Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 516 Facing Cruelty and Conjecture

When I talk with others and explain things about spatial awareness, it is like there is nothing there. And then I go into fear. And then statements come at me, stated as though this is the way it is. And compassion is wanted. I take this personally, as though I am supposed to wait. I even had a group of education professors tell me that it was too difficult to teach spatial awareness/depth perception.
I go into believing that i have not explained myself well - which maybe I have not - but I notice i get loopy at this point, like there is a mirage in front on me, and then, i get all confused, and go into thinking I can’t get through and I am trapped.
I freeze, I hold myself tightly, closed, like a silence, a dumbing silence. And then the corners of my mouth sink.
I did this today while talking with another person.
I have a memory come up from high school. I have written about this before. I was in a foreign apartment waiting for someone. Suddenly, a face of a man appeared up in the corner of the room. In a split second he went from being a gentle man to what many would call a demon presence - it was like he suddenly got really really angry and started projecting red horned monsterness. But, it was too late for me I had seen what came before and had realized it was all conjecture. Then the white light behind this paranormal event appeared in the distance, like an inverted distance, depth.
I asked if there were things happening in that apartment. and evidently things moved around went the occupants were not at home. 
I left knowing, with no uncertainty, that what was there could not touch me in any way. Too bad I did not speak. My conditioning on some level was already set.
So, lately I have had thoughts when I see the face of a person that there is a harshness in the visage. a manner of cruelty, a rushing intense manner. I see this and this earlier memory keeps coming up.  I also have these images coming from behind, of old people. It is like something enveloping me.Somehow it is all linked to the cruelty within the consequences of the present system that does not respect physical life on earth.
I continue to react to the cruelty I read about what exists all over the planet.  It is heart wrenching for me. And I can feel my heart going into a knot, like there are two forces pressing against one another.
I cannot learn to address limitation if I go into confusion, and yet I get these images of projected cruelty and this reaction to actual cruelty - and seeing a harshness in the visage of people, perhaps because this is my present emotional stew and pictorial exaggeration as mind. Perhaps the situation is to accept this and reorder so I can begin to address confusion when conflict within me leads to confusion. I may be addressing the limitation but I am doing so in protection and self defense. Like the script is there, but it is used to hide - because I am reacting to the cruelty of the projections of rigid beliefs that are themselves the same as me projecting a script that is more ordered, but still a projection.
And, in my busyness to project properly - I lose focus and miss the cruel projection of limitation and as such cannot address it and then feel I failed and have not faced the storm - the paranormal as a limited mind consciousness system.
Also mixed into this self blame is anger. a subtle twist of the victim feeling they are not listened to, self righteous.
But it was me not listening and reacting in fear of the violent aggression - as how I viewed the statement that was a response to my words, that was really an inner reaction of the other trying to make sense based on their own knowledge and information within which they were trying to make sense, but their sense was on a construct of knowledge and information association, without any practical application to physical reality.
So great is the disconnect from physical space and time, that association to knowledge and information as mind only reacts because looking here, at physical manifestation means one has to change and give up the projection clung to. A projection has no real substance, it is fueled by ideological beliefs, opinions and ideas. This is idol worship following, self validating. It really is no different than what that man did in the apartment. It is all, in total, a separation from the eye of the needle, which is physical reality.
Another aspect of dreams and this “ other world” is the background. It is dark, black, it is like a velvet thing, and all this projection is on top of this. I have noticed that this is behind it all, this darkness that has no anger, has no cruelty, it is always there, it has a depth somehow. The darkness is the “ light” and the “ light” is the conjecture and the conjecture is cruel as it now stands because of what we humans have accepted and allowed as our present.
I remember working with a younger person when I returned to school. This person could not hold form within her, she could only write papers by cutting and pasting sentences. Needless to say I was astounded. When asked to actually discuss something, she claimed a learning disability and wanted everything ordered within this “ care.” Though we have a society that is allowing this, it is cruel to allow this, and because this has been allowed it will take time to sort this out, because the tool of the mind is to build an image to build understanding and has to be realized as an image only: the image is not what is real, what is real is practical reality. Which is why the man that projected demonic pictures ( which is all they were) was hanging on the physical world, he could not exist without it. The joke is on you!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 515 The worth and quality of life is earth in equality.

I was looking at the word ‘judges.” and the verb of this word is ‘ to estimate worth or quality.” The noun being an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality. To judge is to form a critical opinion of something.
So, our authorities set these laws to follow because they have critical skills and authority, which means they see and they author what worth and quality is, and the form playout of this on earth.
Earth/worth. They sound the same. And the word ‘quality’ is very similar to ‘equality.’

