Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 573 Facing the Shadow World of Limitation.

I realize that in talking with others, where i have to change the measure of their words that I become full of friction. I fear standing up against their belief constructions. Even though I begin to do this, I still find myself being anxious about it, trying to manipulate what they are saying to  keep it polite and thereby missing revealing my own personal experiences in ways that show my own process. It is like I am used to talking in competition, where i say what I did and how it worked. I don’t reveal my own misgivings in my own process, my own limitations of belief that I had to get past.

For example, in the situation above, I could say that my child was having a problem with understanding something, one time, and I had to get out of my own head, my own worries, my own interests and occupations, and also move through an idea that maybe I would not be able to help my son with his school work which I did not want my son to know. So, I was afraid and annoyed and yet I did it. What I found was in stopping within my own self interests, I distanced myself from my own worries and sometimes found solutions, and the school work I had to help with was not so scary, and sometimes I even encountered a perspective from my children that revealed insights I would not have discovered. So, in the end it was cool.

In so many ways, our limitations as our beliefs, opinions and ideas, are a shadow world, composed of feelings and emotions; they are not real. My fear, was a shadow based on an idea of loss, one that had no common sense directive. So, in a sense, my fear of facing measures of limitation as the words of others, is a fear of dispersing a shadow. Shadows can appear to be tumultuous storm clouds but in  a special effect only, what is behind them is a practical world, the measure of which is right there in front of us, we need only look to see, realize and understand that what we think is ominous is of our own ma-king.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 572 The Nonsense Right In Front of Us.

Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable
Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is astounding that while there is a water drought in California and an economic drought in Detroit disabling individual access to water, there are corporations sucking this resource needed to be life as water truck by truck by truck, using roads and infrastructure paying minuscule amounts in royalties and taxes, hiding this in offshore tax havens that use currency exchange rates and national tax loopholes to divide and conquer profit. This then, is held by a few companies that are the only ones with enough wealth accumulation to build munitions companies and purchase air time to  tell a story on the media that it is the local poor people fighting about who’s god is more real and who’s culture is the chosen culture and blaming this ignorance that was a consequence of economic suppression to the point where there was not a constant stable point of a solid education, housing, proper food and clean water to build a human being who could function without fear and in common sense, to which we come full circle because those people in Detroit are economically suppressed and in fear because of this and are not getting water which is a basic necessity, and the people in California are placed in restrictive water use and cannot make a living that enables them to afford and education, I mean the number of vets in California has dropped because no one can afford to take care of pets anymore! . And so it all spins around and around, and every part blames another part, and the power people pulling the strings of government, the extremes who used means to ignore these extremes and yet are an extreme themselves, are pointing the finger at welfare when these people pointing are recipients of the welfare of earth that is freely given!
None of this makes any sense, it is all nonsense. And yes, we are all zombies walking around in energetic picture shows as imagination completely separated from our own common sense that built the bubble of separation. If you slow down you can see the halo effect of this within, as the thoughts that spin around and around in and as your mind, that you so earnestly believe define you, you will see this.
So who generated what? Was it the building projections of separation within each that lead to the structure of the present system? It had to manifest from somewhere.
The solution to this is to have a Living income Guarantee from our natural resources, instead of allowing the money from this to flow into destruction as war and violence that are the same action of resource control to maintain a more than in the extremes that are called a new world order but are really the same world order moving into creating a third world of the whole world with tiny pockets of a first world that lives in excess and does not realize it is imprisoning itself and destroying the means of life from which it all came, which was the earth, the physical world. The physical world has been here, giving of itself day after day, visible, and what man has used to generate what is here, right in front of us, while that imaginary world of a figure as a god, has never been seen but in someone’s imagination, as a picture show, like a television. If we think of television, what is more real, television or that physical system using electrons? Does that television pay the bills or water the plants or feed the dog? No. 
If we can fit the population of he world into a state the size of Texas, and we can use just a tiny square of earth to build enough alternative energy systems to garner enough energy for our needs then this present system need not exist, it is only existing because humans hold it in place based on a very limited morality within as pictures as memories accumulated from a past within this same nonsense system and are walking around with a constant television in and as our minds.
This is nothing new, it has been said that we must stop our minds. And it is nothing new that usury moves principle value of physical things into the control of the lender, I mean this is what happened in Rome thousands of years ago, and it seems that there are many Jews, who have not changed one bit because they are doing the same, eliminating what does not support their idea, their televised mental ideology that they are the chosen. Chosen for what? I mean what does that mean?  It is nonsense because if a bomb dropped on them, the outcome would be the same as the outcome for the Palestinians, no difference,  they are the same.
This world should be one of an order that all things are cared for and allowed all potential within to manifest because this would create a world where the machine as the physical, as the parts would be working together, all electrons flowing in balance, every atom ringing in balance. This physical world should be THE picture show, one that would be a sensation that answered to all of self as life, where there would be no need for fear, no need for substances to inebriate and dull the senses, no obsession with sexuality and instead connection that allowed balance and creation using our ability to sense form and our ability to divide and measure in ways that do not harm and as such build the manifestation of life as physical information in ways we have not been able to imagine, so limited and dull are we within as a morality show of beliefs as an very limited ideology ( idea logic only) that one physical formation is more than another, when they are not.
We must stand and at the moment open some gates to have the wealth from resources as money flow to each, taking our soldiers, for example and arming them with tools to build many different alternative energy systems all the while maintaining the ones we have until they can be changed. We can diminish the water we are using for unnecessary things and move the wealth as money from this to each to at least remove the economic stress that builds fear instead of our creative ability when standing in common sense because we are at ease. We can move so many who do not have jobs, to begin taking care of animals, getting the animals out of the stalls of torture as what such limited confinement is. We can organize, using technology, to get water where it is needed in the world, using our planes and our trains until everyone on earth as a human being is stable within their basic needs. This would allow so many mothers to care for their children and  end  the hyper sexualization that is another drug to avoid facing reality. A real sense of release and ease can only be found in being constant in focus with the actual physical world, expressing oneself in a constant manner, directly with the physical. We have the technology, we have the men. We have so many men who cannot shoot the guns they are given because they sense, as that part of them that is life, that killing is unacceptable. If the men in military alone would stand together and say no more, and the teachers of this world stood together and said no more, along with the parents, this world, this present system could transform in a very short period of time. We need only stand, and create a system through politics that gives as we would want to receive, by giving each and every person on this planet, enough money to ensure they can have what is necessary for the physical as the human to have clean water, shelter, education and food.
The whole structural resonance of the world would change in a short period of time.  Each person would begin to feel a burden being lifted from their hearts, each parent would begin to see a glimmer of that promise they could initially sense in the children when they were young begin to come forth, each human so immersed in stress would begin to see the sun and the moon, the animals and the trees swaying like the water in the ocean. Each couple would begin to see more than the anger as the fear projected onto their spouse, each  person driven by an obsession would begin to sense the the lack of fulfillment their obsession brings, each person would for a moment stand and weep away the fear and ask, “ what have we accepted and allowed, how could we have lost sight of life and not respected this gift?” 
We decide, each and every one. Support a Living Income Guarantee, time to become the creators that we are and transform this world into what it was meant to be, heaven on earth - which is nothing new either, because we have been told to bring heaven to earth. It is right here, right in front of us, but we have to do it. We have the tools, they are our hands and our hearts.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 571 The CARtelTOON of Profit.


