start the Desteni I Process Lite. Listen to the Eqafe.com interviews. Suspend judgement and belief- that measure within made larger than life. Accept the physical, it is god giving you the chance to pass through the eye of the needle and into life.   

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 642 Our use of water reflects our self interest that is in the end our own accepted lack.

It is interesting to see that a local state bureaucracy manipulates freely given resources in self interest. In this case, selling off their water to corporations for so little return on that resource. And, the cost of infrastructure placed on the local people. Is it not understood that the cost of maintaining the roads and the buildings will more than likely be more than the money gained from the resource? Thus, what is the real gain for that self interested public service worker?
In the long run, nothing. And, did we not see this happening in Detroit?
In Detroit, there are people working at jobs that are not living wages that then are handed water bills way beyond their financial means, with a natural landscape that contains a huge lake. How in any way does any of this make any sense? It makes no sense and it is a crime against the life of the people and the animals and the soils on which we all stand.
We have managed to separate from one another through very limited values which are in essence judgements. And we judge without looking at the overall effects of our very limited bubbles of belief. So in separation from using our own water-like ability to take in the form of something and investigate it to understand it, that we participate in actions that end up harming us. If a municipality gives its resources away for pennies and then does not have the means to take care of the infrastructure and resorts to asking non-living-wage workers to foot the bill, we have to ask ourselves what there is to blame. It is us, each of us, remaining in a self accepted and allowed ignorance that has created this situation. When we look only at a short term gain, we end up with nothing, our pensions meaningless because they are not enough to support us.

The solution is to give each the means to live, unconditionally. This will focus us back into what makes sense, to what supports this earth in ways that investigate what balances and retains a functioning earth. If we believe that things must be destroyed as the natural order of gain, then we have not taken the time to understand how things work, because in understanding how things work, we can transform what is here, using resources in ways that do no harm.  Sustainability is about using everything in its utmost capacity, which means respecting the very nature of things and using them in creative and self empowering ways, which realizes the value being life and all its forms on this earth. Inequality economically, does not work, and it cannot work. It takes just a few minutes of investigation to realize this. An article such as the one I posted makes this very clear. Give as you would receive, consider all things and take that which is good and does no harm. The simplicity of this is much easier to move as than being locked in a bubble of self interest without regard for the reality around us - as this separation is the source of conflict and a life potential never realized. We decide. Mathematically our proposals in water movement and management via a economic system of inequality make no sense. It is time to make a change that is best for all.