We have so much authority in our system, it is the process of writing laws, deciding what is of worth, and how to create a balanced quality of life.
Yet there are protests all around the globe at present. So, our authorities are not doing their jobs, and we keep protesting and asking those who are not doing their jobs to do their jobs. Which means that overall something is  missed ( mist=insubstantial). Our authorities are not seeing the worth and the quality that is here and ordering this in ways that sustain balance. Were there balance on earth then there would be no protest.
Can’t blame the consequence, can’t blame the protestors alone. Punishing the protestors is not addressing the reactive behaviors, it is just seeing all this reaction that is happening around the globe/earth as some annoying movement that will not behave correctly. It is like the supposed authors/authority  simply do not want to look at the whole and realize where the problem is, a picture/idea has been authored and they ‘know’ and if things do not fit into that ‘knowing’ then it is the fault of this thing not fitting in, when it is to realize something is not being looked at. 
The answer is always in the sound, in the words. Worth. Quality. Earth. Equality. All things of this physical world must be considered. Humans can be ‘happy’ with enough food, enough room to become aware of this earth. Basic Income studies show that they will send their children to school/educate their children, and will take care of their homes/shelter and will be creative - meaning solve problems and find innovative ways of doing things when at ease, and some point out that humans work less with a basic income, a mis-take, because there is more to life than work that brings in income, there is the work of practical living, and in our present system, practical living does not always bring in money. So more attention is given to family. A basic income does not stop men from working, and what we have allowed to be work as bringing in money, is not the only ‘work’ of life.
We can look at our production capacity, it over time becomes more efficient, freeing one up from that aspect of reality.This is the process of creation, understanding and fine tuning new forms. But if a human cannot be this and is confined, naturally the life within will protest, will seek new forms to expand, will survey its world and realize the limitations. This is the nature of life, even greed uses this to move forward. Because creation is a physical manifestation, as it would be in common sense, creation would self regulate, seeing what has formed and how to form new things that are efficient and author full potential of life expression. 
So, one cannot suppress life, it will inherently protest and seek expression, but at the same time, it does not need excess to be itself as life.So, our authorities are stagnant and blame the consequences of life being itself, which makes no sense.
Our so called authorities have to give up the ‘golden egg’ and let it hatch. The structures of our government system must allow the potential of life to develop. This is life in self regulation, and the protests will end.
The worth and quality of life is the quality of life information as the physical world known as earth. It is each point of the physical manifestation of life that when allowed its life expression would regulate earth. It is the limitations imposed that are of limited values that thwart and cause discord. These values are not good or bad, but limited and as such suppress life because we need only look at earth and see that there are many many many values. If we ignore these values, and call them externalities than why can’t we see that these externalities will protest and that were they not protesting life as this physical manifestation of life as earth, would be in balance, self regulating as is the real nature of life because life would creation!
One cannot create a limited image and likeness of what man should be and then try to force that form as man into a monocultural ideology. It will not work. Moving all the capital of earth, as the resources into this ideology will create massive protest from life, of which men are a quality of and as.
Our authorities have to give back to all parts of earth what is needed for men to live in dignity, where each man has what allows the life that is that man to fulfill itself, and an environment that is cared for and allow men to self sustain themselves , which the human machine is capable of doing and being. It is only suppression that causes the expression of life that is that formation of life to react and become behaviors of venting limitation. LImiting life will end up as all focus being regulating that suppression. All expression moves towards regulating suppression and consumes the principle that is life in the process. We see this happening all over the earth. This is the consequence of a limited idea of what worth is, a selection of values that are not all values, and the physical is the value because it is the manifestation of life.
If one cannot see this, then one has become zombified with limited values, One must begin to see the limited values accepted as a self definition, an illusion as a belief that these values is all there is. This is an inner construct that pushes away anything that is not that monopoly of a limited collection of values. And our authorities are blaming life for not conforming to these limited values, when life cannot do this, it simply will not work.
Practically speaking, money must be allowed to all, enough to meet basic needs, to give life its expression back, because this is the best regulation of life. 
Regulation of the environment can only happen on the ground, someone in an ivory tower, built of the tucks of elephants ( thereby destroying the elephant), cannot see what is needed on the ground, and data that uses a means to decide ignores all aspects because it defines through division into what appears to be a common denominator on paper but not on the ground. This is simply trying to move earth into easily controlled bits, which is someone playing god, and one, or a few, cannot be a god, because ‘god’ can only be that which creates, is creation and creator at the same time, which is the manifestation of life, as the physical, composed of and as creator and creation in equality as the gift of life, in movement, breathing, sensing, being, here, all of this substance working in tandem as all as one as equal, where each part is individual, yet one at the same time. A measured  limited value system as being a worth of quality is limited,  life and creation as men regulates as self awareness capacity allowed full expression/comprehension, which is each individual part respected and individual yet one in respect of all values, as this is how one value can exist to join and create an expression of life, here.
I suggest those in ivory towers, come out and equalize with the ground as the physical earth. the story of the tower of Babel ( a babel of limited values - many call ego) is ourselves revealing to ourselves what we have accepted and allowed that is ourselves in separation from life.
Each human has an innate ability to see what sustains and as such what is of worth and creates quality, which can only happen with direct interaction with the physical world. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 514 through the veil - to be directive in the way of becoming of sound mind.

