Friday, June 24, 2016

Does Labor have any real value anymore? Day 702

Does labor have any real value anymore.

My experience at the moment is all the coaches that exist everywhere for everything imaginable.
I have met middle aged women who lost their jobs and started a business coaching. They are around, going out and starting the journey in building social networks to retain clients.

It seems that everyone needs someone to tell them what to do, and yet, with all the job losses because of greater automation, all that hypothecated labor has already been spent for the individual, and can be avoided in the collective machine within automating many services for that end goal of profit. Hence, an advent of coaching has come forward. LOL, also, because that labor has followed automating itself to fit into a skill of a job! 

One could say we have the automated taking over the automated!

Anyone who has mastered something for real, realizes that one must always make use of one’s presence, even within what one has come to understand, because automation can run rampant within one’s self and end up causing problems, because mistakes begin to be made, and insecurity sets in and then one becomes a reaction to a lack as defining one’s self as lacking. It is a perpetual motion of limitation and lack. Some understand this, and have used this in self interest. 

Ask yourself why we are sent to school for 13 years, forced to memorize a very limited story mis-using our imagination and only using imagination? We become automated within this limitation, as we mis-used our presence as life, that which we used to learn to crawl and to walk and to talk. Do we end up needing coaches to help us refocus in reality? And does this process demand self assessment and rebuilding. Can the perspective of being lost in one’s mind make such changes appear impossible, because one knows nothing else?

This reminds me of a story I have come across many times. It is the story of natives on a shore. These natives go to the shore to collect shellfish, or something like that, periodically. It is a ritual/habit/tradition/practice that probably has good inherent within it. Maybe it is to get the nutrient necessary for physical stability, which could be iodine; for example.

So these natives are on the shore and they are automatic in their behavior. The tribal shaman follows them, on the edge. He arrives with them, though at a distance, and watches them collect whatever it is that they collect. Yet, he notices that something is amiss in this common landscape. Somehow the wind is not blowing as it normally does. The pattern has changed in some way. The shaman looks out to sea at the horizon. He notices the wind appears to flow in circular forms different from past experiences. He stares at this phenomenon. And then suddenly, through the fog of his comfort zone, his habituated experience, his veil of belief, he see it. There on the horizon are many ships. 

Such ships are something he has never seen before. He calls out to the members of his group, and yet they do no hear, he continues to call, and some begin to look, and some begin to see, and pretty soon, many have stood outside of the automated selves and see what was hidden in plain sight. 

In many ways, we are all those people. There are some, who simply deny the ships, no matter what, because they are happy in their ignorance or the benefits of the problem.  Realize, that Plato’s infamous metaphor of being in the cave and only watching the shadows on the wall, is really the same as what these indigenous people were being on the beach that day. This reveals how what we practice is what we become on one level. It makes it plain that when we practice an imperfect practice, misusing imagination, and limiting our attention to the physical reality around us, we lose what is real, and end up making mistakes. 

Can this  happen over generations because information is passed through DNA in seeds and we are mechanisms of DNA as well?  have we externalized an imperfect and limited practice and collectively accepted this, as we allowed what we believed within to become greater that what is real without? 

Have we placed our capacity into a false construct? Do we follow  what is imparted as information by others to be what informs this great capacity to sense the physical reality around us because a separation we can no longer see has made us insecure and unstable?

Within this false presence, we have allowed our labor to be sold into a future, that is not what is needed in the present yet is based on that past idea. Thus, we have a consequence of coaching to straighten us out, and the loss of jobs because our automations are no longer needed and there are cheaper ways of manifesting that labor needed.  Yet, how can we trust those who coach to not be one of those who cannot see those ships at sea and who may have a somewhat greater construct within to ground into reality just a little more than ourselves?  Are we not all in this together? 

That person who lost their job were as stuck in this as the rest of us. Can we trust them to open our eyes to what is really on the horizon? And, are we going to chose to wallow in self pity, or begin bringing ourselves, our presence back down to reality?

Stopping an automated movement within, is not going to be easy, and yet, is there anything else worth while? I mean, if we had remained present even within internal structures we can zip through to check and maintain, and considered all things instead of only ourselves , where would we be?

As a collective, we really need to ‘ get back on the farm’ so-to-speak. We need to get back into being aware, using our presence, to sense not only what we have accepted and allowed within, as that thick self pity and blame and spite falling down and collecting in out bodies, like an inner matrix, and see through the veil and begin the practice of returning our focus to the physical reality that is this earth, because it is here, working with all things, that we create life. 

That bubble of separation that is a mis-use of imagination is the problem, and the solution is to forgive all of this, and ground ourselves back into physical reality. It is easy if one realizes that our separation is composed of walking an order of steps, until the extra-ordinary is built. We do the same, in reverse, walking what we have accepted and allowed within, and at first peeking through the veil to see the real abundance all around us, as creation as the physical.

At the moment, there is a means to become financially stable in development. It is to promote a currency that instead of being siphoned off to serve what we have accepted as a limited construct - as that, for example, education system that mis-uses imagination with limited story - to allow us to stabilize financially and begin having a moment to stand there on this shore of creation, and listen/sense/feel/read/see-directly what is here, and begin the journey to utilizing all of what we are as physical sensory entities so very capable of learning to crawl and to walk and to talk.

Check it out. Below is an introductory link.  It is only going to happen if we do it. Nothing stops us, but that automated belief system within. It is time to forgive this, the tools are here, we need only walk the ordinary into the extraordinary and become the potential we were meant to be.

Ask yourself what it would be like to stand in certainty, to hold something within that can withstand the test of time? How would that feel? What would it be like to really be present, to be stable and steady? I have to say, it would be totally awesome!

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