Sometimes I become arrogant when I see images as symbols used a definitions to direct us, the program of directives presented via media and embossed on our currency and in our corporate logos that I forget how much I am a product of that which I believe I am not a part of as my very behavior of arrogance instead of immediate self realization and corrective measure into solution. The values promoted in media, that we think are not programming us but in effect are within a slow measure overtime  within generations,  passed down to become the morality as us - a lie by omission turned into a truth using an equation of dimensional values that consist of a mix of subjective and objective, personal and collective values, the practical forgotten.
One example I encountered yesterday in a video, it was about how women have come to believe that it is necessary to shave our legs. Evidently, before WWll women did not shave their legs, it was only with the effects of advertising that follows the law of profit before life, that this was embossed within as a value that one must follow or be threatened with being considered weird, whereas before this, it was considered as what it is, simply hair.
I did not shave my legs until I was well into high school. I was performing on stage and was told by a family member that the hair on my legs could be seen and that I should shave this. I became embarrassed and shaved my legs. Ironically, much like the facial hair of a man, the hair on my legs which was not heavy, began to come in with more thickness, and I have ended up shaving my legs all my life. And as the video states, this process of shaving is wasting resources that were unnecessary to waste. And all to suit a belief promoted that legs should be shaved, should look shiny and smooth like a cartoon image, which becomes a value believed to be what we should appear as that has no common sense awareness of physical reality. The same has happened in variation using  inverted measures with how we promote what cattle is, based on a past idea in nature and what cattle actually lives, as a cow is now confined to a box of torture through the reality of an existence of suppression of the nature of that form of which it is becoming a crime to speak up about, all because we collectively are allowing an image to become our reality more than actual practice, and the rent seekers do not like reality being exposed because it cuts into their welfare payments. And the rest of us allow this because we believe it is positive to have images based on ideas as being the means of change when change happens on a physical level through practical movement. So, in effect if we shave our legs we are the effects in measure of advertising. We walk the action, we support the separation, we support the waste, we fear the consequence of judgement, just as I did. Thus, we the people, the collective have only the choice to stand in common sense and stop becoming the CARtelTOON of profit, meaning, following the images for profit before life.

This has compounded at present. In tune with our hyper-sexualized society, what I have found in my forties, is that this practice of shaving hair has moved into shaving one’s pubic hair. Having been alone for some time, I dated  and found it was the fashion to cut and manicure pubic hair. I have to say that I was astounded, I reacted with disbelief instead of remaining stable and realizing that this need not define me unless I accept and allow it.  I talked with others, and heard some of the same disbelief that cutting pubic hair was “ in.” It evidently has become a common practice in the middle aged community.  So, our beliefs become the mirror image of what is promoted in advertising and what is allowed to fill the flow as images that survive because money is being earned from it which means it is being supported, used, accessed. The imagery has nothing to do with practical reality, it is a separation from reality. We follow and try to fit the physical reality into some picture image that moves against the physical. And we believe that this action is our own choice!  I mean, pubic hair is a protective shield for the reproductive system, it serves a practical purpose and yet, we are forcing this into some ideological limited dimension imagination, and as I said, believing we made the choice and that advertising has nothing to do with it. Obviously this belief that we made the choice, is not what is real.

So, in many ways, we all have to walk the CARtelTOON imagery and know its detailed sequences built over time, to see, realize and understand in detail where we have allowed ourselves to embed ourselves with the profiteering done with imagery that has indeed become a directive program within our behaviors, meaning what we have allowed ourselves to be and become in thought and word and deed that move against a common sense of practical reality.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 570 Transnational movement is a reflection of our minds of separation.

We have allowed a world that mimics in system structure what is impulsed in media advertising. In media, we chase a very limited ideology of what we should look like in shape and in dress in order to profit and live a life where a life lived is one of wealth accumulation being the indicator of our success.

We have multinational corporations doing the same, accumulating wealth and doing everything possible to ensure that that wealth is absolutely controlled. We have companies who we have accepted and allowed to own freely given resources, and/or make use of collectively owned resources and hide in transnational structures that change like our ocean tides to avoid percentages of regulated royalty payments, and tax payments, caring nothing for what happens to the source of extraction that allows  such wealth accumulation and yet in word presenting nice sounding words with flashing pictures and exciting music, programming us. But this begs the question as to what came first, the advertising or the human, the people, the person creating such a venue. So the action of the media, is what, as a movement, is what developed and reflected what was already here.