I have been looking at facing other people, talking with them, interacting with them and remaining non-reactive, non protection and self defense, non-paranoid of the supernatural energetic emotions, and feelings as the mind. I have to slow down and not react, and within this see myself and attempt through the veil - to be directive in the way of becoming of sound mind, which is life, which is in practice to do what is best for all.
So, two things, I want to pull together here. Aggression and this outline of how to consult that I read in another blog. It was a format of: Pain Spotting, Perspective Taking, Story Telling, Framing, and Probing, before consultation.
I have been working with some kind of knot/not in my heart. Last night it was so intense, so I looked at my day. I had spent some time talking with people. During this time I had remained within breath. I noticed how I wanted to move towards an agreement with the person with whom I talked. I had to breath, slow down and let myself “ agree” and then become “ divergent” in moving through my own habits, through monitoring NOT remaining in an emotion or feeling as in holding that emotion and/or feeling, and looking at the belief in terms of playing with the perspective, listening or telling a story/movement to show understanding, then framing a possible or ‘in development’ framing - as walking into what continued agreement- without any sense of rushing/gain/security allowance ( or my heart starts to react- like I want the ‘good’ love, lol),  and then probing to understand the attitude - lol - latitude of insight so that I can then walk together with the person into understanding.
So, it is to agree and understand in order to agree and understand. It is to face the aggression as the attitude of separation, the pain, and to agree and understand, to then frame an agreement and understanding that moves into a solution with rewards. I have to not fear facing the existent framework, and can agree with the aggression and realize it cannot hurt me to agree because  it is a session of agreement in a moment, to see an existential framework, to understand and build a framework of, because I cannot think in terms of solution until I have enough of an understanding to work with the attitude in ways that use divergent thinking ability, or a sound mind, a fluid, mutable, playful, directive process of latitudinal ( lol) perspective causing the pain/limitation.
I have carried a statement about aggression within me that I have allowed an emotion of anger towards. I have the thought, “ I can’t stand aggression.” I have even gone so far as to label people as “ aggresives.”  Like a catch word. And I have this because I become defensive when I am faced with what I call aggression.
But, aggression, is, for me, like a session of being forced to agree. And as this, I can agree, meaning I can acknowledge and make sure I understand the thing being lived as, as an agreement about something, so I can  frame an understanding, and make this clear, but this does not mean I must remain within that agreement in action. I can understand through agreement and then move/follow through into playing with the state of understanding and asking questions about it, probe the framework/understanding and then reformat and direct, as a process with the framework as the attitude of the other, together. So, the ghost in the machine, need not become my agree session, but can be agreed upon and played with, like a ball, probed and thrown to the wind - so to speak- lol- to be directed TOGETHER into solution. So, aggression is a session of agreement to discover and agree and then to journey into more awareness. In trying to understand something, as in coming into an agreement, there can be no rush, no desire, no fear of not being able to understand. Like, okay, lets reach an agreement of mutual understanding, lets see the pain, the friction and make sure we mutually understand the factors, and go from there. So, it is to suspend any idea and build a framework because no decisions or agreements can be made until the total framework has been understood.  I mean, I can only be, here, right where I am, and I cannot move in ways that are best for all, until I take the time to investigate. And this means, having a direct connection and understanding of the problem, and I can’t make any movement until this part is done, and whatever I agree to in understanding as a process of building a framework is not my self agreeing to continue to understand So, I let any reactions go, within or without.  I mean, at this point, there is nothing defining me because I am agreeing to understand only, I am not agreeing to action. This is careful interplay, before the process of creation. So, I can wear my heart on my sleeve and open it up and feel, without a fear of loss and hope for gain, without insecurity and rush for security,  in fear of self definition of lack based on idea, because I am taking the time to come to an agreement of understanding only of what is here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear aggression.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear agreement.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear a loss, as in believing I am defined by one moment only.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe in aggression,
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become passive in the face of aggression
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not question the state of being, the belief, opinion and idea behind aggression.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to face aggression from a starting point of protection and self defense.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to limit myself to agreeing with aggression.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear standing equal and one to aggression, believing that this can define me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that aggression is  a scream of pain and as such can be understood and agreed to in a moment, to then be formatted and questioned again to then deconstruct/reformat/play with/looked at divergently in relation to practical application to become an agreement that can be stood with and understood in clarity and common sense and as such practiced.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see , realize and understand that aggression can be a lie by omission, a preemptive strike, a one sided platform of presentation of knowledge and information, which is a crime against life, and that when reacted to and defined and touted as the blame of limitation, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand that it is to come together and understand and see the agreements made and agree the make the necessary changes that have accepted and allowed aggression instead of agreement.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become intimidated by aggression and to remain within this state of being only, not looking through to consequence, and as such taking the time to investigate the starting point, bringing it back to self, realizing what I fear being defined as, what I fear losing as a self definition, what I use to hide as a consequence of believing what I have, how I have been educated, what experiences I use to validate myself as a more than, who I am culturally, class wise, gender wise as values used to define me, what I fear to be defined as, in relation to a limited system of order that is in separation from realizing that the physical world is life, equal and one and as such is to be valued, where life is the value.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that aggression is a form of agreement, a presentation as an idea, opinion and belief, that cannot be agreed upon until all understand and agree in understanding what is agreed upon with self investigation that creates a common sense that enables self direction, self responsibility, self trust, thus, the way and the means to agreement on earth is to make clear what is agreed upon so that all may participate and create a society that creates through understanding what is here in form and function, to agree in session of and as a collective of men standing in respect, equal and one with the physical world as life, where life is the value.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to attempt to placate aggression, and as such agreeing with what is a coerced agreement not seeing realizing and understanding that in not investigating all consequence, realizing what has been made a statistical mean, has ignored extremes, and then rendered them as “externalities” to support a very limited design on earth, by men, that does not stop, slow down, and realize the systemic structure of money flow, as wealth flow created by generations of men/labor, must respect the form as the physical world, here as this is the real way and means of life, as the physical world is the manifested form of life, before any human structure of hierarchy, and as such the circulatory structure of earth as nature works , and is the model of life.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 513 The Paranormal Veil as Mind Mis-take and the Solution as Income.

The habit of wanting to go into blame instead of addressing inequality, which is facing opposition, which is projecting  a “ wrong” assuming one is right - an act of spite - is myself moving into the impatience of forcing an issue, myself no longer addressing limitations and bringing them into what imparts a solid understanding.
For instance, I had a conversation with someone about history, and I held my tongue. I did not speak what came to mind, to keep the peace - so to speak. This person was complaining about how “ history” was not being taught - just as a general statement. I did not move this into detail. I wanted to say that history is not taught, meaning, in common sense, that the history of life on earth as a system of economy of ecology is not understood, that if we looked at the expression of life on earth, in these terms, there would be no iconic name of one person attached to a movement, but that the “ clay” of the earth as the physical would be described as the form created from freely given natural resources and how these resources moved into a from that determined the state of being of life on the ground, overall, on earth. In the moment, the jump to such a way of looking at history, I allowed to seem overwhelming. It is like facing a dialogue of terms that are a starting point of completely different terms. One of icons in relation to that which the icons are a composition of. 
I find myself shaking within all of this. So, I look at this shaking. This “ shaking” becomes smaller within me, but it is still something I have not “ pulled” together, like learning to control one’s vibrato on a string. I find myself becoming loopy and barely being able to sense the space and time of here.  And I have to look at what I am not addressing, and instead allowing myself to react to as a threat. I have to slow down and breath, because structurally, I am not moving with an absolute purpose that is one and the same as what expresses creation in ways that do no harm. I mean, this is there because this is how life is, it is what life is.
In reading about Chile, and the practices of supposed economic balance, through tax, interest, subsidy, currency adjustments, I begin to see an act of adjustments moving always in unequal measure, always wanting to move capital in unequal ways, a smoke and mirrors show that is really a wall of protection and defense for the interests of those same icons of self aggrandizement that are dependent on the ecology. Allowing these icons is like a giant vacuum, a golden calf, that sucks up everything leaving a desert behind, and everyone is so busy bowing down on their hands and knees in accolade or, lol, protest , that an ignorance of the substance building the idol becomes the movement of the ecology into economy around the idol worship, war - ship.
I find myself becoming very heavy within, very “ thick” like, as the best way to explain this. It is a form of righteousness.  And then I rush and want to explain, but the dialogues around me only seek one me-lode-y. The contrast of self pity and giving up is not what balances out this “ vibration” of forces of ignorance/separation wanting an object to define for us. The only thing that can measure structure is that which expressed/built the structure. Obviously, this cannot be the movement of those praying, nor can it be the movement of those protesting; these are in separation of a balance that is an awareness of the whole, this being the very ground on which we stand, this being the very ecology building the economy. In other words, humans are not echoing the ecology, the manifestation of life that is the expression of life, that unfortunately also echos the accumulation of accepted and allowed separation from realizing itself as life. 
I keep moving into the habit of explanation via a picture, an idol, a belief, opinion of idea in my mind instead of slowing down and learning to see the structural movement on the ground, which, is probably why, when I read about the various meanderings of economic re-FORM in Chile, I had to move really really slowly, and reread again and again. It all seemed overwhelming. I could not see the forest through the trees. And can I speak of the details? No. It seems, like a hodge-podge of fixes that just move around the dis-ease within this country, never addressing the real sickness, which is a lack of structure that allows ease to exist. In all, looking at Chile, shows that the wealth created from the resources HAS to flow back into the place from which the wealth came to maintain that place/ground/environment. Allende, who was a doctor and happened to experience “ on the ground” life, realized this. Of course, those distant entities in America, as the company of ego, in ivory towers - today shiny metallic structures ( from which men are jumping to their deaths) , are so addicted to their energy flow maintaining their iconic self definitions, that they are in sensed when someone stand and says, hey, look at what is happening on the ground, what has been taken has not been given/returned in ways that support the physical substance of life, thus, the profits made must be measured and deducted from what is needed to balance out the devastation left behind.
This is the point of tantrum. just as any addict reacts, the very idea of losing that which supports the accepted and allowed self definition, as the state of being within. This is where the self accepted obsession, which uses the - ironic- ability to focus - must change and transform, slow down and come back to earth, but when first encountered, a shock of insight flashes by, as one has to admit what has been accepted yet not grasped enough to direct because the belief is in full swing. It really is a simple as “ righting’ a perceptual mis-take. That is all. it is also, bringing self back to life, to realizing what we are all looking for, before we “ got lost” in ideology, is  enjoying  ourselves as playing with - so to speak- the substance of creation, of which we are all composed of, and as such the same.
Thus, it is as easy as stopping, looking around and realizing we are the organizers of here, and that we, each of us, can organize this world in ways that all needs are met, that the plants and the animals, and the trees and the wind and the sun, and the soils can be formed in ways that do no harm, that support each of us and the things that are here that support here, and that this would be incredible fun. The veil of separation from this is so very thin, and this veil is composed of pictures in and as the mind, an energetic projection of what I in simplistic terms would call a film both of icon and  electric like substance that is exposed and feeds the manifestation of personality. Thus, all is visible, to each, and to self. And we all know this, it is there in the undercurrent of self, it is there under the ringing electrical voltage of energy that is the voice of separation within self, that which is called the mind, that which many eastern religions say must be quieted to find peace. So, what we are allowing individually is obvious. In this ease of silence, can we then stand and begin to rebuild that damage of this self inner-rest/interest as a state of being that is a mis-take in becoming equal and one to and as the substance of life of which the physical world is a composition of and as, a gift of life, that can only exist, here and that can only happen when we realize we are all equal as life. And, also, to realize the suppression of life in so many, that will take time to rebalance, to refurbish, as so much has been dis-allowed and/or sucked out/diminished. 
Practically speaking, a Living Income Guarantee is to spread the wealth to all, so the many can slow down and stabilize, stand up from kneeling, become silent from protesting, and look at the ground, the animals, the plants, the soils, the water and begin to understand how it all works, and how it is all interconnected and able to function in ways that support instead of harm. A Living Income Guarantee outs an end to inequality and enables the ability to realize self respect as life through actions of respect for the ecology that is the source of the economy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 512 Why not use out ability to attend to detail to create Heaven on Earth?

I have been reading this really long article about a whole series of changes in balancing out money flow back into a country. It appears to me, that endless changes happen to move debt onto the public, and tweak profits that are moving out of the country, this is the capital flight game. I mean, the change in interest rates, and exchange rates, and taxes just seem to undulate all over the place. Then these small social fixes are made within the country whose capital is flying away in the form of profits when the balance gets a little too tipped in one direction. The entertainment/media/communications system is controlled by the one with the capital, so a one-sided story is what is told, naturally. And, even the cultural development is controlled. Humans use their ability to see detail, and patterns to grab and abuse, rape and justify, instead of using this skill to create situations of dignity and development for all. There is no sense within what we are doing.
As long as we allow a system where some profit more than others, which is allowing some to accumulate the wealth of freely given capital/resources from earth, we all allow the very limited focus of ourselves into the details ONLY of how to manipulate and grab this wealth with an idea that having more things defines us when it is really the opposite. It is how aware you are of the physical world, in how this physical entity, this earth and all that live on it, actually works to the point where one can understand every move with physical existence, to enjoy its expression, in balance in common sense of its surroundings. This is a real focus, this is using the ability to attend to detail to live. If we would think of earth the way we think of ourselves say, for instance , as a fashion show, then imagine the depth of attention needed to DRESS the earth. I mean would that be so much fun, to actually dress the earth, every single point  and piece of it in ways that no matter where one walked it would be this fucking amazing experience? Why limit ourselves, why not go the whole way?
We have the staff of the human race. What more would we ask for? Is it not time to come together and realize we are the staff and the earth is the stage? Why don’t we play “ dress up “ together? We could be like children, all getting dressed up, cleaning up the stage and actually practicing for a dress rehearsal towards the greatest show ever. HEAVEN ON EARTH. I mean, there is no utopia about this, it is simply what needs to be done. It is time to have some fun.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 511 Tactical in War, Thinking Magically Everywhere Else. A Collective Abdication of Common Sense