On one side, each of us are the source of the divisions into one picture being more than another, and it is all fantasy pictures, just as are our movies, because they are composed of limited values and inconsiderate of the whole with all its variations. If we define ourselves without changing, then the limited definition controls from that limited perspective, which leads to a few qualities being a control mechanism. Which is what the whole corporate world is doing, it is using limited means to accumulate its wealth because using limited controls, as limited values then touted as “ the way” make that control easier. So, what was first, the need for control within limited qualities or a fear of losing what one defined oneself as?

To maintain that control, which means using limited signs/values to control, everything else has to be ordered as more or less important. Here, what is not within the limitation, can then be justified to be taken from, like taking from Peter to pay Paul - a usurious act. Then the race is on, to take as much as possible, to protect and control the limited state of being that was at one time a moment of creation, that thought itself so grand it did not want to lose its “ baby" - so to speak. So instead of looking at where it came from as what it was composed of, it became fixated on itself, it saw itself like a god, and refused to let go, and then fear was born, that insecurity that comes from forgetting the whole, meaning the origin of itself, as the very substance of and as life.

If we look at Detroit, where people do not have a big enough wage to pay for their water, water that must move in a structure built by men, to allow access to this very basic need of life. And yet, we have multinational companies busy with multinational movements using political structures to create laws that serve tax avoidance and royalty payments manipulations, all basically leading to more and more wealth accumulation that allows the continued touting of very limited values to control what each has accepted and allowed within, as holding onto ideologies about self forgetting that what we are here is the physical formation of life as what life would be and do as creation.

In America, so much of our resources are being touted as trade when the real movement is wealth accumulation. We have our coal, our fish, our water, our gas all being moved around the globe, in some ways to help as what is touted, but in reality a means to control the resources into wealth accumulation as the expense of the people, like the people in Detroit who are not only no longer being given a living wage, but also subject to appealing to charitable institutions or supposed “ watch dog” institutions to provide aid, when the real “ aid” would be to realize that this structure of resource extraction and manipulation is not efficient or what is best for this planet on which we live and are composed of and as, as all things are composed of the same things because this earth is creation information as life would.

This game of emotional value touting, is a game of judgement, which is not being one and equal to reality as the physical, and doing what causes no harm and takes that which is good and supports and sustains and realizes the value being life, and that that life value has so many expressions that are all a part of what is this physical life as creation in formation.

How can we expect the people of Detroit to be able to pay for their water, when wages are not livable wages, and our education system is one of the story as published by text books and universities supported by those who have accumulated wealth as their main goal? 

Why are we having the low paid - low access to paper money-  people of Detroit pay 40$ a month for water and yet the corporation, I believe one is Nestle, pays a penny for every bottle of water in royalties it extracts from the neighboring freely given body of water of which it uses transnational structures to diminish its royalty payments and tax payments. Royalties are meant to support infrastructure as are taxes, and yet these are not being paid in a measure that supports the infrastructure of men to be educated, productive, able to live with the basics that we all, with investigation, are able to realize we as human beings need to live the potential of what we are as physical creation, that which life would be in expression? There are people, individuals who are doing what the corporations are doing, just thinking of their wealth accumulation without any respect and consideration for the whole, as the mind abstract/fantasy picture show is one of limitation. And yet, children are not born with judgements, they are born with curiosity, they desire to sense everything that is here, to understand it. What they are exposed to is what they become, which means that we can change this system. We can learn to respect the life in formation that is creation manifest, accepting all forms and realizing that we are them, that they are us, because we are all of the same substance, we are all the minerals and the combinations of minerals and vitamins and water that circulates all this around the globe, as the globe is another form of what it is that we are. That this form is us in another life, that change is just change, and nothing else.