If I look at the design of the military, I realize it is very measured, very tactical, it plays with physical objects in every way. There is no magical thinking here. Everything, from propaganda, to the building of armament, to preemptive strikes in countries with emerging more equitable societies. 
Reading about Chile is such a case. The president before Allende, Frei, was already distributing wealth back to the Chilean people. And Allende was in the process of transitioning into balancing out the wealth. Land was being distributed, with previous owners keeping certain amounts, and cooperatives were being formed. 
The more impoverished sections of society were being fed and organizing themselves. As this, they started to discover their capacity, and ended up wanting the change to happen faster. This, in terms of the present system of hierarchy, was a threat to the idea of ownership.
I think of the King Phillip war in America at the end of the 1600’s. The American Indians could not fathom that a man would believe that he could own the land. The land was what gave life, it could not be owned, it was life, one and the same as men.  The land was to be respected and cared for, as it supported life, was life. The Mapuche indigenous people in Chile are now being attacked for the resources within their reserves meant to allow them to continue their life styles. Even the word used here as “ reserves,” like in the U.S. as “ reservations” as though the protection of indigenous peoples was really a guise to “ reserve” natural resources in a tactical long term self interest. These people have cared for their land in sustainable ways, and now the capital flow system of control that we have all allowed wants that land to continue it paradigm. Which begs the question as to why such a system should be allowed to do this? Why has this system not taken care of what lands it has used in ways the are sustainable, and as such not needing to go and take from another area at the expense of the indigenous peoples?
I believe that there is some wording in the political environment that hides what is going on. Always, this happy face presentation that plays with dimension, when the action on the ground is other than what is vaguely presented. it is said that the indigenous people are a value, but if we look, that value is not what sustains them, as I said, but what rapes them of their way of life. Their way of life sustains and works with nature. Why is this area in Chile being raped? Why allow the capital to flow into a wealth that is not placed back into the land in ways that sustain that from which the wealth came?
And yet, a war machine, must be aware of this, because it uses the physical world in very precise, tactical ways to control self interest. And since so many support this, this means this is believed by the collective, despite the fact that so many do not have jobs, and the level of poverty with children in America, for example, is one of the worst in the world in relation to other developed countries. And America uses, by some accounts, more than half of its wealth on the economy of war.
And all the while, our news stations are not conveying this with every word spoken, pointing this out with every breath made. So, our information mechanisms are not giving the people the news. And would we listen? I mean it is all over the internet. 
This can only mean that humanity is extremely disconnected from reality.
We are no longer here. We are no longer listening. We are no longer hearing. We have become entities focused on  very limited values of what is good and what is bad only, creating an energetic bubble around us physically, I mean, the eastern religions talk of seeing through the “ veil” so such a thing does exist. 
Why is it that we have the very precise and measured tactical system as the military in juxtaposition of an advertising industry that impulses excitement and fantasy, an education system that teaches without direct interaction, and an economic system that does not give the physical body of men and animals, and plants and all of the ecology, what is needed to support it as a physical form? The two are in complete contradiction. one admits physical action and the other denies it. It makes no sense. And we can see that we are allowing capital into wealth to flow in ways that are not sustainable, and that there is an addiction to wealth accumulation much like some have addictions to porn, or sugar, or entertainment. Every addiction creating an energetic high within, where dopamine levels jump and crash. Sounds like our economic system, one that jumps and crashes. And meanwhile, the physical world decays.
Taking the resources of earth, dividing them unequally is a physical act, this is how it is done. And yet what we accept as practice is removed from physical reality! This means that we all know what we are allowing and as such we get what we deserve when we continue this abuse, this rejection of life as what we are in common sense. We will end up with-out life. Can we really justify why most are not paid a living wage? Can we justify why our health, in America, is getting worse with every passing day? Can we justify a reaction of indignation when pensions are no longer? 
The elite simply act out what each of us accepts and allows, they are ignoring what is actually happening with this physical earth as much as we, the collective are. We cannot blame them, they are the same behavior of self ignorance of practical physical reality. They are the reflection of our own separation from life. And war, is just the expression of the anger we each have within ourselves because we know we are not standing with ourselves as life in common sense.

It is time to remove the veil of separation, the judgements of good and bad, the comparing of ourselves based on how we look or what accomplishments we have achieved,  the belief that an object defines us, and just simply stop, stand up and realize our  angst is measurable to the degree of our own accepted and allowed separation from life. It really is time to pop the bubble of energy/ the - veil around each of us. It really is time to realize our emotional/feeling roller coasters are the accumulation of our thoughts that are a judgement of comparison that is a belief in a loss that became a separation of forgetting we are equal with everything as life as what we are.
The solution is to stop capital flow into wealth that accumulates into the hands of a few, and instead is placed back directly into practices that sustain the physical world, which can only be known by that which is there on the ground. Allende realized that the profits generated by the copper industry far exceeded what was placed back into the system and that this wealth flow away from the land was unsustainable for Chile and the people. Naturally, those receiving that wealth,  caught in an addiction and as such denial, reacted, and they used their wealth accumulation via what did flow back into the system, as taxes paid by the collective,  for armament - which in itself is a waste of capital. And yet, the mechanisms of this very precise tactical system, as a structure, can be transformed into what places labor and development into what sustains and supports the physical land and physical inhabitants. At this point on earth, there is not other choice but this. And, it is a solution that leads to the reward of life.
Time to place Life on Earth, time to end Wealth accumulation in un-sustaining measure and to realize the value is life, here.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 510 Blaming myself and realizing there is no quick fix. Self Forgiveness and Corrective Application