In our minds we are taking pictures and the pictures become more and more abstract as we age, because we fill up with these pictures that we believe make us “ more” as memories as self definitions that actually end up separating us from reality and the generation of which sucks the life from within to sustain our fantasy. A child can see a tree for what it is, and then by the age of thirty, that tree becomes as “ zip file” just like our creations built from our own accepted and allowed limitation, so the real perceived tree that has a a depth that we can see before our minds are cluttered with values of good and bad, more and less, just as our systemic corporate forms are doing, to the point where the tree is a flat image, the leaves a green blob instead of each leaf moving with purpose and function, where each part can be sensed and breathing and expressing itself. So, within, as mind we become a memory that is really a photo album of self definition that can no longer see the life that is here, that is life information as what creation is and does, being fluid and changeable, here.

Each must learn to give as we would want to receive, to become as the expression of water, to flow, to circulate, as water is the largest substance on earth, it is what we are composed of and as, it is what is needed to exist. We can look at our soils and how they become lifeless, when they have no water and what water is beneath is not allowed access because one nation fears another nation becoming self sustaining as in the case of Gaddafi and in some parts of Africa where the people, as a resource on earth, are ignored and left in as an impoverished  state as the soil because we have allowed some transnational corporation to believe it must control because of an ideology that is extremely limited in scope based on an insecurity derived from a fear of losing a belief, and stuck in that godhead/mind set/state of being forgetting the process of creation from which it came, one that is of constant change and development - which we can agree is happening on earth by many but is thwarted by the present accepted structures.

It is time for a change, it is time to put an end to the division of self as life in self interest as mind, and to come back to life, to stand one and equal with and as life, where there is real security and all have their basic needs met. This means, to take what we have allowed as money, and get it flowing through to all people, to remove the insecurity that leads to behaviors of fear, blinding us from ourselves as life as the gift of our common sense. If we slow down and investigate within and without, as our behaviors and our present system that reflects our fear, our inferiority to life, we will begin to realize that what we want is to be a state of being that is the living word of the value being life. It is right here, we need only make the decision to change and order this system to reflect that change. Support a Living Income Guarantee. We don’t need zip files, life is here, all around us, it is the physical world.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 569 Reacting to the statement " too much reality." Self forgiveness

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react to another when they react to too much reality, and as such move into  limited value instead of seeing the conflicting beliefs that are often different sides of the same coin, in a world where such exists as the expression of men at present, each not seeing realizing and understanding how the separation as the conflicts, are simply based on beliefs that one aspect of reality is more than another having made the mind as belief, larger than the life, as the physical on which it depends.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that responding to emotions and feelings  within and as giving direction again and again is all that there is, which is to speak about how the physical world works, the accepted forms of the present system of hierarchy held in place through judgement within polarities of good and bad, right and wrong,  where the “ right” is often a justification for a judgement of a “ wrong,” that are of division into a slow measure where the divisions are connected through endless associations of mixed dimensions, a busy work that build constructs that are believed to give meaning, and are really an abdication of practical common sense, where the gift of life, as the nature of life, is to use common sense to be here, to work with and be equal to, the physical as this is the way and the means, the very expression of and as life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to to ask the question as to why a heaven existence would be separate from this physical existence, in and as not realizing that a physical existence of suffering, cannot be life, as one cannot be life when one is suffering because when one is lying in a bed dying, one is lying in a bed dying, which is not one in action developing potential, seeing directly what is here, as one is too busy suffering, thus of course, earth is a containment, where those who did not stand equal and one to and as themselves as life, are collected, to live the consequence of their separation from and as what they are composed of and as, which is life, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear speaking up in common sense, where I have used simple words, and used them again, and not taking the time to see, realize and understand that they must be said again and again and again, probably as many times as our present advertising world has touted misinformation until it was believed to be what is real, when it is not.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that having to listen to the rant of the mind, which is a self in separation from practical reality, is tedious.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to take it personally when a simple directive is repeated and yet unheard, as the mind will, like an addiction to alcohol, seek that which validates it and as such will feel as though it is not getting its fix, and as such will react, thus, when and as I find myself wondering how long I am supposed to take the storm of separation in and as the mind, I stop and I breath, as this is becoming a want, in and as wanting something to end, where I stop listening and become that which I resist, and to see, realize and understand that there is a point where one walks away, as the rant of the mind, is unacceptable, thus it is to, once again, use common sense and realize when and as I go into hoping for a change.
When and as I find myself becoming frustrated I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down.

When and as I find myself beginning to search for another way of saying something, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, then I remember myself to and as the principle of what is best for all, to see, realize and understand the best possible outcome and take that which is good, and does no harm, and stand as what can withstand the test of time, as what can remain the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When and as I find myself searching for words, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I look at how I am accepting and allowing myself to become confused, as in searching for words, for example, that I believe within a morality are polite, are socially acceptable, and I see realize and understand that I am looking for a measure that will appear to be non-confrontational, and realize that this in itself is a separation into an idea, thus I stop, and I stand within how human beings have abdicated their own common sense of practical reality, that which is the way and the means of life, which can be investigated by each and every human, where one must, eventually make a decision within common sense of practical physical reality, to birth self into and as life, as this is the only choice, one that no one can make for another, and no amount of research done by another can answer this being of self in common sense here, as self must take this upon self to become equal and one to and as life here, and since there is so much disinformation and misinformation that has been accepted and allowed, there is no one to do this for any one of us, as each must stop, and do this as this is the only way to life, here, and yet, the practical reality, as the gift of life, is right here in front of us, showing the way and the means to life.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 568 Moving " upon" the section of a group.

In looking at words and what memories come up, a thought and memory came up with the word ‘ upon,”  which means to be “connected with.” I read this word as up on, and then I was in a memory of sitting in an orchestra section and having the thought “ Move up on.” It was the idea that I had to move up, move forward, move upon the seating placements in front of me. That being forward had more value than where I was. The motivation to be more than what I was within a picture of one thing being more than another and defining me.

Such a movement is not good or bad, but being the motivation to appear to be more was a distraction from being what I was , where I was, and giving my attention to what I was doing. Having a thought, a judgement, was myself as mind paying attention to an idea within a structural belief of hierarchy, and not myself seeing the whole and the parts, realizing that in space and time, there really is no difference. And, to know, that when a section leader plays really loud as a means to leading, it is really annoying, because the sound of the group, the section, should be balanced, where it sounds as though it is one, all as one. So, each part is really equal, and it is only the illusion of one seat, placement being more than another.

This is also me competing, believing that I must compete to prove myself, where the proof of being present, in this scenario, is to perform in a way that joins each seat with the other so that the sound is stable, able to be heard and balanced, so the section can respond to the other sections of the group and as such, hear all the interplay, which is what is fun in playing anyway!

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have the thought ‘ I have to move upon”, as up-on the front of the section, becoming connected to the front of the section.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that being up on the front lines gives me greater value than being behind on the section in seating placement.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect “ upon” with a personal value of myself in relation to society.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to imagine myself being of greater value were I to be upon the front lines of the orchestral section.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define value with my placement in a group, meaning I have more value if I am on the front lines of the group.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to distract myself from paying attention to the whole in and as thinking that I would have more value on the “ front lines” of a group.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define upon within the measure of where i am from a limited perspective in and as being placed in a spot, in a group.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from where i am, to imagining where I should, or could, or would be, and what that imaginative idea would create as a value of what I would be defined as in separation from myself here, being equal and one to and as what I am doing and where I am here as being the value of life as what is real, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become such a thought as “ I have to move upon” to prove my self worth, and as this meta-physical idea, separate myself from seeing directly here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand how this one thought creates a sinking feeling from my head into my chest, where I become a self judgement of being this thought, that I am less than because of my position, and within this, creating a heavy feeling, occupying myself with an idea of more than and less than, and limiting my ability to grow and expand in awareness as my attention is on idea, instead of a focus of equal measure to and as practical reality, as it is only here than I can change, see, and equalize myself to practical actions that enable me to reach the full expression of and as myself as life, here.