I am looking at two past events, where I was told that my words were not the right ones to use, and another event where i was told that my words were not to be listened to because I was brainwashed, which means what I was saying as words, as tactics, was disruptive.
Within this, I notice a huge self blame moving within me.  And a self righteousness. 
And then a memory comes up of my parents arguing. They are throwing words at one another, and then they suddenly turn to me, and I look at them and say, " you are both saying the same thing, but using different words." This was not what they wanted to hear, and thus, just went back to arguing. 
So, this last time as the words of blame came towards me, I still reacted, but was able to some extent, see my reaction, and just slow down. Within this, I realize I still want to react in protection and self defense and push back in blaming the other for not understanding. I also feel inferior because perhaps it is me, I don't know how to speak, or so I believe. I take the reaction of the other as a threat. I am not immediately understood, and if we look at our present consumerist/entertainment/ all -manner-of-drugs society, we have accustomed ourselves to immediate fixes. Even our medical system is known to stop a symptom but not to address what would cure long term. 
So, if I am busy being this emotionally within, how can I slow down and look at what is built as the words used, and begin to move them, into understanding? To realize tactics towards  problem, solution and thus reward. I am not addressing what might or might not be an explanation that is clear, instead I am protecting myself from accusation that is in itself not slowing down and equalizing understanding. Within this, there is only here, being equal to what is that which enables existence, which is physical reality, thus solution can only be that which does no harm, that which is what is best.In this one can only communicate and reach understanding in physical practical ways, realizing that there is no magical thinking that can solve, only step by step practical movement into equal understanding of how the physical world functions and this, in ways that take that which is good and does not harm.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to blame myself., to become self blame
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear making a mistake.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I cannot be understood.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see realize and understand that  blame is self not wanting to change, which means blame is self not wanting to accept self as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being considered less than.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that there is no such thing as a less than, there is only solution within and as what is best for all.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see ,realize and understand that because of accepting and allowing blame, " less than's " have become an accepted paranormal behavior on earth, as there is only, equality and oneness to that which is the composition of life, which is the physical world, as the physical is the formation of life and as such must be respected as life, as a respect is only doing that which does no harm, and taking that which is good.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that animals do not overwhelm the earth, they work in tandem, as nature balancing themselves out in ways that maintain life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that I alone cannot convince another person of life, as they must investigate what is here to see, realize and understand what is here on earth within the totality of creation, and asking one person to explain life is self wanting a quick fix, thus the solution is to walk self equal and one in understanding life in totality, as this is common sense.
When and as I find myself wanting to blame, reacting in righteousness as protection and self defense, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see realize and understand that in one aspect, while I remained calm, I explained in more than one way, and because I am showing a process, I get all manner of reactions from ego, and then I try and explain, and the resistance comes up as the mind of limitation, of knowledge and information trying to build an understanding as mind, which is impossible, and thus it is to remain in simplicity, in what will as a singular action, bring self into equality and oneness with and as life, which means being aware of how this physical world is moving as a system in separation at present, from life, here.
When and as I find myself reacting in self blame, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I remain here, in walking myself equal and one to and with realizing a practical application of walking into equality and oneness to and as life, here.
When and as I find myself blaming myself here, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down and I focus on the movement as the moment in front of me, and I practice walking equal and one as what is best for all, as what supports all life as that which is good and does no harm, here.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 509 Facing the Paranoia of the Paranormal

In working with people recently, I noticed reactions within walking a simple process. I realize that the process can seem overwhelming when first presented. One response was, “ I am not as disciplined as you!” another was “ Why can’t the schools do this?” and yet another was “ O, That is a hard one!”  And then afterwards, with a family member, “ you don’t explain this well!” - this being a long rant about what words to use. I didn’t catch the undercurrent, as things are presented within projecting blame, moving what one does not want to face into any facet of reaction, this being screaming a blame, when that scream holds the answer to the problem, or reveals the overall fear. If they are projecting it outward are they really screaming a fear that they believe they lack this, especially when it has to do with slowing down and looking, no matter the context? Is the idea of slowing down and looking always/allways overwhelming at first? I mean, just think of having to learn some new physical action, one has to slow down and place awareness into it. Which means refocusing self. Slowing down and expanding awareness within sensing the measure of something in detail, is the means to an end,  and yet the change to such is like pulling teeth. All manner of resistance comes up. Like an LP record playing and the arm gets caught on the vinyl and drags across the surface emitting a heart piercing screech. I think parents go through this phase within facing change.  How to impart a structured, clear understanding that change is actually a joyful act when done with patience and starting out in small amounts, understanding that the first steps are bumpy, yet the stability is learned with each bump. Without the bumps how does one learn to steady oneself? So, a mistake, is a guide, not a punishment. A mistake leads to the reward of awareness in balance. Conversely, to use mistakes to ascend a ladder is really a crime against life, 
I was so busy trying to steady myself in this storm, I did not listen to the storm. lol.  My starting point was , “oh no, what have I done”. This is a paranoia of the paranormal.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 508 Is self validation as sadness, care or an awareness of ignorance of consequence?