When and as I find myself having a thought such as “ I have to move upon,” I stop and I breath, and I realize what values I am accepting and allowing to determine a definition of myself as a more than and/or a less than, and I slow down, and I see, realize and understand that the value is life, and that i am here, and that I can only move myself from here, from where i am, and that it is only from here, that I can hear what is here, as an idea in and as my mind, is just this, an idea, and not what gives me life, and enables me to direct and move, as i am here as a physical beingness, the way and the means of and as life, thus, what is real, where growth happens in thought word and deed is paying attention to here, to the physical.

When and as I find myself becoming an idea, as a thought, I stop and I breath, and I bring myself here, equal and one, breathing, to be in common sense of practical reality, looking at what steps I can take in one moment that direct me to the next step as this is the way and the means of life, as life in expression, as, in all common sense, life will.

When and as I find myself becoming an emotion of believing myself to be less than, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I forgive the memory, as the thought, as the emotion being the accumulation of and as such thought, and I bring myself back to practical reality, to realize a common sense measure as the physical, and I become the principle of what is best for all, as that which does no harm and takes that which is good, to see realize and understand myself as life, here, equal and one.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 567 A belief as " having to contend with a group."

Memory pops up of middle school. Lost my “ best “ friend. When I found out she was running for Orchestra President, I decided to run too. I ran and I won. She cried at the bus stop that day. I was a mixture of elation at having won and guilt that I had run in reaction. I realize at that moment too, that she had moved into another circle of friends, all of whom were more sexually mature than I. 

So, this memory, this imagination comes up with the word “ some.”  A sense that I have to begin to contend with the collective, the forces of social groups, more like I become aware of them. And with this a sense that I have to comply with this or lose ground.  A sense that the limitation of this, cannot be, I can’t allow it.

It is this idea that i have to contend with a group, a social group. But inherent in the “ contend” is the belief that a group is contentious in relation to me. That there is a con - dition in relation to being involved with the social groups formed around me. When I am with a group I must tend to the “ intentions “ of the group. I have already separated myself from myself as life in and as a belief that I as life must live by the limited, but not all “ bad” values of the group and forgo myself com[pletely. But, in reality, as physical beings in life expression, there is really only that which is best for all, as what is best for this physical world, as the expression of life, is what is best for me. Anything, any resistance is really a resistance to being myself as life in common sense of respect for the physical formation of and as life, the manifestation of  creation, the physical showing what works and what resists the expression of life, all of which moves and changes, and which, as this change, as this manifestation, can only happen here. It is only HERE that life can exist. It is only here, that direct seeing can exist. And here, words on paper, and more words on paper as laws that bind them, can create a world that lives in a past, a selective past, which is a limitation. Which means that a control in self interest fears change, and has taken an idea about itself, and made it more than life, wanting the world around it, to change in an order that allows it to remain the same. And the physical world is always in a state of movement, so such must limit the life moving around it.

So, either moving as myself here, or within a group, as in facing the social groups within this present system, the principle that directs must remain the same, which is to be self as life, which is to move as what is best for all, which is common sense. One can investigate, and the group can investigate, to ensure that what is in action, is what considers all life and does what is best for all. The present divisions each clusters into to survive, that each lies by omission to remain within, a form of ignorance, that change over time as the limitation accepted as the group belief system, eventually does change, because the limitation turns into a sense of loss and/or becomes aware of its own limitation, and a more is sought, self not realizing that it is self who has accepted the limitation, which has nothing to do with the group. So the group disperses, not wanting to admit that the choice to be in the group in the first place, had a starting point of limitation, having believed that the group would be a gain. And as such all constancy is lost, and one does not build an awareness that allows one to stand the same, today, tomorrow and yesterday, where one has the directive capacity to respect the life that is here.

A group is a gain, as in men working together, but the principle directing the group must be equal to the principle within self, which is to do what is best for all, as what is best for all is best for self, as self is a physical manifestation of and as life, the physical being the means of life.