I read a note about placing a memorial on my local highway and I reacted with the thought, “ that is stupid.”  I see these memorials for highway accidents all along my local highway, and I often react to them.  How are they going to bring back the person? What does pity for the person do in common sense? Does this state of being as inner pity solve the deaths? No. Solutions are often based on practical action, not on basking in emotions of loss and the past, and/or blaming this object - as the person who was involved in the accident and lived. Such self direction within is a limitation because it does not look at the consequences of the present system. One example would be to look at human health, if we are physically filled with toxins and our bodies are not functioning with precision and clarity, then we are more likely to, miss judge space and time, for which our human physical bodies are the perfect mechanism. If we as a collective allow globally, practices that pollute the machine of life as the physical world, and we then blame the objects as the physical human bodies sluggish in the perception because of accepted and allowed accumulative effects of practice that do not follow through and balance out nature, we are not addressing what would bring a change that would end so many of the accidents that happen along our highways.
Having said this, I realize that allowing myself to become a singular thought, as a judgement, about highway memorials serves no purpose towards solution.
Also, I realize that there is a social fear about this within me. I noticed that I am irritated because if I speak up about this, I will be reprimanded, and as such, not get the positive energetic experience of “ feel good” emotions that purpose some kind of meaningful value as myself being a compassionate human being. In fact, the reaction will be that I have no compassion, as what I fear. It feels like I am standing against a wall of limitation. Of course, the death of a child is unacceptable, and I wish this upon no one. But, I notice within me a inferiority to reality, a fear that I am somehow less because I will be considered “ bad” if I do not accept joining into the social group making this one event a means of showing care. Somehow, there is something “ wrong” with me because I become disgusted with the emotional outflows that do not address consequences, and then I go into righteousness to protect my point. And then I get stuck in this. And then, the self validation, which is no different than the use of care outpouring that proposes no real intimacy with cause and effect in total on a finite physical world. It is like saying, no one understands. Which is true, understanding is in a box only, and must realize the total “ box” of earth to begin to find solutions. But myself accepting and allowing an energetic self pity patter needs to be let go, forgiven, and a common sense standing in what practices would balance out a capable sense of self direction in physical reality is all I can model and become, one step at a time, here.
Am I within all this, fearing to stand in common sense of a physical world that is a very practical mechanism that is a gift of life, here? Have I allowed the same fear that is a belief that being practical and as such intimate physically not achievable? And do I realize that this fear is simply a movement from a point of separation back into the whole as understanding the physical in practice? Why is it that deconstructing a belief appears disquieting, when that deconstruction is the way and the means of a quiet understanding, this which is what is sought? Even here, it is to not create an idea about this, because ultimately, it is equal understanding of the practice of being a manifestation of life as physical formation that is the solution. If the machine is not realeyesd for what it is, and values made huge to wallow in are in the forefront, the solution of the practice of being life as physical form, is not being understood. To ignore practical reality is to deny life, to avoid looking at total consequence is to defy understanding, the gift that is right here in front of us, or we would not exist. And, if we look around at this world, we can see that denial of a common sense of physical reality leads to the practice of destruction. All we need do is realize the military budget of America to see the extent of our own self denial of the gift of the physical as the formation of life.
The physical world must be taken care of in ways that do no harm. Our profit based system seeks profit before life, and then turns what does not make a profit into more profit making structures, where all liability at present is placed on the collective to pay for with their labor, that which created the wealth in the first place. So, we in essence are addressing our own practices having accepted profit before life. The collective bears what the collective has allowed. The elite that benefit are doing the same as the individuals in the collective, they are basking in a belief of what appears to make them a “ more than” and in effect being consumed by their own separation from common sense of a physical information of life as what life would be, a gift able to be understood, right here in front of us, we need only look.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become the emotion of sadness at the death of a child, only.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that becoming the emotion of sadness is something that defines me, something that gives me value only.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that being sadness as a state of being only, does not in fact take into account the consequences of why what exists in this earth is an outflow of the focus of myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow myself to become the emotion of quilt as though there was something I could have done to have changed the consequence I am allowing to exist as sadness within and as me, not seeing realizing and understanding that this sadness only is myself in separation from being focused, equal and one here, in practical reality.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe there is something wrong with me if I do not remain within the self pity of sadness, believing this to mean that I actually do care about the world, where this state of being of sadness and the use of this to give myself meaning within and as signifying that I care about this world is an abdication of myself as life, essentially the use of sadness to feel good about myself in and as believing that I care, so the need to make oneself believe that one cares about this world, is in itself an indication that one is very aware that one is not in fact caring about this world, that one is not in fact looking at the effects of one act on the other side of the globe as having an effect on the very fabric of the physical as life here where one lives, and as such a situation that is indeed sad and unacceptable, is used to make one appear to care, when in fact one acts in self interest in protection and self defense of not really being aware of self and one’s acts in the physical world lacking consideration of consequences of one’s actions within the whole.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear pointing out how the whole of what is accepted on earth effects every other point on earth, because this would mean that that emotional/feeling state of being used to justify care would be revealed as an act of self validation, which is self actually being aware that the consequences of self interest are not in fact caring about one’s neighbors as all of earth.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that there is something wrong with me if I do not toe the energy party line of energetic emotional/feeling self validating self interest that justifies being a good caring person when in common sense no one would want such events that triggered the sadness to happen to another and as this what is really resisted is the pointing out of the emotional/feeling state of being in self validation of caring, and within this to stop and to look, as one investigates the forms of what exists on earth that are not supportive of life, as meeting the physical needs of a physical formation of life that is practical and mechanistic, and as such, this earth, when not cared for in total, cannot reach its full potential and as such lacks the ability to measure and balance itself with ease, itself, as life within the physical as what is the formation of life here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that becoming aware of what is happening on earth is a process, and one that unfolds as one begins to look and realize the practicality of caring for a physical world in common sense, and that the consequences that lead to sad outcomes are self being unequal in awareness to physical reality.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that becoming equal and one in understanding of equal and one living on a physical world means respecting all physical formation.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that respecting life means being equal and one in thought, word and deed of physical reality, which means remaining stable within and as oneself and looking at the very fabric of the physical world and to take care that the directive of self is that that gives as one would like to receive which means causing no harm and giving solutions that increase a volume of support that enables self directive capacity and self responsibility which is each person in full awareness, equality, and as such full potential here, where no rushing need exist, no  sadness, no miss measure of space time, and as this, an existence of ease of communication with one’s neighbor as a gift of being creators equal and one with the formation of life as the physical is naturally the expression of and as life, here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 507 The ghost in the machine is the ghost on the machine

What is a ghost as a thought but an abstract picture as an idea of our world, this physical concrete world. We can meditate but when we open our eyes, this form as this physical earth remains. 

As mind consciousness systems, we are a machine of ghosts as abstract thoughts that are about our experience here on this physical earth.  We as this, have allowed the abstract picture as mind to become more real than formation of substance into actual form as the physical world.  And as this, we have separated from the very fabric of physical manifestation.  And this world is very mechanistic, as this is how creation works. The magic is in the doing. 

THe mind can show us how much we have allowed ghosts in the machine to determine perception. Have you ever thought about something, been nervous about it, gone and lived the expected experience, and the nervousness BEFORE conceived did not come up in the actual concrete/physical experience? And then you wondered WHY you had any fear to begin with? The “ how” of this preconceived fear was the IDEA about the experience to come - and it was based on a thought that was an abstract interpretation of reality.

The converse of this, is to go into an expected event, feel prepared based on one’s abstract - collection of thoughts as ideas, and have the experience be totally “ other” than expected. As this event happens one becomes very nervous, because what is happening as “ doing” is other than the ghost in the machine as thoughts as ideas as accumulations of knowledge and information, expected. Here, where one may have walked to an event with confidence, suddenly things seem chaotic, putting one off balance. And here, the ghost in the machine as a construct of beliefs, as thoughts, as pieces of perspective,  as pictures of the “ how” of here are not equal to what actually happens. Which means one is not equal to here. Which means one is not equal in understanding how the mind in fact functions. Which means one is equal to the ghost in the machine, a limitation, instead of actual practical concrete, reality.

 So, in many instances, one goes back to the drawing board of one’s abstract and ventures forth again. This, a practice of building understanding of the physical world.  But the problem here, is the race to build an abstract of sense, which is not motivated by realizing that the only choice is to become equal to the physical , with every breath. 

Because our government is obviously NOT a form, at present, that is taking care of this world, it is a “ ghost ON the machine” of the physical that is not EQUAL to practical physical reality. Our government is a manifestation of the ghost IN the machine in each human. It simply manifests the limitations within each of us, in our inequality to the mechanism of life, as the physical.

We can try and pass laws that allow proportion to the whole, as this allowing a voice and determination within the economy of the ecology, but if the individual perspectives as the human are not realizing self as having an abstract/picture as mind as a collection of thoughts as being a ghost in the machine and not physical reality, then the outcome is more distortion that is attempted to be equalized without addressing the starting point as the individual parts of the collective.  
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 506 Reacting to words of blame: addressing limitations.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that the words of others define me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that words of others are my responsibility.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am responsible for the focus of another.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that the focus of another can determine what and who I am.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the words of another point out characteristics of what is here, and as the mind works, when the mind as a system of value judgements, speaks as an authority, it pushes away the bad through projecting the bad outward and bringing what it believes is of value to hold self in self interest, where self is believed to be the center of existence, the consequence of a system of competition within and as believing that each man is an island despite the obvious; that man is on a physical planet, the form and function of which all life on earth is dependent.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that the paranormal projections of the mind are real.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I must react to the words of another as the voice of what it is as what I am here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel responsible for the words of another.
I forgive myself for not  allowing and accepting myself to see words as like a preliminary sketch of the physical world - so to speak- which means that they are not definitive unless I accept and allow them.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see words as a description of what is here, where this can be a good in that it draws attention to looking here, or can be used to protect and defend a “ make believe” reality, through citing values of more than and less than, as self aggrandizement and projected blame instead of solution to here in common sense, as in speaking that which does no harm and takes that which is good.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see words as sound, as an initial description, that can change with each moment, and as this the significance of words can then be taken and directed, or investigated, or transformed to become more concise, or suggestive, but that words, as such, cannot define me, and as such cannot burden me unless I accept and allow them to.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I must accept the focus of reality that a series of words describe
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to want to protect myself from words.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that words paint a picture, so to speak, and that that “ picture” is just this, a paranormal image of reality, and as such are not reality, even though words can be a vehicle into becoming aware of reality.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow words to confuse me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear words.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that the blame projected onto me is real.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe in blame - to be the lie of being lame.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that blame in no matter what shape and form is not solution, and thus blame is an ignorance of the context of physical reality, a practical physical reality that is the expression of life as what the expression of life would be in all common sense, as this is form, a gift given to be and understand life, equal and one.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see blame as a burden to carry
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become definitive within blame, referencing knowledge and information based on past experience only without a balanced reference to practical physical reality within and as what directs oneness and equality in communication and respect for all life, as the gift of being equal and one in substance.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that blame is a limitation, as a end game, ignorant of practical physical, space time reality and as such can be addressed with practical common sense.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that righteousness is  self wanting validation which is an act of not addressing blame but rather reacting to it instead of addressing the limitation of and as blame into solution, which is to place self equal and one to and as the practical physical world, the expression of life, as life would be a form in order to express itself, here, and as such would operate in practical common sense.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that being righteous is a separation because it is an act of self validation instead of common sense as self can only give insight when in common sense of that which is the expression of life which is the physical form which operates in visible common sense ways as this is the way and the means of the expression of life.
I forgive myself for not seeing realizing and understanding that being righteous is always/allways a separation from life, from the gift of and as life, as life is in support of itself an act/expression of absolute giving, thus life as expression is to give absolutely of self as life,anything else is separation.

When and as I find myself believing I have not been clear with my words as a reaction of accepting blame in/through protection and self defense, I stop and I breath and I bring myself here,  to become one and equal within the texture of the physical world.
When and as I find myself reacting in protection and self defense I stop and I breath, as this projection of righteousness, a self accepted entity of pushing away the blame as within this I have accepted and allowed myself to become infearior to life as I have taken the blame personally believing that i am responsible for the blame or will be labeled as the blame and as such an act of separation from the physical practical reality, and I see, realize and understand that blame as limitation and I direct myself within and as what is best for all, which is what is best for the physical world, even if this means taking the time to investigate a solution

When and as I find myself reacting within in protection and self defense, as moving into inferiority into righteousness as the mask of superiority, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down until I can remain within a modicum of ease within and as breath.

When and as I find the corners of my mouth sinking way way down, I stop and I breath, and for the moment, I practice placing myself in humble gentleness within and as breath, here.

When and as I find behaviors of others as criticism, as an emotional storm as what is present around me, directly, I stop and I breath, and at this point I allow this storm to crest and remain equal and one with and as breath, and practice walking the limitation as best I can into what directs the movement into and as grounding one practically equal and one with and as the information of sound as life in common sense of physical reality.

When and as I find a wave of righteousness welling up from my solar plexus, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see realize and understand that at this point I have accepted and allowed myself to judge another and not addressed limitation and separated myself from being a direct memory of life, which is being equal and one in common sense of practical physical reality.

When and as I find myself reacting, I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand my own expectations as myself believing in a gain that separated myself from common sense and lead into a protection and self defense as a fear of loss, and I stop and I breath, until I stabilize myself within and as breath, here, as the energy of reaction must be forgiven, and within this to realize that the entity as mind as judgement and the consequences of such must be forgiven, walked and as such cannot be the definition of myself unless I accept and allow it.

When and as I find a weight on my chest, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down, and I see , realize and understand that this is going to take some practice and time to unknot.

When and as I find myself weighing myself down in and as a belief of more than and less than, I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand that the ease and gentleness to stand within and as what is best for all, is always/allways right here in front of me, and as this I slow myself down and I breath and stabilize myself within and as what is best for all of which moves with ease here.

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