I mean we see this in the practices of men all around the world, how the physical substance of this world is being used and divided without regard for consequences. Not only is the resources of and as the very physical means of the expression of life taken apart, divided and then marketed to create a demand based on an idea that is a truth about singular aspects of practical living, but also, the spoils of such is transferred onto paper and divided in unequal ways, and the waste is left for the ones who actually did the labor, and the means of access, as money, is upholding a group sustaining an idea of being more based on appearance of values, selective ones,  and the vocal means to tout them, having accumulated the wealth that is an illusionary value placed onto a piece of paper. It is like a collective amnesia has become what mankind is. And this amnesia, is self fearing to stand as what self is, as life, where what would disperse this amnesia, is a directive, as a principle, to do what is best for all.

So, I stand as the principle of what is best for all, as this is what is best for self, and as this is what can withstand the fickle nature of groups that give no stability because the motivation is based on beliefs, opinions and ideas, and as this is what can lead to stability within self, to see directly here, something that would bring a constancy instead of a con-tention, to see directly  and look for what supports this world, this physical manifestation of and as life, in ways that allow a participation that leaves no one behind, that leaves no waste, that has no one getting to a point where they become a belief that they have to contend with a group. Each has done this, and each knows it is a separation from self as life,here. It is time to put an end to this, and to stand as what is best for all, as this is what is best for self.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I have to contend with a group, as a starting point.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see a group as separate from me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to give a group an ominous presence, as something that is composed of idea only, and not what is real, as the physical formation of and as life, as that inherent within the physical forms which is the nature of life, which is to do what is best for all, realizing that at present the imaginations of men have become more than what is real, which is the physical world.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from a group, and standing within and as me as a belief that I must attend to the beliefs of the group, and forgo, forget myself as life, which is myself moving as mind as a starting point of belief instead of standing as all of me as myself as a physical being, the manifestation of and as the means of expression of life, which is the physical.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that within this belief as contending with a group, I have accepted and allowed myself to become an idea as mind, before equality and oneness with and as the physical here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that the physical world is the means of the expression of and as life, and as such, this respect of the physical, must be realized and understood as the starting point of choices made as self, which when the choice of each, would transform this world in a very short period of time, to a world of discovery, support, transformation: transformation being the real value, one lived with common sense, the most fulfilling experience because it moves in consideration of all life, of all expression, with what is tangible, as imagination is just this, an image in and as mind, and not the full sensation of life, as the physical.

When and as I find myself believing I must contend with a group, or as this, a belief system, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down and I see realize and understand that I am existing as idea as mind, and I look to the beliefs done in comparison in self definition as beliefs, and I forgive such beliefs, and investigate to see what is best for all, which is to consider all things as me, and to choose that which is good and does no harm, and within this realizing that at present because of the separation into and as limited ideas as mind before life, that this is going to take come collective effort to balance out from a past composed of choices that were made in separation from equality and oneness to and as life, and yet, can transform in less time than the accumulation of separation took in time, as time is the illusion of separation, and the physical world is here, as it has always been.

When and as I find myself feeling contentious, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see realize and understand where I am reacting in self interest beLIEving I will lose a belief about myself- having accepted such as a self definition in separation from common sense, in and as wanting to prove, for example,  that I am worthy when the world is changing around me and I had remained in a past, or stop what I as belief find limiting and or unacceptable as my own generated energetic actions of blame and spite based on a cultural morality, or accepted definitions of gender, instead of as a directive capacity within the principle of equality and oneness, and or, join in to survive, I stop and I investigate within and without, to become a directive principle in and as what is best for all, and move as a solution  as that being what in practice builds step by step, what is of a common sense measure of awareness that is equal and one to and as the physical to see realize and understand that which respects the physical, which means in practice, taking that which is good and does no harm, here, as time is the illusion, and what is real can only be here, which many realize in their daily lives and as such, must be realized collectively and placed structurally as a system with all that is of this world.